Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3787, Bing Yun in Peril


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The Azure Dragon Spear penetrated the chest of the Blood Demon Half-Saint and fresh blood slid down the shaft of the spear.


The Blood Demon widened his eyes in surprise, clutching at the spear with a death grip. His expression was filled with utter shock. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but only a mouthful of blood spurted out instead.


The crowd was in an uproar… After seeing who the two opponents that would be facing each other were, they knew that this battle would surely end in Yang Kai’s victory; even so, it was still a shockingly powerful visual impact to see him impaling the Blood Demon Half-Saint so easily and effortlessly.


The heavily injured Blood Demon was completely powerless to resist the enraged Yang Kai. Squirming and struggling, he made a gurgling sound in his throat. The Blood Qi in his body churned violently and he held it in for a long time before he shouted furiously, “I refuse to accept this!”


If he were given the chance to have a fair one-on-one battle with Yang Kai, he was certain that he would not have ended up in such a miserable state. Unfortunately, he had already fought Lin Ru Song to the death previously and could barely use 20% of his full strength at the moment. Hence, he didn’t even stand a chance to evade Yang Kai’s lightning-fast attack.


He was well aware of the horror of the Martial Truth and there was already a strange force destroying both his body and mind after he took this spear; thus, his grief and rage finally turned into a fearsome roar.


Meanwhile, the Pseudo-Great Emperors from the Star Boundary were watching this scene in delight. They were thinking about how this Blood Demon had silently provoked Yang Kai while torturing Lin Ru Song to death earlier. They did not expect to see him suffer the consequence of his actions so quickly.


“Even if this King dies, he won’t let you feel any better!” The Blood Demon Half-Saint let out another furious roar as the vitality in his body suddenly began to give off a dangerous aura. His hands swiftly formed a seal and his body rapidly began to swell.


“Yang Kai, watch out!” Bing Yun screamed in horror. Looking at that posture, the Blood Demon seemed to be planning to self-destruct. Even if he was an arrow at the end of its flight, the power of a Half-Saint’s self-destruction would not be insignificant. The slightest carelessness could lead to horrible consequences.


“The final struggles of a dead man!” Yang Kai coldly snorted as the Azure Dragon Spear trembled slightly and a violent force spread out from it. There was a loud blast and the body of the Blood Demon who was impaled on the tip of the spear exploded from the impact and pieces of his corpse scattered all over the place. Before the pieces of the corpse could touch the ground, they had already lost all essence in them and turned into pieces of dried flesh.


No more than 10 breaths had passed since Yang Kai stepped onto the platform. The Blood Demon Half-Saint didn’t even manage to launch a single attack. Even if he was to face a real Demon Saint, he might not have been as powerless as this. He was definitely the fastest Half-Saint to die throughout history.


Yang Kai retrieved his spear and stood straight, he then glanced at the Demon Race Camp coldly and pointed his spear at them, “Who wants to die next!?”


As soon as those words rang out, Yang Yan frowned deeply. She worriedly asked, “He can’t be thinking of using the World’s Will in him to influence the candidate for the next match, right?”


Bing Yun’s expression changed slightly as she nodded, “It’s possible!”


There were no specific rules as to how the two candidates were chosen; therefore, the Pseudo-Great Emperors and Half-Saints in this place could only accept the outcome passively. However, if it was Yang Kai, then what Yang Yan mentioned was plausible. He might actually be able to influence the battle with the World’s Will in his body.


In the second match, the World’s blessing had given him a huge advantage after all. It had practically dropped pie into his lap. If any other Half-Saint had appeared on the battlefield, he would not have had such an effortless victory.


However, Yang Kai’s figure vanished from the life-or-death platform in the next moment and by the time the crowd came back to their senses, he was already standing on the elevated platform of the Star Boundary camp once more.


Yang Kai frowned and let out a sigh. It was just as Yang Yan had guessed. He wanted to use the World’s Will in his body to exert some influence to see if he could remain on the life-or-death platform for the third death match. It was a pity that the results left him feeling disappointed…


His gaze swept across the crowd as he wondered, [Since I’m back, who will be the one to participate in the final battle?]


