Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3827, Greatly Auspicious Day


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“Uh…” Yang Kai touched his nose, “If I think about it carefully, I should be part of the groom’s family today. I should probably go to Temple Master Wen’s side instead.”


After saying that, he turned to leave.


Yu Ru Meng grabbed him by the shoulder, however, and demanded, “You can leave, but the wedding gifts stay.”


He abruptly turned to look at her, “Whose side are you on?”


She sneered, “Today, we sisters are on the bride’s side!”


Speechless, Yang Kai could only leave the wedding gifts that he prepared beforehand behind. Only then could he make his escape. Since he could not meet the bride, his only other option was to go and visit the groom. The groom was on another Spirit Peak not far away, so he arrived in just a few steps.


A few disciples of the Temple like Xia Sheng and Xiao Bai Yi were waiting outside the room. Wen Zi Shan was the only person inside the room. Everybody was about to greet Yang Kai with a bow, but he raised a hand to stop them before pushing the door open and entering to see Wen Zi Shan sitting primly inside.


Wen Zi Shan was wearing an auspicious bright red robe with a huge red sash across his chest. He looked pensive and sighed constantly, seeming to be very apprehensive and nervous. When he lifted his head and saw Yang Kai, he immediately got to his feet, “You’re here, Senior Void.”


Yang Kai walked over to Wen Zi Shan, pressed the latter back into his chair, and sat down together. He studied the other party with interest before asking, “Temple Master Wen, are you not happy?”


Wen Zi Shan frowned slightly and replied with a strange expression, “I’m quite happy.”


“In that case, do you not like her?” Yang Kai pressed further.


Wen Zi Shan shook his head, “We’ve been together for so many years. How can I not like her?”


“If you are happy and you like her, then why do you look so sad and uneasy, Temple Master?”


“Haih.” He sighed, his aged face flushing slightly, “I raised her after all. I have no idea if doing this is a good thing or a bad thing for her.”


Yang Kai laughed, “I went to Purple Bamboo Peak just now.”


Wen Zi Shan looked over nervously, “How is the situation over there?”


Yang Kai scratched his nose, “I didn’t get to meet Senior Sister Gao. I was stopped by my wives, who claimed that the bride cannot meet any male guests before the wedding ceremony.”


“Hahaha!” Wen Zi Shan laughed heartily in response. He could almost imagine the scene at the time.


Yang Kai continued, “Although I didn’t get to meet Senior Sister Gao, I could sense that she was very happy and was looking forward to this very much. That’s why you shouldn’t look so down, Temple Master. She would be hurt if she knew.”


Wen Zi Shan grumbled, “But, I’m worried! Getting along is not the same as living well as husband and wife! What if she discovers that this Wen is not that great after all!? Will she hate me!?”


A sudden look of realization flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes, “I see. You’re actually worried about dragging her down for the rest of her life. It’s not about losing your freedom.” He chuckled, “You’ve known each other for so long and she knows better than anyone else just what is good about you and what is bad about you. If she were to dislike you, she would have disliked you a long time ago. Why would she be so happy today?”


“That is theoretically true…” Wen Zi Shan nodded but still looked unsure.


“Besides, the Star Boundary would no longer exist if Mo Sheng’s plans had been successful. You and I both would have lost our lives in battle. Danger always comes unexpectedly. The Star Boundary is at peace again for the moment, but who knows what the future will bring? Who can say that the Star Boundary won’t be ravaged again tomorrow? If that were to happen, you will have so many regrets because of all your unfinished business.”


Wen Zi Shan chuckled, “Are you saying we should enjoy life to the fullest?”


Yang Kai shrugged nonchalantly, “Why not?”


Wen Zi Shan let out a long sigh, “It’s enough as long as she doesn’t hate me.”


At this moment, Xia Sheng’s voice came from outside the door, “Temple Master, the auspicious hour has arrived. We have to go and pick up the bride now.”


“Good,” Wen Zi Shan replied.


Yang Kai reached over, picked up the bottle of wine on the table, and poured two glasses. He took one glass and handed the other to Wen Zi Shan, “Temple Master, I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend the banquet later. Allow me to present to you my well wishes now. I hope that you will have a loving and harmonious life together.”


His current status made things a bit difficult after all. Yang Kai wanted very much to join in the festivities, but the joyous celebration would become very reserved and formal if he really were to attend in person. Therefore, he might as well not attend. He had already delivered the wedding gifts to Gao Xue Ting and met with Wen Zi Shan. That was enough.


