Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3776, Sudden Appearance


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Yang Kai flew forward at great speed, the surrounding scenery flashing past him in a blur, looking back from time to time, as if something dangerous was approaching from behind.


And indeed there was danger behind him. A ray of blood light was chasing closely behind him. There were two hidden figures within that blood ray, and no matter how he bobbed and weaved, the blood ray hung on his tail like maggots on rotting bones. He could not get away from them.


A distance of several hundreds of metres might seem quite far, but a Half-Saint or Pseudo-Great Emperor could cross such a gap in a breath. With the passage of time, the distance between them got closer and closer.


Space Principles flared and Yang Kai’s figure flickered before he vanished from the spot in an instant. By the time he reappeared, he had put some distance between them again; even so, he did not manage to exit the range of the blood ray’s pursuit.


A furious cry came out from the blood ray at that moment, “Yang Kai, accept your death! Even the Heavens won’t be able to save you today! This King will definitely catch you, drink your blood, and slice off your flesh piece by piece!”


Only the Half-Saints of the Blood Demon Clan could perform the incredibly fast Blood Escape Technique. Most people would not be able to escape a Blood Demon’s pursuit.


In truth, Yang Kai’s speed was inferior to the Blood Escape Technique of a Blood Demon, but with his mastery over the Dao of Space, whenever the distance between them became dangerously close, he would use Instantaneous Movement to put some distance between them. This situation had occurred many times already, so much so that the Blood Demon chasing him was about to cough up blood in annoyance.


Under normal circumstances, the Blood Demon would not have chased Yang Kai so stubbornly; after all, who did not know that Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space and was capable of coming and going like the wind? Who did not know that he had comprehended some kind of Martial Truth, which was mysterious and difficult to defend against? It would take at least three or four Half-Saints working together to deal with Yang Kai and they would still have to kill him in one decisive blow, lest he finds a chance to escape.


However, this was the Profound Heavens Temple and there were all kinds of restrictions in place. The Blood Demon had seen with his own eyes that Yang Kai could not cross great distances at once even though the latter’s Instantaneous Movement still functioned. That would give him an opportunity to catch up to Yang Kai.


What’s more, Yang Kai was clearly heavily injured. There were countless wounds all over his body and even his aura seemed a little unstable.


The Blood Demon had no idea what had happened to Yang Kai previously, but the latter clearly had not had a peaceful time over the past few days. How could he let such a good opportunity pass him by? If he could kill Yang Kai, he would be able to snatch the World’s Will from Yang Kai’s possession. That would definitely be of great help to him in the upcoming Grand Dao battle.


Since ancient times, men would die for wealth just as birds would die for food. How could the Blood Demon not be tempted with such a huge piece of fat in front of him? Furthermore, he was not alone. He had a companion. There were two figures wrapped inside the blood ray after all.


“Things will be bad if we continue like this. We can’t afford to delay any longer.” The voice of the other Demon Race Half-Saint rang out from within the blood ray.


The Blood Demon next to this person looked gloomy after hearing those words. He knew that his ally was not wrong. Their pursuit had already gone on for half a day; moreover, they had made a huge commotion during that time. It would be bad if a third party swooped in to take advantage of the situation; thus, he said quietly, “The price I have to pay to perform that Secret Technique is not small.”


The second Half-Saint replied, “You can kill him, but I’ll take the credit.”


The Blood Demon’s eyes brightened at those words, “Really!?”


“I swear in the name of Great Demon God!”


The Blood Demon heard this and cackled, “Good, good, good. I feel at ease with your words.”


The person who killed Yang Kai would be able to snatch and obtain the World’s Will. On the other hand, the person who took credit for the deed would be highly valued by the Demon Saints and receive personal guidance from them. This way, both parties would not lose out on anything.


