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Martial Peak – Chapter 3801, This King Is Also a Great Emperor

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Zhan Wu Hen looked at Huang Wu Ji with pity, “I’m afraid that also includes you!”


He did not know what kind of Secret Technique Huang Wu Ji was using or why it could steal the World’s Will from his body, but how could Zhan Wu Hen not see that there was a huge price to pay for using this Secret Technique, just like how there was a price to pay for keeping him trapped inside this place? That price was the reason why Huang Wu Ji had been unable to leave for all these years.


The severed palm stuck in Huang Wu Ji’s chest was constantly absorbing his Vitality. It would not take long before his strength would plummet greatly. At that time, it would be hard to say whether he could even maintain his cultivation as a Demon Saint. 


[I can’t believe he willingly paid such a heavy price just to deprive me of the World’s Will.] Zhan Wu Hen knew that the others would be in no better situation than himself. After being trapped for so many years, he no longer had any understanding of the current situation in the Star Boundary, but judging from Huang Wu Ji’s behaviour, it would seem that things had reached a crucial point in the war.


Feeling extremely anxious, Zhan Wu Hen tried to break free of his shackles and escape from this place. Unfortunately, his will was strong but his strength was lacking. He couldn’t help gnashing his teeth in frustration and glaring at Huang Wu Ji furiously.


“Stop wasting your energy. Although I regret not being able to kill you myself, this kind of ending isn’t that bad either.”


“With your strength?” Zhan Wu Hen’s expression turned mocking, “Do you have the ability?”


Huang Wu Ji shook his head slowly, “It’s too late for you to say anything now.”


With that, he closed his eyes and said no more.


“Heh heh heh! Found one!”


At that moment, a burst of low laughter suddenly sounded in Zhan Wu Hen and Huang Wu Ji’s ears. Then, the laughter stopped abruptly. Zhan Wu Hen had a strange look on his face, wondering if he had heard wrongly.


On the other hand, Huang Wu Ji’s expression changed drastically, “Who!?”


Even though he was a Demon Saint, his expression at the moment was filled with fear and shock. That was because this inexplicable space was something the Lord Demon God himself had specially created in order to imprison the Great Emperors from the Star Boundary. Only he and Zhan Wu Hen had been stuck in this place for all these years, so how could a third person possibly find this place?


With a sound as if something was being torn apart, a crack appeared in the boundary walls of this inexplicable space. Two large hands emerged from the crack, forcibly pushing against both sides open. The boundary wall was torn apart like a fragile piece of fabric; the gap in the wall expanded rapidly.


Under Huang Wu Ji’s incredulous gaze, a person stepped out of that gap. That person looked around the space with a bright smile and when he saw Zhan Wu Hen, he teasingly said, “You sure look awful!”


The corner of Zhan Wu Hen’s brow twitched and he frowned at those words, “Hong Chen?”


Standing in front of him was an elderly man with a ruddy complexion and a child-like glint in his eye. Who else could this elderly man be but the Duan Hong Chen that he knew?


That person, however, grinned and declared, “That old fart has died at my hands!”


Zhang Wu Hen’s expression grew grim, “Wu Kuang!?”


“Are you Wu Kuang?” Likewise, Huang Wu Ji’s expression also changed when he heard those words. He had obviously heard of the terrifying existence who once eliminated four Great Emperors with his strength alone, so he couldn’t help feeling scared.


Wu Kuang was behaving like a lunatic, rubbing his chin as he studied Zhan Wu Hen with a malicious look. Then, he turned to look at Huang Wu Ji with an insidious smile, “Let me think… Who should this King eat first? This King’s Heaven Devouring Battle Law is starving!”


“You dare!?” Zhan Wu Hen shouted angrily.


Similarly, Huang Wu Ji had a bitter expression. Not only did he know about Wu Kuang, but he also knew about the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. That was the most terrifying Secret Art in the Star Boundary. The reason Wu Kuang became so famous was all thanks to this Secret Art.


Huang Wu Ji was stuck in this place with Zhan Wu Hen and could not move at will; therefore, he was practically powerless to resist Wu Kuang if a battle broke out. He simply could not understand one thing, how did this person appear at such a critical time!?


Huang Wu Ji was not the only person confused by this turn of events. Zhan Wu Hen was puzzled too.


