Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3780, A Pleasantly Surprised Cang Mo


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The world rumbled, World Energy rioted, the Giant Furnace revealed itself, and the Grand Dao’s aura flowed throughout every corner of the Profound Heavens Temple.


At this moment, every Pseudo-Great Emperor and Half-Saint in the Profound Heavens Temple couldn’t help feeling as though a set of large doors was about to open in front of them. Moreover, the pinnacle of the Martial Dao that they had been pursuing for their entire lives was right behind those doors. That was something worth paying any price for, including their own lives!


Inside the Profound Heavens Temple, silhouette after silhouette emerged. These silhouettes turned into streams of lights in various colours and rushed towards the direction of the Giant Furnace.


“The Illusionary Heavens Furnace!” Gan Li couldn’t help gulping hard. It wasn’t until this moment that he finally confirmed the information that the Star Boundary had to be true. The Profound Heavens Temple really did contain the Illusionary Heavens Furnace. More importantly, the key to becoming a Great Emperor was in the Illusionary Heavens Furnace.


He was very eager and excited. There was a rash impulse in him that urged him to disregard everything else and rush over to investigate the Giant Furnace. However, the Demon Race Half-Saints around him were watching him hungrily and he did not dare to act rashly.


On the other side, Jia Long stared at the Giant Furnace for a moment before looking back at a certain spot not far away. A headless corpse stood there. It belonged to the man surnamed Feng who was betrayed by Cang Mo previously. Although he had only been dead for a few moments, both the severed head and the headless corpse had shrivelled and become mummified.


A hint of contemplation flashed in Jia Long’s dirty-yellow eyes. [Was that the last piece?]


He knew more about the situation in the Profound Heavens Temple compared to all the other Demon Race Half-Saints. The day before the Profound Heavens Temple opened, Xue Li had summoned him to a secret meeting at Star Soul Palace. Nobody knew what Xue Li had told him that night; only the two of them knew the contents of their conversation.


All the other Demon Race Half-Saints knew was that they had to kill as many Pseudo-Great Emperors from the Star Boundary as possible after entering the Profound Heavens Temple. Nevertheless, there was no need for something like this to be specifically said out loud. Neither the Human Race nor the Demon Race would have turned a blind eye to each other if they had encountered each other outside, much less within the Profound Heavens Temple where the Grand Dao battle took place.


Only Jia Long had been aware that the key to becoming a Great Emperor inside this Source Sealed World was inseparable from death and slaughter. The key would only be revealed when enough blood had been spilled. The death of the man surnamed Feng was undoubtedly the last one necessary.


Now that the Giant Furnace had been revealed, it was time for the final stage of the Grand Dao battle. All forms of forbearance and trickery would become useless from this moment on. The only way to obtain that one and only opportunity was by relying on one’s own ability.


All of a sudden, there was a loud noise. Energy burst out violently and everybody jumped in shock. Turning to look at the source of the commotion, they were greeted by the sight of Yang Kai’s huge body bearing down on Cang Mo. He had a grim expression on his face as he slashed out with the Azure Dragon Spear.


That attack sent Cang Mo flying and a spray of blood spurted out of his mouth in mid-air.


When the Giant Furnace revealed itself just now, everybody became distracted by the sight. Both Cang Mo and Yang Kai were no exception, but Yang Kai returned to his senses a little faster. The attack came so suddenly that Cang Mo failed to defend against it completely. All his internal organs churned violently when that oppressive force slammed into him and he cursed in his heart. [This little bastard sure has a lot of brute strength!]


It was no wonder. With a more than 1,000-metre-long Half-Dragon Body, how weak could Yang Kai be?


What made Cang Mo despair even more was that the impact from Yang Kai’s attack had sent him flying directly in Jia Long’s direction. He desperately pushed his Emperor Qi to stabilize his body as best as he could, but it was a difficult task to achieve.


Sorrow washed over him at that moment. He knew that he was doomed. Yang Kai wanted him dead and Jia Long had no reason to allow him to live either. Cang Mo was currently surrounded by enemies on all sides, so there was little to no chance of him walking out of this place alive.


