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Martial Peak – Chapter 3825, Friends


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The expression of the Giant Spirit God Ah Da did not change. On the other hand, the expressions on the Great Emperors’ faces changed first. What Zhang Ruo Xi mentioned was true. The Giant Spirit God was as simple-minded as a child, but putting it in another way meant that he was subjected to ever-shifting moods. What if Yang Kai upset him by stubbornly quarrelling? The consequences would be dire!


Even though Zhang Ruo Xi was very nervous and uneasy, nobody dared to intervene at this moment. It was best to leave this matter to Yang Kai since he was acquainted with Ah Da. Regardless of the final outcome, the Star Boundary could only passively endure the consequences. It might cause more trouble if somebody rashly intervened in this matter.


“I can’t get through to you!” On the other side, Yang Kai was extremely angry after quarrelling with Ah Da for some time.


Ah Da scratched his face and looked away. When he pretended to glance over like nothing had happened, he noticed that Yang Kai was glaring at him. Thus, he hurriedly looked away again as though he was feeling guilty.


Yang Kai was frustrated, “Ah Da, this is my home. If you eat it, I won’t have a home anymore. Do you understand?”


Ah Da rubbed his belly, “Hungry!”


Yang Kai was tempted to use his spear to stab the other party to death. He seethed with anger and paced about on Ah Da’s arm. After a while, he stopped abruptly and tilted his head to the side, “You won’t be hungry anymore if you have something to eat, right?”


“Food?” Ah Da’s eyes brightened. He immediately lowered his head and looked at Yang Kai hopefully.


“Wait here!” After saying that, Yang Kai turned around and flew from whence he came. A short while later, he returned to the others and spoke with a speechless expression, “This is troublesome.”


Zhan Wu Hen asked, “Where will you find what he wants to eat?”


They had heard the exchange between Yang Kai and Ah Da, so they understood what Yang Kai was planning. It was just that… Where were they going to find something like a Dead World?


“It’s not hard to find what he wants to eat, but that will only appease him for a short while. I’m afraid there’s no way to send this guy away unless we find a way to solve the issue with the Star Boundary.”


“It’s fine even if we can only appease him for a short while. In the worst case, we can figure out a solution later.”


Yang Kai nodded, “That’s all we can do for now. This big guy is… stubborn.” While speaking, he turned to look at Duan Hong Chen, “We can only rely on Senior Bustling World to appease him.”


“Me!?” Duan Hong Chen was shocked.


“Dead Stars!” Yang Kai explained, “The last time I met him, I gave him some World Beads to eat and he liked them very much. I refined the World Beads from asteroids and Dead Stars from the Lower Star Field. Since he ate those World Beads, he won’t turn his nose up at Dead Stars. Or rather, the Dead Stars are exactly what he wants to eat.”


After listening to Yang Kai’s explanation, realization struck Duan Hong Chen and he nodded, “Give me a moment!”


At present, all the Lower Star Fields had been refined and merged into one by Wu Kuang. He originally planned to use this method to open a door into a higher Martial Dao, but now that he obtained the Great Demon God’s body, he no longer needed to spend effort on this anymore. He had borrowed Duan Hong Chen’s body to refine these Lower Star Fields; therefore, he left the Universe World he created by refining these Lower Star Fields to Duan Hong Chen.


There were countless Dead Stars in the Lower Star Fields, so it was not difficult for Duan Hong Chen to find some. In addition, the loss of these Dead Stars would not have much of an effect on their respective Star Fields.


It didn’t take long for a dozen or so chess piece-like objects to appear in his hand. These objects were refined from the Dead Stars. Wu Kuang could turn the Starry Sky into a chessboard and the Stars into chess pieces. Having experienced everything together with Wu Kuang, it was only natural that Duan Hong Chen could do the same.


“Give me more,” Yang Kai took the chess pieces.


Thus, Duan Hong Chen lowered his head and busied himself with his task once more. Another short period passed before Yang Kai turned and flew towards Ah Da.


Ah Da looked at Yang Kai expectantly, his expression was full of excitement.


“Open your mouth!” Yang Kai instructed after flying over to Ah Da.


Ah Da immediately opened his mouth which looked like an enormous black void. Zhan Wu Hen and the others felt scared just looking at that sight.


Yang Kai lifted his hand and tossed a chess piece into Ah Da’s mouth. Ah Da’s eyes suddenly brightened. There were loud crunching sounds as he chewed with an enraptured expression. Even his shining bald head seemed to shine even brighter. A short while later, Ah Da swallowed the Dead Star with a look that seemed to say he was craving for more. How could Yang Kai not know what Ah Da wanted? He immediately tossed out another chess piece.


Inside the void, the enormous Giant Spirit God voraciously ate up Dead Star after Dead Star, the sounds he made while eating terrifying the Great Emperors. As time passed, the chess pieces in Yang Kai’s hand were reduced, piece by piece. It wasn’t until he felt that the time was right that he spoke up, “Ah Da, we are friends, right?”


“Friends?” Ah Da was taken aback and blinked at Yang Kai blankly. It was clear that he did not quite understand the word.


“You ate my food. That means you are my friend now,” Yang Kai said enticingly. Then, he lifted the Azure Dragon Spear, “You gave me this spear, so I am your friend too.”


Ah Da seriously considered those words for a while before breaking into a huge smile, “Friends! En, friends!”


Yang Kai took advantage of the situation and threw another chess piece into Ah Da’s mouth. He nodded and said, “Since we are friends, then this will be easy. Look over there…” 


He pointed in the direction of the Star Boundary, “That’s my home. You are my friend. That means it is also your home. A home is a place where you go back to rest when you’re tired from being outside. If I don’t have a home, I won’t have a place to stay anymore. So, you cannot eat that place. Do you understand?”


