Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3774, World Source Liquid


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[What a terrifying natural death trap!] Yang Kai was drenched in cold sweat.


Lured by World Source Liquid, the Pseudo-Great Emperors and Half-Saints were tempted into investigating this place. Then, they would unknowingly lose consciousness by being drawn into illusions that even they could not wake up from and eventually die in this place.


The Source Sealed World known as the Profound Heavens Temple was not just filled with endless opportunities, it was clearly also brimming with unpredictable dangers. Over the generations, no more than one-third of the Pseudo-Great Emperors who participated in the Grand Dao battle would survive. Those who died in this place not only included those who fought against others and were killed due to their own lack of strength, but also the many who died due to various traps similar to this one.


There were five cocoon-like things in this place, and aside from Bing Yun, whom he could see at the moment, the other four cocoons were wrapped up tightly. Yang Yan should also be inside one of them.


The peculiarity in this place was something even a veteran Pseudo-Great Emperor like Yang Yan could not resist; hence, it was easy to imagine what would happen to the others who arrived in this place.


On the other hand, Yang Kai had the feeling that the reason he was safe and sound was most likely related to the fact that he had part of the Star Boundary’s Will in his body.


The Profound Heavens Temple was a Source Sealed World that was born along with the Star Boundary itself, as well as the place where the Grand Dao battle took place. Thus, the world itself was probably watching the current progress at all times.


It was only recently that Yang Kai had complained about how useless the invisible and intangible World’s Will in his body was. He never imagined that it would begin showing its effects so quickly.


This Natural Spirit Array was not entirely ineffective against him. It had been proven that he would also be affected by this death trap from what happened when he took the initiative to touch those silk threads before. It was just that he received protection from the Soul Warming Lotus and did not lose himself as a result.


As for the reason why those silk threads did not actively touch him; it was most likely that they could sense the aura of the World’s Will in his body. It was only natural that the World’s Will in his body allowed him to escape the hostility in this place, which in turn caused the silk threads to avoid touching him.


From this, it could be seen that the World’s Will in his possession was not completely useless in the Profound Heavens Temple, it was just that he had not discovered its uses. After understanding this point, Yang Kai became a little expectant. [I wonder what other kind of support I will receive from the World’s Will in the upcoming battle.]


However, his top priority now was to rescue Yang Yan and Bing Yun. Yang Kai quickly strode forward and came to Bing Yun, his hands transforming into Dragon Claws. Tearing apart the silk threads wrapping around her body, Yang Kai quickly pulled her out from inside the cocoon. Even so, Bing Yun did not wake up immediately. Her eyes remained tightly closed with a smile on her lips, as though she was having a beautiful dream. With no other choice, he placed her inside the Small Sealed World and decided to wait until she woke up before planning his next move.


Yang Kai quickly tore apart the second cocoon. Glancing at the contents, he immediately became happy. A Demon Race Half-Saint was wrapped up inside this cocoon. Judging by the rotten stench that burst out the moment the cocoon was opened, it was a Corpse Demon.


His previous guess was correct. There really were Demon Race Half-Saints among these five cocoons. Yang Yan had been the only person here when Bing Yun left this place. In that case, the other three had appeared later but fell prey to the same trap as Yang Yan.


The opportunity to kick his enemy when they were down was very rare. Seeing as they were mortal enemies, how could Yang Kai afford to be benevolent and soft-hearted? He looted the Space Ring from the other party, and then threw a punch in the direction of the Corpse Demon while using Rupture. A black ball appeared and disappeared in a flash, and the Corpse Demon vanished without a trace along with the cocoon wrapped around him.


Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling jubilant that he had managed to kill a Half-Saint so easily.


The third cocoon contained a Pseudo-Great Emperor of the Human Race. It was one of the Star Boundary’s fifty-five Army Commanders, Gan Li. Although Yang Kai was acquainted with this person, he did not have much interaction with him. They probably did not exchange more than three sentences between them in total. Given their fateful meeting, however, Yang Kai casually rescued and transferred the other party into the Small Sealed World while he was at it.


