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Martial Peak – Chapter 3779, The Illusionary Heaven Furnace Appears

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It was rumoured that Yang Kai had come across great opportunities during the years he spent in the Demon Realm. It was also said that he was strong enough to rival a Half-Saint even though he was only a High-Rank Demon King after his return. Cang Mo had long since heard those rumours but never truly believed them. In his opinion, it was true that Yang Kai had great talent; however, there was a huge difference in cultivation Realms. How could a person possibly cross that yawning gap between the Emperor and Pseudo-Great Emperor Realms? Therefore, even if Yang Kai had a record of killing Half-Saints, Cang Mo assumed it was all the result of receiving help from others.


It wasn’t until this moment when they exchanged blows that Cang Mo realised that the rumours were true.


[This little bastard really does have strength comparable to a Half-Saint!] When the spear came stabbing at him, Cang Mo felt a mountain-like pressure bearing down on him that made it difficult for him to breathe. In his desperation to respond, he raised a palm and struck out with all the force he could muster.


There was a loud bang and Cang Mo grunted from the impact as his body was violently thrown backwards. On the other hand, Yang Kai merely swayed slightly before he regained his balance. The reason for this disparity was not that he was much stronger than Cang Mo. Rather, it was because the Azure Dragon Spear had given him an advantage. The other reason was that he had acted out of rage while Cang Mo had reacted hastily to parry the attack.


*Shua shua shua…* Following the sounds of something slicing through the air, the four Demon Race Half-Saints arrived in the vicinity under Jia Long’s leadership. Then, they split up as though it had been discussed beforehand to block off the escape routes on all four sides. Enclosing Yang Kai and Cang Mo in the middle, they stared at the centre of the field with a contemptuous look in their eyes. The situation today was not something that could be witnessed casually. Compared with the laborious effort of killing the Pseudo-Great Emperors of the Star Boundary, the Half-Saints undoubtedly preferred watching Humans killing each other.


“Damn you!” Cang Mo roared through gritted teeth, his gaze sweeping left and right. His shock and horror were dyed with a heavy dose of fear. When he looked back at Yang Kai again, his eyes were filled with rage, “What is the meaning of this, Yang Kai!?”


Yang Kai lowered his gaze, allowing his long hair to fall across his forehead, casting a deep shadow across his face as he quietly snarled, “The one who should die today is you! Old dog Cang Mo!”


Cang Mo gnashed his teeth, “This just harms both you and me! What good does this do you!?”


“This Yang cannot stand injustice!” Yang Kai slowly lifted the Azure Dragon Spear, pointed it at Cang Mo, and spoke in a dangerous voice, “This place will become your grave today!”


“Big words! Let’s see if you can back them up!” Cang Mo’s facial muscles twitched as his heart was filled with resentment. It had been an instinctive reaction in order to gain a chance at survival when he abandoned and used his companion as a shield, but given the choice, he would do the same if he had to go through it all over again. It was just that he never imagined Yang Kai’s temperament to be so righteous and unyielding. Despite knowing that there were four Demon Race Half-Saints chasing them, Yang Kai not only did not think of escaping but even went so far as to hinder Cang Mo’s escape as well. [His actions are harming both of us! There are no benefits whatsoever! Doesn’t he know what’s going to happen after being besieged by those Half-Saints!?]


“Rest assured. I will definitely live much longer than you.” Yang Kai’s expression was cold and stern. Without moving his spear, he turned his head to the side and said, “Jia Long, let’s make a deal.”


Jia Long’s eyes were brimming with contempt and amusement as he calmly replied, “Do you think… you have the right to negotiate with this King under the current circumstances?” Pausing for a moment, he threw his head back in laughter, “But fine. As thanks for giving me such a good show, you may spit out your last words quickly. I might just fulfill them if they amuse me.”


His posture seemed to indicate that he had already won the fight against Yang Kai. Nevertheless, he was not being arrogant as he truly had an overwhelmingly obvious advantage right now.


All four Half-Saints had their senses firmly locked onto Yang Kai. If Yang Kai so much as made a strange movement, he would instantly be met with a storm of attacks. It would be hard to say whether he could even manage to perform those strange Space Secret Techniques of his in time.


