Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3808, Open Heaven Realm


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The Great Demon God had killed Flowing Time Great Emperor, who was at the peak of his strength, with a wounded body. Although his physical body had been destroyed in the process, the gap between them was clear at a glance. Mo Sheng was much stronger than Flowing Time Great Emperor.


Yang Kai had always known that the Great Demon God was strong, but he never imagined it would be to this extent. He and Wu Kuang were both Great Emperors, while Zhang Ruo Xi was not a Great Emperor but her current strength was not inferior to that of one.


In other words, the Great Demon God was able to come out unscathed from the combined attacks of three Great Emperors.


The battle this time was different from the previous one. The previous battle was fought over the ownership of the last piece of pure land left in the Star Boundary. It was a battle purely based on their control over the World Force. Whoever had stronger control over the World would have a greater advantage. It had nothing to do with their actual strength. Furthermore, Yang Kai had a unique advantage in a battle like that because he had the Star Boundary’s World’s Will in his possession.


It was for that reason that he had not yet realised the horror of the Great Demon God. Only at this moment did he truly understand just how powerful Mo Sheng was. In addition, the burst of World Force just now also confused him greatly. Logically speaking, only those who bore the World’s Will could mobilise World Force.


How was Great Demon God able to use World Force then? Moreover, Great Demon God’s World Force was very unfamiliar to Yang Kai. It did not seem to be the power of the Star Boundary at all.


Seeming to notice Yang Kai’s confusion, Zhang Ruo Xi explained, “The Martial Dao can be roughly divided into the Inner Universe and Outer Universe phases. In the Inner Universe, the Emperor Realm is the peak. To go beyond the Emperor Realm, one must break free of the shackles of the Inner Universe and ascend above their World, allowing your body itself to become a World of its own. He is currently in the Open Heaven Realm, so he can mobilise the World Force even without borrowing the strength of a world.”


“Open Heaven Realm?” Yang Kai widened his eyes. It was just like how he had ascended from a Lower Star Field and first heard about the Dao Source Realm in the past. He was incredibly shocked and curious… There was also a trace of excitement in him.


[Is this the path after becoming a Great Emperor?] Mo Sheng had mentioned something similar in the past, that a so-called Great Emperor was simply a title and not a Realm. Now that he was also a Great Emperor, Yang Kai could relate to Mo Sheng’s statement.


It was precisely because a Great Emperor was able to mobilise their World’s World Force that they were given the title of a Great Emperor. In essence, they had not exceeded the limits of the Emperor Realm, they were simply more powerful than ordinary Emperor Realm Masters. It was only by relying on the world itself that a Great Emperor was a Great Emperor. A Great Emperor was simply a title in name only without their world.


According to Zhang Ruo Xi, after the Emperor Realm, he would need to break free of the shackles of the world, transcend beyond it, and form a world of his own in his body…


He could not help recalling the feeling he experienced when he swallowed the World Source Liquid in the Profound Heavens Temple. When the World Source Liquid erupted in his abdomen, Yang Kai experienced a strange feeling that felt as though the Heavens and the Earth were being split apart.


[Is that what it feels like?] Yang Kai did not doubt Zhang Ruo Xi’s words as she had the inheritance from Heaven’s Order. Like Great Demon God, Heavens Order was a Master from the Outer Universe; hence, she would not be unfamiliar with the Martial Dao of the Outer Universe.


[In that case, it’s not surprising that Great Demon God can mobilise World Force.] Yang Kai had wondered if something had gone wrong earlier, but now it would seem that what Great Demon God utilised was not the Star Boundary’s might, but his own. He had long since gotten rid of the shackles of the world, so his body had formed a world of its own.


“What Realm are you in right now?” Yang Kai turned and looked at Zhang Ruo Xi curiously.


Zhang Ruo Xi slowly shook her head, “Still within the Inner Universe!”


Her strength had increased greatly as a result of her cultivating in retreat for a time; however, it had taken her several dozen years to do so. Even with the inheritance she received, it was impossible for her to advance beyond the level of Great Demon God in such a short period of time. She might be as strong as a Great Emperor at the moment, but she had yet to reach the Open Heaven Realm.


“Aren’t we in a bad situation then?” He grinned. While his words sounded grim, there was no hint of fear in his expression. Rather, he seemed eager instead. Fighting beyond his Realm was all too familiar to Yang Kai, so he couldn’t help looking forward to this battle as a Great Emperor.


Zhang Ruo Xi shook her head, “It’s not certain. His strength has decreased sharply. He is not at his peak, so who lives and who dies will depend on their respective abilities.”


