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Martial Peak – Chapter 3805, They Came After All

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“They came after all…” As Yang Kai looked at the three figures walking out of the Void Crack, a worried look flashing across his eyes. It couldn’t be helped. These three were Yu Ru Meng, Bei Li Mo, and Chang Tian!


Needless to say, Yu Ru Meng had long since become his woman and was also the first Demon Saint who helped him fight against the Demon Race. He received many benefits from her and thanks to her Primordial Yin, the strength of his Soul had soared to new heights.


On the other hand, Chang Tian had always been good to him. Back then, Chang Tian had wanted to make him the Young Master of Hundred Spirits Continent.


Although Bei Li Mo was forced to do his bidding because she was under his control, she had contributed a lot to the war between the two worlds over the years.


When Yang Kai first saw Huang Wu Ji and the others meekly obeying Mo Sheng’s orders, he had a faint feeling that Yu Ru Meng and the others would also do something similar. Judging by the current situation, they had not been able to break free of the Great Demon God’s control; moreover, they seem to be in a worse situation than Huang Wu Ji and the other Demon Saints. That was because the three of them currently looked like puppets that were being manipulated. The expressions on their faces were dazed and their eyes were vacant. It was as though their body and mind were not their own to control.


But, even if they were three puppets, they were still three Demon Saint-level puppets!


In addition to feeling worried, Yang Kai felt as though a large stone was pressing on his heart.


When the second war between the two worlds broke out, ten Demon Saints had broken through the World Barriers and used a Secret Technique to restrain the movements of the top ten Masters in the Star Boundary by trapping them in an inexplicable space. However, Xue Li, Fu Yu, and Huo Bo managed to escape those restraints not long after that. The opponents that these three escaped Demon Saints faced at the time were none other than Yu Ru Meng, Bei Li Mo, and Chang Tian!


It would seem that the reason Xue Li and the others could escape was that Yu Ru Meng and the others were also part of the Demon Race so there was no need for a Demon Saint to restrict their freedom. On the other hand, Zhan Wu Hen and the others needed Huang Wu Ji and the other Demon Saints to immobilize them at all times.


Seeing as Yang Kai had been clueless about the situation back then, he naturally worried about the safety of Yu Ru Meng and the others when he saw that Xue Li and the others had gotten away. He was worried that something might have happened to them. Yu Ru Meng and the others were not part of the Star Boundary’s Great Emperors, so he did not have the means to sense their auras.


Although the current situation was decidedly bad, at least Yu Ru Meng and the others were not in danger. That was a great fortune amongst so many misfortunes!


“Despair, you little brat! Things never end well for the people who disobey this King!” Mo Sheng’s voice rumbled like thunder. While he was speaking, the three figures who walked out of the Void Cracks rushed towards Yang Kai all at once.


Zhan Wu Hen and the others turned pale in shock at the sight. They knew that Yang Kai was in a state where he could not be disturbed right now, much less take on the attacks of three Demon Saint level Masters. If these three were to approach him right now, he would be powerless to fight back.


Although Zhan Wu Hen and the others wanted to help, Huang Wu Ji and the other Demon Saints were desperately holding them back and giving them no chance to. They could only watch helplessly as the three figures swiftly approached Yang Kai. Three incredible forces shrouded the spot where Yang Kai was standing while at the same time, three horrifying Divine Abilities blasted out before they even arrived.


“Wu Kuang!” Zhan Wu Hen roared.


At this moment, everybody else on the battlefield was occupied and the only person with attention to spare was Wu Kuang; therefore, they could only rely on him to protect Yang Kai right now.


Zhan Wu Hen never imagined that there would come a day when he would fight alongside Wu Kuang. After the Great Emperor War back then, he had always wanted to rip Wu Kuang into ten thousand pieces. Who could have thought there would come a day when he asked Wu Kuang for help? This situation could only be the Heavens mocking him.