After the battle on Dragon Island, Wu Kuang escaped from the Dragon Temple and fled to a Lower Star Field. There was no news from him after that incident. Zhan Wu Hen later learned from Yang Kai that Wu Kuang had entered the Ancestral Domain, but nobody knew what he was plotting.


If not for the fact that Wu Kuang was sharing a body with Duan Hong Chen, Zhan Wu Hen would have entered the Ancestral Domain to kill him. It was only out of concern for Duan Hong Chen that Zhan Wu Hen was somewhat cautious about taking action lest he hurt his friend in the process.


Now, it seemed they had been raising a wild tiger in their midst all these years.


At this moment, the aura emanating from Wu Kuang’s body was extremely tyrannical. He had already reached the Great Emperor Realm, and although his strength was not comparable to what it was at his peak during the Great Emperor War, the gap was not large.


The Heaven Devouring Battle Law was powerful indeed. It had to be said that Duan Hong Chen had crippled his cultivation and had only been a Third-Order Dao Source Realm when he entered the Shattered Star Sea. Yet, it only took such a short time for Wu Kuang to recover completely from that incident.


“Stop causing trouble! Our top priority is to rescue them!” When Wu Kuang spoke again, his expression changed all of a sudden. This time, it became much more solemn and even the voice coming out of his mouth changed slightly.


Zhan Wu Hen’s eyes flashed and he broke out into a grin. This was the Duan Hong Chen that he knew. As for what Wu Kuang said just now about killing him, it was simply nonsense. It would seem that Duan Hong Chen and Wu Kuang had reached a balance between their two Souls and were co-existing with each other. It was simply an astounding sight to see.


“How did you find this place!?” Huang Wu Ji shouted through gritted teeth.


Duan Hong Chen glanced at him lightly, “This King is also a Great Emperor. Why wouldn’t I be able to find this place?”


If the Great Demon God wanted to use the power of the seven Great Emperors to suppress Yang Kai, then he would inevitably reveal some traces. This inexplicable space might be hidden from all others, but Duan Hong Chen would be able to trace the clues back to this place as long as the slightest flaw was exposed. Therefore, he would be able to quietly carry out what Yang Kai did not have the time to do. Moreover, even Mo Sheng failed to notice his movements as, at this time, Mo Sheng’s full attention was fixed on Yang Kai.


“Why are you still wasting time on words? Let’s kill him first,” Wu Kuang grinned.


Zhan Wu Hen replied, “You can’t kill him! If he dies, I will die too!”


The Secret Technique had closely linked his vitality with Huang Wu Ji’s vitality. If one suffered, all suffered.


Wu Kuang frowned at those words, “That’s none of my business!” The words had just left his mouth when he looked annoyed again, “I know! I know! Stop nagging! This King’s head hurts! I’ll save him!”


Zhan Wu Hen smiled slightly at the sight.


Stepping forward, Wu Kuang looked down at Huang Wu Ji condescendingly, “Junior, falling into the hands of this King is the greatest misfortune in your life!”


As the First Demon Saint of the Demon Realm, Huang Wu Ji did not remember how many years he had lived at this point, so it was his first time being called a ‘Junior’ in who knows how long, but he couldn’t even muster any rage. Instead, he involuntarily shuddered under Wu Kuang’s cold and indifferent gaze. It felt as though something extremely bad was about to happen to him.


Meanwhile, Wu Kuang cackled softly, reached out a hand, and slowly placed it over Huang Wu Ji’s head. Huang Wu Ji could only watch helplessly, unable to resist. Clearly, the Great Demon God had not anticipated that somebody would barge into this space one day when he first made his plans.




At the same time that Wu Kuang suddenly appeared, a crimson red gate revealed itself completely on a certain mountain peak in the Ancient Wild Lands of the Eastern Territory where the Blood Gate was once located. That gate looked like it was formed completely from fresh blood and the frame of the gate was engraved with intricate runes and patterns.


Void Cracks crisscrossed each other around the Blood Gate and it looked like this part of the world was going to collapse at any moment. In addition, boundless Demon Qi kept pouring into the Blood Gate, so much so that the crimson gate was dyed in a layer of black.


It was just as Yang Kai had predicted previously. Zhang Ruo Xi’s awakening was entirely due to his fight with Mo Sheng. The changes in the world had also affected the Blood Gate, so how could she be unaware of those changes when she was resting inside? Even whilst deep asleep, Zhang Ruo Xi had sensed the danger looming over her and had awoken as a result.


