Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3807, Fight to the Death


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Although Zhang Ruo Xi was beaten to the point where she was sent flying and coughing up blood the moment she came out of retreat, the power of her attack was by no means insignificant.


The physical body of the Great Demon God had been formed mere moments ago; however, his left arm was chopped off at the shoulder and fell to the ground with a loud crash. The severed arm looked like a small hill lying horizontally across the ground and blood gushed out like a river. Meanwhile, the Great Demon God howled multiple times in agony.


A figure instantly sped in that direction at a high speed, his eyes filled with greed, almost like a starving wolf that had caught sight of a tempting delicacy. With a few leaps and bounds, he arrived in front of the severed arm that fell to the ground and stretched out his hand with a flourish. Following that, the severed arm vanished out of sight. Nobody knew where he had placed that severed arm.


Yang Kai was rushing toward Zhang Ruo Xi at the time, but while in his haste, he stole a glance in that direction and realised that the figure was none other than Wu Kuang. Thus, his expression involuntarily darkened.


On the other hand, Wu Kuang who had stolen the severed arm couldn’t stop the joy from bubbling up within him. He laughed heartily, overflowing with self-satisfaction.


“Bastard!” Great Demon God roared. It was bad enough that his arm had been cut off in a moment of negligence as an injury like that was not considered light damage to him, but he would only need to pay a certain price to recover as long as he still had his severed arm. However, his severed arm had been taken away by somebody. How could he tolerate something like that? If his severed arm was taken away, that would mean that he would have to regrow the missing limb, and the price would be far larger.


Roaring furiously, he opened his large hand and grabbed at Wu Kuang. It felt as though even the world itself was sealed when the large hand came slamming down. Wu Kuang’s expression changed drastically and he immediately moved to dodge the attack.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai caught Zhang Ruo Xi who was sent flying earlier, and asked in concern, “Are you okay?”


Zhang Ruo Xi’s complexion was slightly pale, but she was smiling so brightly that her eyes were narrowed into crescents. She pursed her lips and said, “Sir, I haven’t seen you in so long!”


Yang Kai smiled in response, “En, it’s been a while.”


Several dozen years had passed since she entered the Blood Gate, so be it Yang Kai or Zhang Ruo Xi, it had been a long time for both of them. Nevertheless, there was no sense of unfamiliarity or distance between them despite not having seen each other in decades.


Even so, Zhang Ruo Xi was no longer the timid little girl she used to be. Now that she had inherited the power of Heaven’s Order, she was truly an inheritor now. The power behind her attack earlier fully demonstrated just how powerful she was now.


“Ruo Xi has long wanted to fight side by side with Sir, and now I finally have the opportunity to do so!” Even though there was a powerful enemy in front of them, and even though the World was on the verge of collapse, the smile on her face was as bright as ever.


Yang Kai nodded, “In that case, show me just how powerful you have become, Ruo Xi.”


“Hey, you two! If you don’t come and help me soon, this Old Master is going to die right in front of you!” Wu Kuang’s exasperated voice called out from the side. He was frantically dodging the Great Demon God’s attacks and nearly fell into a desperate situation on several occasions, but when he turned to look to the side, he saw that damned couple smiling and talking like they were exchanging sweet nothings with each other. The sight nearly made his nose crooked from the rage.


Yang Kai and Zhang Ruo Xi looked at each other and smiled. Then, Yang Kai turned and said, “Wu Kuang, hold on for a little longer! This King will join you soon!”


Wu Kuang’s expression practically turned black upon hearing those words. He was cursing with all his might, but he did not dare to be careless and re-focused all his attention on dealing with the Great Demon God’s attacks.


“Ruo Xi, help me!” Yang Kai turned back to look at the other figure in the sky, his expression becoming solemn.


Zhang Ruo Xi held the Heavens Order Sword and gave a serious nod in response.


“Now!” Space Principles fluctuated to wrap around Zhang Ruo Xi when Yang Kai’s shout rang out. Then, they instantly appeared in front of Yu Ru Meng.


