Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3781, The Bronze Grand Hall


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With a loud bang, the Giant Furnace burst and shattered into pieces before vanishing without a trace in the blink of an eye.


Yang Kai felt as though he had fallen into an ice cellar at the sight. He froze in his tracks and stared ahead blankly, “What’s going on!?” 


The Illusionary Heavens Furnace was the key item in the Grand Dao battle that finally appeared after so many days of waiting! Why did it shatter so abruptly? Did that mean that everybody had to return home empty-handed!?


However, he soon calmed down. The reason was that although the Giant Furnace had shattered, the Grand Dao aura in the world had not vanished. Rather, it was becoming more intense. Besides, the Giant Furnace had been nothing more than an illusory phantom, a mere projection of the actual Illusionary Heavens Furnace. Therefore, the shattering of the illusory phantom did not mean that something had happened to the Illusionary Heavens Furnace itself.


For those reasons, Yang Kai only paused in his tracks for a moment before continuing onward.


As time passed, his expression gradually became rather strange. The Grand Dao aura that currently flooded the world was too rich, which gave him the urge to stop and try to perceive it; however, doing that would be sacrificing the future for today. So, he suppressed the impulse despite the desires in his heart.


Be that as it may, the Grand Dao aura running wild could indeed bring great benefits to all the Pseudo-Great Emperors and Half-Saints. The limitations of the world prevented them from becoming a Great Emperor or a Demon Saint, but as long as they could leave the Profound Heavens Temple alive, they would definitely be able to make great progress after being nourished by the Grand Dao aura in this place. 


[What a pity…] Yang Kai suddenly thought of Li Wu Yi. With Li Wu Yi’s ability, the benefits he could obtain here would be unimaginable. He also had a great chance of winning that one and only opportunity to become a Great Emperor. Unfortunately, he voluntarily gave up this opportunity for the sake of the Star Boundary and the livelihood of the common people. His decision in making such a sacrifice could be said to be cutting off his own future. It was both admirable and sad.


[Luckily, I collected a lot of the World Source Liquid. I’ll give him some when I return. It should be able to make up for some of his losses. The astounding aura contained within the World Source Liquid is no worse than the Grand Dao aura in the Profound Heavens Temple after all.]


“Do you smell anything?” Bing Yun asked suddenly, her nose twitching lightly as she spoke.


“I do. There’s a fragrance in the air,” Yang Yan replied immediately. It was obvious that she was aware of it too.


Following their conversation, Gan Li realised that there was indeed a faint aroma wafting about. It was not something that he had ever smelled before. It was vague and hard to describe, but it made him feel warm and refreshed. Even the exhaustion from the previous battles vanished, leaving him feeling energetic again.


Although Yang Kai was in a hurry to arrive at his destination, he could smell the aroma too. It was not very obvious at first, but it became stronger and stronger as he moved forward. It smelled like fruit but also of flowers…


Based on the perception of his Divine Sense, many powerful auras had intruded into his surveillance range. These auras included both the Pseudo-Great Emperors of the Star Boundary and the Demon Race Half-Saints. It was just that everyone was attracted by the Illusionary Heavens Furnace and were rushing over to where it had appeared, so nobody was in the mood to pick a fight.


At this moment, everybody in the entire Profound Heavens Temple was only doing one thing, heading to where the Illusionary Heavens Furnace was!


The Illusionary Heavens Furnace was located inside a Bronze Grand Hall. The Bronze Grand Hall was simple but majestic. Nobody knew when it first appeared, but just by looking at it, they could sense an ancient and desolate aura that seemed to pull them into that extremely far-off era.


Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space; therefore, he arrived relatively early even though he had started quite far away. At a glance, he could see that the Bronze Grand Hall stood on the ground and the surface of the building was mottled with time. Most of all, it was exuding an aura that people couldn’t help but want to bow down to and worship. That aura felt similar to the World’s Will.


For a moment, Yang Kai felt something rising in his body and resonating with the entire Bronze Grand Hall. He understood clearly in his heart that it was the World’s Will in his possession. Before the Illusionary Heavens Furnace was revealed, he had relied on the World’s Will’s guidance to faintly perceive where the key to becoming a Great Emperor was located. It was just that he had encountered Cang Mo, Jia Long, and the others before he had a chance to investigate carefully. The Illusionary Heavens Furnace had revealed itself during their battle, so the slight advantage that he just received became useless as a result.


This was probably the real Profound Heavens Temple! Throughout the ages, everybody had called this Source Sealed World by the name ‘Profound Heavens Temple’. However, the Profound Heavens Temple probably referred to this Bronze Grand Hall.


The Profound Heavens Temple contained the Illusionary Heavens Furnace and the Illusionary Heavens Furnace contained the secret to becoming a Great Emperor!


Step by step, Yang Kai had steadily progressed in his journey along the Martial Dao until today, where the biggest mystery was currently right in front of his eyes. It was just waiting for him to remove that mysterious veil and uncover its secrets. It would be a lie to say that he was not excited. Nevertheless, he was not so hot-blooded that he lost his reasoning. Just as Jia Long had mentioned earlier, the appearance of the Illusionary Heavens Furnace was just the beginning. The final result at the end would depend on each person’s abilities.


Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai quickly said, “Brother Gan, you are free to go or stay as you wish once we enter the Profound Heavens Temple, but please help me until then.”


Gan Li nodded when he heard those words, “Brother Yang, please rest assured, until the very last moment, this Old Master’s only enemy will be the Demon Race.”


