Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3811, Overwhelming


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Compared to losing one’s life, that was undoubtedly an acceptable outcome.


“This is bad,” Zhan Wu Hen stared at the enormous figure blocking out the sky in front of him with a grim expression. Likewise, Yang Kai’s expression was not much better.


Ever since the Demon Saints plunged themselves into Great Demon God’s body, Great Demon God’s aura had been increasing at a continuous rate. His already exceptional aura was becoming more and more terrifying with every passing moment, and that was not all. The wounds inflicted upon Mo Sheng’s body previously were healing at a speed that was visible to the naked eye and it didn’t take long before they vanished without a trace. The Demon Saints’ actions that were akin to moths flying straight into open flames seemed to have not only replenished but also greatly enhanced Mo Sheng’s strength.


Based on Yang Kai’s perception, the 8,000-metre-tall body really did seem to contain an entire Universe World as a burst of World Force rushed out at him. 


[The Open Heaven Realm is so terrifying…]


*Shua shua shua…* 


Numerous figures appeared beside Yang Kai, each of them exuding the aura of a Great Emperor. Aside from Night Shadow, who was killed by Yang Kai earlier, the remaining nine Great Emperors of the Star Boundary were gathered here. That wasn’t all, of course, as there were also the two Elders of the Dragon Clan, Heavens Order’s descendant, and Divine Spirit Tai Yue…


All the most powerful people in the Star Boundary were gathered here. Nobody was missing from the group and their combined momentum was no less than that of the Great Demon God.


Great Demon God’s eyes slowly opened amidst the body shrouded in darkness. His eyes no longer held any anger like before, there was only indifference as his gaze swept across the ten or so figures before him. This look was not unfamiliar, as even ordinary people would be dismissive when looking at mere insects on the ground.


“Although this King does not want to admit it, you have all performed admirably. To push this King to this point is beyond my expectations. However… that stops here. This King has been plotting this for longer than all of you put together have been alive! How can my plans be destroyed by insignificant ants!? It is an honour for you to die at this King’s hands!”


When his words rang out, his cheeks bulged slightly and a snort-like sound came out of his mouth. His breath blew towards the place where the Great Emperors were gathered in a slashing motion, an invisible and intangible but extremely destructive power accompanying it.


The expressions of many Great Emperors changed drastically at the sight. They felt the aura of death looming over them from the front, so how could they dare to hesitate? Thus, they hurriedly took action to defend themselves.


A large Moon Blade slashed forward, and with Yang Kai in the lead, the Great Emperors fully displayed their Divine Abilities. World Force gathered and pushed these attacks to their utmost limit.


Following a loud explosion, the world turned pale. Countless Void Cracks split the sky, slithering out like Spirit Snakes. The world seemed to shatter at that moment, as if it were a sign that the end was nigh.


Everybody combined their strength and successfully fended off Great Demon God’s attack, but even so, there was no joy on their faces. That was only just the breath of the Great Demon God. His power was so tyrannical that they could scarcely imagine what kind of scene would ensue if he were to go all out.


Being Great Emperors meant that everyone present on this battlefield had gone through countless battles and challenges where their lives were at stake. Nevertheless, none of those previous experiences could compare to this in terms of danger and intensity. Even the Great Emperor War in the Shattered Star Sea was dwarfed by this experience.


In the face of such a powerful enemy, attacking was always the best defence, all the more so when the enemy was in a higher Realm. How could the Great Emperors be unaware of this simple truth? Following their joint defence, they simultaneously rushed toward the Great Demon God without the slightest hesitation whatsoever. There was not a single word of discussion among them, not even the slightest eye contact; even so, their actions were completely in-sync with each other. That was because every one of them knew that defending would only drag out their deaths, no matter how tenaciously they held on. The only way out of this desperate situation was to attack head-on with all their might.


The figures of the nine Great Emperors travelled across the sky like nine meteors to slam into the Great Demon God. Each figure carried the Will of the Star Boundary, as well as the hopes of all the survivors of the Human Race.


On both sides of the nine figures were the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan in their more than 1,000-metre-long Dragon forms. Their Dragon Roars shook the sky and their Dragon Pressure was awe-inspiring.


Above them all stood Zhang Ruo Xi with the Heaven’s Order Sword in her hands. The illusory phantom of the gigantic woman behind Zhang Ruo Xi seemed to come alive at that moment, and the giant sword in her hands radiated with a dazzling light.


The ground rumbled as Tai Yue ran forward, every step surpassing the barriers of space and leaving a deep imprint on the ground.


This grand battle that was destined to be passed down over tens of thousands of years began with the slash of the Heavens Order Sword. Only the brilliance of this sword remained in the world the moment that attack was unleashed and its radiance caused everybody to be blinded for a moment.


In the face of this terrifying sword wave, the Great Demon God simply swung his fist to counter. The sword light shattered upon coming into contact with his fist and Zhang Ruo Xi groaned as the illusory phantom of Heaven’s Order behind her wavered.


“Your ancestor might have been powerful, but she was too inflexible. If she had emulated this King’s actions, she would have already recovered from her injuries by now and would not have died in this backwater Universe World. This King will send you to Hell first, so as not to tarnish the prestige of your ancestor!” Great Demon God’s voice rang out like thunder and the power behind the fist slammed out unabated, arriving in front of Zhang Ruo Xi in an instant.


Zhang Ruo Xi was as small as a mosquito in front of that incomparably huge fist and there was no doubt that her slender body would shatter to pieces if she was hit.


“You don’t have the right to criticize my ancestor!” Zhang Ruo Xi coldly snorted through gritted teeth. The Heaven’s Order Sword shook all of a sudden and the broken sword light turned into a sword rain that blasted forward.


