Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3819, Impudence


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[If I had the Immortal Tree back then, I would have been resurrected and reborn a long time ago! Why would I need to wait and plan for tens of thousands of years!? Why would I have to suffer such a difficult battle today!?]


“Why do you have the Immortal Tree!?” Great Demon God felt as though he was about to go mad from envy.


The only answer he received was Yang Kai’s fist swinging at him fiercely. That punch landed squarely on his temple, causing his vision to black out for an instant. His head buzzed slightly from the impact. He instinctively raised a hand, grabbed Yang Kai’s arm, and tore off a large piece of flesh.


Yang Kai ignored the attack and unleashed a storm of punches, his fists raining down on the Great Demon God. It was followed by a series of booming sounds that rang out incessantly.


Similarly, Great Demon God ignored those attacks. He stuffed the flesh he tore off from Yang Kai’s body into his mouth and chewed before swallowing. Since Yang Kai had refined the Immortal Tree, it could be said that his entire body was the Immortal Tree itself. Yang Kai’s flesh was full of the Immortal Tree’s essence, and as the surging vitality entered Mo Sheng’s abdomen, it began suppressing all the terrible injuries that were inflicted on his body.


The final battle had arrived at its climax, but nobody could have expected this outcome. The enormous body of the Great Demon God was nailed to the ground by Yang Kai using the Azure Dragon Spear that was infused with the Star Boundary’s Will. Great Demon God was completely immobilised as a result. Yang Kai’s 2,000-metre-tall Half-Dragon Form was practically riding on top of Great Demon God as he desperately launched attack after attack. On the other hand, Great Demon God flailed his hands above him to tear off Yang Kai’s flesh and stuff the meat into his mouth.


Every punch was accompanied by a muffled grunt that spread throughout the world. Great Demon God felt as though his head was about to become deformed and there were countless cuts and bruises all over his face. Yang Kai wasn’t in any better condition. His body was missing quite a few chunks of meat, exposing his Golden Dragon Bones.


Their injuries were quickly being healed by the essence of the Immortal Tree, and for a time, they were stuck in a stalemate. Neither could do anything to the other, and at this point, it was simply a matter of who could persevere the longest.


A figure flew over unsteadily from not too far away and finally came to a stop above Great Demon God’s head. It was Wu Kuang, who was chuckling under his breath with an expression of madness on his face. His hands danced swiftly, forming a set of complex seals before he suddenly slammed one palm downward and shouted, “Heaven Devouring… Battle Law!”


It did not look like he had exerted much strength into his palm strike; however, waves of pure vitality visible to the naked eye were being extracted from the Great Demon God’s body and integrated into his body. Wu Kuang’s expression was ecstatic as he looked like he was sampling the most delicious delicacies in the world, causing his laughter to become more and more insane by the moment.


“Bastard!” Great Demon God glared at the ant above his head and roared.


Wu Kuang met Great Demon God’s eyes with a mocking look and provocatively taunted, “Glare me to death if you can!”


Under normal circumstances, his actions would not have bothered Great Demon God as Wu Kuang had been devouring his strength with the Heaven Devouring Battle Law since the battle had begun. It was just that the results had not been significant before.


Be that as it may, the current situation was different. Great Demon God was stuck in a difficult situation with his body pinned down by the Azure Dragon Spear and Yang Kai’s attacks raining down on him like a storm. With Wu Kuang devouring his strength on top of that, it became somewhat overwhelming for Mo Sheng. The power in his body flowed out quickly, vanishing into thin air just like that. Even the essence of the Immortal Tree could not replenish his strength in time.


A feeling of panic bloomed in Mo Sheng’s heart and his expression changed greatly. He raised his palm to grab at Wu Kuang, but a Dragon Tail curled around him without warning at that moment. The mighty force imprisoned one of his arms, and despite struggling to break free of the restraints, Great Demon God found he could not move in the slightest. Howling furiously, he slapped Yang Kai’s chest with his other arm. Halfway through his attack, he used his hand like a knife to stab straight into Yang Kai’s chest and grab his still beating heart.


