Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3830, Separation


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Qiong Qi walked out from behind and sighed, “Young Master, stop talking nonsense. The Outer Universe is far too dangerous.  It’s not too late to start making plans when your cultivation reaches this Old Master’s level.”


Yang Xiao’s face turned ashen, “Only the Heavens know when that will be…”


The more he cultivated, the more he understood the difficulty of increasing his strength. It was impossible to reach the level of Flowing Time Great Emperor without thousands of years of accumulated effort. With his playful, active, and impatient nature, how could Yang Xiao possibly wait that long?


“I can’t be bothered to waste time speaking nonsense with you!” Yang Xue coldly snorted. Reaching out a slender jade white hand, she pulled Yang Xiao by the ear. Yang Xiao was immediately in pain, begging for mercy as he was dragged into the Flowing Time Temple by the ear. Then, the main doors slammed shut and various barriers were activated. Nobody knew when those doors would open once more.




“Sir!” Out in the void, Zhang Ruo Xi smiled beautifully. She looked exactly the same as when they last met. The passage of time had not left its mark on her.


“How is your family?” Yang Kai asked.


“Thanks to Sir, they are all doing well,” she replied.


When she first walked out of the Blood Gate, she immediately threw herself into the battle against the Great Demon God. After that, she followed Yang Kai around for some time to handle various matters in the Star Boundary. It wasn’t until fifty years ago when Yang Kai entered retreat that she had the time to reunite with her family again.


When the Zhang Family was living outside Maplewood City, it was not particularly powerful. The strongest Master in the family was only in the Third-Order Origin King Realm back then. There was nothing much they could do in the war between the two worlds with their strength; hence, Yang Kai placed them into the Sealed World Bead in the early stages of the war so that they were well taken care of.


At present, the Zhang Family had already set down roots in High Heaven Palace. As long as the descendants of the family were of suitable age, they would be accepted into High Heaven Palace as official disciples. Zhang Ruo Xi had been living with her family whilst recuperating from her wounds for the past fifty years.


Since the Blood Gate had opened, the Heavens Order Palace was now under the management of Luan Feng and the other Divine Venerables. Any living Monster with an Ancient Divine Spirit’s bloodline could enter the Blood Gate to pursue the glory of their ancestors in the Heavens Order Palace once they reached an appropriate Realm.


Zhang Ruo Xi had also finished dealing with all the matters at hand as she was going with Yang Kai on this trip to the Outer Universe. The others were either lacking in strength to follow or still recuperating and unable to leave.


“Good.” Yang Kai nodded before he instructed, “Go over to Ah Da first and wait for me there. I still have something to do. It will take several months at least and three to five years at most.”


“En,” She nodded before turning around and flying into the sky.


In the void, Yang Kai quickly determined his direction, transformed into a stream of light, and sped away. The void was lonely and his journey was long, but although he was all alone, he remained calm and composed. His journey was not boring at all.


It took him a month to arrive, and with his current strength, it was hard to tell just how far he was from the Star Boundary. Yang Kai glanced around and everywhere he looked he saw a vast and boundless expanse. Thus, he gently nodded in satisfaction. 


[This place is good enough.]


Raising a hand, he summoned the Sealed World Bead. His thoughts flashed and the small bead changed instantly to become a huge creature that filled the void.


Yang Kai did not know if he would survive this trip to the Outer Universe. His future was unclear and it was most likely that he would face a lot of unimaginable dangers. On that note, there were trillions of Demons currently living in the third region of the Sealed World Bead. It was simply inappropriate to bring them along with him. If he ever found himself in a dangerous situation, then those trillions of Demons would be buried alongside him; therefore, he needed to separate the third region from the Small Sealed World before he left.


If it was in the past, he might not have had many clues about how to accomplish this; however, his strength had been greatly enhanced now. Combined with the experience of separating the second region previously, Yang Kai had some confidence to pull this off.


There used to be three regions within the Small Sealed World. The first region was the original space of the Small Sealed World. The second region was formed from devouring several Cultivation Stars from the Lower Star Fields in the past. The third region was created when he devoured the entire Demon Realm and could be considered the second Demon Realm.


Before the second battle between the two worlds broke out, Yang Kai had gone to the Lower Star Field and separated the second region from the Small Sealed World. It had taken him a lot of effort and energy to do so.


Now that he was merely repeating the process, Yang Kai believed that it would be easier. Contrary to his expectations, however, he realised that something was wrong once he got started. The area of the third region was simply too large. He had devoured the entire Demon Realm after all, so there was no saying how many times larger the third region was compared to the original region of the Small Sealed World. As a result, the distinction between the primary and secondary regions of the Small Sealed World became inverted. The third region was too large to remove.


Despite working hard for several days, Yang Kai’s efforts proved to be fruitless. He had already expected this situation to some extent though, it was just that he had not been too certain at the time. Seeing as his conjectures had been confirmed, he could only change his plans.


With a flash of Yang Kai’s mind, the Embodiment responded inside the Small Sealed World. The Demon Qi all over his body churned violently as he formed a set of hand seals, allowing his mind to permeate every corner of the third region.


The Sealed World Bead was Yang Kai’s artifact; meanwhile, the Embodiment was formed from a thread of Yang Kai’s Soul residing inside a Stone Spirit. Although the Embodiment now had a mind of his own, he could still be considered Yang Kai’s Soul Clone. If the main body could control the Small Sealed World, then it was only natural that the Soul Clone could as well.


The Embodiment wrapped his mind around the entire third region of the Small Sealed World, supporting Yang Kai who was using a certain Secret Technique outside. The whole world suddenly began to rumble.


