Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3795, Battle Between Great Emperors


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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When the Profound Heavens Temple opened back then, many of the Demon Race Half-Saints had gotten a lot of information about the Grand Dao battle from Can Ye. That undoubtedly meant that Can Ye was somewhere in Star Boundary. It was just that nobody knew where he was hiding to treat his wounds.


How could Yang Kai not take precautions against Can Ye when he was aware of this?


Can Ye had used himself as a bridge to connect the two worlds and forcibly open the two worlds’ passage. During that incident, Can Ye was badly injured by the Iron Blood Great Emperor, Zhan Wu Hen. He disappeared off the grid afterward, seeming to have gone into retreat to recuperate from his injuries.


Now that the war between the two worlds had reached the most critical moment, it was impossible for him to remain by the sidelines, regardless of his intentions. Sure enough; the Night Shadow Great Emperor, who had been hiding in the shadows all this while, finally showed himself once Yang Kai returned from the Profound Heavens Temple with the might of a Great Emperor.


The black fog covered Can Ye’s face so his true appearance could not be seen. Even so, Yang Kai could clearly perceive a pair of eyes examining him intently from within the black fog.


“Hmm? You are not a Great Emperor yet,” A sonorous voice came from the opposite side. It sounded like gold and iron rubbing against each other, causing extreme discomfort to the people listening to that voice.


“The Heavenly Way recognised me. That makes me a Great Emperor!” Yang Kai replied calmly.


Can Ye shook his head slowly, “This world is on its dying breath; don’t rely on it too much. You are not yet a Great Emperor.”


Yang Kai grinned. “So what? I’ve always liked the challenge of fighting with people stronger than me. Most of the time, things end badly for my enemies. Besides… how much strength can you bring out?”


Although their confrontation had only lasted a moment, he managed to get a keen grasp on Can Ye’s current condition. Can Ye had yet to recover from his injuries! His injuries were caused by Zhan Wu Hen after all. At their level of strength, it would take them more than three or five years to completely heal from any injury that they received. Although he had been in retreat for the past few years to concentrate on healing, the time was still too short for him to completely recover from his injuries. If Yang Kai had not shown up, he would most likely not have rushed out either. It was only because of Yang Kai’s appearance that he was forced to step forward to stop Yang Kai.


“Useless dying struggles!” Can Ye looked down at the battlefield below. “The two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan won’t be able to extricate themselves from their battles. Even if you received the recognition of the Heavenly Way, you will inevitably be too busy and distracted to do anything if I were to get in your way. Without your help, High Heaven Palace will surely fall within an hour. There will be no place left for you in this vast world once that happens!”


Yang Kai lowered his head slightly. “It looks like I have to kill you within an hour!”


“You can try!” The moment the last word rang out, Can Ye suddenly lifted his hand. A 3-metre-long curved sword appeared in his hand and slashed forward.


On the other hand, Yang Kai moved in a bizarre manner. The Azure Dragon Spear came stabbing straight at Can Ye. There was a large black ball on the tip on the spear, which exuded an aura that could destroy the world.


The curved sword slashed down on the black ball, causing the black ball to collapse in on itself and vanish without a trace. However, Can Ye felt a shock going through his body and was involuntarily sent flying backwards as a result. This blow even caused the black fog that had been covering his face to scatter, revealing a pair of extremely surprised eyes.


In their second confrontation, he actually turned out to be slightly disadvantaged!


Even though he was severely wounded and unable to use his full strength at the moment, Yang Kai’s strength still shocked him. His perception indicated that Yang Kai was nowhere near the Realm of a Great Emperor. It was only because this world was on its last legs that Yang Kai was awarded the title of a Great Emperor and given some of the abilities of a Great Emperor. Who could have known that he could actually bring out the power that a Great Emperor should have?


The scattered black fog immediately condensed back together again to cover Can Ye’s strange expression. At the same time, his figure quickly faded from sight.


Yang Kai reached out and swept a hand at Can Ye. He shouted, “In the name of Void, I command you to seal the world! Seal!”


*Clang. Clang. Clang…* A series of peculiar noises rang out from within the Void. At this moment, the invisible and intangible power of the Void could be seen with the naked eye. It was as though transparent chains were spreading around the surroundings with Yang Kai as the centre.


In the blink of an eye, those transparent chains completely sealed off the world within a ten-thousand-kilometre radius and transformed the area into an enormous cage.


Can Ye’s figure slowly emerged from a corner of the cage. Like a Ghost, he hovered quietly in mid-air without saying a word.


Yang Kai pointed his spear forward and shouted, “Can Ye! Today, only one person will be left standing!”


When those words left his mouth, numerous Void Cracks appeared inside this enormous cage. The entire space inside the cage collapsed, leaving only the space surrounding Can Ye untouched.


Can Ye became furious and roared, “Are you crazy!?”


He could sense determination coming from Yang Kai’s tone. In other words, Yang Kai was not trying to scare him. The latter really intended to fight him to the death, here and now!


That was simply unreasonable. At their level of strength, trying to decide on a winner in a one-on-one death match was extremely difficult. More so since Can Ye himself was also one of the Great Emperors who had received the world’s recognition. In any case, even if this world was completely eroded by the Demon Qi, Yang Kai would most likely be safe with his current strength. Therefore, Can Ye could not understand why Yang Kai was doing this. 


“I won’t survive if I’m not a little reckless!” Yang Kai looked at Can Ye coldly. “Enough nonsense. Just die.”


Stretching his hand toward Can Ye, he tightened his fist fiercely. The countless Void Cracks in the cage suddenly shot toward Can Ye like a bunch of snakes darting out of their hiding holes.