Yang Kai’s expression did not change, remaining as serene as a long dormant volcano as he declared, “I’m going to kill this piece of trash, so wait until I finish him. You can use whatever means you like against me after I’m done with this bastard. I will face all of you together.”


As soon as that statement came out, Cang Mo’s expression became ashen. On the other hand, the expressions of the four Demon Half-Saints were scornful. Jia Long even rubbed his lower jaw and looked pensive, “Why should we?”


Yang Kai coldly snorted, “I will be fighting him to the death. No matter who wins or who loses in the end, the remaining person will be an arrow at the end of its flight. Who can stop you if all four of you attack together? There is no harm to you, only benefits. Isn’t that right?”


Cang Mo’s heart sank at those words and he cried out, “Yang Kai, you’re insane!”


Things would bode ill for him today if Jia Long and the others acted according to Yang Kai’s wishes. Regardless of whether he killed Yang Kai or Yang Kai killed him, there was no way for him to leave this place alive. His original plan was now completely useless. For a moment, his mind sank into chaos and his entire body went cold as he secretly scolded Yang Kai for being so vicious. [How can he make such a suggestion just to get rid of me? Jia Long and the others couldn’t refuse even if they wanted to!]


Sure enough, Jia Long pondered for a while and nodded in agreement, “There is some truth in what you said.” Then, he revealed a hideous smile, his expression filled with pure savagery, “But, this King takes whatever he wants with his own hands!”


The instant the words left his mouth, a dense wave of Corpse Qi rolled out. Numerous figures emerged from within the Corpse Qi. It was clearly the Corpse Puppets that he had refined. Most of these Corpse Puppets were High-Rank Demon Kings, but there were also three Demon Race Half-Saints among the ranks. It was clear to see that this was his entire life’s collection.


The moment Jia Long made his move, the Bone Demon Half-Saint also opened his jaw and a mass of emerald-green Ghost Fire spewed out of his mouth, transformed into an emerald-green cloud, and loomed above Yang Kai. Meanwhile, the Feather Demon nocked an arrow and pulled back the bowstring. On the other hand, the Charm Demon smiled seductively, her Spiritual Energy condensing into an invisible and intangible spear.


The battle began without warning. The four Demon Race Half-Saints, each with their respective Divine Abilities, attacked both Yang Kai and Cang Mo. At that moment, the world paled while the World Energy in the Profound Heavens Temple became tempestuous.


A Dragon Roar sounded, accompanied by a Golden Dragon Head that flashed and disappeared in an instant. Yang Kai’s body swelled rapidly and turned into a more than 1,000-metre-long Half-Dragon. In the meantime, he swept out with the Azure Dragon Spear and caused the flood of Corpse Puppets rushing at him to explode into pieces. Even the boundless Corpse Qi was swept away. Nevertheless, his spear did not stop moving. He spun it around to cut down the Feather Demon’s arrow. After that, his large hand reached out to unleash his Rupture Secret Technique, causing the world to collapse and swallow up the emerald-green Ghost Fire whole.


Yang Kai had dealt with the combined attacks of three Half-Saints with his strength alone, but although he managed to parry the first wave of strikes, the vitality in his body churned violently and a sweet taste of blood filled his throat. Even so, he did not hesitate in the slightest. Kicking out lightly, he lunged toward Cang Mo with a roar, “Die!”


The three Demon Race Half-Saints were focused on taking care of Yang Kai. Comparatively speaking, the situation on Cang Mo’s side was much better. Four Half-Saints had attacked, but only the Charm Demon’s Soul attack was aimed at him.


Cang Mo’s eyes went blank for a moment; however, that one brief moment was enough for Yang Kai to arrive in front of him, spear in hand. A sharp murderous intent sent a tingle down his back as Cang Mo angrily yelled, “If you’re going to make things difficult for this King, then don’t even dream that you’ll be any better off than me!”


With a loud bang, a violent wave of Emperor Qi swept out as Cang Mo’s body seemed to swell slightly and strange patterns appeared on his exposed skin. He reached out to grab at something in the void and a longsword appeared in the grip of his hand. Following the downward slash, a powerful sword wave rushed forward.


There was a loud explosion and a burst of energy rampaged through the air, turning the entire world upside down as everything collapsed in all four directions.


