Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3809, Tai Yue


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The majestic power was mighty and the strength of the aura was no less than a Great Emperor’s.


Yang Kai looked up into the sky in surprise, only to see a small black spot was falling like a meteor, moving at an extremely high speed.


A warm feeling blossomed in his heart as it felt as though he was extremely familiar with the ‘meteor’ that was falling out of the sky. Raising a brow, Yang Kai immediately realised who was coming and couldn’t help looking pleasantly surprised.


The black spot rapidly enlarged as it fell, soon transforming into a thousand-metre-tall creature that slammed directly in the direction of Great Demon God. The incredibly fierce and unparalleled momentum gave off the feeling that being hit by that falling object would surely bring about unbearable consequences.


Clearly aware of the presence, Great Demon God looked up into the sky with a livid expression. He raised his hand to block the incoming object and roared, “Insignificant ants…”




Before he could finish his sentence, the enormous creature had already smashed down to the ground. An overwhelmingly powerful force sent the 8,000-metre-tall body of Great Demon God tumbling backwards through the air. Countless cracks appeared in the ground, forming deep, abyss-like ravines as though a huge earthquake had taken place. The entire Northern Territory shook from the impact.




A deafening roar rang out. The enormous creature that came falling from the sky threw his head back and let out a loud cry, releasing the excitement in his heart. He thumped his chest with fists as large as small hills. The thumping sounded like the pounding of war drums, creating waves of sound that exploded across the surroundings.


“Xiao Xiao…” Yang Kai looked dazed, staring blankly at the 1,000-metre-tall figure. If not for the instinctive feeling in his heart, he would not have dared to believe that they were the same person. Who else could this behemoth be but Xiao Xiao, who entered the Blood Gate together with Zhang Ruo Xi back then?


Compared to back then, Xiao Xiao had gotten much stronger. It was a completely Earth-shaking transformation. Moreover, Yang Kai could sense an extremely pure and ancient Divine Spirit aura coming from Xiao Xiao. That aura felt as though it had stepped out of history and crossed through an endless span of time.


Yang Kai abruptly recalled that the Stone Spirit Clan that Xiao Xiao came from were descendants of the Ancient Divine Spirit Tai Yue. The reason Zhang Ruo Xi had taken Xiao Xiao into the Blood Gate with her was for him to inherit Tai Yue’s Source inside the Heaven’s Order Palace.


Several dozen years had passed. Zhang Ruo Xi had been woken from her deep sleep and came out of retreat to kill her enemies, so how could Xiao Xiao remain inside? It was just that his speed could not compare to hers, so she arrived first.


At this moment, Xiao Xiao had completely exceeded the limits of a Stone Spirit and had become a true Ancient Divine Spirit. He was Tai Yue!


This was the pleasant surprise Zhang Ruo Xi mentioned earlier.


Yang Kai laughed happily. This was definitely a huge and pleasant surprise, one he was very satisfied with.


Right when the Star Boundary’s survival was at its most critical, the Great Emperors returned, Zhang Ruo Xi came out of retreat, and Xiao Xiao made such a grand entrance… 


All of Yang Kai’s worries were resolved with their appearance. What was there to regret even if he died in battle today? To be able to fight alongside the people that he cared about filled his body and mind with great happiness.


The Dragon and the Phoenix were highly respected in ancient times when the Divine Spirits dominated the universe. Be that as it may, it was not as if the other Divine Spirits were inferior to the Dragons and Phoenixes. According to ancient rankings, many Divine Spirits were no less powerful than the Dragon and Phoenix Clan. Legend even claimed that the Divine Spirit Great Peng saw Dragons as food and were the mortal enemies of the Dragon Clan. As for the Tai Yue, they were extremely high-ranking Divine Spirits in ancient times.


Inside the Heaven’s Order Palace within the Blood Gate, Xiao Xiao had received help from Zhang Ruo Xi, the descendent of Heaven’s Order, to perfectly integrate the Source of his ancestors into his body, bringing honour and glory to them.