At this very moment, Yang Kai was stabbing the spear at him. The attack flooded Cang Mo’s entire field of vision with the figure of an enormous Azure Dragon. In response, his eyes filled with despair.


However, a figure suddenly swept past him at that very moment and it was immediately followed by the appearance of a behemoth that suddenly stood in front of him.


The enormous body that appeared in front of him was exuding an extremely offensive Corpse Qi. Moreover, large chunks of rotten flesh were falling from the body to the ground and creating numerous craters below. Who else could this behemoth be but Jia Long?


Jia Long had used some sort of unknown Secret Technique to make his body expand by several tens of metres in an instant. Although he could not compare to Yang Kai’s Half-Dragon Form, it was still an extremely extraordinary sight to behold.


A monstrous aura emanated from Jia Long’s body as he rushed forward to meet Yang Kai’s attack and the situation instantly became a fierce struggle between two evenly matched opponents.


Cang Mo couldn’t help feeling both surprised and delighted to see this situation. He was surprised that Jia Long had not taken the opportunity to get rid of him and instead bypassed him to confront Yang Kai head-on. On the other hand, he was delighted by the fact that nobody had the time to pay attention to him at this moment.


Without stopping, Cang Mo borrowed the momentum of Yang Kai’s earlier attack to quickly make his escape, flying far away into the distance. He could still hear the rumbling sounds coming from behind, as well as Yang Kai’s furious and unwilling roar.


After surviving that calamity, Cang Mo realised that his clothes were soaked in sweat. He really thought that he was going to die just now, but who could have known that a light would shine for him during his darkest hour? Upon further consideration, he realised that Jia Long had let him go too easily. The other party probably did not have any good intentions in doing so; thus, the joy on his face faded and was replaced by a gloomy look.


Nevertheless, it was pointless to worry about something like that right now. His top priority was to go to the place where the Giant Furnace had appeared. A Heavenly Manifestation like that was undoubtedly a kind of guide. Not to mention, all the surviving Pseudo-Great Emperors and Half-Saints inside the Profound Heavens Temple were currently gathering in that direction. If he were late to the party, somebody else might beat him to the prize instead. The moment that thought crossed his mind, Cang Mo brushed aside all the distracting thoughts in his head, stuffed a few Spirit Pills into his mouth, and recovered his energy whilst he flew off.


He had not been that badly injured in the fight just now. While Yang Kai’s attack was terrifying, he himself was no easy target either. He might have vomited a few mouthfuls of blood, but it was nothing serious. Those injuries would not affect him in the coming Grand Dao battle.




Both Yang Kai and Jia Long currently had three helpers each, so everyone was currently locked in one-on-one battles.


Yang Kai had been unable to do anything but watch Cang Mo escape just now; hence, the rage in his heart was surging ferociously like an erupting volcano that threatened to burn the entire world down with it. There was no mercy in the attacks that he dished out. Space Techniques, Soul Attacks, Dragon Clan Secret Techniques… He brought out an endless variety of methods to overwhelm Jia Long.


Jia Long was a foe Li Wu Yi had warned Yang Kai to be wary of. He was certainly more powerful than the other Demon Race Half-Saints and had extraordinary defensive abilities.


It didn’t matter what means Yang Kai used, he couldn’t even leave a single injury on the other party.


It was obvious that Jia Long knew just how treacherous and troublesome the Martial Truth was, so there was no way he was going to let Yang Kai land a hit on him. As a result, the fight between the two seemed a bit awkward.


Jia Long’s cultivation was obviously higher than that of Yang Kai’s, but strangely enough, Yang Kai seemed to be dominating the battle. On the other hand, Jia Long was like a sturdy wooden boat that was riding through the choppy waves of a stormy sea. He looked like he was in danger of losing at any moment, but the fact was that everything was under control.


After fighting for a while, Jia Long suddenly burst out laughing, “Let’s stop here. There’s nothing you can do to me, no matter what you do.”


While speaking, he made a feint and left the range of battle.


