Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3793, The Array Breaks but the People Stand


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys




It was only one word, but that word attracted the attention of all the sentient creatures in the Star Boundary. At this moment, countless gazes were involuntarily being drawn upward into the sky. Whether they were Human or Demon, a strange and inexplicable light was reflected in their eyes.


It was especially so for the natives of the Star Boundary. When that word appeared on the Illusionary Heavens Furnace, a sudden thought came to mind almost instinctively, a new Great Emperor was about to rise! This idea came out of nowhere. Nobody knew why they suddenly had such a thought, but everybody was convinced that it was the truth; after all, it was the will of the Heavenly Way…


It was an honour and a joyful occasion to witness the birth of a Great Emperor in one’s life. As such, the morale of the soldiers that had been lagging suddenly soared at this moment!


Xue Li, who had been hiding among the Demon Race army, felt his brow twitching at the sight as he gritted his teeth, “He actually… succeeded…”


He had learned from Jia Long that the Heavenly Source Fruit had fallen into Yang Kai’s hands. Even so, Xue Li had held on to the slight delusional hope that Yang Kai would not succeed. Yang Kai’s cultivation was not high enough, so it might take some time for him to become a Great Emperor even though he was the one who obtained the Heavenly Source Fruit. Or perhaps it might improve his strength tremendously, but he would still be no match for the Demon Saints.


Judging from the current situation, however, the benefits of the Heavenly Source Fruit were limitless indeed. It actually managed to make a High-Rank Demon King advance directly to become a Great Emperor!


The thought only flashed through Xue Li’s mind for a breath before he quickly shouted through gritted teeth, “Relay the order! Take down High Heaven Palace in the shortest possible time at all costs!”


Not only did Yang Kai become a Great Emperor, but he also received the title ‘Void’. Therefore, nobody knew what kind of strength he would have upon his reappearance, let alone when he would show up. What the Demon Race needed to do at this moment was to capture High Heaven Palace as soon as possible and contaminate the last pure land in the Star Boundary. That was the only way for all their plans to come to fruition. At that time, it would be useless even if Yang Kai returned with the strength of a Great Emperor.


After that order was issued, the fierce offensive became even more reckless. High Heaven Palace’s Sect Defending Array flashed wildly as a result. The Grand Array looked as though it was going to collapse at any time. Seeming to be aware of this point, Li Wu Yi quickly issued a command to all the surviving soldiers of the Star Boundary army to hold the line no matter the cost.


From a bird’s eye point of view, the boundless Demon Race army looked like a black tidal wave that crashed against High Heaven Palace over and over again from all directions. Meanwhile, the Star Boundary army stood firm within High Heaven Palace. Countless Secret Techniques and artifacts flashed with brilliant light as they repelled the black tide again and again.


Both sides were so busy fighting to the death that nobody noticed the Illusionary Heavens Furnace in the sky shattering and quickly disappearing into nothing after the ‘Void’ character appeared.


In the southeast corner of High Heaven Palace, the Sixty-First Army worked with five other armies to maintain a defensive perimeter. Yao Si was in charge of the army, commanding and dispatching the troops with a dignified expression. Command after command came out of his mouth and those commands were relayed to the soldiers by his personal guards. He had been fighting for so many consecutive days without any chance to rest at all. His mind was spinning at an extremely fast speed, trying to come up with a plan to defeat their enemies. Unfortunately, all he could do in the face of the Demon Race army’s onslaught was maintain a passive defence with the troops under his command.


“Sir Adjutant, the Grand Array won’t be able to last any longer.” A Monster General from the Flying Hawk Division flew over and informed Yao Si. Excessive exhaustion left him unable to even stand up straight. He was so tired that he nearly collapsed head first to the ground while talking to Yao Si.


The moment those words left his mouth, an ominous creaking sound came from the Grand Array. It was instantly followed by an endless series of cracking sounds. 


Yao Si looked up and his expression changed drastically. Cracks were appearing, one after another, rapidly spreading across the barrier in the southeast corner of High Heaven Palace.


