Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3813, One Palm Destroys All


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In the face of such a powerful enemy, it felt like the Star Boundary had no choice but to resign itself to its fate and die.


Be that as it may, Yang Kai refused to accept it. Likewise, the Great Emperors refused to lie down and die. Regardless of whether the enemy was unstoppable or everybody was killed in the process, they stubbornly continued to fight with great spirit. This was the world where they were born and raised, how could they just abandon it? What’s more, a Great Emperor would no longer be a Great Emperor without the blessing of this World!


Since Great Demon God had revealed himself, the Star Boundary would die if they did not kill him here and now. If the Star Boundary was destroyed, then the only future waiting for the people was death!


Strictly speaking, it was not as if Great Demon God was invincible in the eyes of the Great Emperors. Their previous attacks had caused some damage to him and although the injuries were not serious, it still gave them hope. The main reason for their current predicament was that the seven Great Emperors, who had only just escaped the shackles of their prison, were unable to bring out their full strength.


They had been trapped in that inexplicable space for many years and exposed to the Demon Saints strange Secret Technique during that time. Hence, they were no longer at their peak. At this moment, the seven Great Emperors led by Zhan Wu Hen could only bring out about 70% of their peak strength. They might not lose when facing the Demon Saints whose strength had also decreased sharply, but they were slightly overwhelmed when facing Great Demon God who had absorbed all the Demon Saints. In that case, they could only fight with their lives on the line!




A strange humming sound came out suddenly, and it was followed by an extremely powerful force that suddenly erupted out of nowhere. Yang Kai turned to look and saw that the space around Zhan Wu Hen was becoming distorted, his long hair flying without any wind and his clothes flapping wildly. Moreover, a layer of crimson blood light was being emitted from the surface of his body.


Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly at the sight. He was worried at first, but he soon became relieved.


Zhan Wu Hen’s actions undoubtedly indicated that he had burned his own Blood Essence in exchange for more power. His actions were akin to drinking poison in order to quench his thirst as Blood Essence was the foundation of a person’s vitality. It was not something that should be used so easily. Once burned, it would severely damage his foundation afterward, regardless of whether he won or not. If the damage was too serious, it might even cripple his cultivation. As a Great Emperor, why would he do something like that unless he was forced to?


It was just that he could no longer afford to have such scruples at this point in time. If the Star Boundary was destroyed, everything would perish along with it. For the sake of his home, forget something as trivial as burning his Blood Essence, Zhan Wu Hen wouldn’t even bat an eye if he had to sacrifice his life for this cause.




As if they had discussed this in advance, the other Great Emperors followed suit after Zhan Wu Hen began burning his Blood Essence. In an instant, their declining momentum started rising steadily. Not only did they recover their peak strength, but they even surpassed their original limits.


The power of the Great Emperors’ vitality was so strong that the entire world immediately shone with dazzling rays of light that were as dense as blood the moment they started burning their Blood Essence!


Yang Kai felt excitement stirring in him and an unstoppable impulse flooded his chest. With a deafening Dragon Roar, his Blood Essence also began to blaze; however, his situation was different from the other Great Emperors. Zhan Wu Hen and the others were surrounded by a red glow after burning their Blood Essence, but Yang Kai gave off a brilliant golden light instead. It was almost as though he had transformed into a blazing sun that dispelled the darkness covering the world.


The dazzling golden sun suddenly rose into the sky where it paused for a moment before charging straight towards Great Demon God. The Azure Dragon Spear stabbed out from within the golden glow, forming countless spear shadows that seemed to cover the sky. Every thrust contained extremely strong Martial Truth, and each spear shadow that stabbed forward carried a -pitch-black ball at its tip that hollowed out space itself.


Struck by this blow, Great Demon God staggered back, roaring in rage, “How dare you miserable ants continue to resist!?”


He swung his fists and a violent force came sweeping out which Yang Kai lifted his spear to block. His entire body shuddered and a mouthful of blood rose up in his chest, only to be forcefully swallowed back down.


