Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3818, Let’s See Where You Can Run Now


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The world shook as numerous figures flew about and fresh blood rained down from the sky as the fallout from the fierce battle swept out. Even the Pseudo-Great Emperors did not dare to approach carelessly.


Li Wu Yi had tried to lend a helping hand in the battle on multiple occasions but was forced back by the terrifying shockwaves. Even the strongest Master beneath the Great Emperors like him was unable to participate in the battle, what more the other Pseudo-Great Emperors? Besides, there were many Half-Saints among the Demon Race that were still eyeing them menacingly, so they could not let their guard down.


The situation of the battle was not looking too optimistic. Great Demon God’s right hand had been severed, which indeed caused heavy damage to him, almost equivalent to pulling out his fangs. Even so, the Great Emperors had paid a huge price to achieve that feat. The auras of every one of them were weak and unstable, with the only one in relatively better condition being Wu Kuang.


The Heaven Devouring Battle Law was certainly worthy of being called the greatest Evil Art in history. The ability to devour the enemy’s strength and convert that power into the user’s own strength to keep fighting was obvious to all. If the Heaven Devouring Battle Law had not possessed such Heaven-defying power, Wu Kuang could not have fought against nine other Great Emperors all by himself during the Great Emperor War in the Shattered Star Sea. At that time, he had also killed four Great Emperors with his strength alone!


The current Great Demon God was extremely powerful, so much so that he single-handedly caused all top Masters in the Star Boundary to fall into a wretched state. However, nobody died in this battle. Aside from Void Great Emperor who had gone missing, the others were still alive and well. Just from this point alone, Wu Kuang in his heyday might not necessarily lose to Great Demon God at this moment.


The Great Emperors had managed to tide through the battle in the Shattered Star Sea, but they were having hard time overcoming this challenge. Great Demon God’s cultivation surpassed that of the Great Emperors after all, and that was a gap that could not be erased.


Countless Dragon Scales fell off the bodies of the two Dragon Clan Elders and many huge wounds all over their bodies dripped with Dragon Blood. The drops of Dragon Blood that weighed several thousand kilograms crashed into the ground to form deep pits.


The banner behind Zhan Wu Hen had become dim and dull while his vitality was also weakened to the extreme. Ice Feather’s sword had broken. Flower Shadow had a wound that penetrated her abdomen from front to back that still oozed Demon Qi. Wondrous Pill was breathing heavily, constantly coughing up blood. Heavens Revelations’ hair was dishevelled and his eyes were bloodshot. Martial Beast Great Emperor’s fists were trembling uncontrollably and all ten of his fingers were broken.


Xiao Xiao was still present, but had shrunk to under half the size of his original appearance. His aura was also much weaker than when he was at his peak. It would seem that the disintegration he experienced previously had greatly diminished his strength.


Zhang Ruo Xi, Heavens Order’s descendant, was also covered in fresh blood. Nevertheless, her eyes were blazing with the fiery flames of rage and the murderous intent she was releasing was so strong that she almost scorched the Heavens and Earth.


It was an unimaginably brutal battle, and the universe screamed in agony under its weight. The world trembled as the Star Boundary was vaguely showing signs of collapsing. Countless large Void Cracks stretched across the world and the World Principles themselves were completely in a disarray. 


If the Great Emperors themselves could barely hold on anymore, how could the world last much longer? Initially, the Star Boundary was eroded by Demon Essence and lost much of its Auspicious Spirit Essence. Then, World Force was constantly being mobilised during this battle, bringing the Star Boundary to the brink of exhaustion.


Similarly, the Great Demon God seemed to be an arrow at the end of its flight. His enormous body was covered in various wounds and the more severe injuries had gouged out large chunks of his flesh to reveal the white bones inside. No matter how powerful he was, he still had to pay a price to fend off the Great Emperors’ ferocious offensive.


“In the end, it is still this King’s victory. Why did you even bother struggling so hard in the first place?” Great Demon God sneered while gasping for breath.


