Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3820, Who Lived and Who Died


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Time had never passed so slowly before. Every moment, every breath that passed by seemed agonisingly long. Nine figures stood in the sky, waiting quietly. The two auras in the body of Great Demon God, who was pinned to the ground by the Azure Dragon Spear, clashed with each other fiercely and continuously. With time, the confrontation gradually weakened and finally subsided altogether.


No one knew how long had passed, but Great Demon God closed his eyes and lay there motionless, almost as though he was dead. Nevertheless, Yang Kai and the others could still perceive through their Divine Sense that there was a weak trace of vitality remaining in Mo Sheng’s body. Great Demon God was not dead yet, but he was certainly a lamp running out of oil. The current Great Demon God was nowhere near as imposing as he had been when he was first resurrected. His current appearance was incomparably wretched and gruesome.


All of a sudden, he opened his eyes without any warning. His appearance might be miserable, but his eyes were burning brightly. The corners of his mouth lifted as he started to laugh. His laughter started out soft but the volume increased steadily until it became riotous, filled with elation.


The Great Emperors simply watched coldly from above.


Yang Kai turned to glance at Duan Hong Chen while the latter’s expression was as tranquil as an ancient well. There was no way to determine who was currently in control of Great Demon God’s body.


“Mo Sheng?” Yang Kai called out in a cold voice.


The laughter disappeared abruptly and Great Demon God looked up, “What do you think?” 


He then hissed softly and snapped in annoyance, “Hey brat, hurry up and remove this damned spear from this King’s body!”


Yang Kai glanced at Duan Hong Chen once more. He had no way of determining whether Wu Kuang had successfully devoured the Great Demon God. The only person who could accurately make a judgement here was Duan Hong Chen, who lived with Wu Kuang for many years. Likewise, the others also turned to look at Duan Hong Chen.


Duan Hong Chen shook his head, “I can’t tell!”


Yang Kai grinned, “That makes things easy. Better to kill an innocent than let an enemy go free!”


Besides, Wu Kuang was anything but innocent. He had destroyed countless Lower Star Fields when he dominated the Star Boundary in the past; killing him here would simply be revenge for all those who lost their lives back then.


‘Great Demon God’ was enraged, “Hong Chen, you Old Ghost! You have to take responsibility for the words you speak! Do you think this King won’t spill all your secrets!” Then, he turned to look at Flower Shadow Great Emperor, “Hua Ling Long! Do you remember the time you stayed at Azure Sun Temple…”


“You shut up!” Duan Hong Chen’s expression changed dramatically as he raised a hand to interrupt the rest of the sentence. To everybody’s surprise, cold sweat was oozing out of his forehead.


Flower Shadow Great Emperor frowned deeply at those words and her beautiful eyes were filled with suspicion.


“Well?” ‘Great Demon God’ raised an eyebrow and looked at Duan Hong Chen with a wicked grin.


Duan Hong Chen glared at ‘Great Demon God’ fiercely for a moment before sweeping his gaze over the others and affirming, “He’s Wu Kuang!”


“What happened to Mo Sheng?” Yang Kai asked.


Wu Kuang grinned, “This King is still alive. What do you think happened to him?”


Yang Kai was amazed. He never imagined that Wu Kuang would succeed. In this defeat, Mo Sheng not only got his resurrected body possessed by another, but he also had his Soul devoured. No matter how talented Mo Sheng was, there was no way he could cause trouble again as he could not be more dead.


As soon as Yang Kai calmed down, an indescribable wave of exhaustion swept over him. He heaved a sigh of relief and his body slowly sank downward.


Yang Kai was not the only one. All the others who remained floating in the air, including the Great Emperors, the two Elders of the Dragon Clan, and even Heavens Order’s descendant Zhang Ruo Xi, fell to the ground like dumplings being dropped into a pot of soup.


This Earth-shaking battle had not lasted for long as only a few days had passed since Great Demon God revealed himself. The Great Emperors had all gone through countless life-or-death battles after traversing the Star Boundary for so many years, so forget battles that lasted several days, they had even fought battles that spanned several months or even several years. It was just that there had never been a battle as difficult nor as exhausting as this one.


Upon confirming that Mo Sheng was dead and victory belonged to them, their tensed nerves loosened so suddenly that all their strength seemed to drain from their bodies. Fortunately, their cultivation was not just for show and they did not fall headfirst to the ground but simply sank downward unsteadily and stood weakly on their feet.


Yang Kai was in the best shape out of them all, having refined the Immortal Tree and possessing a Dragon Source, granting him restorative abilities far higher than the others. As such, he still had some strength left. His Divine Sense swept out, imprinting everything in the world in his heart.


All of a sudden, he sensed numerous gazes staring at him and noticed the anxiety everybody in the Star Boundary was feeling, so he shouted loudly, “Mo Sheng is dead! We have won!”


His voice was not loud, but it spread to every corner of the Star Boundary with the blessing of the World and entered the ears of all those who remained alive at this moment.


There was a short pause of silence, followed by a loud cheer that shook the Heavens. All those inside and outside High Heaven Palace celebrated wholeheartedly as a sense of joy from finally seeing the light of dawn permeating the air.


Grinning, Yang Kai then lay spread-eagle on the ground and looked up at the sky which remained gloomy and filled with churning Demon Qi. Gathering his strength, Yang Kai blew out a breath of air. A huge gap instantly broke through the Demon Qi that covered the whole world and dazzling sunlight shone down. The sunlight dispelled the darkness in the world, giving off a sense of warmth.


Numerous figures rushed over from within High Heaven Palace, their tender bodies leaping into his embrace, sobbing endlessly. Xia Ning Chang was crying the hardest and her eyes were as swollen as peaches. Xue Yue was also crying profusely while although Shan Qing Luo was trying to hold back, she could not stop the tears from flowing down her cheeks uncontrollably.


