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Martial Peak – Chapter 3812, Going All Out

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Even if Great Demon God was unparalleled in terms of strength, the combined attack of all Great Emperors integrated with the World Force of the Star Boundary supporting them was not something that could be easily ignored.


Great Demon God’s furious howls shook the sky. The air that he exhaled with every howl formed violent sound waves that crashed outward. These sound waves in turn became shockwaves visible to the naked eye. It wasn’t until this howl of fury that everybody realised the true horror of the Great Demon God. The power of that howl felt like a storm blowing past the Starry Sky from the Outer Universe. The soil and the rocks on the ground instantly flew tens of thousands of kilometres away and disintegrated in mid-air.


The Divine Abilities of the Great Emperors were affected by the shockwave passing over them and their power decreased significantly. By the time they struck Great Demon God, they failed to cause much damage. Only Yang Kai’s spear that was stabbing straight at Great Demon God was barely affected as a large black ball appeared out of thin air at the tip of the spear, emitting an aura that could destroy everything.


Great Demon God reached his hand out towards the Azure Dragon Spear, causing Yang Kai to raise his brow at the sight. The spear became even more deadly as he poured all his strength into the thrust. Even if he could not do much against the powerful enemy in front of him, he was determined to at least open a hole in the enemy’s palm!


In the next moment, the giant fist closed around the spear. The black ball at the tip of the Azure Dragon Spear was crushed and the Space Principles were wiped out by an overwhelming force. Grinning at Yang Kai, Great Demon God jerked the spear backward with great force. Yang Kai involuntarily stumbled towards the Great Demon God as a result and a giant fist came straight at him, rapidly becoming larger and larger in his field of vision.


His 1,000-metre-tall Half-Dragon Body was imposing in its own right, but in front of Great Demon God, it felt like the difference between an adult and a child. If he took this punch head-on, he would not get away lightly even with his resilience. In the worst case, his head would be smashed open. At best, his Soul would be shaken…


In that instant, Space Principles fluctuated wildly. His entire being suddenly merged with the Void and all that was left in place was an illusory figure. The giant fist smashed into the spot where Yang Kai’s head had been previously and the violent force shook space itself, oscillating through his body.


Yang Kai coughed up a mouthful of blood, as although he had used Nihility at the last moment and avoided the lethal blow coming from the Great Demon God, the power that shook the entire Void still caused him some damage.


Yang Kai used all his strength to pull on his spear but could not retrieve it no matter how he tried; thus, his complexion became ashen. He considered abandoning the Azure Dragon Spear, but his heart was extremely reluctant to do so. There was a huge gap between his strength and the Great Demon God’s in the first place, so if he lost a powerful weapon like the Azure Dragon Spear, it would be difficult for him to even cause any damage to Mo Sheng.


Fortunately, this momentary respite allowed the other eight Great Emperors to attack once more.


Iron Blood’s banner fluttered in the wind and a crimson red light that looked like it was formed from a fountain of fresh blood burst forth. Zhan Wu Hen charged forward and his ant-like figure swung a tiny fist at Great Demon God.


This scene looked like an ant was trying its best to slap an elephant. Normally, the elephant would not feel anything; however, Zhan Wu Hen’s punch caused a loud explosion to come from the Great Demon God’s arm. Consequently, Great Demon God’s enormous figure reeled backwards slightly from the impact. There might be a huge difference in their body sizes, but how could Zhan Wu Hen be compared to an ant? How could the all-out attack of a Great Emperor be completely ineffective?


“Falling Flower Decay!” A light cry rang out as Flower Shadow Great Emperor wore a stern expression on her face. She raised an unadorned hand and waved, causing a Heavenly blossom rain to scatter in the air, gathering to form a colourful light that swarmed towards Great Demon God’s left eye.


“Ice Avalanche!” The Ice Feather Great Emperor held a crystal longsword in his hand. Sliding his finger down the length of the blade, he slashed down with his blade, unleashing a chill that penetrated the heart. At the same time, a sword light that seemed capable of splitting Heaven and Earth apart slashed towards Great Demon God’s other eye.