Nobody responded, and their lack of response made him look like a bumbling clown performing foolish antics. Understanding this, Mo Sheng coldly snorted and raised his huge palm to cover the sky, “Let’s end this. Although you have fought valiantly, the difference in our strength is not something that can be compensated for with courage alone.”


His huge palm came slamming down, blocking out the light in front of everybody’s eyes. The aura of death enveloped all of them at this moment, causing them to feel a chill running down their backs and their limbs to go cold.


In that moment of despair, Zhan Wu Hen suddenly raised his head and looked up at a certain Void Crack. Likewise, Great Demon God halted his actions and hurriedly looked behind him.


A cold light glinted from the depths of the pitch-black Void Crack, and in the next moment, a spear came flying out as a terrifying aura descended from the sky, accompanied by a burst of laughter, “I’m… back!”


Great Demon God’s pupils shrunk as he shouted, “How can you still be alive!?”


Nobody knew better than Great Demon God just how much power was contained in the explosion of his severed palm. A trivial Yang Kai could not possibly come out of that explosion unscathed. Even if the latter was proficient in the Dao of Space, there was no way he could escape the destructive force of the severed palm’s detonation. At best, he would be smashed to pieces by the impact.


And yet, the person leaping out of the Void Crack was completely unhurt. Even the injuries he previously sustained in the battle were completely healed. Moreover, his aura was stronger than before. The power behind the current attack gave Great Demon God a sense of danger, as if something very bad would happen to him if he did not stop that blow.


The wind blew wildly around Yang Kai, making his white mantle flap as he descended from the sky like a divine warrior, causing all the Great Emperors’ eyes to brighten.


Meanwhile, the Great Demon God hurriedly pulled back his hand that had been slamming down on the Great Emperors and swatted at Yang Kai instead. In the next moment, a furious howl came out of his mouth as his giant palm had been pierced through by a violent force.


Wrapped in a layer of murderous intent, Yang Kai spilled the blood of his enemy across the sky but remained spotless throughout it all. He subsequently arrived at the top of Great Demon God’s head, gripped his spear firmly, raised it up high, and chopped down fiercely.




The ant-like figure’s ferocious blow made the several thousand-metre-tall Great Demon God stagger from the impact. His knees bent and he nearly knelt down on the ground. That blow from the spear stunned him slightly and his enormous body swayed as if he was drunk.


How could the others allow such a good opportunity to slip by?


A Dragon Roar rang out as the two Elders of the Dragon Clan joined forces and attacked. Meanwhile, Zhan Wu Hen and the others charged forward from all directions to unleash the last of their strength.


*Hong hong hong…* 


Great Demon God’s body staggered from the impact as all those attacks and new wounds were added before his old ones could heal. Blood splashed everywhere and he subconsciously let out a roar of pain. However, he quickly regained his composure in the short span of three breaths. His body jerked slightly and a formidable burst of Demon Qi rushed outward, sending all the Great Emperors flying into the distance.


When they crashed to the ground, none of them could get up again. Flower Shadow and Ice Feather fell unconscious on impact and nobody could tell if they were even still alive. Tai Yue’s enormous body disintegrated once more and a small figure escaped from the enormous pile of rubble, plunging into the ground and disappearing out of sight.


Li Wu Yi hurried over to where the Great Emperors had crashed, rescuing them one by one.


Only Yang Kai remained. 


With a flick of the Azure Dragon Spear, innumerable spear shadows shot at the Great Demon God and blood splattered everywhere. Every single spear blasted a hole in Great Demon God’s body, gouging out large pieces of his flesh.


“I’ll kill you!” Great Demon God roared, reaching for the tiny figure in front of him with his giant hand.


“Kill me? How? By talking me to death!?” Yang Kai sneered. When he saw the giant palm grabbing at him, he didn’t even bother to dodge as he shouted, “Dragon Transformation!”