It was fortunate that although Wu Kuang was evil, even he was aware that everything would be lost if the Star Boundary fell. If not for that, he would not have gone through so much effort to rescue the other seven Great Emperors earlier.


Wu Kuang’s figure drifted over and stopped right in front of Yang Kai, spreading his arms open with a cackling laugh. His expression was maniacal. It was as though he had gone back tens of thousands of years into the past, back to the high-spirited time when that great battle took place in the Shattered Star Sea.


The Heaven Devouring Great Emperor of that era was the brightest signboard in the Star Boundary. The Heaven Devouring Great Emperor of that era was feared by all living creatures. The Heaven Devouring Great Emperor of that era was an invincible existence!


“Heaven Devouring… Domain!”


An aura that devoured everything in the world spread out into the surroundings with Wu Kuang as the centre, creating a huge void around him. When the Divine Abilities of the three Demon Saints blasted into the range of this domain, they immediately weakened at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. It was almost as though something was extracting the power from these attacks.


Contrary to expectations, however, Wu Kuang grunted and coughed up a mouthful of blood. His body was simultaneously sent flying backward from the impact. Whilst he was sent flying, he cursed out loud, “Wu Kuang, you old dog! Don’t treat this old man’s body like it’s disposable!”


Duan Hong Chen, who saw what happened from his Knowledge Sea, was feeling extremely anxious. This body was his after all, so how could he bear to watch it getting injured?


“Jie jie jie jie…” Blood leaked out of Wu Kuang’s mouth, but he laughed like he was extremely happy, “Why don’t we just forget about the little brat’s life and take this opportunity to absorb more power?”


Duan Hong Chen was instantly rendered speechless. Yang Kai was the key to the Star Boundary’s survival. How could they just forget about him!?


Duan Hong Chen had not hesitated to destroy his own cultivation just to kill Wu Kuang back then; as a result, he fell from the Great Emperor Realm to the Dao Source Realm just so that he could charge into the Shattered Star Sea to look for clues. It showed just how much he was willing to sacrifice for the sake of the world and its inhabitants. His title was ‘Bustling World’ and the Dao he comprehended was the Dao of Bustling World. There was nobody else among the Great Emperors who cared about the common people as much as he did.


“Stop talking nonsense! Hurry up and bring out your trump card!” Duan Hong Chen anxiously yelled as he watched the three newly appeared Demon Saints rushing towards Yang Kai. He might not have feared the joint attack of the three Puppet Demon Saints if Wu Kuang had been at the peak of his power. Unfortunately, Wu Kuang only managed to recover somewhat by borrowing his body. It was incomparable to back when he was at his peak strength. Not to mention, he already suffered some injuries just now.


“Why are you panicking?” Wu Kuang responded with a snort, “That brat seems to have something up his sleeve too!”


He noticed that Yang Kai was not as panicked as he imagined. Rather, Yang Kai looked very calm.


As soon as those words came out, one of the women among the three figures groaned all of a sudden. In the next moment, her eyes rolled back and she fainted, falling straight out of the sky.


Even Wu Kuang, who had lived for tens of thousands of years and was incredibly knowledgeable, could not help feeling shocked by what he saw. He widened his eyes in astonishment as he muttered, “What just happened?”


The person who fainted and fell out of the sky all of a sudden was not an ordinary woman, she was one of the Demon Saints of the Demon Realm. How could a Demon Saint simply fall unconscious for no reason!? Yang Kai must have done something to her, but he had not seen any traces of Yang Kai making a move whatsoever!


The three Demon Saints had brazenly appeared without warning at the most critical moment, but one of them had been incapacitated almost immediately… A situation like this was simply unbelievable.


Just as Wu Kuang was puzzling over the situation, he heard the Great Demon God’s furious howl ringing in his ears, “A Soul Imprint!? You planted a Soul Imprint in her Knowledge Sea!?”


