Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3806, Possession


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Yang Kai gritted his teeth. Expecting Wu Kuang to hold back against Yu Ru Meng was unrealistic; besides, regardless of who won or who lost this battle, the result was not something he wanted to see. The only thing that could salvage the current situation was for him to destroy the Great Demon God’s plans as soon as possible.


The moment that thought crossed his mind, he calmed his mind and looked forward before shouting furiously, “Mo Sheng, suffer death!”


World Force flooded out and suppressed the remaining Demon Qi. The darkness that shrouded the Star Boundary was swept away and light was brought back to the world!


Mo Sheng roared furiously. A pair of eyes stared out from the enormous mass of Demon Qi, showing an intense look of unwillingness and murderous intent. [Just a little bit more! Just a little bit more and my plans could have had a perfect conclusion, but a mere boy made me fall short right in front of my goal!]


Hundreds of thousands of years’ worth of conspiring and forbearance were obliterated at the most critical moment by a young boy who lived for only a few hundred years at most. Therefore, the rage in Mo Sheng’s heart would not be appeased easily.


As long as he was unable to borrow the power of the Great Emperors, he had no means to fight Yang Kai for control over the World Force even if he was twice as resourceful. Moreover, Mo Sheng had placed his hopes in the last trump card in his possession only for Yang Kai to knock one of them unconscious right after they appeared. On the other hand, the other two were unable to break through Wu Kuang’s defence within a short period of time.


[I can’t let this drag on any longer! If this situation continues, I will only become more and more passive. Things will only worsen!] Having lived for so many years and travelled across so many universes, Mo Sheng was a decisive man. He could tell that he was unable to stop Yang Kai, so he came to a decision on the spot, “You will all pay for this!”


Following his furious howls, all the Demon Qi in the world churned violently as though it had turned into a living creature and poured into Mo Sheng’s body all at once. A storm blew across the world as Demon Qi from all over the Star Boundary was swiftly gathering in one place.


Yang Kai’s expression turned grim. He might not know why Mo Sheng was behaving in this manner, but it was clear the latter had no intention of dying quietly. It could be said that this was truly the most critical moment of the entire battle up until now, so how could he dare to show even the slightest negligence? He stared unblinking at what Mo Sheng was doing, refusing to miss anything at all!


At the same time, Yu Ru Meng, who had been fighting Wu Kuang, suddenly exerted her strength with no regard for her life. She fearlessly and recklessly began attacking Wu Kuang. Every single attack was lethal, but she left herself completely open to attack at the same time.


In response, Wu Kuang could only defend.


Taking this opportunity, Chang Tian withdrew from the battle and charged towards Zhan Wu Hen.


Yang Kai was stunned by the sight. Although he did not know the reason behind this behaviour, it was obvious that the Great Demon God was the one pulling the strings. He could not let the Great Demon God succeed, no matter what the Great Demon God was trying to do, so he shouted at the top of his lungs, “Stop him!”


But, who could stop Chang Tian? He was a Demon Dragon on par with a Demon Saint. If he really wanted to escape, even Yang Kai could not stop him, much less Wu Kuang who was being held up by Yu Ru Meng.


Therefore, Yang Kai could only watch as Chang Tian approached Zhan Wu Hen quickly, the ominous feeling in his heart growing stronger and stronger.




Chang Tian barged into the battle, joined forces with Huang Wu Ji, and forcefully drove Zhan Wu Hen, who had been evenly matched with his opponent earlier, back. Taking this opportunity, Huang Wu Ji turned around and soared in the direction of the Great Demon God.


Zhan Wu Hen immediately tried to give chase, but Chang Tian recklessly blocked his path, leaving Iron Blood no choice but to meet him head-on.


Meanwhile, Huang Wu Ji’s speed increased after he obtained his freedom and, under Yang Kai’s gaze, the First Demon Saint of the Demon Realm plunged headfirst into the enormous body of the Great Demon God and disappeared out of sight.


Malicious laughter rang out across the world at that moment, “All of you will die!”


When those words sounded, the enormous amorphous body collapsed in on itself, shrinking and gathering towards its centre. The outline of another figure could faintly be seen, wrapped in a layer of boundless black Qi. That figure was none other than Huang Wu Ji, who had plunged into the Great Demon God just before!


Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically at the sight. How could he still not understand what the Great Demon God was planning at this point? He had always found it strange that the Great Demon God revealed himself, but his body was completely formed from Demon Qi rather than a solid figure. How was he supposed to recover completely even if he devoured all of the Star Boundary’s Auspicious Spirit Essence without a body?


Based on the current situation, using his Soul to take over a Master’s body was undoubtedly an excellent method. This method was similar to possession, and since the entire Demon Race originated from him, it was only natural that there would be no potential dangers to this method. It could be said that, as long as he was willing, Mo Sheng could possess the body of any member of the Demon Race without fear of repercussions.


When Yang Kai understood the situation, he broke into a cold sweat. It was fortunate that Great Demon God did not choose to possess Yu Ru Meng as he would have been at a loss for what to do otherwise. If he had to face her, he would have had to decide whether to kill or not to kill her. If he chose to kill her, she would definitely die. On the other hand, if he chose not to kill her, he would have no way to give the entire Star Boundary an appropriate explanation. Of course, Yu Ru Meng was a woman, so as long as Great Demon God was sane, he would not have chosen to possess her seeing as he was a man.


[Has he been forced into a corner? He previously fought me for the ownership of the last piece of pure land but encountered all sorts of hindrances in the process. Perhaps, he has no other choice but to change his plans, seeing as nothing can be done at this point?] Yang Kai did not know what would happen if the Great Demon God had devoured the last remaining pure land in the Star Boundary, but judging by the current situation, it was definitely an ending that the Star Boundary would never consider acceptable.


Even though Yang Kai was just guessing, he was fairly confident in his conclusion. Why else would Mo Sheng change his plans unless he was forced to do so?


There was no need for him to possess anybody in his original plan. As long as he could devour the power of the Star Boundary’s Auspicious Spirit Essence completely, he could use it to recreate his physical body from his severed palm that was being protected by Huang Wu Ji. Although he would not return to his former peak, there would come a day in the future when he would fully recover if he took his time to slowly recuperate.


Unfortunately, Yang Kai had stubbornly held on to the last piece of pure land, causing Mo Sheng to fail to devour a crucial part of the Star Boundary’s Auspicious Spirit Essence, forcing the latter to change his plans.


Compared to the entire Star Boundary, the area of the last piece of pure land in High Heaven Palace was almost insignificant and the remaining Auspicious Spirit Essence in that region was akin to a drop in the bucket. Nevertheless, a single missing drop meant an imperfection! A flaw in a piece of jade would dim the shine of a jewel. The consequences Mo Sheng would face from having an incomplete Auspicious Spirit Essence were far beyond what Yang Kai could imagine!


A furious roar reverberated across the sky and the surging rage swept out like a tidal wave. Anyone who felt that rage could distinctly sense the unwillingness of the Great Demon God.


The boundless Demon Qi gathered and poured into Huang Wu Ji’s body, causing him to scream in agony. Clearly, he was experiencing enormous pain and suffering.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai took a deep breath, took out a handful of Spirit Pills from his Space Ring, and stuffed them all into his mouth as he continued to stare ahead intently with a solemn expression.


The first battle against Great Demon God had ended, centred on the struggle for ownership of the last piece of pure land in the Star Boundary. Although Yang Kai managed to defend that piece of pure land to the very end, it could not be said that he won the war. At most, he only gained a slight upper hand in this battle. Be that as it may, the Star Boundary had paid an extremely painful price just for the sake of this slight upper hand. How many Star Boundary soldiers had died for this cause? How many Emperor Realm Masters had perished…


Even so, it was far from the end. The next battle was the true battle for the fate of the world. If they won, peace would return to the Star Boundary, but if they lost, they would all die and the World would be destroyed!


Despite facing a Master from the Outer Universe, Yang Kai’s fighting spirit was at an all-time high. That was because he was no longer fighting alone! Rather, it could be said that, from the very beginning, he had never fought alone. He had always had the Star Boundary army by his side and the World at his back!


All of a sudden, Huang Wu Ji’s screams stopped and were replaced by a low laugh. An enormous body rapidly swelled and expanded as far as the eye could see. Unlike the body that was completely formed from Demon Qi earlier, the Great Demon God now had a true physical form that he could call his own. The figure was almost 1,000 metres tall and extremely horrifying, and following the surge of Demon Qi within that body, that figure continued to enlarge even further.