Dragon Roars shook the sky as the two Dragon Clan Elders attacked from opposite sides. Their more than 1,000-metre-long Dragon Forms were impressive and magnificent. Opening their mouths, they sprayed the huge body of Great Demon God with their Dragon Breaths.


Great Demon God did not evade these attacks. Rather, it could be said that he had no intention of dodging in the first place. He simply allowed the Dragon Breaths to wash over his body while stretching out his arm, his right hand suddenly becoming abnormally dry and shrivelled but now radiating with an extremely dangerous aura.


Fresh blood suddenly splattered into the sky as the Great Elder screamed in agony and retreated. A large piece of flesh had been gouged out of his chest and his abdomen, Dragon Scales and all. If Fu Zhun had not come to his rescue at the last moment, it was doubtful whether he would have survived that blow.


Yang Kai was also thrown backward by the impact. He narrowed his eyes and stared at the right hand of Great Demon God, unable to shake the faint feeling that something was unusual about this limb. The right hand of Great Demon God was not like this previously. It was only at that moment that his right hand seemed to change all of a sudden.


“Be careful of that right hand! It’s probably the remains of his original body!” Zhan Wu Hen’s voice entered Yang Kai’s ears. Nobody knew the horrors of that hand better than Zhan Wu Hen. Back then, Huang Wu Ji had once used a shrivelled severed palm to deal with him when he was still trapped in that inexplicable space. The severed palm might be shrivelled and decayed, but the destructive power it could wield was extremely terrifying. He once wondered about how powerful the owner of the severed palm could be when just a severed palm was so powerful. That was, until he met Great Demon God!


That severed palm undoubtedly belonged to Mo Sheng. When he fought Flowing Time Great Emperor in the past, the latter’s Soul had been extinguished while Great Demon God’s physical body was destroyed. Only this severed palm remained and survived to this day.


Having possessed Huang Wu Ji’s body, it was only natural that Mo Sheng had taken back the severed palm that was in the care of Huang Wu Ji. It wasn’t until this moment that the severed palm finally revealed its appalling true appearance. In Huang Wu Ji’s possession, that severed palm was nothing more than a dead hand, so the power that could be wielded was limited, but the power of this severed palm had undoubtedly been triggered fully in the hands of Great Demon God.


With a single palm strike, everything was broken in an instant.


While sending out transmissions to the others, Zhan Wu Hen had already rushed forward. He reached out, grabbed the Iron Blood War Banner behind him, and charged towards Great Demon God. The banner flapped wildly, instantly expanding to cover a radius of 50 kilometres around him and enveloping the huge space inside.


Unexpectedly, there was a ripping sound in the next moment, accompanied by a large hand reaching out from within the area covered by the banner. Great Demon God had broken free of the restraints and the Iron Blood War Banner was torn to pieces.


All the other Great Emperors took this opportunity to rush forward like shooting stars. Countless Divine Abilities of the Great Emperors blasted out from within the clumps of dense blood light.


Great Demon God might be almighty and invincible, but in the end, two fists could not block four strikes, so even he failed to defend against all the attacks under the joint efforts of all the Great Emperors. There were several loud explosions and Mo Sheng’s 8,000-metre-tall body swayed slightly as a large amount of blood spurted from his injuries.


Wounded and in pain, his eyes became filled with rage. Then, he suddenly ignored all incoming attacks, completely abandoned all of his defences. Instead, he reached his hand out to grab at something.


In that direction, Fu Zhun was currently protecting Zhu Yan so that he could retreat first, and when she saw the giant palm that blocked out the sky reaching towards her, she realized she was unable to avoid or dodge. Thus, she was caught by the Dragon Tail. Her more than 1,000-metre-long body was no more than a small snake in the hands of Great Demon God as he dragged her back to him.


Shocked, Zhu Yan instantly rose to resist regardless of the condition of his body.


