Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3799, It’s You!? No, It’s Not You!


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


When Mo Sheng’s laughter stopped, the Demon Qi that filled the sky condensed abruptly in response. It made the huge figure seem considerably more solid than before, “This King has truly never met anyone who dared to speak such arrogant words in front of me before.”


Yang Kai coldly replied, “It’s not too late for you to meet one now.”


Mo Sheng chuckled softly. His huge eyes looked Yang Kai up and down from thousands of kilometres away. Then, he gently nodded, “Not bad. Yang Kai, I advise you to stop opposing this King if you want to live; otherwise, you will regret it for the rest of your life.”


“Shameless boasting!” Yang Kai coldly snorted, “I would be no match for you if you were at your peak, but… How much power can you even bring out right now?”


Mo Sheng seemed a little exasperated as he earnestly said, “Do not be so stubborn!”


“Enough nonsense! If you refuse to leave, then you can stay here forever!” When Yang Kai let out a furious roar, he shoved his hands out in front of him as if he was pushing an invisible door open.


Following his actions, the pure land that had already expanded across several million kilometres suddenly expanded outward with a burst of speed. The pure land more than doubled in an instant. Moreover, it happened so quickly that the entire Star Boundary seemed like it would be restored to normal in one go.


“Foolishness!” Mo Sheng shook his head slowly, a hint of anger appearing on his huge face. He simultaneously lost interest in communicating with Yang Kai. Raising his two enormous palms, he gently pressed them together.


The expansion of the pure land came to an abrupt halt and even Yang Kai couldn’t help groaning. He gritted his teeth and desperately urged the World Strength to advance. As the one and only Great Emperor present in this world, he could clearly sense that his actions were being suppressed instantly by Mo Sheng’s casual move. The newly expanded pure land was even showing signs of being pushed back again.


Yang Kai was horrified, [Is this the power of the Great Demon God!?]


The huge figure in front of him was nothing more than the agglomeration of Demon Qi, not the true body of the Great Demon God at all. In other words, it was unable to exert the full strength of the Great Demon God.


[If a transient figure formed from a mass of Demon Qi is already capable of so much, then how overwhelming was Great Demon God at his peak!? What about Flowing Time Great Emperor who managed to destroy Great Demon God’s physical body!? How unfathomable was he!? Not to mention, there was also the person who injured Great Demon God in the first place…]


All kinds of thoughts flashed through Yang Kai’s mind as he grit his teeth and shouted, “Open!”


A current gushed out, formed from Yang Kai’s own Dao, supported by the World’s Will. The only remaining Great Emperor in the Star Boundary and Great Demon God clashed against each other with the world as their battlefield.


Nobody could make out the details of this battle; however, as time passed, numerous large Void Cracks began to appear in the sky. The whole world seemed to be overwhelmed by the battle and was teetering on the brink of collapse.


Everyone turned pale at the sight… A battle on this level had already surpassed the desperate struggle between Yang Kai and Can Ye previously. It had reached a level that the others simply could not comprehend what was happening. Although the fight between Yang Kai and Can Ye earlier had been very fierce, they at least could tell what was going on and understand the overall situation.


On the other hand, this battle was a fierce struggle between two evenly matched opponents on a level beyond their ability to comprehend. Nobody knew what was going on, so it was only natural that nobody could tell who was the stronger of the two. Nevertheless, they could tell from the expression on Yang Kai’s face that he was definitely under unimaginable pressure.


With the passage of time, more and more cracks appeared in the Void like strips of pitch-black giant pythons that roamed the world. It was a sight that caused great fear and unease among the people.


The Demon Land began to make a comeback, causing all of Yang Kai’s previous efforts to come to nothing.


An hour later, everybody watched as the Demon Qi that had dissipated earlier gathered together again and pressed towards High Heaven Palace little by little.


Yang Kai’s body trembled violently. From time to time, an explosion could be heard from his body and a cloud of blood mist would erupt at the same time. His complexion was also as pale as a sheet.


Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun glanced at each and saw the intent in the other’s eyes. The husband and wife did not have to speak to understand one another as their hearts were connected together; thus, they soared into the sky, turned into two giant Dragons, and rushed towards the east.


