Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3810, Chaotic Situation


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Seeing that Great Demon God was being suppressed by the joint efforts of the four Masters, the rest of the Great Emperors from the Star Boundary couldn’t help feeling overjoyed. On the other hand, the Demon Saints from the Demon Realm became ashen-faced.


Using their Divine Senses, it became clear that Great Demon God’s overwhelming aura was weakening at a subtle speed. Great Demon God tried multiple times to break free from Tai Yue’s grasp; however, Xiao Xiao did not show any signs of loosening his grip regardless of how Great Demon God attacked him or how much damage Mo Sheng caused to him. His behaviour seemed to indicate that he would drag Great Demon God down with him even if he died in the process.


The Demon Saints and the Great Demon God were shocked!


Great Demon God falling to a disadvantage on the main battlefield left many of the Demon Saints feeling very uneasy. It even caused a change in the battle between the Great Emperors and the Demon Saints. The stalemate in the evenly-matched battle finally broke and the Great Emperors slowly gained the upper hand.


The emergence of the Divine Spirit Tai Yue, Xiao Xiao, was like the last straw that broke the camel’s back, resulting in an unexpected chain of events. For both the survivors from the Star Boundary and the Star Boundary itself, it was truly a pleasant surprise. If the situation continued to develop in this direction, Yang Kai and the others would have a high chance of actually killing Great Demon God.


“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust! My subjects, return to me!” Great Demon God’s shout resounded across the world suddenly, conveying a peculiar power.


Yang Kai felt his eyes burning all of a sudden, as though his eyes were being stabbed by hot knives. The agony pierced right through his heart while at the same time, a powerful force came from the shadows and his eyes showed signs of leaving his body. That wasn’t all. Both the Demon Eye of Annihilation and the Black Purgatory Eye activated all by themselves without his control. His left eye was golden while his right eye was pitch black. 


It startled Yang Kai so much that the momentum of his vicious attacks paused for a moment. He hurriedly fled to the rear, putting some distance between him and Great Demon God while concurrently gathering his power in his eyes to suppress them.


Both the Demon Eye of Annihilation and the Black Purgatory Eye originated from the Great Demon God. Back when Great Demon God fought the Flowing Time Great Emperor, his physical body had been destroyed but both his eyes that contained his innate Divine Abilities had been lost. Over the years, both eyes had gained sentience and went through a series of fateful encounters.


Strictly speaking, the Great Demon God in Tong Xuan Realm and the One-Eyed Great Demon that once invaded the Star Boundary were both Soul Clones of the Great Demon God. It was just that these two Soul Clones were not intentionally refined by Great Demon God and were instead born by chance, so their actions were completely unrelated to the main body. Regardless of the circumstances, both eyes had a constant and unbreakable connection with the Great Demon God.


It was only thanks to the fact that Yang Kai was now a Great Emperor with the protection of the World that he remained safe. Otherwise, the Great Demon God could have stolen both his eyes with a single thought and rendered two of his greatest Divine Abilities useless as a result.


It was precisely because of these concerns that Yang Kai had not tried to use the Demon Eye of Annihilation or the Black Purgatory Eye when battling the Great Demon God. He was afraid he might give Great Demon God an opportunity to take advantage of the situation. Who could have expected that Great Demon God could still exert some influence on him even though he had not used those eyes?


[What is he trying to do?] Yang Kai was extremely vigilant towards the movements of his enemy; thus, he stared at Great Demon God unblinking. The only thing that gave him a small sense of comfort was that nothing was wrong with his eyes even though the burning sensation had not gone away. However, he soon understood what Great Demon God was attempting.


The moment those words rang out, all the Demon Saints who were locked in a fierce struggle against the Great Emperors suddenly abandoned their opponents, turned around, and headed straight for the Great Demon God, completely ignoring all the attacks that shot in their direction from behind them.


An ominous feeling bloomed in Yang Kai’s heart as he roared, “Stop them! Don’t let them approach!”