After a brief negotiation, the Blood Demon’s expression turned solemn. He formed a set of hand seals before his scarlet eyes staring fixedly at the fleeing figure ahead. A cold light flashed across his gaze as he bit his tongue and spat out a mouthful of Blood Essence. Accordingly, the blood ray that was not slow in the first place suddenly flared with a crimson light that covered the entire sky. The Blood Demon’s speed immediately accelerated and he shot forward like a bolt of lightning to quickly shorten the distance between them.


[It’s probably about time.] Yang Kai, who was fleeing in front, quietly thought to himself. Half a day’s pursuit had shaved off quite a lot of the other party’s energy; moreover, the opponent seemed to be using some sort of sacrificial Secret Technique, so now was the time to end this farce.


The figure rushing forward suddenly stopped in mid-air, the change from extreme movement to complete stop both abrupt yet natural.


“Huh? He stopped!” The second Half-Saint inside the blood ray was shocked to the core. He never imagined that Yang Kai would turn around so suddenly. Did he realise that he won’t be able to escape so he decided to make a last stand instead?


“You court death!” The Blood Demon’s eyes lit up and amidst his maniacal laughter, he opened his arms wide. The blood ray exploded and transformed into a boundless Blood Sea that headed straight for Yang Kai.


A Dragon Roar sounded and the Azure Dragon Spear appeared. The spear slashed out, splitting the Blood Sea in two while Yang Kai lifted the corners of his mouth slightly in a sly smile.


“Not good! It’s a trap!” The Blood Demon turned pale in shock. He instinctively felt that something was wrong and quickly retreated. On the other hand, the companion next to him had already fled to the side when Yang Kai attacked.


All of a sudden, three figures appeared beside Yang Kai, and as if they had discussed it beforehand, one of the figures gave a flick of her wrist. Three bursts of light flew out from her fair wrist, aiming straight for the Blood Demon. Meanwhile, Yang Kai and the other two figures rushed towards the other Half-Saint.


“Despicable!” At that moment, a look of grief and indignation appeared on Blood Demon’s face, as well as a deep sense of humiliation.


It was no secret that Yang Kai was in possession of the Sealed World Bead that could contain living creatures inside. Not to mention, the Blood Demon’s other companion had warned him to be wary of this point while they were pursuing Yang Kai. It was just that Yang Kai had been running away for so long already. Seeing as Yang Kai had not called out any helpers, the two Demon Race Half-Saints naturally assumed that he was all alone. Who could have known that Yang Kai would actually call out helpers at this moment? Moreover, three at once!


Yang Kai had acted weak by fleeing for half a day, which just went to show how vicious he was. He clearly intended to kill the two Half-Saints in this place which was why he had been holding back until the time was right to strike.


In a two against four, there was no way the Half-Saints could defeat their opponents even if they were in peak condition. What’s more, the Blood Demon had just used a Secret Technique that damaged his own Blood Essence.


Regret washed over the Blood Demon’s heart. All he wanted to do right now was run as far as possible. As for his companion, he had no time to care so much about him. A woman had shot out three bursts of fire light that transformed into three large rings of flame that wrapped around him tightly, however. These rings of flame sealed off the world around him and cut off all his hopes of fleeing.


“Yang Yan!” The Blood Demon growled. After so many battles over so many years, both sides basically knew who the Masters on the other side were. In particular, Yang Yan was one of the most powerful among the Pseudo-Great Emperors in the Star Boundary. The Three Blazing Flame Rings were extremely powerful in addition to having a potent restraining effect. There was even a precedent where she killed a Demon Race Half-Saint with them.


Yang Yan smiled like a fox that had stolen a chicken. There was no describing how happy she was, “We’ve really caught quite a lot of fish these days.”


The Blood Demon’s expression turned even uglier at those words. Taking a deep breath, his Demon Qi churned violently. In this situation, he would be in great trouble if he failed to escape before his companion died; therefore, his only option right now was to put up a desperate struggle. Roaring at the top of his lungs, he transformed into a blood ray and rushed towards the flaming barrier.


