Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3794, Three Breaths to Kill a Half-Saint


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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This wasn’t strange though. Yang Kai had produced the World Beads by refining large asteroids or even Dead Stars after all. Xia Ning Chang and the others might be able to control these beads without any problems, but the weight of these beads could not be ignored.


It was only natural that the Shadow Demon Half-Saint would suffer slightly because he underestimated this bead. Nevertheless, that was all the effect that it had on him. His figure paused slightly for a moment, and then the dagger in his hand came slashing down at Xia Ning Chang’s head as he let out a cruel laugh, “Die!”


“No!” Su Yan shouted at the top of her lungs


Xia Ning Chang’s vision seemed to freeze at that moment, everything in her surroundings suddenly seemed to be moving at an incredibly slow speed. She could clearly see Su Yan struggling to rush over in time, as well as the Ancestral Ice Phoenix phantom which manifested behind her back, craning its neck upwards as it let out a piercing cry. She saw the horrified and helpless looks on the faces of Xue Yue and Shan Qing Luo, who were knocked to the ground just now. She also saw the cold glint on the blade of the dagger…


An aura of death washed over her and a sharp Qi pierced her neck, causing a sting of pain. In her mind, her entire life seemed to flash before her eyes at a very high speed. Then…


She suddenly saw a stalwart figure appearing in front of her. It was just like what happened in the Great Han Dynasty back then when she went to the unnamed mountain valley with him to collect the Nine Yin Yuan Condensing Dew. That night, that kiss, their chaotic emotions, all of these soon formed into a lifetime of inseparability.


That stalwart figure was like a huge mountain that stood in front of her to protect her from the wind and rain. In that moment, Xia Ning Chang smiled. Despite being surrounded by thousands of enemies, standing in a sea of blood and amidst a mountain of corpses, she couldn’t help feeling a sense of security and warmth when she saw that broad back.




The sound of metal clashing rang out and sparks flew everywhere. The expression on the Shadow Demon Half-Saint’s face changed slightly and he hurriedly retreated.


Yang Kai held the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand, showing no intention of chasing down the enemy. Instead, he simply watched the other party coldly, the chill in his eyes making the other party go cold with fear.


When their eyes met, the Shadow Demon Half-Saint frowned. He could not gauge how great Yang Kai’s strength was as there was absolutely no aura fluctuation coming from the man standing in front of him right now. It was almost as if he was an ordinary mortal who had never cultivated before. This scene greatly confused him; after all, this person could not possibly be an ordinary man. Just moments ago, the Giant Furnace in the sky had flashed with the character ‘Void’. Therefore, this person was most likely an existence on the level of a Great Emperor.


“Little Senior Sister, are you hurt?” Yang Kai turned back to look at Xia Ning Chang only to see a huge smile blooming on her face. She slowly shook her head with a gentle look in her eyes; however, crimson blood flowed out of a bloody cut on her fair and slender neck.


Yang Kai stared at that wound, feeling a trace of lingering fear that made his blood run cold. He had immediately rushed over without any delay the moment he came out of the Profound Heavens Temple and, luckily, he arrived just in time. If he had been a moment later, he would not have been able to see his Little Senior Sister’s sweet smile ever again.


More than fear though, what Yang Kai felt at this moment was anger. He turned back once more to glare at the Shadow Demon Half-Saint with a terribly cold look in his eyes, his murderous intent surging wildly.


The Shadow Demon Half-Saint coldly snorted and did not try to fight Yang Kai. Instead, his figure faded away swiftly, vanishing out of sight as though he had not been there in the first place.


“Naive!” Yang Kai snarled coldly. He didn’t make any movements, but his figure suddenly appeared in front of Xue Yue as he stabbed forward with his spear.


There was a splatting sound, like something being pierced, and immediately after that, a spurt of blood shot out of nowhere before a vague figure quickly became solid. It was the Shadow Demon Half-Saint that vanished out of sight just now. At this moment, he was staring at Yang Kai in shock. Grabbing at the Azure Dragon Spear that was sticking out of his chest, he muttered incredulously, “You…”


He could not believe what was happening. As a Shadow Demon Half-Saint, he was born with the inherent gift for stealth and assassination; therefore, he never imagined that he would be found by the other party so easily, much less receive such a severe injury.


It was precisely because he could not gauge Yang Kai’s strength that he dared to try and attack Xue Yue. He would have a bargaining chip to threaten Yang Kai as long as he succeeded, whether by killing her or capturing her. Unfortunately, that simple spear thrust had shattered all his delusional hopes. He couldn’t even see how the spear came at him before he was impaled by it.


A mysterious force flowed into his body, wreaking havoc and destroying his meridians and causing his heart to sink. How could he not know that it was the effects of that peculiar Martial Truth? Gritting his teeth, the Shadow Demon exerted great strength into his arm while pushing his body backwards at the same time. He forcefully pulled himself off of the Azure Dragon Spear, causing a large amount of blood to gush out in the process.


Not daring to remain in this place for even a moment longer, his figure flashed to escape into the distance. That attack that came out of nowhere had completely broken his fighting spirit; however, before he could do anything, he saw the enormous spear shadow looming over him from above. He paled in shock and hastily used the daggers in his hands to parry the attack.


There was a series of clanging sounds and two figures flitted back and forth within a radius of 100 metres, exchanging blows with each other.


Three breaths later, the fierce battle came to an end.


Su Yan and the others watched the battle with a strange light in their eyes, one that conveyed a mixture of joy and astonishment.


In the meantime, the Azure Dragon Spear pierced through the Shadow Demon’s head. It went in through his forehead and out the back of his skull. His eyes widened in surprise as shock and horror filled his face.