They did not know if they would return from this battle, but there was no time for them to worry about such things. Yang Kai might have the power of a Great Emperor, but he had only just become one. In addition, his battle against Can Ye earlier had used up a lot of his strength. Fighting the Great Demon God on his own now would surely put him at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, his strength was lacking, and the only people who could help him at this time were Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun. Even though it was against all common sense in the world, the two Elders took the initiative to attack with the resolve that they might not return alive!


Two Dragons roared and an Azure and White Dragon wrapped around each other, their spirits in perfect harmony with each other. A huge force rushed out as their strength was mutually enhanced. However, three figures came up to them before they could approach the Great Demon God’s body of Demon Qi. It was Xue Li and the other Demon Saints who had retreated earlier.


Both sides had been rivals for so long, so there was no exchange of words when they met, they simply immediately broke out in violence. This battle was different from all their battles in the past, however. Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun knew that they were in an extremely time-critical situation so they had no time to be held up by Xue Li and the others, that was why they immediately fought as if their lives depended on it.


Shocked by their aggression, Xue Li and the others instantly fell into a disadvantageous position. Even so, the efforts of the husband and wife were in vain; they were unable to get past the blockade formed by Xue Li and the others.


“The Star Boundary’s fate will be decided today! Brothers, Sisters, we must fight! With me!” Li Wu Yi shouted and rushed into the distance.


The two Elders of the Dragon Clan were being restrained, so the only ones who could lend a hand in battle were the Pseudo-Great Emperors. Even if they were nothing more than ants trying to shake a tree, they were determined to rip off a piece of their enemy’s flesh before they died. The tragic atmosphere was filled with a sense of unity and solidarity. At this moment, all the powerhouses in the Star Boundary were tied together by a single purpose in the face of this crisis.


Following closely behind Li Wu Yi, all the Pseudo-Great Emperors who still had the power to fight set off together. None of them stayed behind. Even Yang Xiao and Yang Xue followed at their heels with the Flowing Time Temple. 


Naturally, what greeted them was the many Demon Race Half-Saints!


Thus, the war resumed. Less than half a day had passed since their last desperate battle and now small groups confronted each other fiercely above the sky as everyone was occupied by their respective battles.


“It seems you’re not so great after all!” Yang Kai stared at Mo Sheng deeply, the corners of his mouth raising slightly into a grin.


If Mo Sheng had strength to spare, he would not have commanded the Demon Race Masters to take part in the battle. He was perfectly capable of killing the Pseudo-Great Emperors from the Star Boundary on the spot with his strength. Nevertheless, the reality was that the Half-Saints were the ones to face the Pseudo-Great Emperors from the Star Boundary who were rushing in this direction. That undoubtedly indicated that Mo Sheng did not have any spare capacity to take care of them himself. 


Naturally, that could also be related to his injuries. The reason the Demon Race invaded the Star Boundary was so that Mo Sheng could devour the Star Boundary’s Auspicious Spirit Essence and heal himself after all. On that note, his injuries were most likely not healed yet since the Star Boundary was still safe. What’s more, the current him only had a body that was formed from the agglomeration of Demon Qi. It was not a true flesh and blood body at all!


“It’s more than enough to deal with you…” Mo Sheng smiled indifferently, unmoved by Yang Kai’s taunt.




The world continued to hum and shudder endlessly. Every corner of the Star Boundary felt like it was going to shatter and the boundaries of the pure land were constantly being suppressed while the Demon Land steadily advanced.


Yang Kai grit his teeth as blood leaked out from the corners of his lips. Although he was forcing himself to remain standing in the sky, he was actually on the verge of collapse.


[I’m no match for him!] Yang Kai alone was unable to match Mo Sheng’s power. If this situation were to continue, he would be defeated in less than an hour. The Star Boundary would cease to exist if that were to happen. Despite becoming a Great Emperor, Yang Kai couldn’t help drowning in a sense of helplessness.


At that moment, a change occurred. An unfamiliar consciousness suddenly awakened, and with the awakening of this consciousness, an indifferent voice came from somewhere in the east, “Who dares disturb this Queen’s slumber!?”


