Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3826, World Tree


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Nearly two months of busy work went by before some slight progress had been made. Practically all the forces in the Star Boundary came out to help. Even the Great Emperors were not idle during this period.


Duan Hong Chen had transferred countless living creatures from the Lower Star Fields to the four territories of the Star Boundary. At present, all the inhabitable areas in the Star Boundary had been filled with life. Yang Kai also set up Space Arrays at all the places where living creatures were gathered. In addition, the fifty-five Star Boundary armies had been dissolved, with their members free to choose a new place to settle down according to the origins of their Sects and Clans.


Yang Kai used a Secret Technique to rebuild the landscape of High Heaven Palace, and although he managed to restore up to 70 or 80% of High Heaven Palace’s original appearance, it was still far from how it was like in the past. Unfortunately, it was not something that would take effect in a short time. Like the Star Boundary’s recovery, the effects would be accumulated over a long period of time.


Lan Xun returned to the Southern Territory with the remaining survivors of Star Soul Palace and set about its revival. When they were about to part ways, she came to pay a special visit to express her gratitude. Xiao Chen came with her as well, looking ashamed of himself.


He had been bewitched by Great Demon God earlier and during a critical moment in the final battle, he had launched a sneak attack on Yang Kai together with Li Shi Qing. He almost caused an irreparable mistake and was injured by Yang Kai in the end. Although it was not his original intention to carry out the sneak attack, he would not have been eroded by the Demon Spirit if his heart had not been swayed.


After that experience, Xiao Chen seemed to have become a lot more mature. He had lost his former fastidious but arrogant manner. It was as though he had lost some of his edges. It was hard to say whether it was a blessing or a curse. He had yet to heal from his injuries, but those injuries did not leave any hidden dangers behind, so there would be a day when he recovered fully as long as he took a good rest in the future.


Army after army and batch after batch of people left High Heaven Palace to scatter across the Star Boundary. Two months later, only the original disciples remained in High Heaven Palace. After experiencing such a disaster, less than 60,000 remained of the more than 100,000 disciples of High Heaven Palace. That was also only because Yang Kai placed many of them into the Small Sealed World in advance to avoid the catastrophe since most of the disciples in High Heaven Palace had only cultivated for a short time and were lacking in strength.


If High Heaven Palace was in such a situation, it was easy to understand how the other Sects were faring. Saying that nine houses out of ten in the Star Boundary were empty was not an exaggeration. It was the actual situation. For the people who survived the infernal ordeal of war, the tranquillity after the war felt extremely surreal. Be that as it may, they cherished the current stability even more.


The enormous Giant Spirit God ate noisily in the void. Yang Kai turned into his large Dragon Form and sat cross-legged in front of the giant. Picking up a huge wineskin, he guzzled down the contents. The sweet smell of alcohol permeated the air.


After drinking for some time, he turned to look at Ah Da and blew out a breath of air that smelled strongly of wine. The smell of alcohol made Ah Da frown. The Giant Spirit God did not seem to eat anything else other than Dead Worlds and natural products. Yang Kai had tried to cajole him into drinking some wine before, but he staunchly refused the offer. He also seemed to be highly repulsed by the aroma of wine.


“Ah Da, do you have a better solution for the situation regarding my home?”


This was the third time Yang Kai came to chat with Ah Da. The first time, Ah Da had not responded at all. The second time, he seemed to understand what Yang Kai was asking but did not give an answer, only saying that he would think about it. Thus, this was the third time.


When Ah Da heard the question, he laughed and continued to chew non-stop.


“Don’t just eat! Come on! You have to help me think of a solution!” Yang Kai stared at Ah Da speechlessly.




The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched slightly and he couldn’t help cursing for a moment. Then, he laughed again, “It’s rare to be as carefree as you are every single day. Tell me; do you have any siblings? Ruo Xi mentioned that the Giant Spirit God is a Race. If you are a Race, you can’t be the only member, right?”


Ah Da blinked. Raising his mountain-like fingers, he frowned deeply and used his fingers to count something with a serious look on his face. It was just that he could not come up with an answer despite counting for a long time.