Everywhere he looked, he saw the Pseudo-Great Emperors wearing solemn expressions.


Out of the corner of his eye, Yang Kai saw a figure disappearing out of sight. He was startled and immediately turned to glance at the life-or-death platform before his pupils instantly shrank.


Next to him, Yang Yan also reached up to cover her red lips in surprise, her beautiful eyes filled with worry.


A pure white figure stood alone at the edge of the life-or-death platform that was closer to the Star Boundary. The only trace of colour on this figure was the blood staining her clothes.


Bing Yun turned her head to look around and smiled softly, “Is it me this time?”


She looked up and glanced forward at the side opposite her. Similarly, a burly figure had appeared there, and when she recognised who it was, a trace of bitterness appeared in her eyes.


“Jia Long!” Yang Kai shouted through gritted teeth, suddenly feeling the impulsive rage to curse out loud.


It was bad enough that Bing Yun was the Star Boundary’s candidate for the third match, but the Demon Race’s candidate just had to be Jia Long! Bing Yun was in great danger!


Jia Long was the strongest among the Demon Race Half-Saints and even Yang Kai had to admit that he would have a hard time if he encountered the former in a fight. The practically infinite Corpse Puppet Army Jia Long commanded was simply beyond annoying, while Jia Long himself was also extremely powerful.


It would not have been so bad if it was just a match to determine a winner as there was always a chance of survival even if there was no way to win. Unfortunately, this was a life-or-death battle that would only end when one party died. According to Yang Kai’s estimation, Bing Yun had less than a 30% chance of winning this fight. There was a high possibility that she was going to die on the life-or-death platform today.


The two of them both came from Heng Luo Star Field, and ever since Yang Kai met Bing Yun in the Solitary Void Sealed World, she had taken very good care of him. Later, she even took Su Yan in as her final Disciple and taught the latter diligently.


[If something happens to Bing Yun in this place… How am I going to explain it to Su Yan and Ji Yao when I return? Am I supposed to tell them that I watched as Jia Long killed her, powerless to interfere!?] Thinking about what might happen to Bing Yun, Yang Kai felt his scalp tingling in fear.


“What do we do!?” Similarly, Yang Yan was panicking. This was a situation she had never foreseen.


Yang Kai gritted his teeth and clenched his fists before suddenly, he ferociously lashed out with his spear. A violent burst of energy swirled, but the barrier of the elevated platform was completely unharmed. His actions only served to startle the others.


At this moment, a battle was taking place on the life-or-death platform, and just as Yang Kai had not given the Blood Demon Half-Saint any chance of reprieve, Jia Long clearly had no intention of giving Bing Yun time to breathe. He immediately unleashed his boundless Corpse Qi the moment he appeared on the platform and flooded the entire life-or-death platform with it.


Bing Yun’s long sword slashed out as Sword Light after Sword Light swept out across her surroundings. An icy aura permeated the air, blocking the spread of the Corpse Qi.


Jia Long grinned and lifted his hand, after which numerous figures emerged from within the Corpse Qi, each one of them emitting a powerful aura.


Bing Yun’s expression turned grim at the sight. Reaching out, she slid her hand down the length of her longsword. Fresh blood flowed and her sword hummed. Then, a whip-like sword wave slashed out. Many Corpse Puppets were cut into two, but they quickly healed under the nourishment of the Corpse Qi, stood back up, and rushed at her without pausing whatsoever.


Meanwhile, Jia Long concealed himself within the Corpse Qi cloud. His figure drifted about erratically as powerful Secret Techniques would fly out at Bing Yun from time to time.


Ice Principles permeated the air and snowflakes fell from the sky. When the snowflakes landed in the Corpse Puppets, they immediately transformed into ice crystals that swiftly spread out to freeze their targets into ice sculptures.


However, there were two Corpse Puppets that were not affected by her attack. These two Corpse Puppets were refined from the corpses of Half-Saints and they were the strongest Corpse Puppets under Jia Long’s control. Each of them seemed to have retained a good deal of their power from when they were still alive and they flanked her from both left and right, providing support for Jia Long and overwhelming her as a result.


