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Martial Peak – Chapter 3824, Meeting Ah Da Again

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Upon hearing those words, everybody drew a deep breath of cold air. It was so incomprehensible that they had neither heard of nor dreamed of such a thing before. Just what kind of living creature could feed on a dead Universe World!?


[Seeing as this guy is here, does that mean that he smelled a dying aura coming from the Star Boundary!?] Everybody was shocked and horrified, but Yang Kai recalled something. The last time he met this giant in this vast Outer Universe, the other party had also been sleeping deeply. As a result, he nearly got sucked into the giant’s stomach right after he came out from devouring the Demon Realm with the Sealed World Bead. He remembered the depressed look on this giant’s face upon seeing that the Demon Realm was gone. He also remembered how this giant had happily eaten the World Beads he provided.


Yang Kai did not quite understand the reason previously, but the realization immediately struck him after listening to Zhang Ruo Xi’s explanation. The Demon Realm had also been on the verge of dying at the time, so this giant must have caught a whiff of some sort of unique scent and rushed over to the vicinity of the Demon Realm to wait while sleeping. In the end, Yang Kai had stolen his food, which was why he looked at where the Demon Realm was originally located after he woke up and spouted words like ‘It’s gone. Why is it gone?’


The reason he left and returned again to stop in the vicinity of the Star Boundary was that the previous war had caused the Star Boundary to become unstable. The Star Boundary was showing signs of collapsing, so this giant was waiting here to feed on the dead Star Boundary.


“Based on what you said, doesn’t that make this big guy practically invincible? How do we chase him away?” Zhan Wu Hen’s brow furrowed tightly. They had only just been trying to think of a way to rebuild the Star Boundary, as well as recover its vitality and Auspicious Spirit Essence, but now, there was a Giant Spirit God eyeing the Star Boundary hungrily. Anybody would feel uneasy. What if the Giant Spirit God acted unconventionally and started eating the Star Boundary the moment he woke up? If that happened, there was nobody in the Star Boundary who could fight back whatsoever.


Zhang Ruo Xi shook her head slowly, “That’s impossible. The Giant Spirit God is simple-minded. They spend their entire lives chasing after dead Universe Worlds. Nobody can do anything about that.”


“Then, what should we do now? We can neither win nor chase him away. Are we supposed to just wait for our deaths to come!?” Mo Huang glared.


She replied, “For now, all we can do is restore the Star Boundary’s vitality as quickly as possible. As long as the Star Boundary rejuvenates, this Giant Spirit God will not make a move. Don’t be fooled by his appearance, this Race seems to abhor fighting. Of course, that is under the condition that you don’t provoke him first. If anybody were to accidentally upset him, the consequences would be extremely dire.”


Zhan Wu Hen pensively asked, “How long does this guy usually sleep?”


Zhang Ruo Xi shook her head slowly, “There are extremely few members of the Giant Spirit God Clan, making it very rare to encounter them even in the Outer Universe. My ancestor only caught a glimpse of one from afar during her entire life and did not come into close contact with that individual. But, judging by his enormous figure and mighty strength, it should be normal for him to sleep for several hundreds to thousands of years, possibly even longer. Naturally, there is no saying whether he will wake up suddenly during that time.”


“Several hundreds to thousands of years…” Zhan Wu Hen nodded lightly, “Then, we can only do this for now. We must not disturb his sleep. If we do our best to restore the Star Boundary’s vitality before he wakes up, he will discover that the Star Boundary is brimming with life again and hopefully stop eyeing it.”


It was just… How much could the Star Boundary recover in just several hundred years? Based on the terrible state that the Star Boundary was currently in, it would take at least tens of thousands of years to restore its foundation.


Everybody nodded at those words. Faced with such an enormous and terrifying existence, nobody would even think about actively provoking the giant. Rather, they hoped that this giant would sleep until the end of time.


There was only one exception. That person flew towards the Giant Spirit God while Zhan Wu Hen was speaking. Everybody turned to look in that direction, wondering what Yang Kai was trying to do, but as he got closer and closer to the giant, their expressions changed greatly and Zhan Wu Hen urgently sent a transmission, “Yang Kai, what are you doing!?”


Yang Kai waved Zhan Wu Hen away. When the Giant Spirit God breathed in, he took advantage of the powerful airflow to fly directly towards that huge nose. In the next moment, a Dragon Roar rang out. A Golden Dragon Head flashed and disappeared to reveal a 2,000-metre-tall Half-Dragon. Yang Kai grabbed hold of a nose hair and swung himself into the fleshy walls of the giant’s nose. Under various horrified looks, he raised his fist and punched out with great force.


That punch struck the Giant Spirit God on the nose, but Zhan Wu Hen and the others felt as though it was their hearts that had been violently struck. Their complexions paled in unison and their hearts nearly jumped out of their chests.


Likewise, Wu Kuang’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at the sight and he cackled, “How bold!”


With a shift of his body, he swiftly fled and flew a thousand kilometres away in an instant, intent on watching what was happening from far away. However, he still did not feel very safe and retreated even further away.


Following that punch, the Giant Spirit God’s nose twitched several times. Then, he sneezed. The violent burst of air sent Yang Kai flying two thousand kilometres away, tumbling through the air and vanishing out of sight.


On the other hand, the Giant Spirit God did not show any signs of awakening after this punch. He simply rolled over and continued snoring away.


A short while later, Yang Kai returned and looked at the Giant Spirit God while scratching his head puzzledly. [That was how I woke this guy up last time. Why isn’t it working now?]


