Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3817, Rebirth


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Mu Lu shrank back slightly after being told off. As a Wood Spirit, she was naturally close to all sorts of flowers, plants, and trees. Be that as it may, even she would find it difficult to accept if she was turned into a flower or a tree. What more Yang Kai who was a living Human?


Mu Zhu comfortingly said, “Don’t panic, Master. Now that you have refined and used the Immortal Tree as your body, you might be able to take on a Human form in the future if you work hard on your cultivation. You must know about how plants and trees become Spirits, right? There are many plants and trees in this world that cultivate for many years to become Spirits and assume Human form. Besides, the Immortal Tree is a Supreme Treasure, so it might be a blessing in disguise. Who can say? When you take on a Human form one day, you might find that you not only regain your former strength but also experience tremendous growth.”


“That makes sense!” Yang Kai wanted to nod his head but could only make the branches of the Immortal Tree sway from side to side, “But, you must know that cultivation is much more difficult for plants and trees compared to those with flesh and blood. No matter how hard I try, it will take thousands of years for me to assume a Human form!”


Mu Zhu was struck speechless. Just as she was about to say something though, Yang Kai raised a branch to stop her, “No need for words of comfort. I’ll try and figure out a way to leave the tree.”


After saying that, the Immortal Tree fell silent again.


The two Wood Spirits looked on eagerly from the side and a short while later, the aura of Yang Kai’s Soul appeared above the Immortal Tree. Immediately after that, Spiritual Energy that was visible to the naked eye flew out of the Immortal Tree and turned back into Yang Kai’s appearance.


It was just that Yang Kai’s expression seemed to contain some lingering fears. More than that, he seemed to be contemplating something. The process of refining and coming out of the Immortal Tree had been unexpectedly smooth and easy, almost as though there were no obstacles at all. It was completely unlike his numerous attempts in the past that failed so miserably that he believed all the legends to be false.


The biggest difference between now and before was that he no longer had a physical body. In that case, the condition to refine the Immortal Tree seemed to be undergoing destruction in order to experience creation. Only by completely removing the shackles of the physical body could the Immortal Tree be truly refined. As such, Yang Kai failed to meet the requirements for refining the tree in the past because he had a physical body.


When that thought crossed his mind, he smiled bitterly. Leaving aside whether his theory was correct, even if somebody other than him had gotten their hands on the Immortal Tree instead, who would willingly abandon their physical body just to refine it? It was a lucky coincidence that his body had been smashed to pieces and he had no other choice but to attempt this feat. It was surprising that it turned out to be such an easy success.


[If that’s the case…] Yang Kai frowned deeply, sinking deep into contemplation. Soon though, his eyes brightened and all of a sudden, he seemed to make up his mind about something and declared, “I’m going out for a bit.”


After saying that, his Divine Sense surged and he plunged headfirst into the Immortal Tree, vanishing out of sight. A short while later, the Immortal Tree pulled up its own roots and broke free of the ground in the medicine garden. The bare branches swayed and danced, sweeping through the air and leaving the Small Sealed World in an instant.


Back in the Void, where the Soul Warming Lotus was floating, a small tree the size of a person appeared out of nowhere. It was the first time for the two Supreme Treasures to meet each other. The Soul Warming Lotus had always been contained within his Knowledge Sea, so this chance had never presented itself before.


Yang Kai reached out a branch and wrapped the Soul Warming Lotus in his embrace. The seven-coloured light enveloped the entire small tree, protecting his Soul from being affected by the erosion of the Void.


The small tree then began emitting a surging vitality as it navigated through the Void. Everywhere this vitality passed, the pieces of scattered flesh and severed limbs seemed to gather together. It didn’t take long before the pieces of flesh completely enveloped the Immortal Tree.


From an outside perspective, the Immortal Tree quickly disappeared from view. All that moved through the Void was a huge meatball. The meatball was composed of countless pieces of flesh and looked extremely weird, but the pulse of life was slowly growing inside of it.


Yang Kai was ecstatic! He never imagined that the fanciful idea he tried on a whim would actually work. As time went by, the meatball became larger and larger, gradually turning into a several-dozen-metre-diameter behemoth. A slow and heavy thumping sound came out from within the fleshy mass, beating rhythmically, and with every rise and fall of the sound, the entire meatball gently expanded and shrank in response.


Finally, all the scattered pieces of meat had been gathered in one place and the meatball was quietly suspended in the Void, the thumping sound beating loudly and strongly. The surface of the meatball bulged from time to time as though something was about to break out of it.


Inside the meatball, Yang Kai felt as though his entire body was overflowing with vitality. The density of the life aura was simply unprecedented. The Immortal Tree that was as tall as a person seemed to dissolve into pure vitality and merge together with the pieces of flesh. Then, the flesh began to squirm and the severed limbs began to reassemble themselves.


Yang Kai soon felt his head forming, then his hands, followed by his torso, and then his legs… The entire process took less than half a day in total. At this moment, he could finally perceive his existence once more. It wasn’t just the ethereal existence of his Soul, but a rebirth in the truest sense. The feeling of being born anew gave him an indescribable sense of joy.


Afterwards, he spread his arms out in front of him, his actions accompanied by a loud explosion as the enormous meatball burst open to reveal a strong, brave, and heroic figure!


Closing his eyes, Yang Kai scanned the internal condition of his body and quickly determined there were no hidden dangers. Rather, his body was in a better than peak state. Not only was his physique reformed completely, but even the wounds he suffered from the previous battle with the Great Demon God were gone. In addition, the vitality surging through his body was so dense that even he found it difficult to believe. Since he had a Dragon Source, his vitality had always been stronger than others; even so, the difference was like clouds and mud when comparing his previous self and his current self.