Wu Kuang’s expression immediately became animated as he turned to stare at Yang Kai in astonishment. [This brat is just too shocking!]


It had to be said that Yang Kai had only just become a Great Emperor and was a mere High-Rank Demon King not too long ago. Be that as it may, he had managed to plant a Soul Imprint in a Demon Saint’s Knowledge Sea and took control of her freedom and life with nothing more than his pitiful previous strength.


[How did he do it?] Wu Kuang was a self-proclaimed genius that only appeared once in a million years; otherwise, he would not have successfully created such a Heaven-defying Secret Art as the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. Fighting those above his Realm was common on the journey of his growth and killing powerful enemies was a piece of cake for him. Nevertheless, he had never achieved a feat as shocking as Yang Kai’s just now throughout his rampage in the Star Boundary.


A Demon Saint was equivalent to a Great Emperor in terms of cultivation, and Wu Kuang did not have anywhere near the power to plant a Soul Imprint in the Knowledge Sea of a Great Emperor when he was in the Third-Order Emperor. If he had done something like that, he would have suffered a fatal consequence. Therefore, he was amazed.


Yang Kai never imagined that the Soul Imprint he planted in Bei Li Mo’s Knowledge Sea would come into play at this moment. When he was still a High-Rank Demon King, he had not been able to control Bei Li Mo’s life despite having placed that Soul Imprint. At most, he could only cause her some pain. It was also because of this that he managed to force Bei Li Mo to side with him.


However, he gained the power to kill Bei Li Mo on the spot now that he had the power of a Great Emperor. It was just that Bei Li Mo had not betrayed him out of her own volition, so he only knocked her unconscious. As for whether his actions would cause any damage or backlash to her… He could not afford to worry about that when time was so tight and their enemy was right in front of them.


The moment Bei Li Mo fainted, Yang Kai looked at the other graceful and extraordinarily charming figure, roaring furiously, “Ru Meng!”


His sorrowful voice reached the depths of Yu Ru Meng’s Soul, causing a ripple to spread out over her shackled heart. Her movements paused for a moment and a momentary hint of struggle flashed through her vacant eyes… But, that was all. She instinctively reacted after hearing Yang Kai’s voice through the layers of fog clouding her mind. Even so, she was part of the Demon Race and it was impossible for her to break free of the Great Demon God’s control.


Wu Kuang took up a defensive position in front of Yang Kai again. Without turning his head around, he said, “Little brat, if you have any more hidden cards to play, hurry up and bring them out right now. I’m afraid you won’t get another chance later!”


Yang Kai’s voice was filled with bitterness, “I don’t have any other cards to play.”


It was a stroke of luck that he managed to knock Bei Li Mo unconscious all thanks to the Soul Imprint he planted in her all those years back. Although he was connected to Yu Ru Meng via the Heart Seal Secret Technique, it was not comparable to a Soul Imprint. The Heart Seal Secret Technique was unable to produce much of an effect when her Yu Ru Meng was being controlled. She might be able to recover her consciousness if she received a huge shock, but the price of creating such a huge shock was not something he could afford to produce right now.


Wu Kuang grinned at those words, “Then, you can only leave it to this Old Master!”


After saying that, his expression suddenly turned vicious, “Foolish Juniors that don’t know your place! Did you really think that this King would be helpless against you!? You were still babies when this King was dominating the universe!”


Spreading his arms wide open, the devouring power appeared once more, challenging two Demon Saints all by himself.


Yang Kai urgently yelled, “Don’t hurt… Don’t kill that woman!”


“Fuck off!” Wu Kuang ignored Yang Kai. In a life-or-death match, holding back in the face of his enemy was only being cruel to himself. It was the stupidest thing a person could do to himself.


There was a series of rumblings as he fended off the joint attacks of the two Demon Saints with his power alone. Surprisingly, he did not lose against their strength and the aftermath of their battle soon spread out, causing the world to collapse and bringing great destruction to their surroundings.



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