He turned his head and looked around, only to see Hua Qing Si hovering in mid-air. She was holding the Sect Master’s Command Token to control the power of the Earth Veins below High Heaven Palace to replenish and stabilise the Grand Array. However, her complexion was as pale as a sheet and she was clearly on the verge of collapse.


High Heaven Palace’s Sect Defending Array was powerful, but even such an impressive Grand Array could not withstand the continuous assault of the Demon Race army for such a long time. The only reason it had lasted for so long was thanks to the desperate support of the Star Boundary army. Be that as it may, the Grand Array finally gave in.




There was a crashing sound and the Grand Array in the southeast corner shattered. The Demon Race army poured in through that gap like a flood with a resounding roar that shook the Heavens and caused the world to go pale.


Yao Si surged his Emperor Qi and roared in response, “All who defile the Star Boundary will be killed without mercy!!


“Kill!” A roar reverberated through the sky in response. Despite facing the massive Demon Race army surging towards them, none of the soldiers from the Star Boundary backed down. That was because they knew that High Heaven Palace was the last remaining sanctuary for the Human Race. Losing High Heaven Palace was equivalent to losing the entire Star Boundary. There was no place left for them to retreat anymore.


Instead of being corrupted by the Demon Qi and becoming mindless Demons, it was better to die in battle while taking as many enemies with them as possible.


A solemn and stirring Shamanic Chants rang out throughout the Star Boundary army. Following that, numerous Shamanic Spells shone brightly to cover a large swath of the army.  It was as if two torrents of steel were rushing at each other and they soon collided.


Blood splattered and severed limbs flew all over the place. During that moment of confrontation, thousands died. The vast battlefield in the southeast corner was like a huge meat grinder that turned both Humans and Demons into nothing but ground flesh and blood.


Nevertheless, that was only just the beginning. Less than 10 breaths after the Grand Array in the southeast corner collapsed, the Grand Array surrounding the entire High Heaven Palace let out a loud and painful cry accompanied by cracking noises. Immediately after that, the Grand Array began to shatter bit by bit.


An all-out war broke out. The Demon Race army flooded into High Heaven Palace from all directions, stepping onto the Human Race’s last remaining pure land, bringing Demon Qi and Demon Essence with them.


The battles were fought at close quarters and the scene was immensely bloody and cruel. Accordingly, the headquarters of High Heaven Palace, which used to be extremely beautiful in the past, was blackened and defiled.


Many Pseudo-Great Emperors quickly took action to engage the Demon Race Half-Saints in battle, fighting a fierce battle in the sky. Even the two Dragon Clan Elders could not remain silent any longer. They transformed into two 1,000-metre-long Dragons and charged out of High Heaven Peak. Xue Li, Fu Yu, and Huo Bo hastily went forward to meet their charge. They fought a difficult battle against each other even higher up in the sky. The loud rumbling noises of their battle spread far across the Star Boundary.


The ground was the battlefield of those below the Pseudo-Great Emperors and Half-Saints. The High-Rank Demon Kings and Third-Order Emperors were either fighting in groups of three to five or one-on-one. No matter the case, it was a battle where one side was bound to die.


A huge palace was rampaging somewhere on the battlefield. Yang Xiao and Yang Xue, the two Masters of the Flowing Time Temple, stood on the steps of the palace as they joined forces to activate the power of the Infinite Hourglass. The ten-thousand and eight grains of Flowing Time Divine Sand turned into dust that scattered across the sky. Everywhere they went, Time Principles would cover the area and deprive the Demon Race of their perception and vitality.


Elsewhere, Lan Xun held the World Pagoda in her hands as her Emperor Qi surged violently. Every time the World Pagoda flew out, it would capture and trap a large number of the Demons inside of itself. That was not all, however, as a huge prison composed of vines was formed with her as the centre. It enveloped all the Demons that stood within a thousand metres around her. The vines danced agilely inside the cage, transforming into sharp blades that plunged deep into the bodies of the Demons. The vines devoured their Spiritual Essence, which swiftly turned them into mummified skeletons.