“Yang Kai, come back!” Zhan Wu Hen looked fearful as he called out. [Thank the Heavens Yang Kai’s punch just now had no effect; otherwise, none of us would still be alive!]


He intuitively realised just how terrifyingly powerful the Giant Spirit God was through that punch just now. Yang Kai’s punch was so powerful that none of them could have taken that blow head-on unprotected. However, the soft and fleshy wall of the Giant Spirit God’s nose was completely unscathed. It was simply difficult to imagine.


“Senior Iron Blood, please don’t worry. Leave this matter to me,” Yang Kai raised his hand. Hardening his resolve, he summoned the Azure Dragon Spear.


Zhan Wu Hen nearly coughed up blood at the sight and muttered in horror, “What does he plan to do!?”


There was no need for anybody to answer his question as in the next moment, Yang Kai gripped the tip of his spear, holding it upside down, and in a great arc, smashed its butt end down on the Giant Spirit God’s bald head with great force.




The sound reverberated through the void, the blow causing a visible bump to form on the Giant Spirit God’s bald head. Immediately after that, the tightly closed eyes slowly cracked open by a small gap as though he was going to wake up.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai stood in front of the Giant Spirit God’s face with his spear. He even kept poking the other party’s face with the Azure Dragon Spear while fearlessly shouting, “Wake up! Wake up!”


“Heh heh heh heh…” Wu Kuang watched from a distance, subconsciously laughing softly. A voice in his heart kept warning him to escape as soon as possible, the faster the better. Even so, his curiosity made him stay and watch the events unfolding before him.


On the other hand, the other Great Emperors, the two Elders of the Dragon Clan, and Zhang Ruo Xi had extremely interesting and colourful expressions on their faces that warped constantly. At this moment, nobody knew what to say anymore. Yang Kai was determined to wake the Giant Spirit God. It was clear that he had a trick up his sleeve, so the others could only watch and see how things would turn out.


The Giant Spirit God finally awoke, his two large eyes emitting a bright light like two small suns that pierced through a person’s Soul. The look in those eyes was extremely fierce; furthermore, the flames of his monstrous rage from being woken up from a deep sleep felt like they could burn the Universe down. His enormous body slowly got up into a sitting position and he fixed a sullen gaze on Yang Kai’s figure in front of him before grabbing at him.


Yang Kai neither dodged nor evaded the hand, and despite being caught in the giant’s palm, he was smiling brightly and shouted, “Ah Da! It’s me!”


Ah Da’s expression was still a little dazed, like he was not fully awake yet. His large ears twitched slightly at the loud voice. Lifting his hand that was holding Yang Kai to eye level, he carefully studied the creature in his palm. A short while later, a thoughtful look flitted across his eyes. Following that, the corners of his mouth cracked into a grin that revealed a row of pearly-white fangs, “Ah Da knows you!”


“It’s me! It’s me!” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly. While speaking, he even used the Azure Dragon Spear to tap the back of the giant’s hand to remind the giant that the spear was a gift from him.


“Hehehe! Ah Da knows you!” Ah Da laughed even more happily.


“En, en!” Yang Kai leapt out of Ah Da’s palm and stood on Ah Da’s wrist. Slinging the Azure Dragon Spear across his shoulders, he looked up and asked, “Why did you return again? Didn’t you leave?”


Ah Da seemed stunned for a moment. Then, his expression became gloomy and he rubbed his stomach with his other hand, “Hungry! Ah Da is hungry!”


“Did you come here for food?” Yang Kai asked.


Ah Da nodded, “Ah Da came here for food!”


“Do you want to eat that?” Yang Kai pointed behind him. That was the direction in which the Star Boundary was located. Even without the Giant Spirit God Clan’s Innate Divine Ability, Yang Kai could sense that the world was broken beyond repair and shrouded in a layer of heavy Death Qi.


Ah Da nodded once more, seeming to be extremely happy, “Ah Da wants to eat!”


While speaking, he almost drooled and a loud gulping sound came from his throat.


Yang Kai sternly said, “You can’t eat that!”


Ah Da’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, seeming to become annoyed. The Giant Spirit God Clan was indifferent to worldly affairs; thus, Ah Da spent his entire life wandering between the worlds of the Outer Universe in pursuit of dead Universe Worlds. Even if his brain was not very sharp, he was unhappy to hear those words coming from Yang Kai suddenly and sullenly replied, “Ah Da must eat that!”


“You can’t eat that!”


“Ah Da must eat that!” He glared.


“I said you can’t eat that!”


“Ah Da must eat!”


Seeing the childish quarrel between Yang Kai and the giant, everybody couldn’t help feeling both horrified and amused. Zhang Ruo Xi had mentioned earlier that the Giant Spirit God Clan was very simple-minded, but they had not quite understood what her words meant. Now that they observed this giant’s behaviour, however, they realized what Zhang Ruo Xi mentioned was true in a literal sense. The giant was not just simple-minded; he was no different from a child.


Hua Ling Long did not know whether to laugh or cry, “Yang Kai knows him? How did they meet?”


It was difficult to imagine that Yang Kai had the courage to quarrel with such a terrifying existence. What confused her even more was when Yang Kai had befriended this Giant Spirit God. They even seemed to know each other by name.


Nobody could answer those questions while Zhan Wu Hen suddenly turned to look at Zhang Ruo Xi, “Should we be nervous? Yang Kai seems to know this ‘Ah Da’, so things shouldn’t be dangerous, right?”


Zhang Ruo Xi slowly shook her head, “It’s true that the Giant Spirit God is simple-minded, like a child, but… I’m sure you understand what children are like… A child’s mood is difficult to predict. It… can change at any time.”



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