At this moment, Tai Yue Xiao Xiao was not inferior to the two Dragon Clan Elders or the Great Emperor in terms of strength! If not for that, he could not have dealt such a huge blow to Great Demon God the moment he arrived on the scene.


Great Demon God’s huge figure tumbled backwards, and everywhere he passed, mountains collapsed and rivers stopped flowing. It wasn’t until a distance of ten thousand kilometres that he came to a stop and immediately got back to his feet. He was in a wretched condition. Hence, his fury was beyond description.


Without giving Great Demon God any chance of respite, Zhang Ruo Xi and Wu Kuang were already following up with another attack. One came slashing down with a sword rain that covered the sky while the other relied on the power of the Universe World behind him. He waved his large hand and the peach blossoms on the trees scattered their petals in the wind. Each petal was a sharp blade, slicing into Great Demon God’s enormous body.


Each attack contained a Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering force, and none were to be taken lightly. Blood gushed out of Great Demon God’s body as he howled in agony.


Even so, it was not over yet. Tai Yue Xiao Xiao came bounding in this direction once more. Taking advantage of Great Demon God’s momentary distraction, he rushed forward in a few steps and his hill-like fists punched out like a raging storm.


Mo Sheng did not dare to ignore these attacks and hurriedly defended himself.


The two giant behemoths fought each other in a deadly melee. Such a thrilling and mesmerising scene made everybody watch in anticipation. The sounds of their swinging fists rumbled throughout the world like deafening thunder.


Three breaths later, Xiao Xiao was sent flying with several huge fist-shaped depressions sunken into his chest and a hint of pain on his angular face. Even with Wu Kuang and Zhang Ruo Xi distracting Great Demon God, Xiao Xiao was still not Great Demon God’s opponent. It was easy to imagine the gap in strength between them.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai’s group currently had the qualification to fight Great Demon God on equal terms. At present, that was the qualification that the Star Boundary lacked. They were not afraid of being unable to win, they were afraid that the gap between them was so wide that they didn’t even have the qualification to struggle.


Yang Kai had already charged forward and his more than 1,000-metre-long Half-Dragon Body loomed, though it was still dwarfed by Great Demon God. Fortunately, the destructive power of the Azure Dragon Spear was what Great Demon God feared the most.


The invincible spear was supplemented by World Force that Yang Kai could now mobilise and the Martial Truth that he gained through his insights on the ancient battlefield. Even Great Demon God would suffer greatly if he received damage from this spear.


Spear shadows seemed to cover the entire sky, bringing with them a Divine Light as blood splattered everywhere and several bloody holes appeared on Great Demon God’s body.


“Miserable!” Great Demon God roared furiously, sweeping his hand in Yang Kai’s direction. The movements of his hand seemed slow, but were actually incomparably fast. The attack was simple, but it gave off an overwhelming pressure that simply could not be avoided.


“Sir, watch out!” Zhang Ruo Xi turned pale as the illusory phantom of a giant woman appeared behind her back once more. That woman raised her sword and swung down at Great Demon God’s shoulder.


On the other hand, Wu Kuang laughed maniacally, ignoring Yang Kai’s life-and-death situation as he pushed his Heaven Devouring Battle Law madly. The koi fish kept leaping out of the Universe World behind him, turning into ferocious beasts, and taking bites out of Great Demon God’s flesh before returning to the pond.


Although the attacks of these two people were not ineffective, it was difficult to make a difference in the overall situation in short order, so Great Demon God ignored them both and focused his glare at Yang Kai with eyes filled with murderous intent.


Yang Kai’s complexion turned pale as he withdrew his spear and raised it to defend himself.


Just as the giant palm was about to reach him, the ground suddenly began to shake with shock waves that sounded like a beating drum. Yang Kai glanced out of the corner of his eye and his facial muscles couldn’t help twitching at the sight.


Xiao Xiao, who was sent flying just now, was charging in this direction from not far away. It was just that he was holding a huge mountain high above his head with an aggressive air. Needless to say, it was an actual mountain. Who could say where he had picked it up from? He was striding over, leaving a deep footprint behind with every step he took.