“This King will rip out your spine and skin you alive!” Great Demon God roared and really did just as he declared, thrusting his right hand into Fu Zhun’s back. The Dragon Clan’s defences that they were so proud of was as frail as paper in front of Mo Sheng and blood splattered in all directions as she screamed in agony. Following that, Mo Sheng firmly gripped onto something and viciously yanked. With a massive chunk of her flesh torn off, Fu Zhun’s spine was now exposed, visible to the naked eye, and seemed as if it was going to be ripped out in the next moment.


Space Principles surged violently at that moment as Yang Kai arrived in front of Great Demon God and smashed his spear into his left eye with all his might.


In response, Great Demon God leisurely closed his eyes while at the same time, billowing Demon Qi converged towards his left eye. The Azure Dragon Spear struck against the closed eyelid as though it had stabbed into the hardest metal in the world, resulting in a harsh grating sound and metallic sparks flying everywhere. This menacing attack only managed to leave a faint trace of blood on Mo Sheng’s eyelid and did not manage to cause any substantial damage to him.


At that moment, a small flame flew over, wrapped around Mo Sheng’s right wrist, and instantly transformed into a ring of fire. The Divine Chaos Flame burned fiercely, releasing a burning smell into the air.


Great Demon God roared in pain, involuntarily loosening his grip. Taking this opportunity, Fu Zhun turned around and sank her sharp Dragon Fangs into his arm before tearing off a large chunk of flesh.


Tai Yue threw a punch heavy enough to shatter space into the back of Great Demon God at that moment…


The other Great Emperors also followed up with a barrage of Divine Abilities. All of them were aimed at Great Demon God’s right hand. One person’s strength might be insignificant, but the combined force of all the Great Emperors was not to be underestimated.


No matter how reluctant Great Demon God was, his movements couldn’t help but freeze for a moment. Fu Zhun took this opportunity to lash out against his chest with her Divine Dragon Tail Sweep and a loud bang rang out. Mo Sheng staggered backwards several steps while on the other hand, Fu Zhun finally broke free of his grip, her Dragon Blood raining down from the sky.


Great Demon God had struck twice since the changes occurred to his right hand, and both times, the two Dragon Clan Elders had been severely wounded. One had a large chunk of his flesh gouged out from his chest and abdomen. The other almost had her spine ripped out of her back. The situation was extremely dire and heart-wrenching to see.


Be that as it may, no one backed down… Not even the heavily wounded Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun withdrew from the battlefield. After the husband and wife reunited, they turned around and charged towards Great Demon God again. The auras surrounding the two Dragons seemed to become one at this moment and their resonance with each other became stronger. The two Dragons struck at Great Demon God from both left and right.


The battle had already been joined, so unless one side was completely defeated, it was impossible for them to even rest for a moment. Therefore, the furious howls and roars reverberated across every corner of the Star Boundary as the fight raged on. The tremors in the world even spread to the most remote corners of the Star Boundary.


Yang Kai bled, the two Elders of the Dragon Clan bled, the other Great Emperors bled, even Great Demon God bled…


Tai Yue’s body that seemed to be formed from a cluster of rocks had broken open to reveal countless terrifying cracks…


In this battle, everybody was going all out. Nobody dared to hold back in the slightest. This battle would only end when one side lay dead!


Heavens Revelations Great Emperor had saved the others at critical moments on multiple occasions with the Black Tortoise Shield that had accompanied him for so many years having been shattered by Great Demon God as the price of his actions.


The light of the Divine Chaos Flame was growing dimmer, like the flickering flame of a candle in the rain that was threatening to go out at any moment. At this moment, it was being trapped inside a mass of pure Demon Qi. Wondrous Pill Great Emperor was constantly forming seals with one hand, controlling the Divine Chaos Flame to burn away the Demon Qi while consuming Great Demon God’s energy with his other. His complexion was as pale as a sheet of paper despite stuffing handfuls of Spirit Pills into his mouth like they were common candy.


One of Tai Yue’s arms was hanging limply by his side, and his overwhelming momentum from before had decreased sharply.


Yang Kai was dripping with blood; furthermore, the blood light shrouding the surface of the Great Emperors’ bodies was becoming extremely dim…




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