There was no need for him to warn the Great Emperors. The moment their opponents turned around and fled, they gave chase. Principle Strength surged and countless attacks blasted out. All the Demon Saints were wounded so badly that they constantly coughed up blood, but even so, they turned a blind eye to the condition of their bodies.


A Dragon roar shook the sky as the Great Elder and Second Elder of the Dragon Clan pursued their enemies. In front of them, Xue Li, Fu Yu, and Huo Bo each fled in three different directions; thus, the two Elders did not know who to chase.


In a matter of breaths, the Red Demon, Huo Bo, who was the furthest ahead had already come within ten thousand metres of Great Demon God, his crimson-red eyes filled with a fanatical look. Like him, the other Demon Saints had the same look in their eyes. There were no exceptions. All of them seemed almost insane.


Yang Kai had a sense of foreboding, and stretching out his Dragon Claw, he made a grabbing motion at the area around Huo Bo from a distance as he shouted, “Solidify!”


Space Principles harmonized with World Force under his control was something even a Demon Saint like Huo Bo could not escape, causing the latter’s forward rush to abruptly come to a halt. The change from extreme motion to complete stillness was very abrupt.


“Bind!” Yang Kai squeezed his hand tightly and space began to condense. A Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering force compressed towards the place where Huo Bo was located.


Huo Bo coughed up boiling blood as he began glowing with a scorching light, “Explode!”


His round body, which looked like a winter melon, suddenly began to swell rapidly. The surface of his skin turned red like he was being burned by flames and an Earth-shattering explosion blasted out. A wide stretch of space around him collapsed due to the impact.


The self-destruction of a Red Demon was their Innate Divine Ability, so there was no preparation time required or any way to suppress it. It was something that could be done with just a single thought. The self-destruction of most Red Demons would bring about devastating results, so what more need be said about a Demon Saint like Huo Bo? It was just that he was different from all other Red Demons. Ordinary Red Demons would die without leaving a corpse behind after self-destructing, but Huo Bo could come out unscathed.


Yang Kai staggered backwards. Although they had a distance of thousands of metres between them, the terrifying shockwave from Huo Bo’s self-destruction still managed to push him back by several giant steps.


The moment the glaring light disappeared, Huo Bo’s short and round body was reformed and he immediately continued charging forward, though his momentum had been reduced considerably. Although self-destruction did not kill him the way it did for other Red Demons, it would seem that his actions still cost him quite a lot.


There was nobody else to stop him after that. Tai Yue Xiao Xiao was suppressing Great Demon God with all his might and could not get away while Wu Kuang was greedily devouring Great Demon God’s essence and Zhang Ruo Xi was continuously slashing out with sword lights. None of them could afford to be distracted as they were afraid that Great Demon God would escape the moment they moved away.


In the blink of an eye, Huo Bo had already arrived in front of Great Demon God. There was a hideous smile on his face as he formed a set of seals with his hands before a single word came out of his mouth. Even though that word was uttered lightly, it gave everybody chills down their backs.




There was a deafening bang and several figures were sent flying, causing the stalemate to be broken in an instant.


A thousand-metre-long enormous figure tumbled endlessly. It wasn’t until he had been pushed back by several thousand kilometres that he finally managed to stabilise himself once more. Xiao Xiao was enraged! It wasn’t easy for him to finally restrain the movements of the Great Demon God, but Huo Bo’s self-destruction had wasted all of his efforts. How could he not be enraged?


Zhang Ruo Xi’s hair was a dishevelled mess and she was drenched in sweat as blood trickled out of the corner of her mouth.


The Universe World behind Wu Kuang was turbulent. The peach blossoms on his peach blossom trees had scattered all over the ground. Waves rippled across the surface of the pond. Furthermore, his complexion alternated between flushed and pale. It was clear that he had suffered greatly from the attack just now.


*Xiu xiu xiu…* Numerous figures rushed over from various directions. They plunged into Great Demon God’s body, one after another, as though they were jumping head first into a lake. Ripples spread out across Great Demon God’s body as the Demon Saints that plunged into his body vanished out of sight just like that.


