Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3804, You Lose


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The Demon Race had set up a Heaven Shaking Grand Array, which spread Demon Essence across the entire Star Boundary in order to devour its Auspicious Spirit Essence. All the living creatures left in the four territories had been obliterated, nine out of ten families had been wiped out, and great rivers and mountains had been turned into Demon Land.


The World was alive, however, and it opened the Profound Heavens Temple, and the Illusionary Heavens Furnace appeared as a result.


In turn, Yang Kai found his true Dao, received the honour of becoming a Great Emperor, and seized the small hope of survival at the border of life and death. As a Great Emperor, he mobilised the World’s strength to resist the erosion of the Demon Essence and guard the last remaining pure land of the Star Boundary. Great Demon God’s grand scheme could not be completed as long as this pure land remained.


As a last resort, the Great Demon God used a Secret Technique to suppress Yang Kai by harnessing the power of the seven trapped Great Emperors. Everything had been going according to his plan as, although Yang Kai becoming a Great Emperor in such a short time had caused a bit of trouble to Mo Sheng, it was not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.


In such a terrible situation, all Yang Kai could do amounted to nothing but the dying struggles of a dead man!


Contrary to Mo Sheng’s expectations, however, the seven Great Emperors of the Star Boundary had been rescued from their predicament. Now that the Great Emperors had escaped, the most immediate consequence he faced was that he could no longer mobilise the Star Boundary’s World Force. The lack of means to control the World’s strength also meant that he had no way to devour the last piece of pure land. How was he supposed to proceed with his plans now?


That was why Great Demon God was furious! He was tempted to kill Huang Wu Ji and the other Demon Saints just to calm the anger in his heart.


Huang Wu Ji and the others obviously knew that they had failed their job and looked both annoyed and humiliated. Even though they did not lose their lives during this incident, they were extremely vexed by their helplessness. They did not dare to say anything in the face of the Great Demon God’s scolding, for fear of accidentally angering him any further.


Meanwhile, the raging battlefield calmed down in an eerie manner following the successive arrival of the eight Great Emperors and the seven Demon Saints. Everybody in the Star Boundary was staring at the eight figures standing in the sky in shock. What they saw was not as simple as eight figures, but hope for the future of the Star Boundary.


Zhan Wu Hen swept his gaze over the crowd and when he saw that his treasured apprentice was all bloodied and dishevelled, a strong murderous intent flashed through his eyes. He stared coldly at the Half-Saint who was fighting Lin Yun’er and the others earlier.


That look made a chill run down the Half-Saint’s back and without any hesitation, he immediately turned around and fled into the distance.


“Leave those Demon treats to this King!” Wu Kuang let out a strange laugh, staring at the Half-Saints on the battlefield with a burning look in his eyes. Nobody saw him making a move, but he suddenly appeared in front of the fleeing Half-Saint and reached out his hand.


The Half-Saint watched as the palm came down on him, blocking out the light in front of his eyes. Panicking in horror, he lashed out with both fists as his Demon Qi surged and transformed into enormous fist shadows that loomed down on Wu Kuang.


Wu Kuang ignored those attacks. Stretching out his large hand, the shadows shattered; then, he picked up the Half-Saint in his hand as though he was grabbing an ant. He grinned wildly and shouted, “Heaven Devouring… Battle Law!”


In the blink of any eye, Wu Kuang’s body seemed to turn into a black hole that swallowed all creation. The body of the Half-Saint that he captured earlier dried up at a speed visible to the naked eye, becoming a mummified corpse without a shred of vitality in less than ten breaths.