Yu Ru Meng had been fighting Wu Kuang before; however, Wu Kuang managed to escape her entanglement using some sort of unknown means. It would seem that his abilities were not as simple as they looked on the surface. After he escaped her rage, Yu Ru Meng had simply been standing there blank-eyed and motionless until this moment.


Her expression changed the moment Yang Kai and Zhang Ruo Xi appeared in front of her at the same time. An incomparably pure Spiritual Energy surged out from her Knowledge Sea and turned into an infinitely alluring Soul attack that blasted towards Yang Kai.


Being a Charm Demon, Yu Ru Meng excelled in Soul cultivation. If it had been any other Great Emperor, they would have been strongly affected by this attack. That held true even if Zhan Wu Hen had been standing in this spot instead.


Yang Kai was a special case, however, all thanks to the power of Yu Ru Meng’s Primordial Yin that allowed his own Soul cultivation to surge back then. At the time, Yu Ru Meng also mentioned to him that no Charm Demon could ever affect him with a Charm Technique again. Even she was not an exception.


Therefore, Yang Kai ignored the Soul attack regardless of how powerful it was, remaining safe and sound aside from a slight shock to his head. Reaching out with both hands, he grabbed at her.


She was being controlled by the Great Demon God, so her body and mind were not under her control, even so countless years of fighting had instilled a natural combat instinct in her body, so she immediately retreated backwards when he reached out towards her.


On the other hand, Zhang Ruo Xi appeared behind her at just the right moment. The Heavens Order Sword came out of its sheath and her sword came slashing down!


“Don’t kill her!” Yang Kai shouted hurriedly. He had not had the time to explain his relationship with Yu Ru Meng to Zhang Ruo Xi, and he also had not expected her to be so ruthless in her attacks, which was why he shouted desperately.


Zhang Ruo Xi knit her brow at those words and the sword that came slashing down paused for a moment before she smoothly withdrew it.


Yu Ru Meng was being flanked from front and back. Moreover, the distance between them was so close that even a Demon Saint like her would have a hard time dodging. Something closed down over her shoulders at that moment. It turned out to be Yang Kai’s two big hands clasping her on the shoulders.


“Ru Meng!” Yang Kai stared straight into her eyes and her expression twitched at the sound of his voice as she struggled slightly, showing a slight reaction to his shout.


Taking advantage of this situation, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense surged madly and wrapped around her. He wanted to place her into the Small Sealed World. Everything would be fine as long as he could put her inside and isolate her from the outside world.


The struggle lasted for only a single moment, but in the next moment, Yu Ru Meng raised her palm and slammed it against his chest with great force.


*Hong hong hong…* 


Those slender palms contained a Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering power in them, and a deafening explosion rang out every time her hand came into contact with his chest. Following that, shockwaves visible to the naked eyes spread out and shook the World around them itself.


Yu Ru Meng might not be proficient in melee combat due to her being a Charm Demon, but she was still a Demon Saint. Yang Kai felt as though he had been struck by lightning when her palm strikes landed. Blood trickled out of his nose and his mouth and several of his rib bones were also broken from the impact. Even so, he stubbornly refused to let go of her, his Divine Sense continuing to pour out like a tide.


When it came to placing a living creature into the Small Sealed World, the more the target resisted, the greater the energy consumption required. Hence, it was an extremely difficult task to forcibly place a Demon Saint into the Small Sealed World. Yang Kai might have the strength of a Great Emperor, but it was still impossible to successfully force Yu Ru Meng inside the Small Sealed World unless she cooperated.


Just as they were locked in a stalemate, a tender fist came from behind and struck Yu Ru Meng on the back of the head without any mercy. There was such a loud sound that Yang Kai wondered whether Yu Ru Meng’s head would be smashed in by the punch.


Fortunately, Yu Ru Meng did not have her head broken. It could be seen that Zhang Ruo Xi had taken great care not to go overboard with this attack. However, Yu Ru Meng was clearly in a bad state after taking that punch. The blow left her feeling dizzy and her palms that were aiming at Yang Kai became limp and she lost all strength in her body.


With a whoosh, Yu Ru Meng instantly vanished out of sight. She had been placed into the Small Sealed World by Yang Kai.


