Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3821, A Huge Mess


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Seeing the confusion in Bei Li Mo’s eyes, Yang Kai said, “Mo Sheng is dead!”


Bei Li Mo blinked, almost wondering whether she had heard wrongly as she turned to look at the enormous body nearby, [Great Demon God is right here. Why is Yang Kai saying that he is dead?]


However, her expression soon changed drastically as she stared at Wu Kuang intently and said, “You’re not Lord Demon God!?”


Although the enormous body belonged to Great Demon God, the aura emitted by this figure was completely different. It did not belong to the Great Demon God.


A low chuckle entered her ears, “This King is Wu Kuang!”


Her pupils immediately contracted to the size of pinpoints at those words. She was horrified, “You possessed him!?”


She was not a fool. On the contrary, she was a Demon Saint. How rich were her knowledge and her experiences? That was why she immediately thought of the key point when she realised that Wu Kuang’s Soul was inside the Great Demon God’s body.


“More or less,” Wu Kuang responded nonchalantly, too lazy to explain further.


She took a deep breath in shock. She glanced at Wu Kuang, then glanced at Yang Kai. Afterwards, she glanced at the Great Emperors surrounding them and could not help feeling lost.


[Great Demon God is dead. Not only is he dead, but his body was also being possessed by this Wu Kuang…] Even if she did not dare to believe it, the truth was right in front of her, so she had no choice but to believe. Although she did not participate in the battle, she could tell from the aftermath and the condition of the Great Emperors that it was extremely brutal.


She couldn’t believe this was the final outcome of the war! The Demon Realm had lost and the Star Boundary had won, but it was a tragic victory. This world was on the verge of falling apart after the battle that had severely damaged its foundation.


Even though she was a Demon Saint, she did not feel much sadness. She had already defected to the Star Boundary because of the Soul Imprint, which drew a clean line between her and the other Demon Saints. Besides, the feeling of being controlled by Great Demon God was terrible. She couldn’t help being a little happy that Great Demon God was killed. Yang Kai might be able to control her through the Soul Imprint, but his control over her was not as thorough as Great Demon God’s.


“So that’s how it is!” She gently nodded, “What about the others?”


Looking around, she was the only Demon Saint present; thus, she couldn’t help feeling rather alone.


“Chang Tian and Ru Meng are fine. The other Demon Saints are dead.”


She nodded lightly. This outcome was something she could accept. Smiling, she said sincerely, “Congratulations.”


Yang Kai snorted with laughter. This battle had been so brutal, what was there to celebrate? He waved her off and said, “There are quite a number of Demons left. Go and take care of them.”


Bei Li Mo nodded at his words. Then, she turned and flew away.


The final battle between the Great Emperors and the Demon Saints had been so intense, so how could the other battlefields be any different? In particular, there were many casualties among the Half-Saints and Pseudo-Great Emperors. After Great Demon God revealed himself, even the Half-Saints who originally defected to the Star Boundary had turned their backs on their companions. Now that Great Demon God was dead, however, they were no longer under his control.


The remaining Demons had long since lost their will to fight back after seeing that the war was lost. At this moment, they were gathered together, their eyes filled with confusion about what was going to happen to them now. Therefore, it was best to leave them to Bei Li Mo.


The Star Boundary also suffered great losses. Many of the Spirit Peaks in High Heaven Palace had been flattened and the once beautiful scenery was a total mess. Between accounting for the casualties and treating the injured, the Star Boundary was very busy even after the war ended.


One day later, Yang Kai was the first to recover and released Chang Tian and Yu Ru Meng from the Small Sealed World. Yu Ru Meng was perfectly fine, but Chang Tian was in a similar condition to Bei Li Mo.


Chang Tian’s Soul had been damaged slightly and it would take a long time for him to heal completely. After this battle, he had obviously aged considerably; even his hair had grown grey. He was not far from his predestined time of death in the first place. If not for that, he would not have tried to take Yang Kai as his Adopted Son to inherit Hundred Spirits Continent the moment they met.


Now that his Soul was damaged, it would be very difficult for Chang Tian to recover. It was most likely that only a few hundred years remained of his lifespan. For an ordinary person, several hundred years represented several lifetimes, but for a Master like Chang Tian, several hundred years was but a blink of an eye. Even so, a person like him had long since put aside matters such as life and death. He had lived a long and colourful life, so he was calm even in the face of death.


The three Demon Masters busied themselves corralling the remnants of the Demon Race. Meanwhile, Yang Kai used the power of a Great Emperor and communicated with the World’s Will to completely dispel the Demon Essence from the Star Boundary. He had done something similar during the war, but Great Demon God had obstructed his progress at the time, so he could not complete the task. Now that Great Demon God was dead and there was nobody to stop him anymore, it was only natural that he put everything in the Star Boundary back in order; otherwise, the remaining Demon Essence would only cause further trouble down the road.


The entire Star Boundary finally saw the light again after a whole day’s work, which completely exhausted Yang Kai as a result. Unfortunately, the world was still unstable. The sky was filled with countless large Void Cracks that looked extremely horrifying and the World Principles were in disorder. It was as though the World had lost most of its ability to repair itself.


The Great Emperors, who received the recognition of the World, felt this extremely clearly, and as a result, they could barely mobilise any World Force at the moment.


At this rate, it was only a matter of time before the Star Boundary died. Moreover, it would not take long before that happened. It might range from another thousand years to ten thousand years, but the Star Boundary would eventually follow in the footsteps of the Demon Realm. When that happened, the Star Boundary would collapse and cease to exist.


Another three days later, the rest of the Great Emperors gradually recovered and regained some of their mobility, and although each of them carried wounds that would require many years of recuperation to heal, these matters could not be rushed.


