Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3800, Ruo Xi


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When Yang Kai first heard that voice, he couldn’t help thinking that it was rather familiar; however, he simply could not remember where he had heard it before. It wasn’t until that pair of eyes appeared in the sky that he immediately recalled the memory. He had seen that pair of eyes countless times before. It was just that those eyes had been bashful and timid at the time. After so many years though, these beautiful eyes were now full of confidence and strength.


“Ruo Xi!” He murmured.


[That’s right! I can’t be mistaken. That voice, those eyes… They are all so familiar. Who else could it be but Zhang Ruo Xi? Isn’t she currently inside the Blood Gate in the Eastern Territory though? Is she finally coming out of retreat?]


He glanced towards the east with a scorching gaze.


Several dozen years had passed since Zhang Ruo Xi first entered the Blood Gate, which had remained silent for that entire time. It wasn’t until several years ago, right before he last departed for the Demon Realm, that the Blood Gate finally showed some slight changes. Yang Kai originally wanted to stay there until the Blood Gate opened once more, but who could have known that his plans would change at the last moment, forcing him to set off for the Demon Realm?


Once Yang Kai returned from the Demon Realm, he had been involved in several consecutive wars. After that, he participated in the Grand Dao battle. He was so busy that he had no time for anything else. There was no chance for him to investigate the situation at the Blood Gate.


Before he left for the Demon Realm, Yang Kai had told Li Wu Yi that the Blood Gate might open again soon and asked him to keep an eye on the situation there.


It wasn’t until today that Zhang Ruo Xi’s voice was transmitted across the world!


Yang Kai did not know the exact details of Zhang Ruo Xi’s current situation. He also did not know whether the Blood Gate had been reopened. Judging from what she had mentioned previously, however, it would seem that she had been awakened by the fight between him and Mo Sheng.


It was no wonder. The Star Boundary’s survival was hanging on the outcome of this battle; therefore, it had shaken the very foundation of this world. Although the Blood Gate was Heavens Order’s palace, a Sealed World of its own, it was no different from all the other Sealed Worlds, still dependent on the Great World, the Star Boundary. Hence, the Blood Gate would surely be affected now that the whole of the Star Boundary was in turmoil. Zhang Ruo Xi had been inside the Blood Gate all this time, so she was also bound to experience some disturbances. It was not surprising that she woke up due to the commotion.


What surprised Yang Kai was that Zhang Ruo Xi had recognised Mo Sheng, even calling out his name just now. In addition, Mo Sheng’s words had been very concerning too. He seemed to know her ancestor, who was the Master known as Heavens Order.


The reason Zhang Ruo Xi could recognise Mo Sheng was most likely related to the Heaven’s Order inheritance that she received. She had acquired the bloodline inheritances and memories of her ancestors. On the contrary, how did Mo Sheng and Heavens Order meet? Could it be that these two Masters were from the same era? Or, were they both from the Outer Universe?


All of a sudden, Yang Kai recalled the story that Mo Sheng’s Soul Clone had told him on the ancient battlefield. According to the story, Mo Sheng had been severely injured on two occasions. The second time was related to Flowing Time Great Emperor. In that battle, Flowing Time Great Emperor had lost his life. It was a tragic ending.


On the other hand, Mo Sheng’s physical body had been destroyed, so he had no choice but to enter hibernation for recuperation. It was because of the second injury he received that he started to hatch a plot to obtain the Star Boundary’s Auspicious Spirit Essence.


Mo Sheng had not said much about the person who originally wounded him, only mentioning that it was a woman. Now, it would seem that the woman might have been Heaven’s Order.


Yang Kai shuddered at the thought. If that was truly the case, then he had greatly underestimated the strength of Heaven’s Order. She turned out to be a peerless Master who managed to severely injure the Great Demon God at his peak. Although she was also severely injured as a result, she was somebody who stood in the same realm as Mo Sheng.


If things really happened the way Yang Kai suspected, then… Mo Sheng went to the Peerless World to heal after his battle with Heaven’s Order. Meanwhile, Heaven’s Order came to the Star Boundary. She left behind a great prestige and her Bloodline Power that had been passed down for hundreds of thousands of years.


The more Yang Kai considered it, the more plausible it seemed. Among the memories contained in the Sources of many Divine Spirits, Heaven’s Order had appeared out of nowhere. There were no records of this Master’s growth. It was just that she suddenly appeared one day, intimidated the entire World in that extremely distant era, and became eternally famous. It would all make sense if it turned out that she actually came from the Outer Universe.


“Hahaha!” Mo Sheng laughed. His laughter was thunderous, “Good. Very good. This King can’t believe he got to meet the descendent of an old friend here! What luck! Little girl, just wait right there! Once this King finishes cleaning up here, he will go over and see if you are anything like your ancestor!”


While speaking, his huge body shook violently and Yang Kai felt an overwhelming pressure pressing down on him from all directions, leaving him powerless to fight back. 


Letting out a grunt, Yang Kai suddenly heard a voice in his ear, “Sir, can you hold on for a while longer?”


“Ruo Xi?” Yang Kai asked in surprise. 


“En, if Sir can hold on for another half an hour, Ruo Xi will immediately come to help you.”


“Take your time. It’s never too late to dress up beautifully!” Yang Kai laughed out loud, feeling extremely relieved.


It was not only because he finally got to hear Zhang Ruo Xi’s voice again after so many years, but it was also that his previous worries did not come true. Zhang Ruo Xi did not seem to have changed much even after receiving Heavens Order’s inheritance. The familiar way she addressed him as ‘Sir’ reminded him of the timid little girl who used to follow him around all the time.


