Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3798, He Appears


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


From the back of the crowd, a red-eyed Lan Xun walked over and gave an elegant bow, “Many thanks, Senior Void, for avenging my Father. Star Soul Palace is extremely grateful for your deeds.”


Yang Kai smiled bitterly again, “You give me too much credit, Junior Sister Lan. My achievements today are thanks to the grace I received from Senior Bright Moon. How could I dare to not do my best?”


Lan Xun nearly burst into tears once more when she heard him calling her ‘Junior Sister Lan’ as before, “Senior Brother, if you ever need help in the future, Star Soul Palace will never refuse your requests.”


A trace of sorrow and helplessness flashed through the eyes of Xiao Chen, who was following closely behind her.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai took a deep breath, “We can talk about the future when the future comes. For now, we need to survive the crisis before us.”


While he was speaking, his thoughts flashed. All who were present in this place felt their vision blurring for a moment but before they could figure out what was going on, they found themselves on a mountain peak all of a sudden. Looking around, they realised that this was High Heaven Peak.


They couldn’t help feeling stunned. Just moments ago, they had been standing on the battlefield several hundred kilometres away from High Heaven Palace. For them to turn up in this place without warning was undoubtedly Yang Kai’s doing; however, when they thought back to the fact that he was now a Great Emperor, they felt a sense of relief. Only a Great Emperor could have pulled off a feat like this.


As far as the eye could see, the entire High Heaven Palace was in a state of dilapidation and disarray. The Sect Defending Array of High Heaven Palace had been broken under the fierce attack of the Demon Race. As a result, the Demon Race army had poured in from all directions. The soldiers of the Star Boundary had fought to the death on this last remaining piece of pure land; thus, both sides had suffered heavy casualties.


At this moment, there were countless corpses belonging to both the Demon Race and Human Race piling up high all over High Heaven Palace. What used to be a beautiful place with magnificent scenery was now a scene from Hell instead.


The Demon Land had already expanded to just beyond the borders of High Heaven Palace. In addition, High Heaven Palace was also filled with Demon Qi at the moment. If it was just left alone like that, then it would not take long before the last remaining piece of pure land disappeared from the face of the world. If that happened, there would be no place left for the Human Race in the Star Boundary.


Under everybody’s gaze, Yang Kai slowly floated into the air with a solemn expression. An invisible Dao aura flowed out, causing many people to experience the sudden urge to worship him. Countless people couldn’t help losing focus for a moment.




A silent shock rang out from deep within Yang Kai’s heart. His hands seemed to dance in a flurry of movements as he formed seal after seal. The seals were so peculiar that nobody could understand what they were for, but with the changing of the seals, Qi waves that were visible to the naked eye began to spread outward like ripples centred around Yang Kai.


Everybody else couldn’t help widening their eyes and glancing around their surroundings in astonishment. Wherever those ripples passed, the Demon Qi scattered within High Heaven Palace was repelled and pushed out.


In the beginning, the frequency and speed of the ripples were not high; however, as time went by, the ripples continued to expand. They soon spread out to the entire High Heaven Palace before continuing to expand outwards.


A low and solemn voice resounded throughout the world, “In the name of Void, let the world be bright and peaceful again! Retreat!”




The Qi waves exploded and a circle of incomparably condensed light surged from under Yang Kai’s feet, expanding in all directions. Everywhere the light covered, the Demon Essence disappeared and the Demon Land vanished to reveal the original appearance of the world. Even the haze that shrouded High Heaven Palace all this while was unable to withstand the baptism of this World Strength.


Following that, a huge hole appeared in the sky and dazzling sunlight that shone in through the gap gave off the illusion of arriving in another world altogether. As the hole in the sky rapidly expanded outward, the Demon Land on the ground continuously shrank backwards…


*Hong hong hong…* Wave after wave of the light constantly burst forth with a unique frequency.


Li Wu Yi’s expression froze for a moment, seemingly as though an idea had struck him. With a flash of his figure, he vanished from the spot in an instant, returning only a short while later with a look of excitement on his face.


“Supreme Commander, what did you find?” Bing Yun asked quietly.


He responded excitedly, “The area of the pure land is expanding!”


“Really!?” Zhu Yan asked in surprise.


“I saw it with my own eyes!”


As soon as those words rang out, the crowd became excited. They had guessed as much after watching Yang Kai’s actions in addition to the changes that were taking place in High Heaven Palace. Even so, it wasn’t until Li Wu Yi personally verified the truth that they became certain.


