Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3814, Break His Arm


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The Great Emperors were violently gasping for breath, while on the other hand, the Great Demon God was covered in countless wounds. 


The battle had reached its most critical juncture. Great Demon God was acting like he stood above the rest, calling them ants with every sentence he spoke; however, the ‘ants’ in front of him were indeed qualified to threaten his life.


He was not at his peak after all! Even if his plan had been completed perfectly and he devoured the Auspicious Spirit Essence of the Star Boundary, the only effect that would achieve was that he would be reborn anew. If he wanted to recover completely, it would still require many years of accumulation and cultivation, so what more need be said when even his original plans had suffered many setbacks? Nobody could say for sure how much of his original power he could bring out in his current condition, but even that small portion of his strength was enough to make the entire Star Boundary throw everything it had against him to even stand a chance.


There were loud rumbling noises occasionally interspersed with ferocious roars and furious howls. Numerous figures fluttered about in the sky and various Divine Abilities shone brightly. The power that each participant in this battle could exert was gradually declining. This was the case for the Great Demon God, as well as the Great Emperors; after all, a battle as intense as this one would be extremely taxing for anybody.


At a certain moment, Zhan Wu Hen suddenly charged forward resolutely and his weakening momentum increased sharply as he shouted, “Break his arm!”


After fighting for so long, everybody could tell that the power the Great Demon God could exert would reduce greatly without the right hand from his original body. It was just that the power of this right hand was simply too horrifying, so much so that it had blocked all their attacks for a time. As long as they could chop off his palm though, it would be equivalent to depriving Mo Sheng of his sharpest weapon. That would definitely cause a change in the current situation.


It was with that aim that Zhan Wu Hen targeted the right hand of the Great Demon God. Naturally, everyone else understood his intentions.


Wondrous Pill Great Emperor bit his tongue and sprayed out a mouthful of Blood Essence which merged with the Divine Chaos Flame that had been tightly wrapped in pure Demon Qi, causing it to burst with a dazzling radiance that burned away all the surrounding darkness. Then, the Divine Chaos Flame shot out and wrapped itself around the right hand of Great Demon God like a Fire Snake.


Martial Beast Great Emperor swung his fists wildly while both Ice Feather and Flower Shadow attacked with their swords. Even Heavens Revelations Great Emperor, who had been in charge of defence all this time, summoned a simple-looking bronze coin and channelled his strength into it, causing it to turn into a blue light that slashed at the right hand of Great Demon God.


The Spiritual Energy of Serene Soul Great Emperor poured out of his body and slammed into the Knowledge Sea of Great Demon God, causing blood to flow from Yao Jin’s seven orifices as his complexion went so pale that it was scary.


The two Dragon Clan Elders also charged forward together, intertwining with each other as they released a brilliant cyan and white light. They were shrouded in the resolute determination that they would succeed or not return at all.


Wu Kuang let out a strange cackle, “Satisfying! This is too much fun! Hahahahaha!”


He laughed maniacally and attacked even more enthusiastically. The illusory phantom of the Universe World behind him had completely integrated into his body at this point as he struck forward with his entire cultivation.


The expression of Great Demon God finally changed. Although he had been fighting all the strongest Masters in the entire Star Boundary with his strength alone, he had always held the upper hand in the battle. It wasn’t until now that he finally felt a sense of crisis looming over him. Even he could feel a shudder running through his heart in the face of this fierce onslaught.


The enormous Tai Yue swooped down from the sky at that moment and punched out.


Mo Sheng let out a furious roar and swung his fists to parry Tai Yue’s attack. The two mountain-like fists collided with each other and made a deafening bang. Mo Sheng felt his feet sinking downward as his entire being sank into the ground, splitting it into a spiderweb of bottomless ravines.


On the other hand, Xiao Xiao was thrown backwards and horrifying cracks appeared on his 1,000-metre-tall body. Large pieces of his figure crashed to the ground and disintegrated while he flew out several hundred kilometres…


Yang Kai felt as though his eyes were going to pop at the sight. Unfortunately, he could not spare the effort to check on Xiao Xiao’s condition as he aimed his spear directly at the Great Demon God’s right hand which was still stretched out after the encounter with Xiao Xiao. 


Blood splashed in all directions as the enormous Azure Dragon Spear pierced forward with unstoppable momentum, slicing a huge wound across Great Demon God’s wrist and exposing the bones inside.


“Scram!” Great Demon God roared, unleashing a Qi wave out from his mouth that sent Yang Kai tumbling into the distance.


At that moment, Zhan Wu Hen arrived. Likewise, Ice Feather and Flower Shadow’s attacks also landed. There were several ripping and slicing sounds that resulted in Great Demon God’s right hand being severed to a great extent. Blood and Demon Qi gushed out of his wound forming a red black cloud.


The two Elders of the Dragon Clan struck next, their Dragon Claws stretched out as they stubbornly restrained Great Demon God’s movements. They opened their bloody mouths and bit down on the exposed wound, tearing off chunks of flesh. In return, Mo Sheng’s left hand came smashing down on them. The two Elders let out roars of agony as they crashed to the ground.


The Divine Chaos Flame subsequently shot forth and wrapped around the broken section of the severed palm. Accompanied by crackling sounds of flame, the wound on the severed palm rapidly enlarged while even bones were shattered.


Great Demon God was furious. Stretching out his other hand, he grabbed the Divine Chaos Flame and yanked fiercely. He unexpectedly managed to dislodge the Divine Flame that could burn all creation, and to everybody’s disbelief, he shoved the flame into his mouth and chomped down on it. Flames shot out of his nose and mouth, but Mo Sheng forced himself to endure with a grim look on his face.