It only took a few strides before Xiao Xiao arrived in front of Great Demon God. Then, he smashed the huge mountain in his hands down on Mo Sheng’s head. Great Demon God had no choice but to raise a hand in defence, using a palm strike to smash the huge falling mountain to pieces, sending rubble everywhere.


Meanwhile, Xiao Xiao borrowed the rubble as cover to charge forward. With one arm, he firmly restrained one of Great Demon God’s arms. Thus, the two behemoths became locked in a melee once more.


After suffering a small loss just now, Xiao Xiao had gotten a bit smarter. He probably realised that he was not Great Demon God’s opponent in a one-on-one battle, so without giving Great Demon God a chance to retaliate, he immediately clenched his other hand into a fist and slammed it viciously into Mo Sheng’s forehead after restraining the other party’s arm.


There was a huge noise and Great Demon God’s head tilted to the side, a slight fracture appearing above his brow. However, his other hand had also formed a fist that struck Xiao Xiao in the chest.


Xiao Xiao immediately showed a pained expression, but he stubbornly did not release his grip. Without waiting for Great Demon God to pull back, he used his other hand to grab Great Demon God’s wrist.


The two behemoths grappled against each other, falling to the ground and causing a cloud of dust to rise.


“Now!” Zhang Ruo Xi’s eyes brightened. Sliding her finger down the length of the Heavens Order Sword, coating it in fresh blood. The greatsword hummed violently as countless flowing sword lights appeared behind her. She pointed her finger again and those sword lights became sharp attacks that blasted in the direction of the Great Demon God.


Not to be left behind, Yang Kai held the Azure Dragon Spear with a solemn expression and poured all the strength in his body into it as he sent out a continuous stream of thrusts. Each stab was capable of severely injuring a Great Emperor or a Demon Saint, but was only capable of leaving several bloody holes in Great Demon God’s body.


A river of blood gushed out from Great Demon God’s figure as he was in an unprecedented state of disgrace. He had not been this dishevelled even in his two previous fights against top Masters in life-or-death battles.


Now that his movements were being restrained by Tai Yue Xiao Xiao, he was powerless against the attacks of Yang Kai and the two others. He was no different from being a fish on a chopping block at this moment. Furthermore, who among these three who were attacking him could be underestimated?


The Azure Dragon Spear in Yang Kai’s possession combined with the Martial Truth attached to the blade had given Mo Sheng a lot of trouble.


In addition, Zhang Ruo Xi was the descendant of his old enemy. The experience she obtained from the inheritance left behind by her ancestor had given her knowledge of the kinds of attacks that would cause the greatest damage to him.


Lastly, Wu Kuang was proficient in the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, which was continuously devouring his vitality and strength at all times!


Mo Sheng had always been confident of his victory and looked down on all the living creatures of this world from above. He had thought nothing of the living creatures in the Star Boundary or Demon Realm. Even when his plans had been destroyed, he had felt only a sense of rage, not fear.


Even if his plans had been destroyed, he could simply search for another Universe World. It would only take some time for him to devour that Universe World’s Auspicious Spirit Essence and there would come a day when he recovered completely.


However, he could not suppress the faint unease that was budding in the depths of his heart now. These four ants that he had scorned might actually have the power to slowly eat away at his strength and eventually cause his demise!


The Earth-shaking sounds continued as this battlefield was the key to the Star Boundary’s survival. Yang Kai and the others were giving their all in this fight without holding back whatsoever; therefore, the other Masters engaged in smaller battles could not help but divide some of their attention to keep an eye on this ongoing struggle.




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  1. I hope that Xiao Xiao will now accompany Yang Kai when he goes ro the outer universe since they are now at a similar level. Also hope that Liu Yan also gets a boost so that Yang Kai takes her with him. And I hope for a scene with Xiao Xiao and Yang Yan, she (or her soul clone) named him after all.
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