“I was thinking so too!” As soon as the last word came out of his mouth, Yang Kai had already aimed his spear at the Great Demon God. A black ball flashed and disappeared at the tip of the huge spear before a world-collapsing aura burst forth.


Zhang Ruo Xi slashed down with her sword at the same time, her movements elegant and clean, almost as though she was an ethereal being.


Be that as it may, the power behind this attack made Mo Sheng pale slightly. He revealed a pained expression as if he had received some sort of invisible attack when the sword came slashing down and his body froze for a moment as a result.


The Azure Dragon Spear arrived in front of him at that exact moment, and he was unable to parry it in time, allowing the spear to strike him hard in the shoulder. When the World Forces collided, the flesh around Mo Sheng’s shoulder splattered everywhere. Large chunks of meat went flying and his enormous body staggered backwards by several steps, drawing a roar from his lips.


“So that’s how it is…” Loud laughter rang out as Wu Kuang flew forward, his eyes blazing fanatically, “Open Heaven Realm, was it? It seems this King was not going down the wrong path!”


While speaking, an illusory scenery suddenly appeared behind him. The scenery depicted a beautiful garden with small bridges, flowing water, standing rockery, as well as a small pond. The pond water was extremely clear and there were several koi fish swimming around. Beside the pond was a small pavilion with a checkerboard laying atop a stone table with the black and white pieces vying against each other. Next to the pavilion were several colourful peach blossom trees that rendered the scenery even more beautiful. However, a horrifying aura was coming from that illusory scenery, the aura of an entire Universe World.


When Yang Kai met Wu Kuang for the first time, he learned that the latter was devouring various Star Fields. Wu Kuang had even tried to target Heng Luo Star Field. Yang Kai had been to that garden before, so he knew about some of the mysteries behind it.


The small garden was a fusion of countless Star Fields, and the checkerboard placed on the stone table was a vast Starry Sky while each chess piece on the board was a Cultivation Star.


The last time Yang Kai went to this garden, there had only been very few peach blossoms blooming. Looking at it now, there were many additions to the garden that he had never seen before. It would seem that Wu Kuang had been making huge improvements to his garden over the years.


Yang Kai had the faint feeling that the Heng Luo Star Field had met its end. It had most likely been devoured by Wu Kuang. He used to think that Wu Kuang’s approach was crazy and unreasonable; however, it would seem that Wu Kuang was simply the pioneer of the entire Star Boundary.


In order to enter the Outer Universe, a person had to break free from the shackles of the World. What was the difference between Wu Kuang’s actions and splitting Heaven and Earth apart? Moreover, he could even gain a deeper understanding of the Martial Dao through his actions.


Looking at it from this point of view, it was not a fluke that he became a Great Emperor and dominated the Star Boundary. His talents and intelligence were extremely rare. Otherwise, he could not have created something like the Heaven Devouring Battle Law in the first place. With just his own intelligence, he also managed to figure out a way forward at a time when everyone else was left scratching their heads regarding their future.


Thus, Yang Kai couldn’t help but sigh in amazement. He finally understood why Duan Hong Chen had been letting Wu Kuang do whatever he wanted without stopping him.


Although the Bustling World Great Emperor was concerned about the lives of ordinary people in the world, it was impossible to remain indifferent in the face of the temptation of advancing further and deeper along the Martial Dao.


Besides, Wu Kuang’s method of devouring and merging the Star Fields this time around was different from what he had done in the past. He used to rely on the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, which annihilated all the vitality everywhere he went. In contrast, this time he used the Ancestral Domain as a core to merge those countless Star Fields together. This method did not harm the roots of the Star Fields. In fact, it would probably bring unexpected benefits to the Lower Star Fields.


The garden scenery emerging from his back was the best proof. The garden scenery had turned into a universe of its own. Although it was not comparable to Universe Worlds like the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm, it was much better than any of the Lower Star Fields were previously. As long as he had this universe at hand, Wu Kuang would have the power of a Great Emperor. More importantly, his strength would not diminish in the slightest even without the Star Boundary.


Laughing wildly, he raised his hand and the koi fish leisurely swimming around in the pond suddenly leapt out of the water and transformed into many ferocious giant beasts. They opened their huge bloody jaws to reveal a mouthful of gleaming serrated fangs as they viciously attacked Great Demon God.


“That old dog knows how to hide his cards!” Yang Kai secretly gritted his teeth at the sight. When Wu Kuang fought Great Demon God alone just now, he acted as though he was extremely hard-pressed and could fall dead at any time. But, it would now seem that he was simply hiding his true strength all along. It wasn’t until this moment that he revealed the true extent of his power.