Before Great Demon God could exert any strength, however, Yang Kai grinned and grabbed Great Demon God’s large hand with both his hands, tightened his grip, and spat out a single word, “Explode!”


Space Principles fluctuated violently and erupted at the base of Great Demon God’s arm. Blood splattered everywhere as Great Demon God’s arm was completely severed by the blow, drawing a miserable howl from his lips. On the other hand, Yang Kai casually tossed the huge arm behind him and continued his barrage of punches.


Demon Qi flourished where Great Demon God’s arm was severed and his flesh squirmed as though a new arm would soon grow back. However, Wu Kuang’s Heaven Devouring Battle Law continuously devoured the blood and pure energy that gathered at the fresh wound; consequently, Mo Sheng’s injury showed no signs of healing, much less regenerating.


Amidst the loud rumbling, Great Demon God’s monstrous aura continued to fall while Yang Kai’s aura was also declining. Even though Yang Kai had refined the Immortal Tree and fully recovered from his previous battle before fighting a second round, it was still difficult for him to withstand such a brutal confrontation.


“Scram!” Great Demon God seemed to recover all of a sudden and his weakening aura suddenly erupted with great vigour. When he opened his mouth to shout, a violent force was unleashed that turned into a deadly attack that slammed into Yang Kai’s body.


Yang Kai’s 2,000-metre body was sent flying from the impact without the slightest ability to resist. The sound of bones breaking came from his body while he was suspended in mid-air. Numerous wounds exploded across his chest and golden blood gushed out of his numerous wounds.


Yang Kai crashed into the ground heavily, but immediately tried to get back up on his feet. Before he could stand up fully, however, he stumbled and half-kneeled on the ground again while gasping for breath. His vision was blurred by blood and the entire world looked as though it was shrouded in gold.


“It’s time!” Wu Kuang had been hovering above Great Demon God’s head all this time, unceasingly devouring Great Demon God’s power, when all of a sudden, he exclaimed softly and raised his arms above his head, he shouted, “Brat, don’t hesitate to rip this corpse into ten thousand pieces if the situation seems off! The consequences will be dire otherwise!”


After saying that, he plummeted headfirst from the sky and inserted his hand into one of the wounds on Great Demon God’s head. Immediately after that, Wu Kuang’s body shuddered slightly. His eyes dimmed for a moment, but they soon brightened once more and he hurriedly pulled out his hand, backed away from Great Demon God, and came to Yang Kai’s side, staring forward with a solemn expression.


These actions did no harm at all, but unexpectedly, Great Demon God, who was on his back, nailed to the ground, looked as though he had been struck by lightning after Wu Kuang’s odd move. His eyes widened in astonishment and he roared furiously, “Ignorant ant! You truly do not fear the Heavens! Get out!”


As those words left Mo Sheng’s mouth, however, his weak aura fluctuated erratically. The Demon Qi in his body also surged and fell violently as though he was going through an intense battle.


Yang Kai panted heavily as he watched. At first, he did not understand what was happening; however, he soon thought of something and turned to look to the side with a frown, “Sir Hong Chen?”


Duan Hong Chen gently nodded and replied in a solemn voice, “Prepare yourself. If the situation turns bad, you will need to cooperate with this Old Master to kill him immediately!”


Yang Kai was shocked, “Wu Kuang is trying to possess the Great Demon God!?”


Duan Hong Chen and Wu Kuang shared the same body ever since the last time the Shattered Star Sea opened. Wu Kuang seemed to dominate the body most of the time, but the person standing in front of Yang Kai at this moment was none other than Duan Hong Chen. As such, it was not hard to guess where Wu Kuang had gone. 


Yang Kai couldn’t help being shocked by Wu Kuang’s audacity. That was Great Demon God! How could Wu Kuang even think about possessing such a Master?


Upon further consideration, however, Yang Kai was reminded of the saying ‘the greater the risk, the greater the reward’. Bustling World Great Emperor and Heaven Devouring Great Emperor could not remain as two Souls sharing one body forever. If he were standing in Wu Kuang’s shoes, he would not let such a rare opportunity slip him by either. Even if he had to take a huge risk, the reward if he succeeded was undoubtedly worth it.


