Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3822, Spark


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“So, the key point lies in what we can do to restore the vitality to this world?” Flower Shadow Great Emperor’s eyes lit up.


Zhang Ruo Xi nodded in reply, “That’s right.” After a short pause, she continued, “Have any of you ever wondered about the Demon Realm’s Auspicious Spirit Essence that Mo Sheng had successfully devoured back then? The Demon Realm of the time was powerless to fight back against him. In other words, he was successful in his attempt; therefore, the Demon Realm’s situation should be worse than what the Star Boundary is currently facing. So, why did the Demon Realm continue to exist?”


Yang Kai folded his arms in front of him and smiled, “Enough with the riddles, get to the point.”


Zhang Ruo Xi stuck her tongue out at him and answered, “It’s life!”


“Life?” He raised his eyebrows at her words.


“The Demon Realm’s Auspicious Spirit Essence was devoured, but the living creatures in the Demon Realm weren’t exterminated. Where life exists, there is hope. Thus, the vitality and Auspicious Spirit Essence of the Demon Realm that was lost slowly recovered… The only thing I don’t understand is… Why did Mo Sheng come to the Star Boundary when the Demon Realm still had its Auspicious Spirit Essence?”


Yang Kai explained, “You have never been to the Demon Realm, so you don’t know about its situation. The Demon Realm had long ago fallen apart due to the battle between Mo Sheng and Flowing Time Great Emperor. The entire Universe World was broken into countless fragments. Some of the continents even lost their vitality and were swallowed up by the Void.”


“So that’s how it is!” She immediately understood, “That explains why he went around the sun just to reach the moon.”


Zhan Wu Hen looked at Zhang Ruo Xi, “So, what you’re saying is that, as long as there are enough living creatures in the Star Boundary, there will be a chance for this world to recover?”


“That should be correct,” Zhang Ruo Xi nodded.


He then turned to look at Yang Kai, “Yang Kai, if I remember correctly, didn’t you accept a lot of people from the Star Boundary into the Sealed World Bead?”


Yang Kai said, “I’ll handle it right away.”


He had indeed taken in many people from the Star Boundary who had nowhere else to go during the war between the two worlds. As a result, the first territory of the Small Sealed World was currently overcrowded with people. Moreover, he was not the only one who had done so. Many of the Army Commanders had also sheltered refugees in their World Beads.


These people were not strong enough to play a role in the war between the two worlds, but they could not be left exposed to the dangers of the Demon Race either. Therefore, they had been placed in either the Sealed World Bead or the various World Beads Yang Kai had refined and thus safely survived to this day. Nobody could have imagined that their strength would be needed to rebuild the Star Boundary.


“I’ll go and talk to Wu Kuang. If we need people, then Wu Kuang has as many people as we need.” While speaking, Duan Hong Chen stood up and strode out.


Wu Kuang had used the Ancestral Domain as a core to refine and integrate all of the Lower Star Fields. Those Lower Star Fields were overflowing with countless living creatures. Now that nine houses out of ten in the Star Boundary were vacant, it was a good opportunity to ask him for some people to replenish the numbers. He would not refuse the request.


Zhang Ruo Xi followed up, “But, even though this is a feasible method, it is not something that will take effect in the short-term. It might take a very, very long time for results to show. Sirs, you will need to be mentally prepared for that.”


Zhan Wu Hen replied, “It doesn’t matter how long it takes. It’s fine as long as there is hope.”


Yang Kai got up from his seat, “I’m going to settle the placement of the people in the Sealed World Bead. There is also the matter regarding the Demon Race that I have to handle, so I will take my leave first.”


“Go on.” Zhan Wu Hen waved his hand dismissively.


Yang Kai vanished from the spot with a flash of his thoughts. By the time he reappeared again, he was standing inside a simple palace. The palace was located a thousand kilometres away from High Heaven Palace. Yu Ru Meng stood beside him while, not far away, the gazes of Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo also fixed on him in unison.


“Husband!” Yu Ru Meng called out, “What did the Great Emperors say?”