The bodies of the giant beasts exuded a terrifying World Force and arrived in front of the Great Demon God in the blink of an eye.


Great Demon God responded with a fist, and one of the giant beasts exploded, but the remaining giant beasts bit him at different locations on his body. Pieces of his flesh were torn off the bone, but those giant beasts did not stop there. They immediately turned around and fled back, turning back into fish and falling into the pond once more.


Meanwhile, Wu Kuang looked as intoxicated as though he had eaten a scrumptious delicacy. Even the aura around his body seemed to increase slightly.


Despite being on the same side, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a chill running through his heart at the sight before taking advantage of the Great Demon God’s distraction. The Azure Dragon Spear turned into a spear shadow that covered the sky, stabbing out towards Mo Sheng.


At the same time, Zhang Ruo Xi released a storm of sword waves that lashed against Great Demon God’s body, leaving deep and horrifying scars.


“An ant dares to wound this King!?” Great Demon God was furious. He waved his hands in the air, smashing the spear shadows and the sword waves in the sky to pieces. With a muffled cry, both Yang Kai and Zhang Ruo Xi were thrown backwards together. Wu Kuang, who had been quietly sneaking up on Great Demon God, was also slapped aside by one of the flailing hands and screamed as he crashed into the ground, creating a huge crater from the impact of his fall. Meanwhile, Yang Kai and Zhang Ruo Xi both coughed up blood…


Among the three Great Emperors, Wu Kuang was the only one who got away lightly from the aggressive onslaught of the Great Demon God.


The gap in their cultivation Realm was like a huge chasm that left a bitter taste in Yang Kai’s mouth. Still, he picked up his spear, stabilised his body, and locked his aura onto the Great Demon God.


“He’s here!” Zhang Ruo Xi suddenly sent a transmission, “Stop him for a moment!”


Yang Kai did not know who she was referring to when she said ‘He’s here!’; however, seeing as she had rushed forward once more, he could only grit his teeth and follow closely after her.


There were two loud explosions as the huge figure of Great Demon God exuded a boundless hostility. The attacks that Yang Kai and Zhang Ruo Xi put all their might into only lasted for less than a breath when they felt an overwhelming force coming toward them. Thus, they were forced to retreat as space collapsed at the spot where they had been standing before.


At this moment, a terrifying aura descended from the sky…




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  1. I’ve got my money on it being the stone dude who was in the blood gate with her. Although it’d be weird if he was all of a sudden really strong? But since he’s a stone dude, it makes sense Ruo Xi would get there first

    Also, doesn’t YK have a bunch of world force in the demon realm world bead that he refined? He’s used the world bead before to mobilize world force when he was going through a baptism. Might help him fight Demon God

    1. But the last time he used the World force of the bead outside, the bead inside was completely destroyed and the World energy and principles had to be gathered again. And he might still plan to let the demons live there after the war, so it shouldn’t be destroyed

      1. Then again, considering how many people each side lost, the demons might just live normally in the Star Boundary (e.g. Western territory where most human died). And perhaps Yang Kai then uses the new Demon Realm as his source for world force when he reaches/ in order to reach the open heaven realm (at least it sounds like you have to have a world within yourself if you can use world force without an outside world, and there is at least one cultivation story were people have worlds inside them).
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  2. Xiao xiao shouldn’t be able to do shit. The most he should be is a divine spirit venerable or whatever they’re called.

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    Or is that just another thing he forgot about?!?

    1. Perhaps Heavens Order was already gathering Divine Spirit sources in the outer universe, and the sources there might be better/higher grade, making monsters that refined them GE level instead of Pseudo GE? We’ve already seen with dragon sources that there are better and worse ones (ancestral vs others)

    2. To become a GE one needs the power and karma of fifty PGE’s, divine spirits are rough equivalent of PGEs, stone spirits are known for their ability to refine whatever useful stuff they manage to fit in their mouth. Heaven’s Order was sitting on majority of divine spirit sources of this realm, presumably numbered significantly more than fifty… If Xiao Xiao spent this entire time eating sources like candy – he’d have the capacity to be stronger than GDG by now.

  3. Some here have forgotten that the Stone Warriors can change their size. Xiao Xiao was Yang Kai ‘s helper and became a giant, so he is returning as a giant to fight that Great Demon God .

  4. Seriously,, what happened to the bell that can suppress anything. Wu Kuang, at his Peak, was wary of it. There’s no way it can’t work against GDG.

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