Red Demon Huo Bo, Blood Demon Xue Li, Feather Demon Fu Yu, Stone Demon Mo Kan, Bone Demon Ge Meng, Sand Demon You Qiu, Shadow Demon Wu Hua, Corpse Demon Zu Liao, and Flame Demon Chi Yan… Each and every one of them had been a Demon Saint in the Demon Realm for countless years, but at this moment, their auras disappeared from the world as if they never existed in the first place.


Seeing that even Chang Tian was going to rush over, Yang Kai’s expression turned grim. At this point, how could he not know what Great Demon God’s intentions were? He might not know what kind of changes the sacrifice of Demon Saints would bring to Mo Sheng, but Yang Kai could tell that it was not a good thing for the Star Boundary even if he used his foot to think about it.


Zhan Wu Hen was chasing close behind Chang Tian, proving his worth as the Great Emperor with the highest combat ability in the Star Boundary. The rest of the Demon Saints had all fled, but Iron Blood managed to forcefully delay Chang Tian halfway. Although he could not stop Chang Tian completely, it was not a problem to tie him down for a dozen breaths or so.


Yang Kai shifted his body and instantly arrived in front of Chang Tian.


When a high-pitched Dragon Roar rang out, a huge golden Dragon Head suddenly appeared in the air behind Yang Kai and a pair of majestic Dragon Eyes stared down at Chang Tian solemnly. As Dragon Pressure filled the air, the aura around Chang Tian’s body froze for a moment.


Chang Tian was part of the Dragon Clan, it was just that he was a Demon Dragon of the Demon Realm. Even so, he would still be affected by the power of the Golden Divine Dragon Source as long as he was part of the Dragon Clan.


The Dragon Clan was a very unique Race. Their individual strength was extremely powerful, and even a newly-born member would have advantages that most other living creatures could never hope to rival. However, all Dragon Clan members were deeply affected by Bloodlines and Source Strength. A superior Source would have very obvious suppressing force on a lower Source.


When Yang Kai first met Zhu Qing, she was already an Eighth-Order Red Dragon and most Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters would not be a match for her. Moreover, Yang Kai was only in the First-Order Emperor Realm at the time, so in terms of raw strength, he was vastly inferior to her.


But contrary to common sense, the reality was that Zhu Qing was unable to touch him at all and in the end, she lost more than she gained by trying to take advantage of the situation. The reason for that was the suppression caused by the power of his Dragon Source. She could not bring out her strength under the influence of the Golden Divine Dragon’s Source Strength.


That was the case for Zhu Qing back then, and the same went for Chang Tian right now!


If Yang Kai had not been hindered by the previous situation, he would have taken care of Chang Tian first. It was just that he could not afford to be distracted in his fight against the Great Demon God. Now that the situation was a chaotic mess, there was no need to worry about such things anymore.


Chang Tian was wholeheartedly trying to flee toward the Great Demon God and had no intention of fighting Zhan Wu Hen; hence, his momentum decreased sharply upon being suppressed by the Golden Divine Dragon Source.


At that moment, Zhan Wu Hen attacked mercilessly, using his great fists to fill the sky while aiming straight for Chang Tian.


There was a series of rumbling sounds, after which Chang Tian coughed up blood mid-air. The sound of bones breaking could be heard coming from his body as he could not withstand receiving such serious impacts.


On the opposite side, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense surged, turning into a sharp attack that penetrated the defences of Chang Tian’s Knowledge Sea.


In response, Chang Tian’s complexion turned pale and his figure swayed slightly in a daze. He looked like he was going to collapse at any moment.


Yang Kai reached out to grab Chang Tian and with a flash of his thoughts, he placed the latter into the Small Sealed World. 




Even though both his and Zhan Wu Hen’s attacks had gravely injured Chang Tian, they could not afford to worry about such things at a time like this. If they chose not to injure him, then their only other option would be to kill him.




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  1. He could’ve thrown chang tian and bei li mo in the small sealed world at any friggin time. Ru meng was actually the hardest person to throw in there and he suffered damage just to throw her in yet left the other 2 running around because he didn’t have time 🙄.

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