Yang Kai stroked her hair and smiled, “I will be in charge of the matters related to the Demon Race.”


She immediately breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing those words. She was also part of the Demon Race, so although most of the surviving clansmen had been enemies of the Star Boundary, they were basically just following orders from their superiors and had no freedom to decide for themselves. Now that the Star Boundary was victorious and the Demon Realm had suffered a crushing defeat, it was understandable even if the Star Boundary advocated for the Demon Race to be exterminated mercilessly. It was just that, as a Demon Saint, Yu Ru Meng would inevitably feel disturbed if that were to happen.


Fortunately, the results would not be too pessimistic if this matter was handled by Yang Kai. Sure enough, Yang Kai responded under the watchful eyes of Bei Li Mo and Chang Tian, “All members of the Demon Race will be taken into the Small Sealed World and never be allowed to step into the Star Boundary again.”


Chang Tian nodded, “That’s for the best.”


Similarly, Bei Li Mo exhaled softly in relief.


Accompanied by the trio, Yang Kai accepted the surviving Demon Race army into the Small Sealed World and placed them in the third region. The army of millions entered the vast third region like a stone that sank into the sea without creating any ripples.


Half a day had passed by the time Yang Kai was done with this first matter. Without pausing for a moment, he then travelled all over the Star Boundary, selected some places that were not too affected by the war, and released the natives of the Star Boundary taking shelter inside the Small Sealed World in large batches. He even went so far as to spend his power to create a more suitable environment for the Human survivors to live in.


It took more than ten days to complete this effort. In that time, Yang Kai travelled across all four territories in the Star Boundary. Now that he had lit the spark, he wondered how long it would take before a blazing fire arose.


Nevertheless, running around for this task made Yang Kai more aware of just how damaged the Star Boundary had become. The reason why the Great Emperors and Demon Saints had agreed not to make a move when the war between the two worlds broke out was that they were afraid the impact of their fight would be too great. They were worried about causing indelible damage to the Star Boundary.


Unfortunately, following the progression of the war and the return of the Great Demon God, everything spiralled out of control. Most of the Auspicious Spirit Essence in the world had been devoured, the World Principles had been broken, and the lands had been torn apart. It looked like the apocalypse had occurred everywhere in the world and all the beautiful sceneries of the past were now gone.


The damage from the final battle with the Great Demon God would not recover for at least tens of thousands of years. Hopefully, the method Zhang Ruo Xi suggested would work. It might take a long time, but it was perfectly fine for a Universe World to wait that long.


More than ten days later, Yang Kai finally returned to High Heaven Palace where he saw Wu Kuang sitting cross-legged on the ground. Moreover, Wu Kuang was smiling and waving at him.


At this moment, Wu Kuang still had his several-thousand-metre-tall body. He had only just devoured Great Demon God’s Soul, so he probably had yet to fully digest everything that he received; hence, he was powerless to make his body shrink for the time being.


Yang Kai hesitated for a moment but flew over in the end, floating in front of Wu Kuang, he asked, “What is it?”


“This King is leaving!” Wu Kuang grinned.


“Leaving?” Yang Kai frowned, “Where to?” After the question slipped out of his mouth, the realisation struck him and he exclaimed, “The Outer Universe!?”


Wu Kuang nodded, “Do you know why this King continued to devour power without stopping even though he was already the most powerful in the Star Boundary back then?” Without waiting for Yang Kai to respond, he continued to answer his own question, “It is because ‘Great Emperor’ is just a title, because this King can feel that there exists an even higher Martial Dao, it was because this King wants to become stronger… Flowing Time was not the only person who realised the mysteries of the Outer Universe!”


Yang Kai gently nodded in response. Before he became a Great Emperor, he had thought that it was the highest Realm that existed. He believed that it was the pinnacle of the Martial Dao; however, now that he stood in this position, Yang Kai also knew that what Wu Kuang and Great Demon God said was true. The so-called Great Emperor was nothing more than a title. It was not a Realm in itself.