Inside the forests, nine Stone Spirits rampaged under the leadership of the Elder. They relied on their intrepid physiques to slam their bodies around, smashing countless Demons to pieces. The Wood Spirit Clan followed beside the Stone Spirits, sticking closely to them with solemn expressions on their small faces.


Among the mountain peaks, four women, Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang, Xue Yue, and Shan Qing Luo, formed a profound Formation that was similar to a sharp blade. They were travelling across the bloody and corpse-filled battlefield, leaving behind a trail of Demon corpses in their wake. The four women were all in the Emperor Realm, and nobody below the Half-Saint Realm could stop their charge when they joined hands. Even a High-Rank Demon King could not last for more than 10 breaths against them. Their performance quickly attracted attention and an ethereal figure made his way across the battlefield, staring at the four of them with ruthless eyes. The corners of his mouth curled into a cruel smile as he approached them silently.


All the Human Race cultivators within 30 metres of him collapsed dead to the ground before they even understood what was going on. It didn’t take long before this figure arrived not far away from the four women and without losing his momentum, he aimed a sneak attack directly at Xia Ning Chang’s neck.


“Hm?” Su Yan frowned, instinctively feeling that something was wrong. She was the strongest among the four women, so her perception was also the most sensitive. The moment she sensed that something was wrong, she lifted the longsword in her hand and turned to face Xia Ning Chang, pointing her sword at her and shouting, “Ning Chang, watch out!”


The Formation of these four women was under Su Yan’s control; thus, Xue Yue and the others couldn’t help but follow suit when she suddenly made a move. There was a sound of metal clashing against metal and a figure seemed to flash and disappear into thin air. Then, several pained cries rang out amidst the rain of sparks. The Formation was broken in an instant and the four women were thrown back into the surrounding area.


They couldn’t even parry one attack from their opponent despite combining their strength through a Formation. Su Yan was suspended in mid-air at the moment, her beautiful eyes looking solemnly in Xia Ning Chang’s direction. Her heart sank when she finally caught sight of the blurred figure behind the sneak attack.


“A Shadow Demon Half-Saint!” Shocked, she urgently yelled, “Ning Chang, dodge!”


Similarly, Xia Ning Chang finally saw what her attacker looked like at this moment. He was a middle-aged man with a sullen face and a hooked nose. His Demon Qi was wrapped all over his body. She had been completely unaware of his presence until he appeared in front of her.


How could she not understand what kind of situation she was in at the moment after hearing Su Yan’s shout? It was just that fighting was not her forte. She had spent most of her time performing Alchemy inside Pill Rooms from the day she started cultivating. Since she had the Sacred Spirit Medicine Body, she practised Alchemy as her cultivation. That was why she had little real combat experience even though her Emperor Qi was extremely pure.


It was the first time in her life that she encountered such danger, but she found that her mind was surprisingly calm. The Shadow Demon Half-Saint standing opposite her was giving her a cruel grin. On the other hand, she raised her hand and flicked out a World Bead.


This was one of the World Beads that Yang Kai initially refined in the Lower Star Field during his experimental phase. It did not have the function of carrying people, but nevertheless, it was something he refined with a lot of hard work. There was no need for her to activate her Emperor Qi, she only needed to throw it out for it to exert an extremely powerful force.


The Shadow Demon Half-Saint facing her coldly snorted and lightly used the dagger in his hand to block the attack. Contrary to his expectations, however, a huge force that almost sent him flying backwards slammed into him from the front.




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    1. But isn’t all of the demon corruption because of Great Demon God? So if he completely dies, than the corruption might be reversed and perhaps even the demons turn back into humans (though probably not)

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    1. And I wonder if Yang Kai will solve the Demon invasion first and then the Great Emperors will no longer be trapped. Or if he will save them first (Yang Kai is a Great Emperor focused on Space force after all and the GE are trapped in a separate world, so he might be able to take them out of there now) and then they will stop the invasion together

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