The voice was not loud, but it echoed clearly in everyone’s ears. All those who were fighting immediately looked eastward in surprise, the expressions on their faces changing in response.


Yang Kai also glanced over in that direction, feeling extremely shocked. It might only have been one sentence that barely displayed any flow of power, but he could feel a great and majestic force coming from the voice. It felt like a pair of eyes beyond the horizon had opened and was looking down at all the living creatures in the world from above with cold indifference. It was impossible to guess just how powerful the owner of these eyes was.


[But, how can that be? Apart from me, there should only be the two Elders with the power to rival a Great Emperor! When did such a terrifying existence appear in the Star Boundary!? How is it that even I failed to notice it up until now!]


It had to be noted that Yang Kai was now a Great Emperor with the World’s Will in his body. It only took a single thought and nothing in this world could be hidden from his perception. Be that as it may, he had been completely oblivious to this existence until the voice sounded. Even if he had wholeheartedly been focused on his battle with Great Demon God, it was still difficult to believe. What shocked Yang Kai even more was that the voice belonged to a woman. It was indifferent, ethereal, but at the same time a little familiar… He vaguely felt as though he had heard this voice before, but he could not recall anything about it.


At the same time, the huge body of Great Demon God suddenly began to tremble and a hint of rage was revealed in his expression that had always been smiling up until now. He roared, “This aura… It’s you!”


His deafening roar resounded throughout the entire world. A wave of boundless fury swept out from the huge body, making all the living creatures in the world feel as if they were standing at the mouth of a volcano. Moreover, the volcano was about to erupt into hot flames at any time.


“Why are you here!?” Mo Sheng questioned. However, he soon frowned, “No. It’s not you. You are…”


A pensive look appeared on his face, and then he immediately understood the situation, “So that’s how it is! Hahahaha! It turns out that you fared no better than this King! Good, good! Very good!”


Following his hearty laughter, a pair of giant eyes suddenly opened in the eastern sky. The owner of those giant eyes glanced at Great Demon God indifferently across a distance of millions of kilometres. In the next instant, that ethereal voice sounded again, “Mo Sheng!”


Those eyes were enormous, but their pupils were crystal clear. It could be seen at a glance that these eyes belonged to a woman. A woman with such beautiful eyes was bound to be a great and astounding beauty. More importantly, this woman recognised Mo Sheng. Judging from what Mo Sheng said before, he was obviously no stranger to this woman either.


Great Demon God roared, “This King’s name is not for the likes of you to call! Only your ancestor is worthy to speak this King’s name!”


“How are you still alive!?”


“Show yourself!” Mo Sheng shouted angrily as he raised his hand and punched at the pair of giant eyes in the sky. Those giant eyes instantly shattered under the violent force of the Demon Qi.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai simply stood there blankly, his face full of shock and disbelief.




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  1. What bugs me is that if high heven palace is the only piece of land not corrupted by demon qi why wasn’t there any mention of the wild lands and the gate. Demon qi must have gone through there as well since not even dragon island was spared.

    1. Lol I had the same thought. Blood gate would have been affected as well! Smh inconsistent writing! There will be a story though haha. And wow, so heaven’s order was also from the outer realm…. makes less sense but okay

      1. That, or it did get into the Blood Gate and is what awoke Ruo Xi. She just was not immediately corrupted (Li Shi Qing was also in the demon realm for months without being corrupted).
        But I think it’s more likely that it just never got into the blood gate, since even Yang Kai wasn’t able to forcefully open a way in, whereas the way to dragon island is always open and just hidden under water and protected by a Labyrinth (which should be no problem to demon corruption)

  2. I wonder if the woman Mo Sheng fought against was the Heaven’s Order that has killed most of the Divine Spirits in the Star Boundary, or if she was Heaven’s Order’s ancestor, since it was said that Heaven’s Order is only at the level of a Great Emperor, but if she fought against an uninjured Mo Sheng she would obviously have to be stronger than a Great Emperor
    (i.e. woman that injured Mo Sheng -> Heaven’s Order -> Ruo Xi)

    1. Or I was just overthinking things and Heavens Order was just injured by Mo Sheng so heavily that her strength was only equivalent to Great Emperors afterwards…

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