The range of the pure land was expanding, which meant that the range of motion of the Star Boundary army would increase. In the future, there was no need to remain stuck inside High Heaven Palace anymore. They would no longer be in such a passive situation! After years of oppression, was it finally time for them to start counterattacking!?


The Demon Race had set up a Grand Array to erode the Star Boundary with boundless Demon Essence. They also trapped many Great Emperors of the Star Boundary so that nobody could contend against them. While the two Elders of the Dragon Clan had power that could rival the Great Emperors, they were not true Great Emperors. The husband and wife might be able to fend off the three Demon Saints by working together, but there was nothing they could do against the Demon Essence eroding away at the World.


On the contrary, Yang Kai was different. Not only did he have the World’s Will, but he was also recognized by the world. He was currently the only Great Emperor in the entire Star Boundary. In other words, he was the only representative of the World present at this moment. It was only natural that he could borrow the World Strength to safeguard the interests of this World. That was something only a Great Emperor could do. It did not matter how strong the Dragon Clan Elders were as even the cleverest woman could not cook a meal without rice.


The waves of light continued to spread outward, and everywhere the light passed, the Demon Essence disappeared to become pure land again!


Li Wu Yi frowned slightly though and continued, “But… after being eroded, the world seems a little different from before.”


Although Yang Kai was currently using World Strength to force the Demon Essence back and expand the pure land, Li Wu Yi keenly discovered that something was different about the places that were once corrupted by Demon Land.


“What kind of difference?” Everybody asked.


Li Wu Yi shook his head, “I can’t put my finger on it.”


It wasn’t as simple as a loss of vitality. It seemed to be more serious than that.


“The Auspicious Spirit Essence has been lost. It’s only natural that there will be differences.” Yang Kai kept his hands moving, but he sighed softly and explained. When Mo Sheng told him about the Auspicious Spirit Essence, he had not quite understood what it was. But, at this moment, how could he not understand?


If the World was alive, then its Auspicious Spirit Essence was the Spiritual Essence of the World! The expansion of the Demon Essence was not just about turning the lands of the Star Boundary into a Demon Land, it was also to devour the Auspicious Spirit Essence of this world.


Although he could now use World Strength to expel the Demon Essence and reduce the range of Demon land, Yang Kai could not bring back what was already lost.


The range of the pure land expanded to a thousand kilometres, ten thousand kilometres, a hundred thousand kilometres, a million kilometres… It did not take more than a quarter hour for the Demon Essence in a radius of over a million kilometres from High Heaven Palace to be cleared away!


A sudden rumbling sound rang out across the world at that moment. Immediately after that, an ethereal aura suddenly rose from the east. The aura was not particularly strong, but it made everybody’s heart skip a beat with an overwhelming sense of unease.


“It’s about time…” Yang Kai took a deep breath, looked east, and suddenly burst into a shout, “Mo Sheng, scram out of the Star Boundary! Otherwise, this King will bury you in this place forever!”


As soon as the name ‘Mo Sheng’ came out, the expressions of Li Wu Yi and the two Dragon Clan Elders changed greatly. They hurriedly followed Yang Kai’s gaze and looked in that direction. Having heard the name from Yang Kai before, they were aware of what it meant.


It was the Great Demon God of the Demon Realm. The reason why the Demon Realm became the Demon Realm was also related to this person. When Yang Kai returned from the Demon Realm previously, he told them about his encounter with Mo Sheng’s Soul Clone so that they could take precautions against him.


It was just that the war between the two worlds had gone on for so long, but they had seen neither hide nor hair of the so-called Great Demon God. Only the disappearance of the Great Emperors seemed related to this matter; therefore, nobody could have imagined that this person would reveal himself at the most critical moment when the Star Boundary was finally about to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


On second thought, however, it was not that strange either. According to the information Yang Kai brought back last time, Mo Sheng had been trying to devour the Star Boundary’s Auspicious Spirit Essence in order to recover from his wounds; however, things had fallen short right at the very last moment. Even the Demon Essence and the Demon Land that had been eroding away at the Star Boundary were about to be purged by Yang Kai, so how could Mo Sheng bear to hold himself back at this moment? Whether he was willing to or not, he had no choice but to reveal himself now.


Be that as it may… That person was a terrifying existence that once killed Flowing Time Great Emperor. He was also a mysterious Master who came from the Outer Universe. Even if he had yet to recover from his injuries, he was not somebody they dared to underestimate.