The fourth cocoon contained another Demon Race Half-Saint, who followed in the footsteps of his companion a moment later.


It wasn’t until he tore open the fifth cocoon that Yang Yan’s figure was revealed. Yang Kai couldn’t help heaving a sigh of relief at the sight. He had been worrying about what to do if the fifth cocoon did not contain Yang Yan. Fortunately, such a situation did not come to pass.


Yang Kai had managed to eliminate two Demon Race Half-Saints and rescue three Pseudo-Great Emperors without much effort; therefore, he was in a great mood. According to his calculations, as many as four Half-Saints had died at his hands alone since the start of the Grand Dao battle. A war record like this was probably something even Li Wu Yi could not pull off if he had been here in person.


Although a large part of his success had been due to luck, was luck not sometimes considered to be one of the strengths of a cultivator when climbing towards the peak of the Martial Dao? 


Next, Yang Kai turned to stare at the milky white liquid inside the wooden pool and couldn’t help becoming a little breathless. He had obtained countless precious and rare treasures ever since he began his journey in the Martial Dao, but even so, there were very few things that could compare with that pool of liquid in front of him.


Both the Soul Warming Lotus and the Immortal Tree were regarded as unique Supreme Treasures, but World Source Liquid had its own profound uses. It was the essence that was formed during the birth of the world; hence, every drop of World Source Liquid contained the chaotic primordial aura from when the world was first created. It would surely help a person gain insight into the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao after they consumed even just a drop of it.


Even a Great Emperor would become greedy in front of such a precious treasure, what more a High-Rank Demon King like Yang Kai?


Gulping hard, Yang Kai reached out a finger, dipped it into the wooden pool, and placed a bit of World Source Liquid into his mouth. Something so precious counted for nothing until he had it firmly in his possession.


Before he could carefully enjoy the taste, Yang Kai heard a bang in his mind. Immediately after that, his entire body shuddered as his Knowledge Sea became turbulent. His vision went black, and at the same time, he was deprived of all his other senses. He could neither see, hear, nor feel anything. It was as though he had fallen into a place of chaotic nothingness.


A ray of light suddenly bloomed and chaos split apart for the first time. Pure Qi rose to become the sky while Turbid Qi sank to become the ground. The world was born and millions of living creatures were created…


Yang Kai did not know how long went by before he abruptly came back to his senses, a light shining brightly in his eyes. Meanwhile, his expression was exhilarated but thoughtful at the same time. In that brief moment, he felt as though he had turned into the world itself and experienced the birth of the universe from chaos until it became what it was today…


Furthermore, he vaguely felt an insight blooming in his heart. Perhaps, this was the peak that all the cultivators pursued… Unfortunately, all of this was too far away for him right now. He was just a High-Rank Demon King and still had to become a Half-Saint and then a Demon Saint in the future…


The insights gained this time far exceeded his own cultivation Realm, so there were many things that remained obscure to him. Even so, Yang Kai was not annoyed. The cultivation Realm was something that would eventually be achieved through a gradual accumulation. On the other hand, obtaining an insight like this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He had to memorise this feeling for now and wait for the right time to revive this memory. It would definitely help him in the future.


At this point, Yang Kai was certain that the milky white liquid in this pool was World Source Liquid. Nothing else but World Source Liquid could give him such a mysterious yet enjoyable epiphany.


Without any hesitation, Yang Kai immediately began collecting the World Source Liquid. Pushing his Divine Sense, he wrapped the wooden pond with it and exerted a slight force. However, there was no movement.


Yang Kai’s expression twitched slightly. He originally wanted to place the wooden pond directly into the Small Sealed World, but who could have known that it would not budge in the slightest? When he pushed his Divine Sense just now, Yang Kai clearly perceived that the small wooden pond and the entire Profound Heavens Temple were closely connected to one another. If he wanted to collect the wooden pool, then he first had to collect the Profound Heavens Temple, which was naturally completely impossible.