The Immortal Tree was nowhere to be seen, seemingly having integrated itself into every piece of his body and every drop of his blood. He felt as though even the Void itself would shatter in his grip if he so much as gently clenched his fist.


Opening his eyes, Yang Kai studied his appearance. After this resurrection, his skin was fair and clear, like that of a newborn. Even the spattering of grey hair he had recently acquired was replaced with a head of black that was as dark as night itself.


His grey hair had come from the time when he fought Wind Lord in the Flowing Time Temple. The Time Principles that had been used at the time had eaten away at him and drained a lot of his lifespan, leading to damage to his foundation. Yang Kai had failed to recover from that damage even after becoming a Great Emperor, but the damage was now gone without any treatment whatsoever. It was quite an unexpected but pleasant surprise.


The fact that his grey hair had turned black again meant that the lifespan he lost had been returned to him once more. Thinking about it again, the legend claimed that a person would become immortal and indestructible after refining the Immortal Tree. If that were the case, would a person’s lifespan still have any meaning?


Yang Kai didn’t know whether he was immortal and indestructible now, but refining the Immortal Tree had definitely increased his lifespan by a great extent; otherwise, a change like this would never have occurred.


The corners of his mouth broke into a wide grin and he laughed heartily before he shouted, “I’m alive again!”


The two small Wood Spirits were waiting nervously inside the medicine garden of the Small Sealed World, but when the voice entered their ears, an image of Yang Kai standing in the Void immediately appeared in front of them. The two of them widened their eyes in surprise, but in the next moment, Mu Zhu lifted her hands and covered Mu Lu’s eyes as she blushed furiously and exclaimed, “Clothes! Your clothes!”


Yang Kai slapped his forehead and quickly cut off the connection with the Small Sealed World before hastily taking out a set of clothing and getting dressed. After thinking about it, he added another snow-white mantle on top of his clothes. The erected collar stood tall, almost covering the back of his neck. A Dragon and a Phoenix was sewn into the back of the mantle to form a ‘Kill’ character. Wearing this mantle made him look extremely bloodthirsty.


Back when the Sixty-First Army had been founded, Shan Qing Luo and the others had asked Hou Yu to refine this mantle. The raw materials they selected were all extremely precious materials and it could be considered a fairly good artifact. In addition, it provided a certain level of protection and could work well together with his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique since it could be enlarged or minimised at will.


Their original intention was that it would resonate with the ‘Kill’ character on the banners when he led the Sixty-First Army against their enemies and thereby increase his intimidating factor. Unfortunately, Yang Kai had found it too ostentatious and never wore it. It would come in handy at a time like this though as a newcomer arriving on the scene definitely needed a decent sense of style!


His Divine Sense surged and spread around to his surroundings. He soon detected an aura that was connected to his heart and reaching out his hand into the Void, he shouted, “Spear, come!”


There was a humming sound and a stream of light sliced through the air towards Yang Kai. He grabbed that light in the palm of his hand. It was none other than the Azure Dragon Spear he lost after his body was blasted to bits.


With the spear in hand, his aura suddenly became sharp and fierce. He fixed his gaze forward as though he could look into the war-torn world through the barriers of space and time.


“Time for round two, Mo Sheng!” The moment those words left his mouth, Yang Kai took a step forward and vanished from that spot in an instant.




Shan Qing Luo looked at Su Yan with red and swollen eyes inside High Heaven Palace in the Star Boundary and asked, “Big Sister, are you sure Husband is not dead?”


Likewise, Su Yan’s eyes were red and there were still traces of tears on her cheeks, but she firmly affirmed those words, “I’m certain!”


Xue Yue said, “Big Sister, please don’t lie to us. We… We…”


Su Yan lifted her hand to wipe her face as she explained, “He is now a Great Emperor. If he truly did die, then an anomaly would have occurred in the world. But, half a day has passed since then and the world has not shown any changes. So, he can’t be dead yet. Did you forget what happened when Can Ye was killed previously?”


After hearing her explanation, the other women also cheered up. Her words were the truth. A Heavenly Manifestation had indeed appeared in the world when Can Ye was killed. Everybody in the Star Boundary, regardless of their strength, had instantly known that a Great Emperor had fallen. Looking at it in this way, there was a high possibility that Yang Kai was fine after all. The world would have shown a reaction otherwise.


“But… He is in the Void Crack. What if it was because of the World Barrier…”


Su Yan shook her head and replied, “Don’t forget about Bright Moon Great Emperor!”


The other women were stunned for a moment, then the realisation struck them suddenly. Bright Moon Great Emperor lost his life in the Demon Realm, but even so, his death still caused an anomaly in the Star Boundary. If something had truly happened to Yang Kai, then there would be signs even if he was in a Void Crack. On the contrary, there had been no strange signs appearing in the world up until now. That undoubtedly indicated that Yang Kai was still alive and well. It was just that he had not been able to return for some reason.


If it were somebody else, they might have been worried; however, Yang Kai was the Void Great Emperor who became a Great Emperor through the Dao of Space. It was impossible for anything to happen to him in the Void Crack no matter how dangerous it might be. The reason he had not returned might be that he was healing from his injuries. He had brought the severed palm into the Void Crack after all, so it was a certainty that he had been hurt.


[It’s just…] Su Yan glanced at the battle in the distance with a worried look, secretly praying in her heart, [Please come back quickly. If you don’t come back soon, the Star Boundary won’t be able to hold on anymore.]




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  1. What about his other artifacts, wouldn’t they have been in the body that was destroyed as well? I guess they don’t matter much anymore, as even the Bell was mostly useless since forever, but its still a kind of special artifact that one shouldn’t just forget.

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