Duan Hong Chen shook his head slowly, “He is not possessing the body. He is devouring Great Demon God!”


Yang Kai immediately understood. Possession was very different from devouring, and the latter was what Wu Kuang excelled at doing. Great Demon God was practically a dry oil lamp after fighting several consecutive battles while on the other hand, Wu Kuang had the Heaven Devouring Battle Law on his side. He might actually stand a chance at succeeding in his endeavour.


“What are the odds?” Yang Kai asked in a grim voice.


“Less than 30%!”


Yang Kai drew in a breath of cold air at those words. He couldn’t believe Wu Kuang dared to attempt this feat with less than a 30% chance of success! Did he not take his own life seriously?


Duan Hong Chen had shared one body with Wu Kuang for so many years, so nobody knew the characteristics of Wu Kuang’s Heaven Devouring Battle Law better than he did. If he claimed the chances were less than 30%, then it must be so.


“Do we need to guard against Wu Kuang?” Yang Kai asked another question.


Needless to say, they would have to face a third battle against Great Demon God if Wu Kuang failed in his attempt. They had to kill Great Demon God even at the cost of their lives. On the other hand, how they dealt with Wu Kuang if he actually succeeded was another problem altogether. Duan Hong Chen had restrained Wu Kuang in the past, so the latter could not act recklessly and cause unnecessary trouble. Once Wu Kuang escaped Duan Hong Chen’s body and obtained Great Demon God’s, however, the damage he could cause if he turned hostile would be no less than Mo Sheng himself.


The Star Boundary could not withstand any more conflict. Yang Kai was the Void Great Emperor who possessed part of the World’s Will now; hence, he knew better than anybody that this battle would cause the Star Boundary to suffer endless hardships in the future.


“No need!” Duan Hong Chen shook his head slowly, “If he succeeds, there will be nothing here he cares about. His pursuit of the Martial Dao has always been firm. It was different because he had no clue in the past how to progress; but, do you think he will remain in this place after learning that there are people stronger than him out there?”


Yang Kai pondered for a while before he nodded and agreed, “That’s true. In that case, I hope he succeeds.”


He was not afraid to fight Great Demon God again. After refining the Immortal Tree, his healing abilities had become quite terrifying. The injuries he suffered just now were mostly healed and he would recover completely with a little more time. Comparatively, how much could Great Demon God recover even if he ate a few chunks of Yang Kai’s flesh?


The second battle had ended with both sides suffering injuries, but Yang Kai was confident that he could kill Great Demon God by himself in their third confrontation! Still, he immediately began meditating and adjusting his breathing to recover his strength as much as possible. At the same time, he paid attention to the movements of the Great Demon God.


Great Demon God had been struggling and roaring continuously ever since Wu Kuang’s Soul barged into his body, it was just that the Azure Dragon Spear had pierced his chest, so he was powerless to escape even if he wanted to.


There were clearly two different auras clashing with each other inside that enormous body. They intertwined and blended with each other so that it was very difficult to distinguish between the two. An overwhelming power swept out from the body in all directions and the Qi waves propagated into the surroundings with Great Demon God at the centre.


In the meantime, several figures flew into the sky unsteadily to surround Great Demon God. They were none other than the Great Emperors who were exhausted from the previous fight. They had recovered as best as possible while Yang Kai was fighting Great Demon God alone, and it wasn’t until now that they finally regained enough strength to move once more. Even Flower Shadow and Ice Feather who had fainted previously had woken up.


Yang Kai looked up. His gaze swept over the familiar faces and he smiled knowingly. Removing his Dragon Transformation, he flew into the sky with Duan Hong Chen.


Nine figures; nine Great Emperors. They were connected to each other in spirit. The power of the entire Universe World circulated among the nine people as they quietly looked at the Great Demon God below them, ready to act at a moment’s notice!




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  1. Out of every character of this series, Wu Kuang is porbably the closest to main character besides Yang Kai considering his feats (killing 4 people of similar strength in a 1v9, creating the Heaven Devouring battle law, finding clues to the realm after GE, (probably) defeating GDG)

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