Wen Zi Shan drained the glass in one gulp and slammed the cup down on the table heavily before firmly declaring, “I’m going!”


Turning around, he marched off resolutely, as if even a thousand soldiers could not block his way!


The welcoming procession to pick the bride up was very lively and large and headed towards Purple Bamboo Peak with great fanfare.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai flew up into the sky. Duan Hong Chen, Zhan Wu Hen, Mo Huang, and Hua Ling Long hid and watched the procession below. Yang Kai glanced around and asked, “Where are the others?”


“They’re recuperating,” Duan Hong Chen replied.


Although the Star Boundary ultimately won in the war against Great Demon God, almost all of its most powerful Masters had suffered severe injuries. What’s more, they had been busy stabilising the situation in the Star Boundary after the war. Hence, it wasn’t until recently that they had the time to return to their respective residences to treat their wounds. They did not know how long would pass before they healed and could come out of retreat again.


Duan Hong Chen and the others were also injured and would probably enter retreat after the auspicious event today; thus, it was conceivable that the Star Boundary would be without any Great Emperors for the next few hundred to a thousand years.


Even though those Great Emperors did not come, their congratulatory gifts arrived without fail. Wen Zi Shan might not command such great respect, but Duan Hong Chen did. Gao Xue Ting was raised by Wen Zi Shan while Wen Zi Shan was raised by Duan Hong Chen. The relationship between them was akin to father and son.


Zhan Wu Hen said, “Yang Kai, I’m afraid the Star Boundary will be in your care after today.”


Among all the Great Emperors and those on the level of Great Emperors, only Yang Kai was in good shape. There was no helping it as he had refined the Immortal Tree. Even though he had also been severely injured in the battle against the Great Demon God, those injuries were nothing in the face of the healing abilities of the Immortal Tree’s essence; therefore, his injuries had healed completely over the past few months.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai could clearly perceive that he did not gain an immortal and indestructible body after refining the Immortal Tree. The legends surrounding the Immortal Tree were probably highly exaggerated. If his physical body had been smashed to pieces again, he had the feeling that he would have died for real. In other words, the essence of the Immortal Tree was limited. It was impossible to protect him infinitely.


“You may all rest easy.”


Duan Hong Chen sighed heavily as he gazed sadly at the welcoming processing heading towards the bride below.


Yang Kai was astonished, “What’s wrong, Senior Bustling World?”


Duan Hong Chen sorrowfully replied, “If I had known earlier, I would have taken in a little girl and raised her too.”


Yang Kai was instantly rendered speechless.


It was extremely festive on Purple Bamboo Peak. The welcoming procession surmounted all the obstacles in their way and finally welcomed the bride after much effort. After ushering the bride into the bridal sedan, they headed back towards the Main Hall of Azure Sun Temple with even greater fanfare.


Upon seeing that, Duan Hong Chen tidied his clothes and said, “This Old Master is off.”


Wen Zi Shan was getting married today, so it was only natural for him to pay his respects to his parent figure, Duan Hong Chen. For that reason, Duan Hong Chen had specially dressed up for the occasion. Compared to his usual sloppy attire, he looked like a different person altogether. After saying that, he transformed into a rainbow and quickly flew downward.


Zhan Wu Hen said, “Yang Kai, the rest of us will be heading back first. We will be leaving the Star Boundary in your hands. Don’t hesitate to come to us if you need our help.”


Yang Kai cupped his fists and replied solemnly, “Until we meet again.”


Following that, the other Great Emperors vanished out of sight with a flurry of bodies.


On the other hand, several figures were rushing over from below. Yang Kai looked at them and immediately broke into a smile. They were none other than his lovely wives. Yu Ru Meng was in the lead, followed by Zhu Qing, Su Yan, and the others. All of them were here today and exchanged a glance without speaking before looking down together.


At this moment, the welcoming procession had just ushered the bride into the Main Hall and Li Wu Yi’s voice rang out. The Master of Ceremonies for today’s wedding was none other than the strongest Master beneath the Great Emperors! He was also dressed in bright red and looked very festive.


First bow to the Heavens; second bow to the Parents; third bow to each other. After tying the knot, they entered the bridal chambers!


When the ceremony ended, the entire Azure Sun Temple seemed to boil with excitement. The banquet began and many guests began toasting to each other while exchanging pleasantries.


Yang Kai suddenly heard somebody crying next to him. He turned and looked sideways only to see Shan Qing Luo sobbing softly with reddened eyes. Moreover, she was looking at him while crying. There was a different kind of emotion in the beautiful and clear eyes of the Beguiling Demon Queen today.