“Serene Soul Finger!” Wrapped in an ethereal aura, a pure Spiritual Energy burst forth as Serene Soul Great Emperor thrust his finger out at Great Demon God. All the power in his body was gathered into a single point that while unable to harm the physical body, directly affected Great Demon God’s Soul.


“Beasts of the world, obey my command! Myriad Beast Stampede!” Martial Beast Great Emperor shouted, punching out multiple times with his fists. Numerous strange beast phantoms appeared from his fist shadows, ones that were extremely life-like and of numerous shapes and sizes. There was no shortage of Divine Spirits among these beast phantoms and in the blink of an eye, a veritable horde was charging towards Great Demon God with ferocious roars. They attacked with fangs and claws, using everything they had in their arsenal.


“Chaos!” Wondrous Pill Great Emperor lightly shouted as he used a Secret Technique that condensed a flame in his palm. That flame seemed extremely weak, giving off only a faint yellow light that flickered like a candle. Even in the dark of night, that flame could only illuminate a radius of several tens of metres at most.


However, everywhere the flame passed, space itself was burnt black. It was as though even the World could not withstand the scorching heat of this flame. The Divine Chaos Flame was a kind of Heavenly Flame, one that was no less potent than the Phoenix True Fire and was capable of burning down everything in inexistence.


Wondrous Pill Great Emperor did not specialize in combat as he devoted his entire life to the Alchemic Dao, but not specializing in combat did not mean he could not fight.


The Divine Chaos Flame was his strongest weapon and it was something he came across by chance during his youth. Having nurtured this flame over tens of thousands of years, the power of the Divine Chaos Flame was so great that even the other Great Emperors did not dare to take it on directly.


The Great Emperors held nothing back in the face of an enemy as powerful as Great Demon God. They attacked with all their strongest methods right from the beginning, hoping that they could either inflict heavy damage on Mo Sheng or even kill him as quickly as possible; otherwise, even if they could persevere, the World could not and would collapse completely at some point. If that really were to happen, then the Star Boundary would cease to exist.


Things hadn’t ended yet, however, as at some point in time, Wu Kuang had arrived on top of Great Demon God’s head and slammed his palm downward as he shouted, “Earth Prison!”


As soon as the words left his mouth, an enormous Divine Tree appeared out of thin air. The Divine Tree was even taller than Great Demon God and the gigantic canopy enveloped the latter completely. Simultaneously, numerous roots burst out from the ground and wound themselves around the Great Demon God like Flood Dragons. It only took an instant for Great Demon God to be wrapped as tightly as a dumpling.


“Wind!” Wu Kuang shouted again, unleashing a gale from his mouth. An Astral Wind blew and turned into wind blades that slashed at Great Demon God’s figure. Although the wind blades looked plain and ordinary, their destructive power was not something even Great Demon God could take lightly.


Astral Wind! Divine Tree Bai Yi! 


These two methods were familiar to Yang Kai. He abruptly recalled the battle between Duan Hong Chen and Wu Kuang in the Shattered Star Sea back then, where they had each used one of these moves, and even now that they were two Souls residing in one body, there was not the slightest sense of obscurity in their control of these techniques.


The eight Great Emperors attacked all at once, and aside from the Heaven’s Revelations Great Emperor who only threw out several punches, the remaining eight Great Emperors had revealed all their hidden trump cards. That was not to say Heavens Revelations was not contributing, though, as his eyes were as deep and profound as the sea, seemingly peering into the vague trajectories of fate.


Such violent attacks and decisive moves made the entire Star Boundary shudder.


Taking this opportunity, Yang Kai struggled to free his spear and finally broke out of Great Demon God’s grip.


The Astral Wind suddenly condensed and sliced into Great Demon God’s shoulder, sending blood splattering everywhere.


The attacks of Flower Shadow and Ice Feather each slashed at one eye. In response, Mo Sheng simply closed his eyelids, forming an extremely powerful defensive barrier. He simply allowed the two Great Emperors’ Divine Abilities to run rampant on his eyelids, creating showers of sparks.


Meanwhile, the Divine Chaos Flame flew over and left long burnt marks all over Mo Sheng’s body, creating a terrible stench of something burning in the air.