Countless years ago, Great Demon God and Heaven’s Order had encountered each other in the Outer Universe. They fought and competed against each other on multiple occasions until finally, both sides ended up with severe injuries.


Great Demon God had landed on the Peerless World while Heaven’s Order came to the Star Boundary. In order to heal from his injuries, Great Demon God turned his attention toward the Auspicious Spirit Essence of the Peerless World. He spent a great deal of energy draining the Peerless World and transforming it into the Demon Realm, but just as he was about to succeed, Flowing Time Great Emperor appeared. The two fought each other to the death, and although Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Soul was extinguished in the fight, he managed to destroy the body of the Great Demon God.


Great Demon God was capable of using the Peerless World’s Auspicious Spirit Essence to heal himself, so it only made sense that Heaven’s Order was also capable of doing so since she was in the same Realm and possessed similar strength to him.


It would seem that Heavens Order had not chosen to go down that route, and instead, she left behind a shocking legacy after arriving in the Star Boundary. Even though she was feared by the Ancient Divine Spirits and rumoured to be their natural enemy, she had not done anything to endanger the Star Boundary itself. It could be seen from this that she was not one to harm innocents indiscriminately. Rather, she must have been quite kind-hearted; otherwise, how could she choose death over harming the Universe World known as the Star Boundary?


The Peerless World has turned into the Demon Realm because of Great Demon God’s existence, its World Principles twisted over millennia of time. Even the remaining survivors living in the Peerless World gradually transformed into the Demon Race. If nobody had stopped Great Demon God’s plans, the Star Boundary would have become the second Peerless World.


Flowing Time Great Emperor had been very far-sighted. When he left the Flowing Time Temple back then, he once mentioned that he gained some insight into the Outer Universe. As for what the mystery was, Qiong Qi had not known. Looking at it now, it would seem that the so-called mystery was related to the Star Boundary’s crisis.


If Great Demon God had recovered from his injuries at the time, he would surely search for Heaven’s Order. Unfortunately, Heaven’s Order had already passed away by then, so who in the Star Boundary could have stopped him once he recovered completely and came looking for her? It would surely have led to the annihilation of all life and the collapse of the Star Boundary.


Amidst the pouring light of the sword rain, Zhang Ruo Xi’s expression was solemn. She had inherited the many memories and experiences of her ancestor that came with the Heaven’s Order bloodline inheritance; therefore, she knew what happened back then better than anybody else in this world. She could proudly say that her ancestor had not done anything that would harm the Star Boundary. Her ancestor had chosen to die a slow and painful death rather than harm this splendid universe. As such, Zhang Ruo Xi had to protect this world, even if she died in the process!


The mighty and powerful sword rain could not stop Great Demon God in the slightest. That giant fist caused space to collapse and everything shattered upon contact. If Zhang Ruo Xi had been alone, she would have died in the next moment as Mo Sheng’s power had been enhanced greatly after the Demon Saints fused themselves into his body. However, she was not alone… Beside her were the nine Great Emperors from the Star Boundary, two Elders of the Dragon Clan, and Tai Yue, who had accompanied her for several dozen years in the Blood Gate.


Taking advantage of Great Demon God’s lack of vigilance, Xiao Xiao swung his fist and punched Great Demon God in the gut. A huge vibration force surged and spread outward when his fist connected. It was so strong that even somebody as powerful as Great Demon God was knocked sideways.


The giant fist that was blasting towards Zhang Ruo Xi was involuntarily deflected slightly and the murderous intent locked onto her also let up for an instant. With such a good opportunity at hand, she stepped aside like a butterfly and narrowly dodged the attack by a hair.


Great Demon God abruptly turned his head and raised his other hand high. It felt as though the sky was collapsing on itself as his hand came slapping downward.


Xiao Xiao raised his arms to block, but the palm strike contained an overwhelming power. The 1,000-metre-tall Divine Spirit Tai Yue was smacked so hard that he fell on his face and collapsed head-first to the ground. When his enormous body crashed into the ground, the earth split apart and formed countless cracks. Hot magma gushed out of these cracks in the ground and splashed against his body with fizzling sounds.


A Dragon Roar sounded as the two Dragon Clan Elders charged forward from both sides. Following the ancient and mysterious chant in the Dragon Language, a Dragon Clan Secret Technique came crashing down. A cyan light and a white light intertwined, transforming into an invincible Divine Ability that instantly enveloped the Great Demon God.


Boundless Demon Qi erupted outward and blocked the blue and white light from approaching, but still, a huge Dragon Claw protruded from amidst the dazzling light and swiped at the body of Great Demon God viciously. The sharp Dragon Claw tore off a huge chunk of flesh in its wake.


“You two worms court death!” Great Demon God roared furiously, reaching out his hand to grab at something, capturing a pure-white Dragon’s body. He squeezed his hand tightly and the Dragon roared in agony. Still, the Dragon in his grip turned around to bite at the hand grabbing her while at the same time, an even bigger Dragon came from the side and smashed into the chest of the Great Demon God with a Divine Dragon Tail Sweep.


Great Demon God ignored the attack and with a flick of his hand, he shook the white Dragon in his hand so that her body straightened like a spear. Then, he used her like a whip to lash out in front of himself. The two Dragons became tangled together as a result and tumbled into the distance.


Meanwhile, World Force gathered. In the middle of that vortex of power, a spear came stabbing forward. The body of the spear hummed, sounding faintly like a Dragon Roar, and the power behind that attack was magnificent.


Eight figures rushed out from behind Yang Kai’s more than 1,000-metre-tall Half-Dragon Body. The Divine Abilities of the Great Emperors that were enough to shatter the universe blasted toward the Great Demon God, causing the light of the world to dim!




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