Zhu Qing and Su Yan were slightly better, but the light of lingering fear remained in their beautiful eyes. When Yang Kai brought the severed palm into the Void with him, the following explosion had even crossed over into the material world, nearly stopping their hearts. At that moment, Su Yan and the others had felt as though the sky had come crashing down on them. Fortunately, Yang Kai returned half a day later. Moreover, he was alive and well. Even thinking about it now still felt like a nightmare.


Yang Kai hugged them and consoled them for a while but his efforts did not seem to have much of an effect. In the end, Su Yan scolded them with a stern expression and only then did the women stop crying.


“Hey, boy! If you’re done fooling around, can you come and help this King? This King is still being pinned to the ground. This King is going to die if you don’t come soon!” An unhappy voice sounded from not too far away.


Yang Kai didn’t even bother to look in that direction, “Why are you in such a rush? It’s not like you’ll die so quickly. Let me rest for a bit!”


He was exhausted; completely exhausted. After refining the Immortal Tree, his body rapidly recovered from any injuries so his physical form was basically unharmed and fully intact; however, the energy he consumed could not be replenished so easily. If he did not rest for at least ten to fifteen days, Yang Kai would not have the strength to fight anybody again. Unfortunately, the Star Boundary was still a huge mess that needed to be cleaned up even though Mo Sheng was dead. 


Things were far from over.


Yang Kai enjoyed the warmth and tenderness for a while before he asked Su Yan to lead the others away. Only then did he force himself to stand up again and slowly walk towards the enormous body of the Great Demon God. When he got closer, he took to the air and grabbed the butt of the Azure Dragon Spear. His thoughts flashed and the Azure Dragon Spear swiftly shrank, soon returning to its original three-metre length.


Wu Kuang suppressed a grunt as the spear was pulled out. Blood shot out from the wound in his chest, but nevertheless, he could finally sit up again now that the Azure Dragon Spear was gone. 


Looking down at his body, he coughed.


“How is it?” Yang Kai glanced sideways at Wu Kuang.


Wu Kuang replied angrily, “I’ll live.”


“I mean, how is your new body?” Yang Kai snickered.


After quietly perceiving for a bit, Wu Kuang grinned, “It’s excellent! It’s a thousand times better than Old Ghost Hong Chen’s rotting body!”


“I guess you got a good bargain.”


With this body, Wu Kuang would immediately become an Open Heaven Realm Master as long as he could recover from his injuries. He had devoured Mo Sheng’s Soul after all, so it stood to reason that he inherited Mo Sheng’s everything.


Doing this would have certain potential dangers and it was not as good as if he had cultivated to this level by himself; however, for Wu Kuang, the pros outweighed the cons at the moment. He would have had to continue sharing a body with Duan Hong Chen otherwise, something both he and Duan Hong Chen could not tolerate.


There were two reasons why Wu Kuang had not possessed another body for so many years. One reason was that he could not find a suitable vessel. He was a Great Emperor after all, so how could he be satisfied with the body of an ordinary person? The second reason was that Duan Hong Chen did not dare to let him leave easily; therefore, this was a rare chance that even Duan Hong Chen did not object to.


While these two were conversing with each other, an unusual aura suddenly emerged from a distant land. The aura was so powerful that only a Great Emperor or a Demon Saint could compare. Besides, judging by the special characteristics of the aura, it belonged to one of the Demon Saints.


All the Great Emperors were shocked. They were all powerless to do anything at this point, so even if it was a single Demon Saint, nobody had the strength to fight back.


Yang Kai lifted his head and looked in that direction, but upon seeing the stream of light rushing over, he couldn’t help bursting into laughter. [This woman sure woke up at just the right time. She perfectly missed out on this entire fatal disaster.]


The stream of light stopped in mid-air in front of everybody to reveal Bei Li Mo’s figure. Her beautiful eyes swept over the scene below her, taking in the miserable state of the Masters below. Her gaze soon landed on Yang Kai and Wu Kuang, a look of surprise flashing across her face.


[What… is this situation?] She was stunned to see Yang Kai chatting leisurely with ‘Great Demon God’. They were less than a thousand metres apart and Yang Kai was holding the Azure Dragon Spear, but there was no hostility between them. On the other hand, Great Demon God was sitting on the ground with not the slightest shred of murderous intent either. There were no signs of the rest of the Demon Saints while in contrast, the Great Emperors of the Star Boundary were all dry oil lamps, their auras extremely weak.


[What the Hell happened during the time that I was unconscious? Could it be that the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm made peace with each other? But, how is that possible?] Bei Li Mo felt extremely dizzy, almost as if she was dreaming.


“Your luck is impressive!” Yang Kai nodded lightly at her.


His words left her feeling even more confused. Her memories had stopped at the moment when Yang Kai knocked her unconscious. At the time, she remained conscious even though she was under Great Demon God’s control and could not move her body at will. She, Yu Ru Meng, and Chang Tian had walked out of the inexplicable space, but before she could do anything, the Soul Imprint Yang Kai had planted in her Knowledge Sea had activated and instantly knocked her unconscious. Even now, the pain in her head was so intense that it felt like her head was splitting apart.


She could tell that her Soul had been damaged slightly. 


Yang Kai had been extremely anxious at the time, so how could he spare the thought to control the strength of the Soul Imprint under those circumstances? He simply wanted to knock Bei Li Mo out as soon as possible. Later, Great Demon God became overwhelmed and fused with all the other Demon Saints as a last resort. Bei Li Mo missed out on the call due to her being in a comatose state; otherwise, she would have faced the same fate as Xue Li and the others, becoming part of the Great Demon God’s power. If that had happened, she would no longer have existed at this moment.




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