Two figures took to the sky from within an enormous city located somewhere in the third region. It was Bei Li Mo and Chang Tian. Zhan Wu Hen previously decided to spare the lives of the remnants of the Demon Race army, but his condition was that the Demon Race never stepped foot into the Star Boundary again.


Yu Ru Meng had a special relationship with Yang Kai, so she was the exception to this rule and could remain in High Heaven Palace.


On the other hand, Bei Li Mo and Chang Tian had no choice but to stay inside the Small Sealed World. Over the past few decades, Bei Li Mo’s injuries had improved considerably even though she was not completely healed. In contrast, Chang Tian’s appearance became even older. He was showing faint signs of reaching the end of his life.


When they sensed the changes in the world, they couldn’t help flying out to investigate the phenomenon. Upon seeing the Embodiment, Bei Li Mo hurriedly asked, “Is it starting?”


Both she and Chang Tian were aware of Yang Kai’s plans, it was just that they did not expect that it would take him so long to begin.


The Embodiment glanced at her with his deep eyes and gently nodded.


“Is it going smoothly?” Chang Tian questioned, seemingly having noticed something was wrong from the Embodiment’s condition.


The Embodiment replied in a booming voice, “I will let you know if I need your help.”


“We are ready at any time!” Chang Tian cupped his fists and said nothing more. Afterwards, he and Bei Li Mo flew to the side to watch.


The rumbling sounds went on endlessly as the entire world seemed to be guided by some sort of invisible force. As a Demon Saint from the Demon Realm, Bei Li Mo was rather sensitive to the changes in the world, so a short while later, she suddenly turned her head in shock to look in a certain direction. She could sense that the world over there was separating.


If the world was a pancake, then that enormous force was separating this pancake into two pieces at this very moment. One piece was large and the other piece was small. The large piece was the territory of the Demon Realm while the small piece was the first region of the Small Sealed World.


Nobody knew how long the huge commotion lasted. The Embodiment’s strength was not that high as he was just a Half-Saint after all. Be that as it may, he could be considered the Master of the Small Sealed World seeing as he was Yang Kai’s Soul Clone; thus, he enjoyed a lot of advantages in the Small Sealed World. Furthermore, he also cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law and since he did not own a body of flesh, he could rapidly replenish the energy he consumed at any time. In that way, he could persist no matter how long this process took.


It wasn’t until two months later that the loud rumblings gradually subsided.


The Embodiment staggered unsteadily, dropping out of the sky as though he was drunk. Although he was not gasping for breath, his eyes were filled with exhaustion. It was clear that this Secret Technique had put him under enormous pressure.


Out in the void, Yang Kai reached out a hand and summoned something. A simple and inconspicuous bead appeared in the palm of his hand. He toyed with it gently as he lifted his head to look at the huge Monster in the sky. A trace of exhaustion flitted through his eyes.


The first region and the third region had been completely separated from each other. He had not removed the third region from the Small Sealed World. Rather, he removed the original territory of the Small Sealed World.


There was a distinct difference between these two actions. If he had succeeded in the former, it would not have made much of a difference to the Small Sealed World. It would still have its special ability to devour and merge worlds. Unfortunately, his previous attempts had not gone as he wished. In the end, he had no choice but to choose the latter option instead. In this way, the Sealed World Bead had changed back to the original Sealed World Bead, losing its devouring abilities.


Gun-Gun was now the Demon Realm. Even the Embodiment had been restricted within. Gun-Gun was accidentally created when the Embodiment activated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law through the Sealed World Bead back then and did not have a consciousness, only the instinct to devour. If the Embodiment did not stay behind to control Gun-Gun, who knew where he would run off to? If he were to wander aimlessly in this vast universe, he might encounter a powerful Master. It was possible that he would cause others to covet him. At that time, not only would the Demon Realm’s future be at risk, even the lives of all the Demon Race living inside would be endangered.


With no other choice, Yang Kai could only leave the Embodiment here to guard the Demon Realm. Even though doing so would restrict the Embodiment’s movements, it also brought him great benefits. The current Embodiment was in control of the new Demon Realm, so even Bei Li Mo and Chang Tian could not go against his will.


This Demon Realm was newly born, equivalent to having just split Heaven and Earth apart once more. With the growth of this new world, the Embodiment might even walk the path that Wu Kuang wanted to take before by using another way to reach the Open Heaven Realm. Wu Kuang had used the Ancestral Domain as a core to devour countless Lower Star Fields just to get a glimpse of the secrets of the Open Heaven Realm.


The opportunity to grow alongside a world was extremely rare after all. What’s more, the Embodiment was proficient in the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.


Gun-Gun had the intuitive power to devour. That ability had not been impressive when he was transformed into the Sealed World Bead and kept in Yang Kai’s possession. Now that he was released to the outside, he incessantly devoured the power of the Starry Sky in this vast universe.


It was conceivable that the growth period of the newly-born Demon Realm would not be too long. It could even be said that if the newly-born Demon Realm continued to grow in this manner, it might even grow to become a more advanced world than the previous Demon Realm.


It was just that… Yang Kai had never seen such a round, big-bellied fish-like Universe World before. 


[Did I accidentally create something monstrous?]


In the past, he had not known what the Star Boundary looked like. It wasn’t until he looked at it from afar that he discovered that it was not a sphere as he had imagined. Instead, it was a crescent-moon-shaped world. [Seeing as there is a crescent-moon-shaped world like the Star Boundary, then it shouldn’t be that incredible to have a big-bellied fish-like universe, right?]




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