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Martial Peak – Chapter 3823, Giant Spirit God

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“He left!” Yang Kai responded as he stretched out a hand to play with Xiao Xiao. Xiao Xiao immediately crawled along his arm and came to his side. It was hard to imagine that this little one could transform into a giant like Tai Yue and wrestled with the Great Demon God.


In the previous battle, Tai Yue was defeated twice to the point where his body disintegrated. He was in no immediate danger, but like all the other Masters, he needed to have a good rest to recover.


“He sure left in a carefree manner,” Duan Hong Chen laughed.


“It’s good that he left,” Flower Shadow Great Emperor breathed a sigh of relief. While speaking, she secretly snuck a glance at Zhan Wu Hen.


Zhan Wu Hen was staring coldly in the direction that Wu Kuang left with a trace of murderous intent in his eyes. 


Four Great Emperors had died at the hands of Wu Kuang during the battle in the Shattered Star Sea back then, and one of them had been Cyan Lotus Great Emperor, who was a close friend of Zhan Wu Hen’s. That was why Zhan Wu Hen greatly detested Wu Kuang and hated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.


Nobody among the existing Great Emperors hated Wu Kuang more than Zhan Wu Hen. If possible, he did not mind fighting Wu Kuang to death in order to avenge his dead friend.


It was just that Great Demon God had been running wild earlier, so all the forces of the Star Boundary had banded together like strands of a rope. Zhan Wu Hen had no choice but to put aside his personal grudge. What more at this time when the Star Boundary could no longer withstand any more hardship? Besides, Wu Kuang had devoured Mo Sheng, so there was no way for Zhan Wu Hen to defeat Wu Kuang with his current strength.


“It’s good that he left. It’s good that he left,” Duan Hong Chen couldn’t help nodding at those words. All those years of sharing one body with Wu Kuang had been extremely suffocating for him. Now that Wu Kuang had his own body, it could be said that Duan Hong Chen was finally free of Wu Kuang. The only thing that upset Duan Hong Chen was that Wu Kuang had used his body to cast the Heaven Devouring Battle Law to devour the Spiritual Essence of Great Demon God during the last battle. Although that move had brought him a lot of benefits, it also left some residual hidden dangers. It could be said to be both beneficial and harmful.


“I wonder when we’ll meet again,” Yang Kai mentioned it casually while playing with Xiao Xiao. [Perhaps… we might never have the chance to meet again. The universe is so vast. Even if I break free of the shackles of this universe one day and head to the Outer Universe, what are the chances of meeting each other again?]


The words had only just left his mouth though when he suddenly furrowed his brow and looked up at the sky. Likewise, the others seemed to sense something at that moment. When they looked up into the sky, they saw a black spot rapidly descending, wrapped in a ferocious aura. The black spot quickly enlarged in their field of vision to become a several thousand-metre-tall giant. Who else could it be but Wu Kuang, who had just left mere moments ago?


Yang Kai placed Xiao Xiao on his shoulders and asked with a laugh, “Why did you return? Did you forget something?”


Wu Kuang’s expression was a little strange, but it was more solemn than not as he said, “You’d better come with me. The Star Boundary may be in big trouble.”


“What do you mean?” Zhan Wu Hen’s expression turned grim.


“You’ll understand when you see it,” Wu Kuang did not say much. Turning around, he flew towards the Outer Universe again.


Everybody looked at each other before quickly communicating with each other via Divine Sense. Yang Kai shouted, “Let’s go!”


While speaking, he was the first one to follow after Wu Kuang.


“Be careful of deceit!” Zhan Wu Hen warned via transmission. He was still unable to trust Wu Kuang’s character, but he nevertheless followed along.


A group of more than a dozen figures marched towards the Outer Universe in a mighty procession. The higher up they went, the stronger an invisible layer of resistance became. It felt as though there was a mountain pressing down on their shoulders to force them back.


“It’s gotten a lot weaker,” Mo Huang couldn’t help sighing. “Is this also the result of the World Principles collapsing?”


“Probably,” Zhan Wu Hen nodded.