The ones at the highest peak of the Emperor Realm and had the qualification to scratch on the surface of the mysteries of the Open Heaven Realm were the Pseudo-Great Emperors, and only a select few from among the Pseudo-Great Emperors would be recognised by the World and gain the qualifications to mobilise World Force. Those people were known as the Great Emperors. At this moment, Yang Kai, Zhan Wu Hen, and the others belonged to this group.


On the other hand, Wu Kuang had single-handedly opened a gap in the door to the Open Heaven Realm tens of thousands of years ago to walk ahead of everyone else.


Yang Kai even suspected that Flowing Time Great Emperor had reached the Open Heaven Realm! How else could he have destroyed Great Demon God’s body back then?


“In the past, this King was ignorant and clueless about the sky beyond what we know! After learning about all the wondrous things that can be found in the Outer Universe, how can this King not see them for himself? The Star Boundary might be big, but it is only a corner of this vast universe. It is too small to hold Flood Dragons like you and me!”


Yang Kai was flattered by those words and waved his hand repeatedly in embarrassment, “I don’t dare to put myself on equal terms with you, Senior.”


Wu Kuang retorted, “It’s not that you don’t dare. It’s that you find it disdainful!” 


He himself was well aware that his reputation was terrible. Still, laughing, he continued, “This King pursues the Martial Dao. Secret Arts are simply a means. As long as it is useful, who cares what I have to use? The others are blind, a bunch of stubborn old ghosts. This King could care less about them. But, you are a little interesting, boy. While your aptitude cannot be said to be the best, you managed to become a Great Emperor at such a young age. You will most likely be a force to be reckoned with in the future. This King might be slightly more powerful than you now because I devoured Mo Sheng, but I don’t have the confidence to win against you in the future.”


“There are times when even you lack confidence?” Yang Kai was surprised.


“There are many extraordinary things in the world…” Wu Kuang laughed and pointed a finger at Yang Kai, “You are one of them.”


“I will take that as a compliment,” Yang Kai shrugged nonchalantly, thinking to himself that somebody as arrogant and rebellious as Wu Kuang might not have praised others before.


“I will wait for you in the Outer Universe. I hope we meet each other again in the future!” Saying so, Wu Kuang stood up, his giant body blocking out the sunlight above Yang Kai’s head.


“Wait!” Yang Kai hurriedly raised a hand to stop Wu Kuang. He looked up at Wu Kuang and shouted, “What about the Lower Star Fields that you refined!? Are you bringing them along with you!? I don’t care about the others, but what about my Heng Luo Star Field!?”


Wu Kuang chuckled, “I only refined them to find a way forward. Now that I have found my path, those Star Fields are useless to me. This King has already handed them over to that old fart Duan Hong Chen. You can ask him about it.”


“Good,” Yang Kai was relieved. There was no need for him to go and confirm anything with Duan Hong Chen seeing as Wu Kuang had already said so and clearly disdained to lie to him.


“Little brat, work hard!” Wu Kuang lowered his head and smiled again. Immediately after that, he took a step forward. His body looked very heavy and clumsy, but he climbed upward as though there were invisible stairs in the sky. It didn’t take long for his enormous figure to disappear out of sight.


Yang Kai crossed his arms in front of him with a smile on his face, watching Wu Kuang leave.


“Is he gone?” Duan Hong Chen’s voice suddenly came from beside Yang Kai.


Yang Kai looked to the side and saw all the Great Emperors, along with the two Elders of the Dragon Clan and Zhang Ruo Xi standing next to him. Even Xiao Xiao had shown up, it was just that Tai Yue Xiao Xiao was now only knee high and was currently sitting on Zhang Ruo Xi’s shoulders.




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    1. Well if he didn’t have a hacked loot table – he’d still be a Saint King, but who needs aptitude, when author keeps feeding you epic treasure after epic treasure and then retcons those to become legendary or unique. And still somehow every hamster in every rat hole can recognize that one per universe mythical mcguffin, its capabilities and evolution chart.

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    Even tho the great emperors had help in this battle, it’s interesting that wu kuang killed more great emperors than great demon god. Guy was a beast. He probably should refine his new body better b4 venturing out.

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