On the other hand, Yang Kai’s expression was calm and indifferent. There was neither joy nor sorrow on his face. With a flick of his spear, the Shadow Demon exploded into a cloud of blood mist.


“Protect yourselves well!” Yang Kai hurriedly shouted to his four wives before his figure flew straight up into the sky. It wasn’t until he was several thousand metres in the air that he stopped abruptly. Placing the Azure Dragon Spear beside him, he swept his gaze over the battlefield below. Sweeping out one hand, he spoke in a soft voice, “I am Void…”


His voice was not loud, but it reverberated across the entire world, his solemn and dignified incantation filling every corner of the Star Boundary. The hand that he held out slowly pressed down as his voice rang out once more, the sound penetrating straight into the hearts of all, “My Dao is the Dao of Space…”


His hand pressed down firmly all of a sudden, “Annihilation!”


Space shuddered and the world rumbled. Countless tiny Void Cracks appeared out of thin air, covering a massive area. The Void Cracks moved about like Spirit Snakes, slithering across the bodies of innumerable Demon Race members.


In the next moment, the Humans who were fighting the Demon Race in a battle to the death were astonished to see their opponents showing looks of extreme shock. Then, the bodies of these Demons exploded with a bang. Pieces of meat and blood splattered everywhere, showering countless people with a rain of blood.


With that one strike, Yang Kai had wiped out millions of soldiers in the Demon Race army, clearing a large swath of the battlefield in an instant. The most shocking thing, however, was that all the Humans standing on that same battlefield were completely unscathed.


The war was far from over, but nevertheless, the never-ending commotion on the battlefield fell into a strange silence at that moment. Everybody was staring at the rain of blood and flesh in front of them, feeling as though they were caught in a dream. They were still desperately fighting their enemies just a moment ago, but that enemy was suddenly destroyed in the blink of an eye…


Standing in the sky, Yang Kai did not stop after the first palm strike. He aimed at another spot and struck again… Millions of Demons died with every palm he released.


For the first time since the beginning of the war between the two worlds until now, both the Human Race and the Demon Race were finally seeing what kind of devastating destruction a Great Emperor could bring to the battlefield.


No Great Emperor or Demon Saint had ever done something like this due to various restraints and unavoidable reasons. Hence, the army’s opponent had always been another army. Even if the war had grown incredibly intense, the top Masters did not allow their battles to affect their respective armies. For that reason, be it the Human Race or the Demon Race, it wasn’t until today that they witnessed the horrifying power of a Great Emperor recognised by the Heavenly Way with their own eyes.


Xue Li stood in the sky, glaring so hard that his eyes felt like they were going to burst. Even though he was engaged in battle with the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan, he could still perceive the movements of the battlefield below him clearly. Thus, he noticed Yang Kai’s presence the moment the latter appeared. The last bit of hope in his heart disappeared without a trace when Yang Kai killed a Shadow Demon Half-Saint within three breaths.


The little brat that he used to scorn, the one who could only cower or flee before him in the past… At this moment, that little brat had obtained the strength of a Great Emperor and now stood shoulder-to-shoulder with him! After all, only a Great Emperor could kill a Shadow Demon Half-Saint so quickly and effortlessly!


The next action Yang Kai took left Xue Li fuming in even greater rage. In just ten breaths, tens of millions of the Demon Race army had been obliterated! Such a huge loss was not something he could accept. The plan that was only one step away from completion ended up being derailed due to the appearance of this bastard boy. An immense rage lingered in Xue Li’s head, making him go berserk.


“You want to go save those Demons of yours? You’ll have to ask this Old Master’s permission first!” Zhu Yan gave a furious roar as a massive Dragon Tail came sweeping over. Even Xue Li did not dare to take such an attack head-on, so he had no choice but to dodge aside.


Zhu Yan, who had been despairing previously, suddenly had the urge to throw back his head and laugh out loud; after all, anybody who finally found a glimmer of hope in a desperate situation would not be able to suppress the relief in their hearts.


The three Demon Saints were being tied down by Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun, and judging by Yang Kai’s performance just now, he was an invincible existence as long as these three did not make a move. It would take no more than an hour before he wiped out all the entire Demon Race army below. At that time, who would be the one to cry and who would be the one to laugh?


Xue Li gnashed his teeth, “Did you think that he can do whatever he wants just because he became a Great Emperor!? Old dog, have you gone senile!?”


There was a hidden truth behind those words and Zhu Yan was temporarily stunned when he heard them. However, he abruptly sensed the presence of another Great Emperor’s aura appearing out of thin air before he could figure out the meaning behind those words. Turning pale from shock, he hurriedly turned towards Yang Kai’s direction and shouted, “Watch out!”


“I’ve been waiting for you!” On the contrary, Yang Kai was not surprised; rather, it would seem that he had already anticipated this turn of events. Lifting the Azure Dragon Spear, he swept it out horizontally.


A violent force swept through the air as it felt like this attack was powered by the World’s Will itself. A figure was forcibly revealed as a result, one that glared at Yang Kai with a solemn expression.


Yang Kai held his spear in one hand, using it to point in a certain direction. He was staring deeply at the person who just arrived, his eyes flashing with indescribable hatred and disgust as he roared dangerously, “Can Ye!”


The figure standing in front of him was wrapped in black Qi and even with Yang Kai’s Divine Sense, he could not make out the other party’s true appearance. Nevertheless, that figure was exuding the unique aura of a Great Emperor, so who else could it be but Night Shadow Great Emperor, Can Ye?




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