Yang Yan put away her smile and faced her opponent seriously. According to the plan, she only needed to tie down the Blood Demon and prevent him from fleeing for a while. Even so, the power a Demon Race Half-Saint could bring out in a life-or-death moment was not something she could afford to take lightly. If she wanted to delay her opponent here, she would need to give her all.


On the other side, Yang Kai had teamed up with Bing Yun and Gan Li to confront the second Demon Race Half-Saint. This Half-Saint was a Feather Demon. Regardless of their gender, those from the Feather Demon Clan were born with beautiful looks, and this one was no exception. He was so handsome that it was a little outrageous.


Unfortunately, that handsome face was now filled with savagery under the siege of Yang Kai and his two allies. The Feather Demon Clan was most proficient in archery, so at a distance, they had an incredible advantage. Take Bo Ya, for example, she was a Mid-Rank Demon King but had managed to kill a High-Rank Demon King simply by relying on her inherent talent in archery. Needless to say, a Half-Saint Feather Demon would surely be even more incredible.


During their chase, Yang Kai had been wounded several times by this Feather Demon. It could even be said that most of the injuries he sustained were caused by the latter. He had been acting weak just now, so he could only bear with it despite getting injured. Now, it was finally time for him to get his revenge.


No Demon Race Half-Saint would be able to endure a three-on-one battle, much less a Feather Demon who was not proficient in close combat. After a series of attacks, the Feather Demon was chilled by Bing Yun’s ice, which dulled his movements. Then, he took a blow from Gan Li, which caused him to incessantly cough up blood. During this time, Yang Kai took the opportunity to stab out with his spear. Unable to avoid the attack, the Feather Demon was pierced through the chest. He only just managed to prevent his vital points from being damaged, but the Martial Truth had already entered his body.


With all options sealed, the Feather Demon was both livid and indignant. It was a pity there was nowhere to vent the flames of fury in his heart.


Time passed and his injuries deteriorated as the Martial Truth eroded away at his body. The power he could wield was also becoming weaker and weaker as a result.


A quarter-hour later, the Feather Demon could no longer defend against Bing Yun’s attack. Her sword slashed him clean in half, but there was no blood whatsoever. The cold that penetrated his heart had completely frozen his body in an instant.


“Die!” Yang Kai followed up with his Azure Dragon Spear. His ferocious sweep caused the two halves of the body to shatter into dust. Even so, he did not stop moving. Becoming one with his spear, he rushed towards the other side of the battlefield without pause, his movements smooth, fluid, and dazzling to watch.


Bing Yun and Gan Li hurriedly followed.


Another quarter hour later, Yang Yan reached out her hand in a beckoning motion. The three large rings of fire transformed into three fiery bracelets that returned to her wrist. She looked down at the mummified corpse and exhaled softly, “That was difficult.”


Bing Yun and Gan Li had expressions of agreement on their faces.


Even with their absolute advantage in numbers, killing a Demon Race Half-Saint was still no easy task. The death struggles of the two Half-Saints had left them hesitant to act, lest they sustained injuries.


There was no need to mention the injuries Yang Kai sustained during battle. He had been the lure and stood at the forefront during both fights. Regardless of whether it was the Blood Demon or the Feather Demon, most of their attacks had been aimed at him. If not for the Dragon Clan’s tough physique, he would be in great trouble right now.




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  1. So I estimate that seven Demon Half Saint’s have died. Their advantage dropped but there are more “fish” to catch and kill until Yang Kai becomes a Great Emperor.

    1. I mean, they where the Emperor Artifact of what we now know to be the best artifact refiner in the whole star boundary. Back then we didn’t see them used by her in full capacity at all. But looking back now I guess the “Insect Emperor” (guess back then author still thought he would make Emperors more rare and all titled or something) was also a Pseudo-Great Emperor for Yang Yans fight back then to make any sense. Best not to think too much about the past, lol

  2. My boy really is at the point where he can fight side by side with Yang Yan again. I remember this being the milestone I was more excited about back in the days she awakened and departed from Heng Luo Star Field. Tho I still prefer the more childish version of her.

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