Likewise, Yang Kai could not figure out the answer to his question either. He pressed his hand against his forehead in frustration, “Forget it! Forget it! You can take your time counting and thinking of an answer. Why don’t you tell me when I visit you again next time?”


While speaking, he stood up, looked in the direction of the Star Boundary, and grinned, “There’s a joyous event waiting for me there. It’s not good for me to be late, so I’ll be going now. Bye!”


After saying that, he headed towards the Star Boundary with large strides.


“World Tree!” A thunderous voice spoke like a whisper suddenly came from behind.


Yang Kai abruptly stopped in his tracks and turned back to look at Ah Da, “What did you say?”


However, Yang Kai was greeted by the sight of Ah Da frowning so deeply that his eyebrows formed three deep canyons. Ah Da was still vigorously counting with his fingers. How could he have spoken just then?


Yang Kai almost thought that he had been hallucinating. Be that as it may, that voice definitely belonged to Ah Da. He could not be mistaken about that. Scrutinising the other party for a bit, Yang Kai gave up on the idea of getting to the bottom of this matter. Instead, he silently made a mental note of the words ‘World Tree’ before he turned around, waved goodbye, and continued forward.


Azure Sun Temple in the Southern Territory. 


Similar to High Heaven Palace, Azure Sun Temple was in ruins. This place had also once been a battlefield. The Demon Race army had invaded, the Spirit Peaks had collapsed, and Demon Essence had corrupted it.


Nevertheless, the situation here was much better than the situation at High Heaven Palace. The vicinity of High Heaven Palace had been the place where the final battle had taken place after all. The terrifying fallout that swept across that land had caused the surrounding ten thousand kilometres to become empty, unstable, and covered in cracks. In comparison, the overall landscape of this place had been preserved even though it might be slightly rundown.


After being fixed by Bustling World Great Emperor himself, Azure Sun Temple could be said to have been completely restored. The only difference was that the World Energy was not as rich as it was originally. There was no helping this. Most of the world’s Auspicious Spirit Essence was gone, so it was only natural that the World Energy would be greatly affected as a result. These effects would not return to normal until the Auspicious Spirit Essence was replenished.


At this moment, brightly-lit lanterns and decorations adorned the entire Azure Sun Temple. The sounds of beating gongs and drums mixed together, making the entire atmosphere extremely lively. All the Spirit Peaks were also decorated in bright-red festive colours.


There was no helping it. Today was the wedding day of Azure Sun Temple’s Temple Master, Wen Zi Shan. Prior to the Two Worlds Great War, Wen Zi Shan had been the Temple Master of Azure Sun Temple in the Southern Territory. He was a respected and powerful individual who had friends all over the world. After the war between the two worlds broke out, he had taken up the post of Army Commander and made even more friends during that period.


In addition, this auspicious event was the first joyous celebration to take place in the Star Boundary after the war. Azure Sun Temple was filled with guests as practically anybody who was somebody in the Star Boundary had shown up; there were no exceptions. Even most of the Great Emperors were present.


The Star Boundary currently needed such an auspicious event to inspire the people. This joyous event was needed to wash away the painful past of this war-torn world; therefore, Wen Zi Shan’s wedding today was being celebrated in full swing across the entire Star Boundary. It could be said to be the Star Boundary’s largest event in history.


When Yang Kai rushed over to Azure Sun Temple, the disciples of the Temple were busy working outside the mountain gate of the Sect to greet and usher their guests inside without pause. They guided the guests into the Temple, one by one, and settled them into a suitable seat to wait for the banquet to begin.


Yang Kai instantly felt the auras of several Great Emperors up above. They were hiding behind a certain mountain peak and after glancing in that direction, he clearly felt their gazes on him. Zhan Wu Hen’s question immediately sounded in his ears, “How is it? Did you manage to learn anything?”


“World Tree. I don’t know anything else,” Yang Kai replied.


