Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3778, Shield


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Yang Kai was bound to be the focus of all the Demon Race Half-Saints due to the World’s Will in his possession. Seeing as Cang Mo was leading the enemy this way, there was no doubt that he was hoping to use Yang Kai to get rid of his enemy.


If those Demon Race Half-Saints saw Yang Kai, they would surely lose all interest in Cang Mo. They would definitely swarm over all at once to eliminate Yang Kai before all else, making it easy for Cang Mo to calmly escape during this time.


The moment the realisation struck Yang Kai, his expression turned cold. Various issues had occurred between him and Cang Mo. Just before they entered the Profound Heavens Temple, Cang Mo even tried to pick a fight over his cultivation in order to prevent him from joining the Grand Dao battle. In the end, Li Wu Yi even had to step in to overcome all the objections and settle the matter.


The grievances between Yang Kai and Cang Mo were neither large nor small. It was just that they could not stand each other. If they met each other alone in the Profound Heavens Temple, Yang Kai was certain that he could never coexist peacefully with Cang Mo. They were bound to fight each other.


When he sensed that Cang Mo was leading the enemy toward him, he even considered taking the opportunity to feed the other party to the wolves. He might as well use this chance to get rid of Cang Mo once and for all. However, he decided against it when he considered that the number of Pseudo-Great Emperors from the Star Boundary was inferior to the number of Demon Race Half-Saints in the first place. The bigger picture was more important right now.


The two figures coming this way quickly entered Yang Kai’s field of vision and the distance between them shrank rapidly. Cang Mo seemed rather pale and he looked like he had been injured. On the other hand, the other Pseudo-Great Emperor accompanying Cang Mo was a middle-aged man that Yang Kai recalled was the Second Army’s Army Commander with the surname Feng.


This man surnamed Feng was in worse condition compared to Cang Mo. One of his arms was hanging limply by the side of his body, swinging back and forth as he flew. There was also a huge bloodstain across his chest.


It was obvious that Cang Mo and this man surnamed Feng had fought the Demon Race Half-Saints only to lose badly against their enemies.


Chasing behind these two were four Demon Race Half-Saints with the one in the lead radiating an extremely fierce and imposing aura. His Demon Qi surged violently and everywhere he passed, the vegetation withered away rapidly. That Corpse Demon was none other than the one whom Li Wu Yi had told Yang Kai to be wary of, Jia Long!


During the previous Two Worlds Great War, Li Wu Yi had fought Jia Long thrice but failed to do anything to the other party. It could be seen that Jia Long was very strong. According to Li Wu Yi, Jia Long was most probably the strongest out of all the Half-Saints. He was also the greatest enemy of the Star Boundary in the Grand Dao battle.


Other than Jia Long, the remaining three Demon Race Half-Saints each came from different Races. There was a Bone Demon, a Charm Demon, and a Feather Demon. Each one of them was extraordinarily powerful. Their Demon Qi churned vigorously as they followed Jia Long in pursuit of Cang Mo and this man surnamed Feng.


A few moments later, the man surnamed Feng, who was fleeing desperately together with Cang Mo, suddenly raised his head and a look of shock involuntarily appeared on his face when he saw somebody flying towards them at a high speed. After seeing who it was, he hurriedly shouted, “Brother Yang, hurry up and run!”


Unlike Cang Mo, whose intention was to deliberately push his disaster onto Yang Kai, this man surnamed Feng’s first reaction when he saw Yang Kai was to urge him to escape. He and Cang Mo were already injured, not to mention that there were as many as four pursuers behind them. Even if Yang Kai’s strength was comparable to that of a Half-Saint, there was no hope of turning the situation around. If Yang Kai rashly rushed over to provide support at this time, he would not only fail to rescue them but also end up getting dragged into this mess together.


Upon hearing what the man surnamed Feng shouted, Yang Kai’s originally frosty expression softened considerably and he smiled back at him.


It was hard to say whether Yang Kai would offer to provide support if Cang Mo was the only one being chased. The overall situation might be important in the Profound Heavens Temple, but he couldn’t care less about whether a person who constantly bore malice towards him was to survive or not.


It would be Cang Mo’s good fortune if he survived, but it would also serve him right if he died.


Sadly, Cang Mo was accompanied by another Army Commander and Yang Kai could not ignore the other person, regardless of his reasons.


Honestly, Yang Kai was reluctant to confront Jia Long head-on before the final stage of the Grand Dao battle. He had three helpers hidden inside his Small Sealed World which would instantly give him the advantage in numbers if Cang Mo and the man surnamed Feng were added to the mix; unfortunately, it would not benefit anybody if it really came down to a fight. Therefore, his plan was to meet up with these two, place them in the Small Sealed World, and then escape via Instantaneous Movement.


There were many restrictions within the Profound Heavens Temple. The Great Emperor’s Divine Ability Sealed inside the Army Commander Token could not be activated, Space Beacons could not be used, and even his Instantaneous Movement had been suppressed greatly. Be that as it may, even Jia Long would be helpless against him if he was determined to escape, regardless of how strong Jia Long was.


Under the astonished and confused gaze of the man surnamed Feng, Yang Kai continued to rush forward at a high speed.


“As you Humans say, ‘wear out iron shoes in a fruitless search, only to find something by pure chance’!” A thunderous voice rang out. Jia Long, who was chasing after Cang Mo and the man surnamed Feng, suddenly caught sight of Yang Kai and his eyes sparkled brightly with a pleasant surprise. The corners of his mouth split into a sinister smile as he shouted, “Little bastard, this King spent much effort to find you!”