That was not all. Countless strange beasts were gathered around his enormous body, biting and scratching at his flesh.


“Begone!” Great Demon God roared furiously and an unparalleled force erupted from his enormous body. The Divine Tree Bai Yi rustled and crackled as its roots were shattered. Then, the enormous tree suddenly dissipated and vanished. The countless strange beasts biting at his flesh also disintegrated at this moment, turning into faint wisps of light that filled the sky like fireflies.


Mo Sheng then punched out. It was a straight punch with nothing fancy to it, looking extremely casual to the outside observer. Even so, everyone’s expression changed drastically at the sight of this punch. That was because they each felt as though the punch was aiming directly at them. Moreover, it sealed the world and locked onto their aura, preventing them from escaping or avoiding the blow.


*Peng peng peng…* 


There was a series of groans and grunts as numerous figures were sent flying backwards. Everybody coughed up blood and the vitality in their bodies was churning wildly as their minds shook.


“I’ll start with you!” Great Demon God spread open his fist and slammed his palm down viciously. That gigantic hand covered the sky and blocked out the sun, while the person underneath his hand was none other than Flower Shadow Great Emperor!


Flower Shadow Great Emperor had never experienced such a dangerous moment in her life before and her beautiful face could not help but turn pale at the sight. Still, she reacted swiftly, drawing the Heavenly Blossom Rain back to wrap around herself to form layers upon layers of defence. Nevertheless, the Heavenly Blossom Rain fell apart rapidly like snowflakes in the sun when that palm strike came crashing down.


At that critical moment of life-and-death, a figure sped through the sky and Heavens Revelations Great Emperor stood in front of Flower Shadow. He lifted a hand and tossed out an object. That item immediately swelled rapidly in the wind and quickly turned into a large Tortoise Shell that shielded the two beneath it. The Tortoise Shell was covered in natural complex patterns and exuded an extremely ancient aura.


At the same time, Yang Kai’s figure flickered and he arrived with his spear to stab at Great Demon God’s hand. This attack finally achieved something as his spear pierced through Great Demon God’s palm and caused a great deal of blood to gush out. However, he was also sent flying by that palm strike. Several bones in his body were broken and the sound of an explosion came from his body while he was suspended in mid-air.




Although his attack had slowed the palm strike somewhat, it still came smashing down in the end.


A Black Tortoise illusory phantom suddenly appeared above the large Tortoise Shell, roaring up at the sky. The Black Tortoise shattered when the giant palm slammed down and the light coming from the Tortoise Shell dimmed considerably. When Great Demon God withdrew his palm, the Tortoise Shell turned into a stream of light to reveal the figures of Heaven’s Revelations and Flower Shadow. Fortunately, the two Great Emperors did not look worse for wear even though their expressions were ugly.


On the other side, Yang Kai was thrown out several thousand kilometres before he could stabilise his figure. He looked up at the sky with a bitter taste in his mouth.


[Is this the absolute difference in strength?] The truth was that Great Demon God was forced to bring forward his plans and seize Huang Wu Ji’s physical body to revive himself. He even fused with all the other Demon Saints to enhance his strength. It was just that he did not have a single treasure or weapon in his possession, so all his attacks had been made with only his body.


Be that as it may, his overwhelming strength made all the Great Emperors’ attacks ineffective against him. They could not inflict a fatal injury on him and their defences were as flimsy as paper against his attacks. It was fortunate that Heavens Revelations Great Emperor was keeping an eye on the battle situation at all times. If he had not come to her timely rescue, Flower Shadow Great Emperor would have died just now.



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  1. Somebody win for chrissakes. Idec who anymore. Unless someone else shows up or yang Kai summons a spirit bomb from the universe, demon god should win.

    Anyway, when Firelord initially came out the mirror world he was attacked by the heavenly way or whatever because he had the power of a great emperor….I can’t recall one instance where the heavenly way/worlds will attacked a demon saint🤔

    The friggin worlds will damn near turned a demon into a great emperor.

    1. Technically it DID turn a demon into a GE. YK was a Demon King, when he seized the karma fruit, and I’m not sure if he’d be designated as a Saint or a Great Emperor once the whole “Not a GE yet” song and dance is done.

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