While he was speaking, he simultaneously mobilised the World’s might again to fight against the boundless Demon Qi.


Zhang Ruo Xi giggled, “Ruo Xi feels at ease to see how energetic you are, Sir.”


After that, there was no further communication from her. She seemed to be busy with something and could not afford to be distracted.


“Half an hour…” Yang Kai let out a long sigh. Although he was assisted by the two Elders from the Dragon Clan and many Pseudo-Great Emperors, he felt as though he was fighting alone. It felt very lonely to stand on this battlefield of the World. But now, he had Zhang Ruo Xi on his side! He did not know how much power she could exert once she came out of retreat, but judging from that pair of beautiful eyes that appeared in the sky just now, her strength should not be inferior to his in any way.


[As expected of the bloodline inheritance of a Master that could severely injure the Great Demon God at his peak! In such a short period of time, the little girl who used to be so ignorant of the world back then has undergone such a huge change… It’s only half an hour. I have to persevere even if I have to put my life on the line!]


Yang Kai felt a sudden increase in the pressure around him the moment that thought flashed through his head. While resisting desperately, he couldn’t help sneering, “Mo Sheng, why are you in such a hurry…”


From the pressure coming from all directions, Yang Kai could feel Mo Sheng’s urgency. Mo Sheng seemed to be impatient to devour the last remaining pure land of the Star Boundary and swallow up the last bit of its Auspicious Spirit Essence. This unexpected discovery delighted Yang Kai instead as it undoubtedly indicated that Mo Sheng was quite fearful of Zhang Ruo Xi. Mo Sheng would not have behaved in this manner otherwise.


Mo Sheng coldly snorted and did not answer, but he was clearly no longer as calm as he was before. It only served to confirm the conjecture in Yang Kai’s heart, Zhang Ruo Xi was powerful enough to threaten Mo Sheng! At the very least, her power was comparable to Yang Kai’s current self!


Unfortunately, there was nothing Yang Kai could do with this piece of knowledge. All he could do right now was persevere. He had to hold out until Zhang Ruo Xi came out of retreat. If the two of them worked together, they might be able to defeat Mo Sheng!


At this moment, Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically. The defence he worked so hard to maintain was showing signs of collapse, which shocked him greatly. After a slight perception of its condition, his expression immediately became grave.


He was the only Great Emperor in the Star Boundary at the moment who could mobilise the world’s might; however, in that short moment just now, he noticed that his control over the World had become much weaker. It was almost as if there was another force sharing the control over the World with him. It was also at that moment that he faintly sensed the auras of the other seven missing Great Emperors…


Yang Kai had once sensed the auras of these seven Great Emperors, so he knew that they were trapped in an inexplicable space and could not escape. It was just that he had not sensed them again after that incident, much less figured out where they were being held. However, that feeling became incredibly clear for a moment just now, so much so that he even obtained some clues as to where they were.


Under normal circumstances, Yang Kai might have been able to locate the Great Emperors with a bit of time, but in the current situation, where would he find the time to investigate their whereabouts? The consequence of his weakening control over the World was that his resistance against the Great Demon God was also getting weaker and weaker.


On the other hand, Mo Sheng seemed to have somehow borrowed the power of the world to suppress him enormously.


“What did you do!?” Yang Kai shouted through gritted teeth.


Mo Sheng grinned, “Why don’t you take a guess?”


“Bastard!” Yang Kai cursed. Although he did not know what means Mo Sheng had used, he was certain that this change in the world’s might was related to the other seven Great Emperors. Mo Sheng seemed to have the ability to take over their control of the World and use it against him instead.




While those two were talking to each other, Zhan Wu Hen sat cross-legged inside an inexplicable space and glared at Huang Wu Ji furiously.


Huang Wu Ji was sitting opposite him with less than a metre between them, a mummified palm sticking out of his chest. That mummified palm was emitting an extremely terrifying aura and although it was a dead object, Zhan Wu Hen couldn’t help feeling a sense of fear from it. It was very difficult to imagine just how powerful the owner of this hand had been when he was still alive.


It wasn’t Zhan Wu Hen who stabbed the hand into Huang Wu Ji’s chest, however, but Huang Wu Ji himself. The fresh blood that flowed out was absorbed by the hand and at the same time, Huang Wu Ji’s aura climbed steadily until it reached a level that made even Zhan Wu Hen feel humbled.


Then, the First Demon Saint of the Demon Realm formed a seal with his hand and pointed a finger at Zhan Wu Hen. Zhan Wu Hen did not know what kind of strange Secret Technique Huang Wu Ji was using, but he could clearly feel a mysterious power in his body being siphoned away. That power was the World’s Will that he received from the Star Boundary. Using this World’s Will, he was blessed with luck and good fortune. More importantly, he could mobilise the Star Boundary’s World Force for his own use.


At this moment, he asked the same question as Yang Kai, “What did you do!?”


Huang Wu Ji’s expression twisted and his body trembled violently as though he was in great pain, “Don’t worry. Lord Demon God will end this soon.”


“The Great Demon God!?” Zhan Wu Hen asked through gritted teeth.


The two of them had been trapped in this space together for several years now, so it was only natural for them to converse during that time. It was also from Huang Wu Ji’s mouth that Zhan Wu Hen learned about the existence of the Great Demon God and some of the Demon Realm’s plans.


“That’s right! Lord Demon God will be resurrected soon! And, all of you will become Lord Demon God’s sacrifices!” A morbid and frenzied expression appeared on Huang Wu Ji’s face. It was as though he was willing to devote everything he had to this so-called Great Demon God.




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