Jia Long was not the only person searching for Yang Kai; in fact, all the Demon Race Half-Saints were desperately trying to locate his whereabouts. It was just that the Profound Heavens Temple was too vast and there was little chance to meet others. Besides, Yang Kai had been going around ‘fishing’ with his three hidden helpers, so even if a Half-Saint encountered him, it could not be considered good luck. Rather, it could only be said that their luck was terrible.


Nevertheless, it truly was a pleasant surprise for Jia Long to encounter Yang Kai in this place. Leaving aside the fact that his own strength was quite tyrannical, he also had three other Demon Race Half-Saints accompanying him. As long as he could hinder Yang Kai’s movements slightly, they would have a high chance of keeping Yang Kai here.


While speaking, Jia Long’s body shuddered all of a sudden. A monstrous wave of Corpse Qi overflowed from his burly body, rising into the sky like dark clouds. His speed increased greatly to the point he actually managed to catch up to the two fleeing Pseudo-Great Emperors in the blink of an eye.


The expressions of both Cang Mo and the man surnamed Feng changed in unison. Only now did they realise that they had underestimated Jia Long’s strength. Throughout their pursuit, it was not that the other party was unable to catch up to them, it was simply that they were unwilling to put in too much effort into the chase. Now that Jia Long had caught sight of Yang Kai, however, it was clear that he decided to end things as soon as possible without regard for consumption.


The Corpse Qi that flowed out had the effect of suppressing the entire world, and when Cang Mo and the man surnamed Feng were hit by it, they involuntarily swayed slightly and lost their balance. Thus, their expressions changed drastically and they both desperately urged their Emperor Qi to resist the invasion of the Corpse Qi.


Without warning, a trace of murderous intent emerged and locked onto the fleeing Cang Mo. There was a whooshing sound as a feather arrow shot through the sky towards him.


Cang Mo’s expression changed greatly! Even though he was running with all his might and did not turn around to look, he knew what was happening. It was obvious that the Feather Demon was attacking him.


This arrow was too rushed and would not kill him, but there was a high chance he would not walk out of this place alive if he was hit by that arrow. At the critical moment when his life was at stake, Cang Mo gritted his teeth and grabbed at something next to him, his hand gripping the shoulder of the man surnamed Feng.


Startled, the man surnamed Feng widened his eyes and exclaimed, “Brother Cang?”


Cang Mo expressionlessly shouted, “I’m sorry!”


Exerting strength in his arm, Cang Mo tossed the man surnamed Feng behind him. Then, he hurriedly continued pushing forward under the stunned gaze of his former companion.


There was a soft swoosh and the man surnamed Feng’s body jerked slightly as he felt all the strength in his body speedily flowing out of him. Lowering his head to look, he saw a feathered arrow sticking out of his chest. The arrow was wrapped in Demon Qi, which was corroding his body and causing the wound to expand rapidly. When he looked up again, he saw that Cang Mo was already several hundreds of metres away.


It would seem that he had failed to realise what was happening until this moment. The expression on his face instantly became extremely colourful. Various expressions flashed across his face until eventually settling on infinite grief and rage. He roared furiously, “Cang Mo, you old dog! I hope you die a terrible death!”


He never imagined that he would be harmed by his own companion in the Grand Dao battle. Moreover, the person who plotted against him was only doing it for the sake of a slim chance at survival.


Even in his weakened state, he could have avoided that arrow if he had attempted.


The Feather Demon’s archery skills might be terrifying, but that arrow had been far too rushed after all. It was not meant to kill, only to hinder the enemy’s movements. Who could have known there would be such an unexpected yet unpleasant surprise?


For a moment, the expressions of the Demon Race members became a little strange.


*Xiu…* Jia Long led the other three Demon Race Half-Saint past the man surnamed Feng. Along the way, he stretched out his hand and twisted. The head of the man surnamed Feng was gone by the time they flew by. The headless body swayed unsteadily, fresh blood spurting high into the sky from his neck.


“Cang Mo!” Yang Kai gnashed his teeth and howled in rage. He had seen everything that happened in that instant, and while he was extremely shocked, a murderous intent also gushed out of him like the tide.


He was already on his way to provide support. In just three more breaths, he would have arrived at that spot and placed both Cang Mo and the man surnamed Feng into the Small Sealed World. After that, it would have been simple for him to escape. No matter how strong Jia Long was, there was nothing Jia Long could do to him as long as the space around him was not sealed.


Three breaths. It was only three breaths, but it was enough for Yang Kai to witness the ugliness of Human nature.


Cang Mo had completely disregarded the life of his companion just to slightly improve his chance at survival. It could even be said that the man surnamed Feng had died at Cang Mo’s hands. After all, the Feather Demon Half-Saint’s arrow did not have the power to take any one of their lives. It was unfortunate that Cang Mo had been so frightened of his pursuers that he used his companion as a shield instead.


“Die!” Yang Kai’s eyes were bloodshot with rage and while shouting, he summoned the Azure Dragon Spear and viciously thrust it at Cang Mo.


Cang Mo knew what was supposed to happen next the moment he grabbed and threw his companion behind him; hence, he did not escape in Yang Kai’s direction and instead turned to flee in another direction.


In any case, the Demon Race Half-Saints had already discovered Yang Kai and comparatively speaking, he was certain that the Demon Race would be more interested in Yang Kai. They would not chase after him so he would be able to rest easy as long as Yang Kai could distract those Demon Race Half-Saints. But, he never expected Yang Kai to react in this manner.


Yang Kai was several hundreds of metres away when he made that thrust. The spear ignored the barriers of space to appear in front of Cang Mo in an instant.


A Dragon Roar rang out and Cang Mo’s expression changed drastically. A huge Azure Dragon appeared in his field of vision, rushing towards him with its mouth wide open as though to swallow him whole. The Dragon Fangs gleamed with a cold light as though they could crush him to bits at will.





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