Ah Da shook his head so hard he resembled a rattle.


Yang Kai gritted his teeth, “It doesn’t matter even if you don’t understand. In any case, you have to remember this. That is not food! That is very important to both you and me! So, you need to protect it!” Seeing that Ah Da was about to shake his head again, Yang Kai flew into a rage, “Do you still want to eat!?”


The enormous figure immediately stiffened in place before Ah Da blurted out, “Yes!”


“That’s right! In the future, I will bring you food if you want to eat something, so you cannot eat that place!” Yang Kai lifted the chess piece in his hand and dangled it in front of Ah Da. All the while, he continued to persuade Ah Da, “Do you remember it now?”


Ah Da’s eyes followed the chess piece and he nodded heavily, “I remember!”


Only then did Yang Kai nod in satisfaction, “Good boy!”


He tossed out the last chess piece in his hand and dusted off his hands, “There’s no more left.”


Ah Da immediately looked disappointed and reached out and rubbed his belly. It was obvious that he had not had enough.


“Take a rest for now. I will bring more delicious foods for you another day!”


“Okay!” Ah Da smacked his lips. Surprisingly, he was very obedient and immediately lay down, snoring almost as soon as he closed his eyes.


Yang Kai flew back, drenched in a cold sweat. He soon met up with the rest and they hurriedly dropped towards the Star Boundary without further ado. After a while, everybody returned to the Flowing Time Temple. They stood in front of the temple and looked up into the sky. Everything still felt a little unreal. If they had not witnessed what happened with their own eyes, they would not have believed that there was an incomparably large behemoth lying in the void of the Outer Universe, just waiting for the Star Boundary’s vitality to be extinguished so that he could devour it whole.


Yang Kai sighed, “I managed to appease him for now, but what do we do in the future? We need to come up with an idea as soon as possible.”


Wondrous Pill Great Emperor frowned, “This Old Master noticed that Ah Da behaves like a child. Although you managed to calm him down for now and made him promise, it’s hard to say whether he will go back on his word in the future.”


Yang Kai replied, “That’s what worries me the most. There’s nothing we can do to him even if he regrets making the promise. But, since he behaves like a child, then we should teach him so that he knows that the Star Boundary cannot be eaten. We might be able to avert this disaster.”


“How do we teach him?” Serene Soul Great Emperor asked.


Yang Kai smiled, “He likes to eat. In that case, we’ll feed him and teach him while feeding him, just like what I did now. If we repeat it a few more times, he will probably remember it.”


Zhan Wu Hen quickly said, “But, we are placing our hopes upon somebody else with this method. Although it can be considered a strategy, it is not a long-term solution. It’s best if we can restore the Star Boundary’s vitality as soon as possible. Young Lady Ruo Xi also mentioned that the Giant Spirit God Clan is only interested in dead Universe Worlds. The reason this Ah Da came over was that he smelled the destruction of the Star Boundary. He will naturally take his leave if we can manage to bring the Star Boundary back to life.”


Mo Huang laughed, “The matter of the Star Boundary recovering its vitality is not something that will occur immediately. Although the living creatures in the Star Boundary have been replenished greatly, the perfection and self-repair of the World Principles will still need time. Besides, only time would tell whether our efforts are successful.”


Everybody was discussing this matter when a voice descended from the sky, “The Giant Spirit God Clan feeds on Dead Worlds, so there should be nobody more knowledgeable than them about the life and death of worlds. If you want the Star Boundary to recover quickly, why don’t you go and ask that big stupid guy directly? He might know something.”


Yang Kai looked up into the sky, “Wu Kuang, didn’t you leave?”


Wu Kuang smiled, “I was just about to leave. I hope we meet again in the future.”


While speaking, his powerful aura rapidly faded into the distance. It would seem that he really left this time.


The biggest scourge of the Star Boundary had just left, but a bigger uninvited guest had arrived. Nevertheless, what Wu Kuang said before he left had given them a wake-up call.


Yang Kai turned to look at Zhang Ruo Xi, “Ruo Xi, do you know any methods to quickly restore the vitality of the Star Boundary?”


Zhang Ruo Xi shook her head with a bitter smile, “I would have told you if I knew, Sir. But, what Wu Kuang said just now is worth a try.”


“I’ll go and ask right now!” He stood up while saying that.


Zhan Wu Hen raised a hand to stop Yang Kai, “There’s no hurry. That big fellow has just gone to sleep. It will be bad if he gets mad because you disturbed him again. Let’s wait for a bit first. Besides, we still have many things to do in the Star Boundary.” He turned to look at Duan Hong Chen, “Old Duan, please transfer some of the living creatures in the Lower Star Fields out for now. We will work together to fill up all the still inhabitable parts of the Star Boundary.” Then, he turned to Yang Kai, “Yang Kai, I will leave the Space Arrays and the like to you. The Star Boundary’s foundation has been severely damaged so we will need to rely on the surviving people if we want to quickly restore its vitality. Communication between them is extremely necessary. If they have enough Space Arrays to support them, I believe the Star Boundary will also recover a little faster.”


Yang Kai nodded, “That’s not a problem.”


He was the Void Great Emperor. Even if the Universe World of the Star Boundary was unstable, he only needed a flash of his thoughts to arrive anywhere. If he were to set up a Space Array on top of that, he could easily connect the entire Star Boundary in a short time with his strength alone. At that time, all the people living in the Star Boundary would be able to travel around quickly.




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