The Great Emperors had traversed the Star Boundary for so many years, so how could they not have tried to leave and see what the outside world was like? Not only did they try, but they even attempted it more than once; therefore, they were more than familiar with this invisible resistance. They would encounter this force every time they tried to leave the Star Boundary, but it was different this time. The resistance was obviously much weaker than before. This force was none other than the shackles of the universe. Those who were not powerful enough would not be able to break free of these shackles and leap out into the Outer Universe.


All the Great Emperors had this ability, it was just that they would lose the World’s blessing the moment they left the Star Boundary, so a Great Emperor would no longer be a Great Emperor. The world of the Outer Universe was extremely dangerous and they would not be able to withstand the resistance force for long before they had to return. Hence, even the Great Emperors knew nothing about the Outer Universe before the arrival of Great Demon God.


The entire process took no more than ten breaths before everybody felt their bodies relaxing and the invisible pressure vanishing. At the same time, their connection with the Star Boundary became extremely weak.


At this moment, a muffled but thunderous sound entered their ears. Everybody turned pale in unison and in the next moment, a gust of wind blew towards them. The wind was so strong that even the Great Emperors could not remain steady. They were blown off balance and staggered around unsteadily. It took quite some time before the wind subsided. Everybody looked at each other in confusion, not understanding what just happened.


Wu Kuang sullenly led the way without explaining anything. A short while later, he suddenly shouted, “Be careful!”


When his words rang out, an extremely strong suction force came from the front. All the Great Emperors felt their bodies involuntarily being dragged in that direction. Their expressions became extremely colourful all of a sudden. Although they no longer had the support of the Star Boundary and could not mobilise World Force, their heritage remained. Just what kind of suction force was it that they could leave them so helpless?


Fortunately, the suction force was similar to the gust of wind just now. It came as quickly and bizarrely as it left, stopping after a short while. Before they could feel relieved, that muffled yet thunderous sound came again. It was immediately followed by another gust of wind.


Yang Kai’s expression was a little strange as he couldn’t help feeling that this situation seemed to be rather familiar…


“Heh heh, we’re here.” Wu Kuang suddenly gave a chuckle and moved his enormous body aside to reveal the scene in front of him.


Everyone was completely stunned by the sight that greeted them while Yang Kai was absolutely speechless! There was an incomparably large figure lying down in the void in front of them. He looked like a rolling mountain range and none of them could tell how tall or how long he was. Wu Kuang’s several thousand-metre-tall body was even smaller than a child’s compared to this figure. 


It was an extremely terrifying giant.


In front of everybody’s eyes, the giant inhaled and exhaled. When he exhaled, the Astral Wind that spewed from his nose and mouth turned into a wind storm that swept across tens of thousands of kilometres of space. When he inhaled, the suction force affected everything within a similar radius. That muffled but thunderous sound turned out to be the sound of the giant snoring.


Furthermore, an incredible aura was emanating from the giant’s body. It was so powerful that it made the Great Emperors feel despair. It was also countless times stronger than when Great Demon God was at his peak strength. Even the two Elders of the Dragon Clan felt like insects in front of this aura.


“What is that…” Flower Shadow Great Emperor could not stop herself from gulping nervously, her pretty face turning pale. She had not felt so powerless even when facing Great Demon God. She knew instinctively that this recumbent giant in front of her could effortlessly crush her with just one finger.


Similarly, Zhan Wu Hen’s expression was extremely solemn. The expressions of the other Great Emperors were not much better either.


Regardless of what kind of existence this sleeping but terrifying giant was, the Star Boundary could not withstand any further shocks. He was sleeping so close to the Star Boundary that they even suspected that the Star Boundary would be blown apart by his breath if he exhaled slightly more violently than now.


Yang Kai was the only one who looked like he did not know whether to laugh or cry. He never imagined that he would see this fellow again so soon. It had not been long since he last met him, not to mention, he recalled that this big guy had sped off into the distance after saying goodbye, but why was this guy still here?


“Heaven’s Order descendant, you should know what he is, right?” Wu Kuang turned to look at Zhang Ruo Xi with a low chuckle.


Upon hearing those words, everybody hurriedly turned to look at Zhang Ruo Xi. Zhan Wu Hen asked with a frown, “Young Lady Ruo Xi, what is this?”


Before witnessing this sight with his very own eyes, he would never have thought that such huge creatures existed in this world.