Can Ye slashed down with his curved sword. The attack brimming with the world’s might seemed ordinary, but it worked in extremely mysterious ways. His body seemed to become motionless, like one of the reefs in the sea. Then, the Void Cracks just slid past him and left him completely unscathed.


Simultaneously, Yang Kai gripped his spear and charged forward. He sprayed the Azure Dragon Spear with a mouthful of his Blood Essence before he arrived in front of Can Ye. Following that, two high-pitched dragon roars sounded at almost the same time. A brilliantly dazzling Golden Divine Dragon Source flashed and disappeared. The Azure Dragon Spear also turned into a huge Azure Dragon, which swung its claws and bared its fangs at Can Ye.


The ancient aura seemed to pull Can Ye into a very distant era, causing a shock to his mind. His expression changed slightly. Then, he split into countless figures with a gentle sway of his body. Each figure was identical to himself. Even the aura emitting from them was flawless. Following that, an uncountable number of Can Ye replicas swung the curved swords in their hands, shouting, “Shadow Flash Strike!”


Countless Blade Lights flashed through the air. A Big Dragon roared; the Azure Dragon illusory phantom shattered and reformed into the Azure Dragon Spear to cut down Blade Light after Blade Light.


An incessant noise of metal against metal rang out. The Void collapsed and the world turned upside-down. If not for the cage laid out by Yang Kai in the beginning, the confrontation between the two Great Emperors would have caused great destruction to the world for hundreds of thousands of kilometres.


Yang Kai was also the only person who could set up a sealed cage like this. His Dao was the Dao of Space, so he had a unique advantage in this area. It was impossible for any other Great Emperor to pull off something of this scale.


The aftermath of their confrontation went unchecked inside the sealed cage. Thus, the world inside the cage was completely broken and filled with chaos.


Meanwhile, the two opposing armies below had stopped fighting and looked up to watch this battle instead. Similarly, many Half-Saints and Pseudo-Great Emperors distanced themselves from each other to observe quietly. Everybody knew that the battle between Yang Kai and Can Ye would affect the survival of Star Boundary.


Although the battle between the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan, Xue Li, and the others was also of great importance, those five had clashed against each other on many occasions. More importantly, they were always evenly matched. Neither side could do anything to the other; it was probably the same case this time as well.


Therefore, only Yang Kai’s battle could give them a ray of hope.


Be that as it may, nobody could figure out the situation on the battlefield despite paying close attention to the battle. All they could see inside the World Cage were violent bursts of power raging across the battlefield, chaotic aura permeating the entire space, and occasionally, two figures appearing and disappearing in a flash. They couldn’t even get a clear glimpse of the figures; how could they tell who was winning and who was losing?


“Supreme Commander, how is the situation?” One of the Army Commanders quietly sneaked over to Li Wu Yi’s side and asked in a quiet voice.


If there was anybody among the Pseudo-Great Emperors in Star Boundary who could get a clear handle on the situation of the battle, then it could only be Li Wu Yi. Nobody else had the qualifications.


Unexpectedly, Li Wu Yi smiled wryly and shook his head. “I can’t tell…”


The Army Commander was dumbfounded. [If even Li Wu Yi can’t tell, then doesn’t that mean that Yang Kai has really reached the Realm of a Great Emperor? It is impossible for a Pseudo-Great Emperor to speculate on a battle between Great Emperors after all.]


The moment that thought crossed his mind, he felt refreshed all of a sudden.


*Boom.* An explosion rang out from within the enormous cage. The two figures that had been fiercely entangled in battle all this time finally separated within the chaotic world.


A burst of exclamations came from all over the world. Many Pseudo-Great Emperors could see that Yang Kai’s complexion was pale and a trace of blood was trickling from the corners of his mouth. It would seem that he had been injured.


Even so, Yang Kai was laughing. His calm voice rang out across the world. “The Night Shadow Great Emperor is nothing special after all!”


Everybody in Star Boundary was shocked by those words. They turned to look at Can Ye and couldn’t help gaping in surprise. That was because the black fog that had been covering Can Ye’s face had disappeared to reveal an extremely ordinary face. It was a face with no unusual features or characteristics. If he was thrown into the middle of a crowd, nobody would even look twice at him. It was the face of a man in his forties.


[Is that the true appearance of the Night Shadow Great Emperor?] Nobody had ever seen what the Night Shadow Great Emperor looked like. Even the other Great Emperors had never seen his face before. They didn’t even know whether he was a man or a woman. It wasn’t until this moment, under the gazes of the entire Star Boundary army, that his appearance became known to the world.


*Chi…* A sound rang out, making Can Ye look down. His eyes narrowed slightly at the sight. There was a 30-centimetre-long wound stretching across his waist and abdomen. A peculiar force was flourishing in the wound, like maggots on rotting bones. It made him feel very uneasy.


The result of the brief and desperate confrontation between them was a lose-lose situation for both parties.


Can Ye coldly snorted. Mobilising the power in his body, he suppressed and sealed the Martial Truth that was eroding away at his body. The Martial Truth was extremely troublesome. Moreover, it was difficult to remove even for a Great Emperor like him. How could he have the time to resolve this issue calmly when Yang Kai was breathing down his neck? All he could do at the moment was suppress the wound to prevent it from worsening.


After Can Ye finished doing that, Yang Kai solemnly said, “This is the end of my warm-up session. Can Ye, this day next year will be the anniversary of your death!”


“What a crazy Junior!” A hint of rage appeared on Can Ye’s face. He was obviously annoyed by Yang Kai’s shameless boasting.


“You’ll know whether I’m crazy or not after you take a hit from my spear!” Yang Kai shouted. He moved forward and his spear shot out like a Dragon, ignoring the barriers of space.




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