There was a crackling sound, Dragon Scales covered his entire body and Dragon Horns grew out of his head. Both his hands turned into Dragon Claws and a Dragon Tail flicked behind him. A supreme Dragon Pressure descended in the next moment.


After assuming his Half-Dragon Form, Yang Kai’s aura soared. However, he was stunned for a moment because he noticed that there was something wrong with his field of vision. He seemed to stand much higher than the last time he underwent his Dragon Transformation.


His thoughts flashed and he immediately understood what had happened. He had grown taller after performing the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique. Not only that, but it was a tremendous growth spurt! His formerly 1,000-metre-tall Half-Dragon Body had increased to an incredible 2,000 metres! He had doubled his original size! Such a huge change made it difficult for him to adapt to his body quickly as he wondered if this was another benefit of refining the Immortal Tree.


The root of the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique was to develop the Dragon Source in his body. The more his Source Strength was developed, the larger his body became after taking on his Dragon Form. When Yang Kai previously gained insight into the Martial Truth back at the ancient battlefield, he had managed to improve his Dragon Source and obtained his more than 1,000 metre-tall Dragon Body through several dozen years of intense cultivation.


After the incident where his body was shattered and reformed, it turned out that refining the Immortal Tree actually stimulated the Dragon Source to a great extent. If not, how could Yang Kai now possess a 2,000-metre Dragon Form?


It only took a moment for those thoughts to run through Yang Kai’s head before he re-focused and thrust out his spear.


With a stab, the Azure Dragon Spear penetrated the body of the Great Demon God from front to back.


At the same time, Great Demon God’s palm impacted Yang Kai’s head. An overwhelming force came from that palm strike and Yang Kai felt as though his head was about to explode. His entire being was stunned by the impact. However, he quickly realised that it was not just a feeling. Half of his head was really smashed to pieces.


Great Demon God could not stop laughing, “Overconfident!”


If Yang Kai had not fought him head-on, he might have needed to spend some effort to kill the former in his current state. Unfortunately, the gap in their cultivation could not be overcome in such a direct confrontation even if Mo Sheng was an arrow at the end of its flight. He might not know how Yang Kai managed to escape death before, but there was no chance of survival now that his head had been smashed in.


“Seal!” Yang Kai was also grinning, however, his smile particularly creepy given that half his face was mashed up.


World Force moved in accordance with his will, infusing into the Azure Dragon Spear. Yang Kai clutched the spear with both hands and thrust forward fiercely, directly pinning Great Demon God to the ground. 


Lifting his head, Yang Kai stared forward grimly and shouted, “Let’s see where you run now!”


With the might of the world intertwined around the Azure Dragon Spear to form a shackle, there was no way for Great Demon God to break free unless he could destroy the entire Star Boundary.


“You…” Great Demon God widened his eyes and stared at Yang Kai in disbelief. Despite all his knowledge and experience, despite travelling the universe for so many years, he had never seen a person who could still behave so energetically after having their head bashed in. 


Immediately after he spoke though, his expression changed and he muttered, “This vitality…”


He could sense an unimaginable vitality coming from the wound on Yang Kai’s head. That vitality was so strong that even he couldn’t help feeling moved. When the words left his mouth, he saw the edges of the wound on Yang Kai’s head squirming slightly before the latter quickly returned to normal. 


Mo sheng’s eyes widened even further at the sight.


Even the Great Emperors watching from the sidelines were incredibly surprised.


“Regrowing flesh and bone… Reviving from the dead…” Su Yan’s complexion brightened as he realized something and shouted, “The Immortal Tree!”


Only the Heavens knew how much despair she had felt when she personally saw half of Yang Kai’s head being destroyed. Now that she understood that Yang Kai had managed to refine the Immortal Tree, however, she finally felt a sense of relief washing over her.


“Immortal Tree! You actually refined the Immortal Tree!” Great Demon God finally reacted. Everything in front of him indicated that this person who had ruined all his plans had refined the legendary Supreme Treasure, drawing an extreme sense of jealousy from Mo Sheng’s heart.




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