Everyone in the Star Boundary knew about the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor and Heaven Devouring Battle Law. They also knew that the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was the evillest Secret Art in the history of the Star Boundary. Despite knowing that fact, nobody truly understood how terrifying and horrifying that Secret Art was. Not until now…


It wasn’t until they all personally witnessed a Demon Race Half-Saint surviving for only ten breaths against Wu Kuang before turning into a mummified corpse that they all shuddered in fear. A Secret Art like that was disturbingly twisted. It was no wonder that the rumours claimed that Wu Kuang had turned the entire world against him when he went on a rampage in the past. Everywhere he went, all vitality was obliterated and everything ceased to exist. The rumours were true… The depravity and wickedness of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was more terrifying than what they had heard of in the past.


After devouring the Half-Saint, Wu Kuang unintentionally licked his lips in satisfaction as though he had just consumed a great delicacy. He then turned around and swept his bright-red eyes across the remaining Half-Saints on the battlefield.


*Shua shua shua…* The Half-Saints reacted as if they had encountered their natural enemy. Nobody dared to remain in this place, so they desperately used everything in their means to escape. Just like how they had rushed through the Star Boundary army as though there were no obstacles around them because those below the Half-Saints were no match for them, they were in a similar position at this moment; they were no match for Wu Kuang.


With a strange crackle, Wu Kuang went on a rampage. He was like a roc spreading his wings, lunging at the Half-Saints with an enthusiastic expression on his face. All of a sudden, he let out a string of curses, “Wu Kuang, you’re your eighteen generations of ancestors!”


After cursing, he began cackling in that eerie laughter again, this time even louder. Listening to him was extremely creepy…


If this was in the past, Zhan Wu Hen would have been the first one to jump out and fight Wu Kuang to the death; however, the Star Boundary was currently facing an extinction-level crisis and the Great Demon God was eyeing them hungrily, so how could he spare the time and energy to deal with Wu Kuang? Besides, compared to the troublemaking Wu Kuang, the Great Demon God was their number-one enemy at the moment.


Several figures came to stand beside Yang Kai, and with him at the centre, they spread out to the left and right. Eight people, eight figures, and eight pairs of eyes stared at the huge amorphous figure before them. Wherever these eight people were was where the world belonged; the place these eight people stood would become the axis of the universe.


“Everyone, this is the Great Demon God of the Demon Race. The entire Demon Race invasion is because of him…” Yang Kai began to explain. The Great Emperors had been trapped since the start of the second war between the two worlds, so he was worried that they might not know anything about Great Demon God; thus, he prepared to explain the situation to them.


Zhan Wu Hen quickly interrupted him though, “Who cares who he is? Anybody who dares to harm the Star Boundary will be killed without mercy!”


Yang Kai nearly choked, but soon smiled and nodded, “Good!” His expression became solemn, “Everyone, please help me!”


The other seven nodded in unison and their Divine Senses spread out like a raging tide. The Will of the entire World was mobilised. Majestic World Force gathered from all directions, turning into an invisible wave that spread out into the surroundings with these eight people as the centre. Everywhere this wave passed, Demon Qi retreated, Demon Essence dissipated, and the Demon Land fell apart.


Yang Kai’s expression was filled with excitement at this sight. Previously, he had only used his own power to mobilise the Star Boundary’s World Force. He had been able to resist the Great Demon God and even gained the upper hand for a while with his strength alone, but it had been a lonely battle. Now that he had the help of the seven Great Emperors, he immediately felt a distinct difference.


If it was said that the full force of the world was 100%, then Yang Kai only managed to bring out 50% at most on his own. However, the remaining 50% was fully activated with the help of the additional seven Great Emperors. What Great Demon God had to fight at this moment was the power of the entire Star Boundary. It was the rejection of the entire world.


With High Heaven Palace as the centre, the boundaries of the pure land were expanding outward at an unbelievable speed; moreover, the expansion became unstoppable once it started and would inevitably spread out to the entire Star Boundary.


“Kill them! Kill them!” The Great Demon God no longer possessed the calmness he had before. He became extremely frantic following the return of the Great Emperors and at this moment, he was pointing his finger forward and roaring furiously, again and again.