“A Giant Spirit God!” Zhang Ruo Xi replied in a pained voice and smiled bitterly, “The Star Boundary is truly in trouble this time.”


“Why do you say that?” Zhan Wu Hen frowned as he all but whispered, seemingly fearful of waking the Giant Spirit God by speaking too loud.


Zhang Ruo Xi explained, “Giant Spirit Gods are a very special Race in the Outer Universe. They are born inherently powerful and unparalleled. They practically stand at the apex of the entire Universe. Nobody is their opponent except for a select few equally powerful beings.”


“How does Great Demon God compare?”


Zhang Ruo Xi smiled bitterly, “Even when Great Demon God was at his peak, this Giant Spirit God could kill him with a casual flick of his finger.”


Zhan Wu Hen’s expression sank at those words. Zhang Ruo Xi’s information obviously came from Heavens Order’s memories. How could the Star Boundary fight back if this Giant Spirit God was so powerful? Just a resurrected Great Demon God had almost shattered the entire Star Boundary and Great Demon God was not even at his peak at the time. If this Giant Spirit God was capable of killing Great Demon God at his peak at will, then this Giant Spirit God’s strength far exceeded the limits of their imagination.


“Should we take the initiative to attack?” Mo Huang was eager to take his chances. The giant in front of them was still asleep. If everybody launched an attack with all their strength right now, they might just stand a chance to win.


“Absolutely not!” Zhang Ruo Xi hurriedly stopped Mo Huang, “The Giant Spirit God Clan is innately powerful, but they are inherently peaceful, and essentially always avoid conflict with others. Although they are extremely strong…. they’re quite innocent, almost childlike, to the point that it’s like they have slight problems up there.”


Saying so, she pointed at her head.


“Why did he come to the Star Boundary?” Zhan Wu Hen was puzzled.


She replied, “The Giant Spirit God Clan does not live in any fixed place. They wander throughout the Outer Universe all their lives to look for food. I’m afraid he is here in search of food.”


“What do they eat?”


“Dead Universe Worlds.”


“Dead Universe Worlds?” Zhan Wu Hen raised his eyebrows.


“That’s right. They have a very special Innate Divine Ability. They can smell the aura of dying worlds even from extremely far away. Whenever they smell a dying world, they will rush over and wait quietly. They will wait until the world dies to eat the Dead World.”



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  1. I remember reading the original Marvel comic “Rise of the Silver Surfer” many decades ago where Galactus arrives (the entire story takes up three comic issues). I also saw the original Marvel cartoon with the same version. But I hated the movie version which has Galactus as a planet eating cloud. The original Galactus never ate planets, just the energy of all the lives on them. This A Da eats dead worlds so he is bigger than Galactus.

  2. “Even if I break free of the shackles of this universe one day and head to the Outer Universe, what are the chances of meeting each other again?”
    One hundred fucking percent.

    1. There’s foreshadowing, and then there’s blatantly telling the reader “yeah, this dude’s not done yet.” This
      is the latter. Meanwhile, lots of YK’s friends and supporters from earlier worlds/chapters are never
      mentioned again.

      Huo Xing Chen, king of frat boys, this one’s for you.

      1. Well, it’s been 200 years, and this guy was always more concerned with leaving progeny rather than cultivating. I’d rather see the Qiu girl again – what a waifu to walk away from o_O

        1. She was at least mentioned when the war broke out (she helped YK search for Ah Wang before he went to the revolving world again).
          And if I’m not mixing them up, wasn’t Huo Xing Chen forced by his father to have a lot of wives so that he many children (unlike his father who only had Hio Xing Chen) and thus didn’t have much time for cultivation?
          But most of Yang Kai’s friends/supporters should have at least reached the transcendent or saint realm by now, which allows them to live a few hundred to a thousand years (remember the best alchemist in Tong Xuan Realm that lived a 1000 years?)

  3. Ah-da aka galactus has come for his meal.
    Other than yk asking him not to eat the star boundary, the only thing they can do is help the world to recover, otherwise… dinner time.

    1. The issue is not that he’ll eat the place, summer child, the problem is that he’s detecting a dying world. Asking him to leave to save Star Boundary is like begging the thermometer to go away, so that your fever can go down.

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