“World Tree?” Inside the hall on the mountain peak, Zhan Wu Hen frowned with a pensive expression. He turned to look to his left and right. Unfortunately, both Duan Hong Chen and Mo Huang shook their heads slowly to indicate that they had never heard of it.


“I’ll go back and ask Ruo Xi later. She might know something.” Yang Kai replied via voice transmission.


Zhan Wu Hen nodded, “That’s all we can do anyway.”


Be that as it may, Yang Kai’s attempt this time was still better than the last two attempts. He had asked the same question the past two times only to return empty-handed. At least, he learned about the World Tree this time. This item might just be the key item to restoring the Star Boundary to normal. It was just that… Judging by the name, it appeared to be a tree! Where would he find it!?


After a brief exchange with Zhan Wu Hen, Yang Kai did not enter through the Main Gate. With his current status, going through the gate would only cause some unnecessary commotion. Besides, Azure Sun Temple was practically his second home. There was no need to inform anybody about his return home.


Turning to look to the side, he saw a Spirit Peak surrounded by a purple aura. Purple bamboo grew all over the mountain and the huge bamboo forests were dressed with bright red satin. Brightly-lit red lanterns hung from the eaves of the front door in a continuous line. The ground was covered with red carpet. Many people hustled and bustled about, going in and out in droves. It was Purple Bamboo Peak, Gao Xue Ting’s Spirit Peak.


With a flicker of his body, Yang Kai entered the Spirit Peak directly and came to stand in front of a certain building. Smiling slightly, he cupped his fists and greeted, “Senior Sister Gao, Junior Brother is here to congratulate you.”


The noise inside the building subsided all of a sudden and the entire place fell silent. Even the family members on the bride’s side who were hurrying about with their tasks abruptly stopped in their tracks and looked over in unison.


In the next moment, a group of flirtatious and alluring women rushed out of the building. Some Yang Kai knew, some he had never met before; however, they all gave an elegant bow and greeted him at the same time, “Greetings, Senior Void!”


Yang Kai nodded, stretched out his hand, and lifted his hand slightly. A gentle force spread out, helping everyone lift their heads. Then, he strode forward to enter the building.


“What are you doing!?” A beautiful figure immediately came to block his way. Yu Ru Meng’s eyes were blazing with fury as she looked him up and down with a look of vigilance.


“I’m here to give a wedding gift!” He blinked, “Why are you stopping me, Ru Meng?”


She sneered, “Can you use your brains a little!? Even I, who was born in the Demon Realm, know that the bride cannot meet any male guests before the wedding ceremony. What are you trying to do here?”


Yang Kai smilingly replied, “But, I’m part of the bride’s family. Can’t I come to give my wedding gifts and send her off?”


“No! Of course not!” She pressed her hand against his chest to stop him.


Yang Kai was not deterred, however, and argued, “You are a female Demon Saint. Why are you being so particular? Move aside, move aside. I haven’t seen how the bride looks in her wedding dress yet. That’s why I came here to see her.”


Yu Ru Meng was steadfast though and refused to budge, “You can see it during their wedding ceremony. Not now.”


While speaking, she summoned Su Yan and the others. Su Yan, Luo’er, and all the others came the moment they were called. In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai was surrounded by several of his wives.


Su Yan spoke up immediately, “Husband, Senior Sister Gao will not see you at this time. If you have any gifts, Brother-in-Law can convey them on your behalf.”


“You’re rebelling against me!” He laughed.


Shan Qing Luo said, “It’s not that easy to see how the bride looks in her wedding dress. When we return though, we sisters can dress up and show you one by one. I just wonder if you have this interest, husband.”


Xia Ning Chang and Xue Yue’s eyes lit up with anticipation at those words.




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  1. “Su Yan spoke up immediately, “Husband, Senior Sister Gao will not see you at this time. If you have any gifts, Brother-in-Law can convey them on your behalf.” ”

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  2. Hmm the only tree I know that qualifies for title “World Tree” would be the trainer of the shamans in the seesaw world – might be interesting to look at now that there’s no demon realm to leak its demonic essence.

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