High Heaven Palace was a complete mess; thus, they temporarily used Yang Xiao and Yang Xue’s Flowing Time Temple as the place to hold their meetings. The temple floated mid-air as the Great Emperors, the two Elders of the Dragon Clan, and Heaven’s Order descendant Zhang Ruo Xi gathered inside. All the strongest powerhouses in the Star Boundary came together to discuss what to do next.


Li Wu Yi stood below them, reporting on the post-war efforts that had been completed. All the survivors from the Star Boundary were settled outside High Heaven Palace at the moment. Some were being treated for their wounds while others were cultivating. After having escaped from the jaws of death, they were looking toward the future. The only matter he was having trouble with was how to deal with the survivors of the Demon Race.


It was one thing for the Demon Race Half-Saints such as Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya. They had been involuntarily subjected to Great Demon God’s control, so defecting to the enemy was not their intention and they could not be blamed for their actions; however, the Demon Race army had killed many among the Star Boundary in the past.


Now that the tides had turned for the Demon Race, it was difficult to decide whether or not to slaughter these surviving Demons.


If it was decided to kill the Demon Race survivors, they would not have any power to resist. Most of the Demon Saints were dead, and the three remaining Demon Saints had defected to the Star Boundary years ago. If the Great Emperors were to take action, the three Demon Saints would not stop them either. The problem was that there were simply too many Demon survivors. There were at least millions of them, so who would bear the sin of killing them all in cold blood?


If the choice was not to kill the Demon Race survivors, however, how would they explain their decision to the dead of the Star Boundary?


Unable to make a decision, Li Wu Yi brought this matter to the Great Emperors instead.


Inside the temple, the Divine Sense of the Great Emperors surged as they communicated soundlessly among themselves. A short while later, Zhan Wu Hen said, “The two armies were at war under their respective banners and casualties were inevitable. Now that the war is over, we will let them live. However, the Star Boundary will not take them in. This matter will be handled by Void himself.”


“Yes!” Li Wu Yi bowed, feeling relieved.


Yang Kai had used the Sealed World Bead to devour the entire Demon Realm in the past. Besides, one of the regions in the Sealed World Bead was already being used to contain billions of Demons that had until now not been released. Therefore, it was reasonable for him to place a few million war prisoners in the Small Sealed World. It could be considered a way out.


Li Wu Yi took his leave and relayed the decision to Yu Ru Meng and the others so that they could start making arrangements for the withdrawal.


Inside the temple, Zhan Wu Hen continued, “Yang Kai, we will leave the Demon Race to you.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Rest assured, I will take care of this matter.”


Zhan Wu Hen said, “The matter regarding the Demon Race is a trivial one, what we urgently need to deal with is the mess left behind in the Star Boundary. I’m sure you don’t need me to say it as you probably all sensed it for yourselves during this period. The Star Boundary will not last much longer. It will fall apart and die, sooner or later. We need to find a way for the people of the Star Boundary to survive.”


Mo Huang suggested, “Since Yang Boy could refine a second Demon Realm, can’t he refine a second Star Boundary?”


The situation in the Demon Realm back then was now a precedent to what the Star Boundary was currently facing. Yang Kai had used the Sealed World Bead to devour the continents of the Demon Realm; consequently, the third region of the Sealed World Bead could be considered a second Demon Realm. If they imitated his previous methods and used the Sealed World Bead to devour and merge the entire Star Boundary, they could then create a second Star Boundary.


Yang Kai nodded at those words, “That is an option, but it’s better not to do so unless we have no other choice.”


“Why?” Mo Huang was puzzled.


“The second Demon Realm might have been formed, but it is confined to the Sealed World Bead. At the moment, I have not found a way to separate the second Demon Realm from the Small Sealed World. I’m afraid there might be unintended consequences if I devour the Star Boundary in such a situation. Furthermore, the second Demon Realm gives me the feeling that it is different from the original Demon Realm, like a newly born world with World Principles not yet matured. It might need a long time before it could repair itself and recover to how it used to be, a very long time indeed.”


Upon hearing this, Zhan Wu Hen said, “Let us leave that as our last resort then. If we cannot find a better solution, we can only choose to do that.”


“Sirs, with all due respect, there might be a way to save the Star Boundary.” Zhang Ruo Xi spoke up suddenly.


Everybody turned to look in her direction with shocked expressions and Zhan Wu Hen asked, “Young Lady, do you have a way to rescue the Star Boundary?”


Although she was not a Great Emperor, she had the strength of a Great Emperor. What’s more, she had inherited the memories and experiences of Heaven’s Order, so she had knowledge of and insight into the mysteries of the Outer Universe. For her to speak up at this moment could not be for nothing.


“I do not dare to make any guarantees, but there is a method depicted in my memories.”


“Please speak freely. The situation in the Star Boundary cannot get any worse. If you truly have a method to save the Star Boundary, then you will become the saviour of this world.”


Zhang Ruo Xi simply smiled, “Sir, your words are too much. I was also born and raised in this world, so it is my duty to contribute to the Star Boundary.” Pausing for a moment, she continued, “There are two reasons as to why the Star Boundary is in this condition. The first reason is the impact from the war, while the second reason is that it has lost a large portion of its Auspicious Spirit Essence. The main problem is actually the latter. When a Universe World loses its Auspicious Spirit Essence, it loses its vitality. As a result, the World Principles fall apart and lose their ability to self-repair. To put it in a different perspective, if we can bring back the vitality of this world by restoring its Auspicious Spirit Essence, it will be able to repair itself once more. No matter how broken the world is, it will be able to recover to its original state.”




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