3,000 metres, 5,000 metres, 8,000 metres… Mo Sheng’s head towered above the skies while his feet were still firmly planted on the ground, his enormous shadow seemingly blocking out all light in the world. It wasn’t until his body reached a height of 10,000 metres that it finally stopped expanding.


At this moment, the terrifying Master that appeared in front of all the living creatures in the world no longer had the slightest resemblance to Huang Wu Ji’s original appearance. The real Huang Wu Ji had been completely wiped out of existence.


Horns grew on his forehead, his enormous eyes were like two small suns that shone with a shocking light, air so hot blew from his nostrils that it seemed to burn space itself. When he raised his hand, the sky split apart, when he stepped on the ground, the earth shattered. Meanwhile, those disdain-filled eyes looked down on every other living creature in the world with scorn.


A terrifying pressure pressed down on the entire Star Boundary and even the Great Emperors felt their chests tightening as their vitality churned violently.


“Insignificant ants! Did you think you had won just because you protected this world!? Laughable! Today, this King will show you the true meaning of the word strength!” Great Demon God’s voice boomed like thunder and a dense fog quickly covered the sky. The aura coming from him was not something any Great Emperor could hope to match.


At that moment, a wisp of purple Qi suddenly sped out from the east and appeared behind Great Demon God in the blink of an eye. That purple Qi dissipated to reveal a graceful figure that held a greatsword in one hand. With a solemn expression, she slid her finger down the length of her blade as she shouted, “Sever!”


When that word rang out, her sword slashed forward. The moment she launched her attack, an enormous illusory phantom of a woman appeared behind her. The woman was so beautiful that it was almost as if she was an immortal fairy. The phantom woman was also holding a sword in her hand that slashed down at the Great Demon God without any mercy.


Everything happened so suddenly that even the Great Demon God could not react in time, much less Yang Kai. Having just possessed Huang Wu Ji and finally gaining a physical body, the Great Demon God had been in peak spirits, so much so that he had inadvertently let down his guard at the exact moment this sword slash struck.


In the end, the Great Demon God was still the Great Demon God and he managed to dodge sideways the moment he sensed danger, simultaneously striking out behind himself with his giant palm.


The shocking sword wave was intercepted, and as a result, the graceful figure was thrown backwards while coughing up blood.




The sound of a sharp weapon slicing through flesh sounded and blood splattered everywhere while the Great Demon God howled in pain. His figure staggered backwards, leaving huge craters in the ground with every step he took.


“Abominable descendant of Heaven’s Order!” He turned around at glared at the graceful figure, the rage in his eyes almost looking like real flames.


“Ruo Xi!” Yang Kai was delighted at first, then filled with shock. He was overjoyed that Zhang Ruo Xi had come out of retreat at this critical moment. A quick calculation indicated that it was not yet the time they had agreed on previously. She had asked him to delay the Great Demon God for half an hour; however, she had come out in advance… Judging by the current situation, it looked like she had deliberately spoken with such specificity to deceive Mo Sheng.


What shocked Yang Kai was that she was injured to the point of spitting blood as soon as she came out of retreat. He did not even know how badly injured she was.




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  1. What a crock!
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    Author caught himself helping out the star boundary and quickly amended it so he can drag this out some more.

    1. He’s an entity with enough life experience to manipulate entire realms, enough battle experience to fight gods and put GE’s to shame, he just gobbled down enough demonic energy to completely cover this entire realm to the degree that allowed sustaining entire demonic army and demonic almost entire population of the realm. She’s a teenage girl who went into seclusion for a decade or two, but didn’t get to complete it. With a sword and maybe some memories of the lass, who whooped GDG’s ass tens or hundreds of thousands years ago – long before even bloody shamans of this realm have developed any sort of sustainable cultivation, making for some really diluted bloodline.
      The fact that she managed to leave a scratch on this blighter with a sneak attack and maybe survived the reflexive wave of his mitt is already pretty damn good.

  2. If she hadn’t caught him by surprise, she probably wouldn’t have been able to hurt him at all.
    And isn’t Ruo Xi injured because of GDG’s counter/interception? Or perhaps because she was awakened too early?

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