Yang Kai held his spear in one hand with a cold gaze. Although he wanted to kill this enemy, he knew that the other party’s words were the truth. His cultivation was currently his biggest shortcoming. It was difficult for him to do anything with his current abilities when facing a Demon Race Half-Saint like Jia Long. Continuing this fight was just a waste of time.


However, Jia Long’s attitude seemed to be indicating that he had deliberately rescued Cang Mo just now. Jia Long could have taken the opportunity to seriously injure or even kill Cang Mo, but he chose to let the latter go just like that. He even confronted Yang Kai head-on instead so that Yang Kai could not get away from the battle. Jia Long’s intentions were so obvious that anybody could tell as long as they were not blind.


Cang Mo had probably escaped somewhere far away by now, so there was no need to continue this battle. What’s more, the Illusionary Heavens Furnace had been revealed. Who would have the heart to continue fighting in this place with the rarest of opportunities lying before them? Those were the reasons why Yang Kai did not stop Jia Long from retreating.


The other three battles slowly died down the moment Yang Kai and Jia Long stopped fighting. Thus, the storm subsided in the blink of an eye.


Eight pairs of eyes collided, causing a faint shower of sparks to appear.


Jia Long grinned and spoke in a rumbling voice, “The key to the Grand Dao battle has been revealed, but… this is just the beginning. Yang Kai, this King hopes you have the ability to live to the end. I want to kill you with my own hands.”


“Rest assured, you will only die by my hands,” Yang Kai coldly snorted.


Jia Long said, “Then, we’ll be taking our leave. Let us meet again soon!”


The Corpse Qi swirled and wrapped around the other three Half-Saints before it transformed into a yellow-brown streak that rushed in the direction of the Giant Furnace.


“Let’s go too!” Yang Kai’s huge figure quickly became smaller, gradually returning to his original form. Space Principles fluctuated, wrapping around Yang Yan and the others. One Instantaneous Movement later, they all vanished out of sight.


Gan Li was secretly relieved at the sight. At the same time, he laughed at himself self-deprecatingly for being a little overly suspicious and pessimistic.


He had been wondering what he would do if Yang Kai asked them to enter the Small Sealed World again. The reason he had willingly stayed inside the Small Sealed World before was out of consideration for their plans. It was safer to work together after all.


However, it would be equivalent to handing all control over to Yang Kai if he willingly entered the Small Sealed World again now that Illusionary Heavens Furnace has been revealed; after all, he would miss out on the Grand Dao battle if Yang Kai refused to let him out of the Small Sealed World. That was something he was not willing to do, no matter what.


Judging by the current situation, Yang Kai was somebody who conducted himself honourably. It was clear that he had also taken the other’s opinions into consideration, so he did not ask them to enter the Small Sealed World again. Rather, he did not hesitate to consume more energy to bring them along with him.


Looking up, Gan Li felt his chest burning with anticipation. The key to the Grand Dao battle had finally been revealed, but nobody knew what they were supposed to do next. They were even less clear as to what was inside that Giant Furnace.


The Giant Furnace had been madly absorbing the World Energy in the Source Sealed World ever since it first appeared, causing the energy to swirl about in a frenzy that never stopped even for a moment. The furnace itself was also getting bigger and bigger as it absorbed more and more of the World Energy. At this moment, it was already covering the entire sky.


All of a sudden, the Giant Furnace settled down. The complex patterns carved around it shone with a dazzling light, making the Grand Dao aura in the entire Source Sealed World become more and more intense. Both the Demon Race Half-Saints and the Human Race Pseudo-Great Emperors looked pensive at this moment as they unknowingly gained a deeper understanding of the Grand Dao.




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  1. If someone told me back then when we just had a hint of what a Pseudo GE is that an arc with a battle to the death with 70 of them would be one of the most boring in the entire novel I would have laughed. I really miss the old days when YK was actually an overpowered MC who could dominate. Now anyone can just throw a corpse in front of him and he is nerfed.

  2. What happened to the Martial Truth now?! So no Martial Truth invading Cang Mo? As much as Yang Kai wanted to kill him, he just didn’t use it? Seriously? Or did I miss where it was ineffective against human cultivators?

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