Needless to say, Yang Kai was shocked, and just as he was about to question Shan Qing Luo, he realised that all the women around him were looking at him in the same manner as her. Even Xia Ning Chang pursed her lips lightly with an expectant look. He immediately understood what was going on. Stretching his arms out to them, he pulled them into his embrace, “Why don’t we get married too?”


The moment the words left his mouth, a yearning look appeared in the women’s eyes. They had been living together all this while without feeling the need for a marriage ceremony; however, they couldn’t help yearning for it when they saw somebody else performing the actual ceremony.


Despite longing for a marriage ceremony herself, Yu Ru Meng snorted at his words and declared, “Impossible.”


Yang Kai was taken aback, “Ru Meng, don’t you want to marry me!?”


She looked at him coldly, “Of course we sisters are willing to marry you, but have you thought about what would happen to the others?”


“Others? What others?” He was puzzled.


Su Yan quietly said, “Senior Sister Ji Yao…”


Yang Kai immediately flushed red.


Shan Qing Luo glanced sideways and added, “That little girl Mo Xiao Qi.”


He coughed lightly.


“Sister Ruo Xi…”


Yang Kai scratched his head in embarrassment.


Yu Ru Meng poked him in the chest with a slender jade finger, “Yang Kai, aren’t you quite impressive!?”


He stepped back repeatedly as she poked him over and over again. Then, he gave a dry laugh, “It’s one thing to mention Ji Yao, but there’s nothing going on between me and Xiao Qi or Ruo Xi.”


“Fine, then we’ll only talk about Ji Yao.” She sneered softly, “If you married only us, won’t Ji Yao be heartbroken? Do you have the confidence to convince her to join us?”


Yang Kai considered the question seriously and found that he was not sure if he could. His relationship with Ji Yao had always been rather secretive and discreet. What’s more, Ji Yao had never asked him for anything before.


Su Yan said, “We’ll wait until you manage to persuade Senior Sister Ji Yao, husband. We can hold a wedding after that.”


“You might have to wait for a very long time.”


To which she smiled, “It has been so many years already. It doesn’t make a difference anymore.”


Yang Kai sighed, “My life is complete with all of you.”


His words that came from the heart could melt even the hardest ice in the world, and all the women’s expressions became tender and loving.


However, Yu Ru Meng was resentful and snorted, “Have some respect for yourselves! At least stand your ground a little! Don’t be swayed by his words… Ugh… You bastard!”


Silavin: Child grooming is a crime. Although I advocate life lessons from Martial Peak, this is not one of them. 

FBI, we good now?




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  1. lol🤣, although sis gao is more than 100 already, he should stil be ok, regardless i wished author wouldn’t make every characters like gao or rou xi have love interest for their masters, i think them having respect for and worshiping their senior is also beautiful in itself, or in the case of xiao qi and similar female character yk faced before, having close friends that you have had many thrilling life or death moments with would also be beautiful without author having every female chars falling for yk

  2. Silavin, child grooming is a crime by whom? who said it’s a crime? if you raise a child until adulthood, without forcefully marrying them, what’s the harm of raising a child when she is an adult, then you propose marriage?

    1. It’s safe to say that fillfill here is NOT a parent, has never acted as one, and has not a clue about the emotional attachments of such a relationship.

      Yes, I can read the small minds.

      1. >I didn’t know what is child grooming
        That doesn’t work as an argument when from your statement you clearly expressed your opinion as:
        >what’s the harm of raising a child when she is an adult, then you propose marriage?
        So, in your view the roles of parent and lover are interchangeable depending upon circumstance. At best, that’s an egregiously shallow understanding of what is required of an individual in becoming a parent or guardian.

    2. The intent there is important. Wen Zi Shan raised Gao Xue Ting without any ulterior motive, while Bustling World indicated that he should’ve raised one for the sole purpose of marrying them, which falls under grooming.

  3. It was already disturbing enough to have the temple master marry his adoptive daughter, but at least one could argue it wasn’t his intention to groom her like that. But then Bustling World literally regretting not having groomed himself a little girl for a bride. Author certainly has disturbing fantasies. He just had to double down to make sure everyone knows his characters are pedos.

  4. Dunno if child grooming is a crime, but it’s pretty disturbing. Any child indoctrinating should be a crime, including cult/religious worship, ideology and whole slew of -isms. That said, when the child in question is not dependent on you for more than a century and had over a century to independently form their opinion of you – mortal conventions start crumbling somewhat.
    That said I can only hope Bustling GE was trying to make an edgy joke and it fell spectacularly flat…

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