At this moment, two closed doors suddenly appeared on the crimson Blood Gate, accompanied by a flashing light. Then, the tightly closed doors slowly opened outward at an extremely slow speed. It would take quite a bit of time before those doors would fully open.


All the living creatures in the Star Boundary with a Divine Spirit Source sensed something the moment the door was revealed and they couldn’t help turning to look towards the east. Something seemed to be calling out to their bloodline in that faraway place, giving them a sense of cordiality. If not for the fact that the Star Boundary’s survival was on the line, they would definitely have gone to investigate that phenomenon at all costs.


“Yang Kai, a so-called Great Emperor is just a title, not a step on the Martial Dao. It is far from the final peak! If you defect to my side, this King can guide you to further heights!” Mo Sheng’s roar resounded across the world.


“Then this King will have to thank you in advance!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth. Despite saying so, his expression was unmoved as he continued to urge the world’s might wholeheartedly.


“Stubborn fool!” Mo Sheng coldly snorted, “Kill him!”


On the battlefield of the Pseudo-Great Emperors and Half-Saints, many of the Half-Saints who had defected to the Star Boundary suddenly turned away from their opponents as soon as those words left Mo Sheng’s mouth and rushed towards Yang Kai instead.


These Half-Saints included the ones who served under Yu Ru Meng, Bei Li Mo, and Chang Tian who had defected to the Star Boundary long ago. There were also some that Yang Kai had captured and planted a Soul Imprint in their Knowledge Seas when he first started devouring the Demon Realm back then. They had contributed a lot in the war between the two worlds. Even Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya, who were on friendly terms with Yang Kai, were also among these Half-Saints.


However, they seemed to become bewitched after hearing the order Mo Sheng gave, losing control over their bodies and minds.


“As I expected!” Yang Kai coldly snorted and with a flash of his thoughts, many of the Half-Saints rushing towards him stumbled and fell unconscious in mid-air.


The Great Demon God had mentioned that the entire Demon Race of the Demon Realm originated from him. It could even be said that they were born from his Demon Qi; therefore, it was no surprise that he had strong control over all Demons.


Being aware of this fact, how could Yang Kai not take precautions against something like this? He still remembered the second time the Demon Race invaded the Star Boundary. Tens of millions of Demons in the Western Territory had suddenly begun slaughtering each other after hearing a strange voice. Following their deaths, the Demon Qi in their bodies had dissipated to construct numerous Demon Lands that connected the two Great Worlds.


Looking back on that incident, it was obvious that the voice resounding in the heads of so many Demons was something that Mo Sheng had done. If he could make those Demons kill each other willingly, then he could also make the Half-Saints do his bidding!


The Half-Saints who fainted in mid-air were the ones with a Soul Imprint from Yang Kai in their Knowledge Seas. On the other hand, Bai Zhuo, Bai Ya, and the others were not affected by Yang Kai’s influence. Dozens of Half-Saints lunged at Yang Kai, so even though he was in such a critical situation already, he had no choice but to pay attention to them.



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  1. “Yang Kai, a so-called Great Emperor is just a title, not a step on the Martial Dao”. If “steps” are Great Realms, then Great Emperor might really just be something like star master that can be skipped. Both also share some similarities (able to control the world/star, having a limited amount, requiring a world will/star source)

    1. That would explain alot. It never made any sense to me that a cultivator would need the recognition of the world to advance their realm. That has never happened before. However, it should be true that becoming a great emperor will make advancing to the next realm easier, just like it was advantageous to become a star master before going to the star boundary. Like, while the great emperor’s ability to control world force is similar to how a star master can control their star, the dao seal is a great emperor’s personal power that has nothing to do with the star boundary. Presumably forming a dao seal is a necessary step in order to advance to the next realm, but people in worlds like the star boundary can’t do it unless they become a great emperor. Once Yang kai brings everyone to the outer universe, everyone should be able to form their own dao seals and keep advancing their realms without needing to become a great emperor.

  2. I guess Heavens Order, or her bloodline slept through the first Demon invasion aeons ago.

    And I wonder if it is ever adressed what it actually was that invaded YKs knowledge sea and demonified him back then. Since Yu Ru Meng seemed to know something about it and said something vague like “maybe it is your blessing” I am not sure if it makes sense if its a sould clone/wisp whatever of GDG. Or maybe author just forgot about it, like the demon eating dog. Guess we will see.

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