At the same time, the last trace of worry in his heart disappeared. He was considering parting ways with Yang Kai and the others when they entered the Profound Heavens Temple. His lifelong pursuit was right in front of him after all. Even if he had to put his life on the line, he had to try. At that time, he would not be on the same side as Yang Kai and the others anymore.


“Good!” Yang Kai laughed loud as Space Principles surged and enveloped the other three, then he rushed forward again.


There was a gate at the front of the hall. It was huge and imposing, nearly 1,000 metres tall, overflowing with an oppressive air. Moreover, it was now open, as if to welcome its guests that came from afar. Who could predict what kind of opportunities and dangers were hidden inside the pitch-black hall?


Yang Kai slipped inside.


In that instant, a violent barrage of attacks came from all directions. There was a short fight before somebody yelled, “Stop! Stop! They are allies!”


When the figures separated from each other, they spread out on both sides.


Bing Yun, Yang Yan, and Gan Li were gathered around Yang Kai closely, watching their surroundings vigilantly. It wasn’t until Yang Kai saw who was attacking him that he burst out laughing.


He had a hunch that somebody had already entered the Profound Heavens Temple before him when he saw that the two bronze doors were already open. If he were in their shoes and had the advantage of being in the lead, he would most likely lay an ambush near the entrance to kill the enemies that came inside. Therefore, he had already prepared himself for an ambush before entering the palace. If it weren’t for that, he would definitely have been disgraced by that round of attacks just now.


“So it is Brother Yang and his companions.” The elderly man leading the group gave an embarrassed smile and bowed to all parties with an apologetic expression, “It happened too quickly and I couldn’t see clearly. Please forgive me.”


Yang Kai raised his hand to stop the other party, “Please don’t mind it, Brother Luo. We did not sustain much damage.”


While speaking, he studied the line-up opposite him. There were not many of them, only three in total. However, none of them were seriously injured and they seemed to be in a good state of mind. The elderly man in the lead was a Pseudo-Great Emperor from the Western Territory and currently served as one of the Army Commanders, Luo Meng.


This was good news for Yang Kai. The more Pseudo-Great Emperors from the Star Boundary that survived, the more advantages they would have in the upcoming Grand Dao battle.


“When did you arrive, Brother Luo?” he asked.


Luo Meng observed the situation and was secretly surprised. Yang Kai had the lowest cultivation out of the four in his group, but he clearly seemed to be the one leading them; thus, Luo Meng couldn’t help wondering about it. Not to mention, he had sensed an oppressive strength coming from Yang Kai during their brief exchange just now.


It was hard to understand how a High-Rank Demon King could be so powerful without actually fighting against Yang Kai. All everybody knew was that he had a record of killing a Demon Race Half-Saint together with Lan Xun and her companions. Even so, that was only something they heard. There had been no sense of reality to those words until this moment.


[Extraordinary!] Luo Meng secretly gave Yang Kai an evaluation. A High-Rank Demon King was only equivalent to a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master. [I’m afraid I wouldn’t even be qualified to hold this boy Yang Kai’s shoes when I was back in the Third-Order Emperor Realm…]


Feeling slightly ashamed in his heart, Luo Meng replied, “I only just arrived. I was hoping to get rid of a few of those bastards here, but I never expected to accidentally hurt all of you instead.”


Yang Kai said, “It was a good idea, Brother Luo. But, are you sure that the Profound Heavens Temple only has one entrance?”


Luo Meng was stunned, “There are other entrances?”


Yang Kai shook his head in response, “I don’t know. I just flew over to the nearest entrance I could see, so there might be other entrances in other directions.”


Luo Meng’s face twitched at those words. [If that’s the case, then why are we still laying an ambush here? Forget about the fact that we are wasting our time in vain, we might not even get anything out of this! After all, it is hard to say which side will be left behind and killed even if a Demon Race Half-Saint does enter through this entrance.]


“Jia Long and the others should be coming here too,” Yang Kai and Jia Long’s group had come from the same direction. He only arrived ahead of them by relying on his Space Secret Techniques. It would not take long for Jia Long to lead his group of four here.


Based on the strength of Luo Meng and his companions, they would have lost their advantage and ended up losing the battle too if they had ambushed Jia Long here.


Sure enough, the expressions of Luo Meng and others couldn’t help changing at the mention of Jia Long’s name, “Brother Yang, did you meet Jia Long just now?”


“We fought them not long ago.” Yang Kai nodded. Thinking about the person that had died because of Cang Mo, his eyes darkened considerably. [Cang Mo must not be allowed to leave the Profound Heavens Temple alive!]


“How many of them are there?”




Lup Meng instantly felt a chill running up his spine and secretly rejoiced at his luck. It was fortunate that Yang Kai and the others were the ones to enter just now. If they had encountered Jia Long and his group instead, the consequences would have been dire for them. Jia Long was somebody that even Li Wu Yi was helpless against after all. But to escape unscathed from a four-on-four battle against Jia Long… It seemed that he was still underestimating Yang Kai’s strength.


“In your opinion, Brother Yang, what should we do?” Luo Meng asked.


Yang Kai looked at him and said, “Now that the Illusionary Heavens Furnace has appeared, I’m sure it is somewhere inside the Profound Heavens Temple. It is more important to locate the Illusionary Heavens Furnace first. In any case, we will eventually meet each other again. It will not be too late to fight them when we are competing for the opportunity.”




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