Yang Kai’s huge body was pushed backwards by several dozen steps. Similarly, Cang Mo’s entire body was sent flying and tumbling through the air.


In the next moment, Jia Long and the other two Half-Saints attacked again without giving Yang Kai any respite.


It was at that moment that three figures appeared beside Yang Kai.


A wave of Ice Principles spread out and collided with the boundless Corpse Qi. Bing Yun was rapidly forming hand seals while wearing an extremely solemn expression. At the same time, the Three Blazing Flame Rings flew out from Yang Yan’s wrist and turned into three huge fire rings that enveloped the Bone Demon. On the other hand, Gan Li charged towards the Feather Demon and instantly became entangled in a close-quarter melee.


“You…” Cang Mo, who had been sent flying, widened his eyes at the sight of the three figures who suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The expression on his face was extremely ugly. He instantly understood how Yang Yan and the two others had appeared. They had clearly been hiding inside Yang Kai’s Small Sealed World.


“With these people…” Cang Mo nearly gnashed his teeth to bits.


He would not have used the man surnamed Feng as a shield earlier if he had known earlier that Yang Kai was secretly hiding three helpers. As long as they could meet up with Yang Kai, they would instantly have the strength of six Pseudo-Great Emperors on their side. No matter how strong Jia Long was, the disadvantage in numbers would have been enough for their enemies to pull back.


It was just that he had only seen Yang Kai alone before. Besides, he was in the midst of fleeing for his life. How could he spare the thought to consider so many things when his life was at stake? He only wanted to use Yang Kai to attract the attention of the Demon Race Half-Saints while he took the opportunity to escape.


He did not know if Yang Yan and the others had seen what he did before, but if they did, he would never have a place in the Star Boundary again in the future. On the contrary, there was nothing to fear if Yang Kai was the only one to have witnessed his actions. In the absence of evidence, he would never admit that he had ever done anything of that sort. Even if the Demons themselves were to reveal anything, their words would only be taken as sowing dissent. Nobody would believe them.


“Deceitful little bastard!” Cang Mo was extremely aggrieved and enraged. He secretly blamed Yang Kai for not revealing everything from the beginning and causing him to make that choice when he couldn’t see any other hope left for himself.


At the moment, Yang Yan and the others were holding the three Demon Race Half-Saints back while the Charm Demon was still busy dealing with Cang Mo. Therefore, Yang Kai was no longer restrained by anybody.


A huge sense of crisis fell over Cang Mo at that moment. The only other time in his life that he had ever felt this feeling was when he was being oppressed by Qiong Qi. It seemed as though it was really going to end badly for him this time…


At that moment, an anomaly suddenly occurred. There was a loud ringing sound and the entire Profound Heavens Temple trembled violently. Everybody who was present in this place, be they Half-Saint or Pseudo-Great Emperor, abruptly lost their balance and staggered unsteadily. At the same time, the rich and dense World Energy in the world quickly converged in a certain direction. A powerful and tempestuous vortex formed in a very short time, causing all the trees on the ground to bend and sway.


Everybody’s expressions changed drastically and they all stopped what they were doing and looked around vigilantly. It was obvious that something major had happened.


The ringing sound continued for a very long time.


“That is…” Cang Mo’s eyes widened so much that his eyeballs were practically popping out of their sockets. Staring up in a certain direction, his expression suddenly became ecstatic as he shouted, “The Illusionary Heavens Furnace!”


A boxy Giant Furnace had appeared out of nowhere in the direction he was staring. The Giant Furnace was engraved with countless mysterious runes and patterns that were flickering with flowing light non-stop. All the patterns seemed to coincide with the Grand Dao, causing everybody who was looking at it to become entranced for a moment.


The Giant Furnace was not tangible. Rather, it was an illusory phantom. Even so, it looked so real and solid. As the World Energy in the Profound Heavens Temple furiously poured into the Giant Furnace, it became bigger and bigger until it seemed as though it was going to fit the entire Profound Heavens Temple inside of it.



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    1. At this point in time the manhua and light novel is two different entities now. I’m pretty sure the manhua does not use the translated light novel as a source and many things are different. Like when Ah Da was first introduced it stated that he was bald, but in the manhua he has white hair.

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