Wondrous Pill Great Emperor’s complexion immediately turned as pale as a sheet and he coughed up a mouthful of blood. Having been refined by him for tens of thousands of years, the Divine Chaos Flame had long since become one with him; thus, Great Demon God’s actions caused a lot of damage to his body.


“Break!” Wu Kuang roared as he focused all the strength into his finger and pierced at the wound on Great Demon God’s right hand.




A crisp sound rang out and Great Demon God’s right hand was separated from his arm, sending an ocean of blood splattering all over the ground.


[We did it!] 


This blow was the result of all their concerted efforts. Having practically played all their cards, their efforts were finally paying off; however, a sense of unease suddenly permeated the entire world.


Even though Great Demon God’s right hand had been severed, he actually grinned wickedly and roared, “Die!”


After that, a terrifying aura emerged from the severed hand as it began to swell up rapidly…


Everybody’s pupils instantly contracted to the size of pinpoints at the sight. Nobody could have imagined that Great Demon God would use his own severed palm to play such a dirty trick on them. The signs of swelling and the dangerous aura undoubtedly indicated that he planned to make his original palm explode. Although this would cause great damage to his body, the price the Star Boundary would have to pay would be infinitely greater in comparison.


At this point, everyone was an arrow at the end of its flight and no one was confident that they could survive the detonation of the severed palm. It was hard to even say whether the Star Boundary itself would survive.


The aura of death enveloped the entire Star Boundary and a hint of sadness flashed across Zhan Wu Hen’s eyes. They had given their all, risking their lives, but in the end, still failed to save the world… Even so, they resolved to die alongside the Star Boundary!


His figure did not retreat; instead, he charged toward Great Demon God as he gathered his strength to unleash his greatest attack yet.


At that moment though, a figure appeared out of nowhere and arrived next to the severed palm. He grabbed the severed palm and vanished once more with a flicker of his body. Everyone could clearly tell that the figure that appeared so suddenly belonged to Yang Kai. Besides, only a person proficient in the Dao of Space like him could arrive in time at such a critical juncture. Nobody else had that ability.


There was no doubt that he had taken that dangerous severed palm into the Void Crack at this moment. In the next moment, a huge shockwave emerged from the spot where Yang Kai had vanished. Immediately after that, a black hole appeared at that spot and expanded rapidly, devouring a huge part of the surrounding space in the blink of an eye…


Everyone was stunned as they stared blankly at the dark void that continued to expand outward. Even though their enemy was still before them, they could not help feeling a deep sense of loss. The spreading Void was undoubtedly caused by the explosion of the severed palm. It was so powerful that the impact directly affected the Star Boundary through the Void Crack. That power turned out to be more horrifying than they initially imagined and they understood that if that severed palm had exploded in the Star Boundary, the World itself would have broken apart and ceased to exist!


It was all thanks to Yang Kai taking that severed palm into the Void Crack at the last moment that this Universe World was saved.


But, what had happened to Yang Kai? The power of the severed palm’s explosion was so great, so could he have withstood the impact? There was no way he could! Nobody could escape unscathed from such terrifying destructive power. At this moment, it was likely that the only thing left of him were broken fragments. Even if nobody wanted to admit it, the Great Emperors had no choice but to accept this cruel reality.


“No!” A mournful cry resounded throughout the world.


Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang, Shan Qing Luo, Xue Yue, and Zhu Qing had been watching the battle from among the crowd below and all of them screamed hysterically at that moment. If not for the people around them holding them back, they would have rushed forward immediately.


In a battle among Great Emperors, no one could intervene except for other Great Emperors. Not even the Pseudo-Great Emperors or other Divine Spirits were qualified.


Xiao Xiao was a special case as he had fully stimulated the Source Strength of his ancestor in the Heavens Order Palace, so his strength was comparable to the Great Emperors, allowing him to participate in this battle. Even so, he had been constantly sent flying during the fight and at this moment, his body had been badly broken. It was unknown whether he would survive.


So what could Su Yan and the others do? They had been watching the battle anxiously from below, feeling extremely nervous whenever they saw Yang Kai cough up blood or becoming excited whenever Great Demon God was wounded badly. Who could have thought that they would witness such a scene without any warning? There had been no signs whatsoever telling them in advance that the man who was supposed to accompany them for the rest of their lives would simply vanish into the Void Crack just like that.


Su Yan’s tender body trembled violently as she could not feel Yang Kai’s existence at all. Even the Spiritual Connection between them that would never vanish was completely cut off at this moment.


On the other side, Dong Su Zhu’s eyes rolled back into her head and she fainted on the spot.


Yang Kai had only just become a Great Emperor a few days ago. How could he die so young? Wouldn’t that make him the shortest-lived Great Emperor in the history of the Star Boundary?


Likewise, Zhan Wu Hen and the others were mourning the loss of Yang Kai in their hearts. They were distressed by the death of one of their companions, but unfortunately, they had no time to grieve. Each of them composed their emotions as quickly as possible and resumed attacking with the dying breaths in their bodies! Void Great Emperor had perished. Nevertheless, they would not hesitate to give up their lives as long as they could protect this world.


The rumbling noises of battle resounded throughout the world again, shaking the entire Star Boundary.


As they had previously guessed, Great Demon God instantly became as weak as an old tiger without fangs after his right arm was chopped off. Not only did his aura reduce significantly, but even his attacks were not as fierce as before. It would seem that losing his original palm had inflicted a great deal of damage to him.




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