Therefore, he had no choice but to settle for the next best thing and began to collect the World Source Liquid in the wooden pool. This was not a difficult task. Following his actions, World Source Liquid in the wooden pond began to drain at a constant rate and be deposited into the Small Sealed World. For this reason, he also specially made a pond in the medicine garden of the Small Sealed World.


The wooden pool was not big, only ten or so metres in diameter. In addition, the liquid in the pool was only about one metre deep.


When the World Source Liquid in the wooden pool had decreased by half, however, Yang Kai’s movements suddenly froze. He looked around his surroundings with a solemn expression. For a moment just now, he had a feeling as though he was being spied on, like a pair of eyes watching him.


A sweep of his Divine Sense found nothing, however, which puzzled him. With his current Divine Sense and Soul cultivation, there was nobody in the Profound Heavens Temple who could spy on him in secret. Hence, it was impossible for him to fail to notice if a person was really watching him from the shadows.


He frowned pensively for a bit before smiling coldly. It didn’t matter whether the person spying on him was a Human or Demon. It didn’t even matter what that person’s intentions were. He would think about it once he collected every drop of World Source Liquid here. Once he had everything in hand, the decision to fight or to flee would take but a brief consideration.


Even though he consciously made such a decision, his instincts were screaming at him that it was a bad idea. It felt as though something terrible would definitely happen if he continued down this path.


A layer of cold sweat slowly oozed out of his forehead as Yang Kai made repeated attempts to continue with his plans, but something inside him was screaming to leave while he was still ahead. After hesitating and struggling for a while, Yang Kai grit his teeth and gave up on collecting the rest of the World Source Liquid. Miraculously, the sense of crisis that he was feeling, as well as the sensation of being spied on vanished the moment he gave up and everything returned to normal.


“The World’s Will!” Yang Kai’s expression froze. At this point, how could he fail to realise that the situation just now was not someone else watching him from the shadows? Rather, it was the World’s Will in his body that was acting up!


The invisible and intangible World’s Will bestowed upon him was a blessing from the world itself. It had the slight ability to attract luck and guide him to avoid misfortune. Although he did not know what consequences would have befallen him just now had his greed won out, he was certain that it would not have ended well.


Now that he had given up on the idea, he felt a lot more relaxed.


Even so, who would willingly give up on taking everything when there was such a precious treasure right in front of him? Thus, Yang Kai struggled, hesitated, and tried several more times, but whenever the idea to continue collecting the World Source Liquid came into his mind, that inexplicable feeling of doom would appear again. On the other hand, everything would return to normal whenever he gave up on that idea.


After numerous attempts, Yang Kai no longer dared to entertain any more thoughts about the World Source Liquid. He hardened his head and turned around to leave without looking back.


A short while later, he walked out of the place where the wooden pool had been located. Looking back, he saw the scenery in that area become twisted and distorted before it vanished out of sight, replaced by a dense forest that looked no different from the rest of the areas.


Yang Kai immediately understood. The natural death trap that had existed since ancient times was probably damaged after what he did just now, so how could the remaining World Source Liquid be preserved without its protection? Removing itself from this place was probably a form of self-protection. Who knows how many years it would take before it reappeared once more?




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  1. I gotta say, using Rupture to kill those two Half-Saints was probably the worst way he could have done it. Unless the world furnace energy can also go into the void to collect the corpse essense he just neglected two kills for the quota.

      1. Idk, the SWB is still a pretty limited and ordered space, once its entered the world it can easily find its target. The void is basically unlimitedly vast and very chaotic. But I guess thats what the author is going with (or he just didn’t conisder it at all) since it doesn’t mention how it was a mistake to use rupture.

        1. MoMo already gave YK the “You can’t do wrong” detector, so until he forgets about it again – YK should be fine doing whatever stupid thing MoMo sucks out from his thumb that day.

  2. I think this “World Source Liquid” is quite useful for Yank Kai to achieve his final goal. Probably using this liquid he will somehow create a big world and control it. After that he can automate the task given to him to clean dirt and leaves on the High Heaven Pavillion grounds. That will be the biggest achievement in his life time 🥰

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