Huang Wu Ji and the others did not dare to hesitate. They immediately lunged forward, obeying the commands of Great Demon God without question. This was not surprising of course as the entire Demon Race had originated from him. No matter how strong or weak a Demon was, their body had been marked by the Great Demon God’s essence. How could they dare to disobey his orders?


“I’ll leave the rest to you,” Zhan Wu Hen turned to look at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai nodded, “En, leave it to me!”


A solid foundation had been laid, and now that Great Demon God could no longer borrow the might of the Star Boundary, Yang Kai would be able to remove all the Demon Essence in the world and return it to its original state even if he was on his own.




Iron Blood’s banner floated behind Zhan Wu Hen’s back. It was as red as blood and fluttered proudly in the air. Zhan Wu Hen was the first to rush out, turning into a streak of red light as he charged towards the First Demon Saint of the Demon Realm, Huang Wu Ji.


The two peerless Masters clashed in mid-air like two meteors colliding into each other. The already cracked sky immediately collapsed as a result. The other six also engaged their respective opponents in battle, forming six pairs in total. They fought fiercely, seven Great Emperors against seven Demon Saints. It just so happened that their numbers matched perfectly.


The seven Great Emperors of the Star Boundary had been trapped for many years; moreover, they were injured by that strange Secret Technique the Demon Saints performed previously. Even so, the same held true for the Demon Saints. They had trapped the Great Emperors, but although they relied on the plans and methods of the Great Demon God, those means did not come without a hefty cost. It could be said that the overall strength of the seven Great Emperors and the seven Demon Saints was equal. Therefore, this was a battle between two evenly matched opponents and it would not be easy to determine a winner from amongst them.


Be that as it may, nobody had forgotten that the Star Boundary also had Heaven Devouring Great Emperor, Wu Kuang, on their side! Wu Kuang and Duan Hong Chen were two Souls living sharing one body at the moment, so they gave off the impression that they suffered from a multiple personality disorder. Even so, they would stand on the same side and work together when it came to the Star Boundary’s survival.


At this moment, Wu Kuang was dealing with the Half-Saints, but once he finished with them, the balance of victory and defeat would surely tip in favour of the Star Boundary.


“You lose, Mo Sheng!” Yang Kai looked at the huge figure coldly and shouted in a deep voice.


All eight Great Emperors had returned, so the precarious situation in the Star Boundary immediately stabilised. When it came to the Great Emperors, Zhan Wu Hen and the others fought against Huang Wu Ji, the two Dragon Clan Elders restrained Xue Li, Huo Bo, and Fu Yu, and Yang Kai suppressed the Great Demon God’s erosion of the Star Boundary. They were no longer in the same passive situation they once were.


Although the Star Boundary was at a disadvantage when it came to the Pseudo-Great Emperors, they had an additional Master on their side by the name of Wu Kuang. How could the Half-Saints survive against Wu Kuang?


As long as they could gain victory on these two levels, it would shatter the Great Demon God’s hopes and save the Star Boundary. Not to mention, Zhang Ruo Xi would soon come out of retreat! Nobody could say what kind of strength she now wielded, but the Star Boundary desperately needed any kind of power it could get at the moment.


“Ignorant Junior. Did a small advantage make you complacent?” Great Demon God coldly snorted, “This King has been planning this for tens of thousands of years! How can it fail just because of your stubborn resistance?”


“Hurry up and bring out all your hidden cards then! This King will defeat you so soundly that even you will be convinced! I just hope that your face won’t be so ugly at that time!” Yang Kai sneered.


“Arrogance!” The Great Demon God ground his teeth, “Since you are so eager to die, this King will fulfil your wish!”


After saying that, he shouted loudly, “Come out!”




Another huge crack appeared in the sky and the auras of three Demon Saints emerged from the Void Crack. Then, three figures walked out of the crack. It was one man and two women. The man was handsome and noble while the women were stunning and gorgeous. Even so, the powerful aura exuding from their bodies clearly identified them as Demon Saints.




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