Aside from Li Wu Yi and the two Elders of the Dragon Clan, the others did not know the connotation behind the name ‘Mo Sheng’ that came out of Yang Kai’s mouth, but they soon came to understand…


All the Demon Qi in the Star Boundary were converging towards the east. Then, a gigantic figure slowly emerged from that land at a rate that was visible to the naked eye. That figure towered up into the sky, even though his feet were on the ground. Demon Qi around his body churned and rolled. Furthermore, the strange aura from before was clearly coming from this figure. It was unlike the weak aura at the beginning. The aura was quickly becoming extremely terrifying. As the Demon Qi from the whole of the Star Boundary poured into him, an overwhelming power seemed to descend from the sky.


Even though the huge figure was still very far away, he gave off a sense that his strength was absolutely unparalleled. It could even be said that it was impossible to even think about being hostile towards him.


Everybody turned pale in horror. The two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan also had extremely solemn expressions on their faces. They were horrified to discover that just from aura alone, the huge black figure was stronger and more terrifying than any Great Emperor in existence.


The huge figure let out a loud roar and thunder boomed in response. Afterwards, a huge face emerged from where the head of the figure should be. Other people might not be able to recognise this face, but how could Yang Kai not recognise it? It was the same appearance as the Mo Sheng that he had met previously. It was just that this figure before him was the true body of Great Demon God. The one he killed on the ancient battlefield in the Small Sealed World back then had been nothing but a Soul Clone.


“We meet again,” The mouth on that huge face wriggled with movement. It was followed by a deafening voice. While speaking, the expression on that face even formed into a sort of half-smile.


“Get out of the Star Boundary!” Yang Kai glared at the huge pair of pupils coldly, a burning sensation in his eyes. There was no denying that the Demon Eye of Annihilation and the Purgatory Black Eye he obtained from Great Demon God were being affected due to the appearance of Great Demon God’s true body.


“You are powerful indeed. I can’t believe you reached such heights in such a short time. Even this King has not seen many people with your level of aptitude. How is it? Isn’t the scenery here wonderful?” Mo Sheng responded as if talking to himself, seeming to take no notice of Yang Kai’s hostility towards him.


“It doesn’t matter what the scenery is like in this place. It has nothing to do with you. If you leave the Star Boundary quietly, this King will not blame you for what happened in the past, but, if you continue being unrepentant, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”


“Hahahaha…” Mo Sheng laughed, his giant face full of joy, as though he had just heard an extremely pleasant joke. At the same time, the sound of his laughter brought about changes within the Star Boundary.


Silavin: Original title – The Demon God Appears




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  1. Sigh nothing is good for long so I knew this guy was coming. There’s no way YK can fight this guy. It’s about time for heavens devourer and bustling world to help, not to mention the chick stuck in that place with Xiao xiao.

    1. From my understanding, the demon Qi of the demon realm came from Mo Sheng (‘s real body), which his actual soul (and not soul clone) used now to form a body, probably similar to how YK formed a dragon when he fought against Mo Sheng in the sealed world bead

  2. I honestly wonder just how many demons are still left in the demon army. I mean everyone in the demon realm is dead, at best the demon army 100,000,000 people so why does it still feel like they have endless numbers on their side. I guess it is true that they made use of demonised humans as well. Which is just evil. Its possible Yang kai could jave purified those people. But now they were forced to kill them. Oh well, now that the great demon god appeared we should be approaching the climax. I wonder if zhang ruo xi and wu kuang will finally appear. Especially since the great demon god appeared from the east. Also people keep asking for the black dog, but I think the author might have decided to retcon it. Back when we heard the origin story of the abyssal returner we learned that back when the demons fought against the abyssal returner there weren’t any demon gods, only demon saints, and after a hard fought battle that ended up nearly destroying the world, one of the demon saints became the demon god. This clearly contradicts mo shengs backstory, according to him he came from the outer universe and before he came to the demon realm, it wasn’t even the demon realm. And what broke the demon realm wasn’t the fight against the abyssal returner, it was the fight against flowing time great emperor. I guess the author had something in mind for the black dog, but he decided to backpedal on it, and he changed the backstory of the demon realm. Unless the demon realm that the black dog and the demons those demons from the revolving world descended from is different demon realm from the one that is currently invading the star boundary. Think its very unlikely, but I guess it’s possible.

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