“Sir, are you alright!?” Zhang Ruo Xi anxiously came over to support Yang Kai.


Yang Kai coughed a few times, clutching at his chest. He slowly shook his head, concurrently immersing his mind into the Small Sealed World to check out the situation there. Yu Ru Meng was fine. Zhang Ruo Xi’s punch might have been heavy, but it had only given Yu Ru Meng a slight concussion at most.


After entering the Small Sealed World, the Great Demon God’s control over Yu Ru Meng seemed to weaken rapidly under the isolating effects of the Small Sealed World’s World Barrier. At this moment, the expression on Yu Ru Meng’s face was very strange. It was a sign that she was about to wake up from her sleep. Nevertheless, Yang Kai did not dare to let her out again even if she managed to break free of the Great Demon God’s control. Mo Sheng’s ability to influence the Demon Race was too strong and it would only bring more trouble to let Yu Ru Meng out again at this time.


There was no time for Yang Kai to wait until Yu Ru Meng woke up to explain the circumstances to her, however, as Wu Kuang’s voice was becoming more and more desperate, “Hurry!”


He was exhausted from facing the wrath of the Great Demon God with his power alone. If Yang Kai did not come over to provide support soon, he would be dead in less than a stick of incense.


“It’s time to end all of this.” Yang Kai took a light breath and reached out into the Void. There was a Dragon Roar, then the Azure Dragon Spear appeared in the palm of his hand.


The spear was simple-looking, but it instantly attracted Zhang Ruo Xi’s attention. With her current level of knowledge and insight, she could sense just how extraordinary this spear was at a glance. Moreover, this treasure did not seem like something that originated from the Star Boundary.


With the spear in hand, Yang Kai’s fighting intent soared.


“Sir, take good care of yourself! There will be a pleasant surprise later!” Zhang Ruo Xi said before a sword light flowed out and she flew over to slash at the Great Demon God from a distance.


[A pleasant surprise?] Yang Kai was confused, but before he could question her further about what she meant, she had already rushed off. Therefore, he suppressed the doubts in his heart. His expression became stern, and all that remained in his sight was the 10,000-metre-tall Great Demon God in front of him.


With a stoic expression and a dragon spear in hand, Yang Kai thrust out. A Dragon Roar resounded across the sky when he launched his attack. He was in his normal state when he first launched his attack; however, he had already transformed into his more than 1,000 metre-long Half-Dragon Form by the time he arrived in front of the Great Demon God. Likewise, the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand swelled accordingly and pierced towards Great Demon God’s heart.


The power of his attack made the world pale. World Force gathered on the Azure Dragon Spear, and combined with the blessing of the World’s Will, forget a 1,000-metre-tall mountain, this attack would be able to smash a million-metre-tall mountain to bits!


The Great Demon God did not dare to underestimate the power of this strike, so he pivoted and reached out a palm wrapped in a strange power to intercept Yang Kai.


Amidst the loud commotion, Yang Kai’s body trembled from the impact and his eyes widened in surprise, “World Force!?”


His more than 1,000 metre-long Half-Dragon Body was sent flying backwards. It took a lot of effort for him to stabilize his body once more while, on the other side, Zhang Ruo Xi had also been forced to retreat. Wu Kuang had long since escaped when the other two arrived. He had tried to attack with a few Divine Abilities, but to no avail.


Even with the combined power of these three, they were unable to hurt the Great Demon God in the slightest. Clearly, if Mo Sheng had not been careless back then, in addition to being taken by surprise by Zhang Ruo Xi’s sudden arrival, he would not have gotten his arm chopped off so easily.


At this moment, his severed arm had begun to re-grow, but the most obvious price of that regeneration was that his 10,000-metre-tall body had been shortened by 2,000 metres. It would seem that the sacrifice he had to make was not small.


The Great Demon God was extremely strong, and Yang Kai had long been mentally prepared for such a reality. If the Great Demon God was not powerful, then Flowing Time Great Emperor would not have lost his life in the past. It had to be said that the Flowing Time Great Emperor of that era was an invincible existence in the Star Boundary. Not to mention, the Great Demon God of that era was still heavily wounded.




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