Comparatively speaking, Bing Yun had only been a Pseudo-Great Emperor for several years while Jia Long was a veteran Half-Saint from the Demon Realm. He was also the strongest after the Demon Saints, so there was a big gap in their strength from the outset. With the support from his Corpse Puppets, it became a three-against-one battle. How could Bing Yun be a match for him?


No more than a dozen breaths had passed since their battle began and Bing Yun was already panting heavily. In a moment of carelessness, she was struck by Jia Long’s attack and her shoulder immediately rang out with a cracking sound as she was thrown backwards.


Bing Yun and Jia Long were currently stuck in a deathmatch on the life-or-death platform; meanwhile, on the Star Boundary’s viewing platform, Yang Kai was bringing out everything in his arsenal to bombard the barrier. In the beginning, he was the only one, but Yang Yan soon joined him. A short while later, Sheng Yu Zhu stepped in to assist as well. Unfortunately, even the combined strength of these three could do nothing to shake the barrier in any way.


A person standing nearby gave a sigh, “Please stop, you three. This barrier is not something we can destroy. We already tried doing that just now. I’m afraid we won’t be able to leave until somebody dies in this battle.”


Yang Kai ignored those words as his rage was blazing inside his chest and his attacks became increasingly fierce. The rampaging power made many of the Pseudo-Great Emperors involuntarily turn pale.


Bing Yun’s scream rang out again on the life-or-death platform. She had been hit by Jia Long’s Divine Ability again and a hint of green light appeared on her originally pale face. It was obvious that the Corpse Qi had invaded her body.


Yang Kai turned to look only to see Bing Yun fleeing desperately and struggling to persevere. He immediately felt as if his eyes were going to pop. Judging from the situation, Bing Yun would be in mortal danger in less than half a cup of tea’s time. When that time came, all he would be able to do was to collect her corpse.


In his desperation, the wheels in Yang Kai’s head spun swiftly as his thoughts raced. What could he do to save Bing Yun from this crisis?


Leaving aside the fact that the barrier around the viewing platform was so strong that none of them could break it, what could they do even if they did manage to break it? There was another barrier surrounding the life-or-death platform. He could not help Bing Yun turn the situation around unless he could resolve this issue within half a cup of tea’s time.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai seemed to remember something and turned to look at the Illusionary Heavens Furnace.


The Heavenly Source Fruit hanging from the small tree in the Illusionary Heavens Furnace was beating gently like the heart of a living creature. A dazzling brilliance was flowing within, as if it was going to ripen soon.


Back then, the Heavenly Source Fruit experienced a small change when Lin Ru Song died. Further changes occurred to the Heavenly Source Fruit when the Blood Demon Half-Saint died, and at this rate, the Heavenly Source Fruit would ripen as long as one more person died in this place!


[As long as one more person dies… But, that person… does not necessarily have to be Bing Yun!] The moment that thought occurred to Yang Kai, his spirits suddenly lifted. He secretly sent a Divine Sense transmission to Yang Yan and the Demon Qi in his body simultaneously surged fiercely.


Yang Yan, who was casting Secret Techniques to attack the barrier, froze for a brief moment when she heard his transmission and her beautiful eyes immediately lit up as she nodded almost imperceptibly. In the next instant, she spun around abruptly and the three bracelets around her wrist turned into three flaming rings that enveloped a certain person in an instant as she shouted, “Cang Mo sacrificed Feng Wu Liang in order to flee from battle! His actions are beyond despicable and shameless and prove he lacks righteousness! The Heavenly Way will not tolerate it!”


Likewise, Yang Kai turned around sharply as soon as Yang Yan made her move. His Spiritual Energy rolled out like a tsunami as a golden slit of light appeared in his left eye when he met Cang Mo’s gaze. Then, he fiercely thrust out with the Azure Dragon Spear. A small black spot the size of a fist appeared at the tip of the spear, emitting an aura that threatened to devour everything in the world.




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  1. This Great Worlds Will is really stupid. Apparently it is aware enough to open this GE Selection world in a time of need, and it can even help out YK get into a benificial situation, yet it is too stupid to not put the literal strongest of the demons in the one on one, giving the demons a free gift for no reason.

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