Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3831, Cave Heavens and Paradises


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


In the void, the huge Giant Spirit God sat cross-legged like a mountain. He massaged his stomach with his big hands as he watched the small figure in front of him pointedly with two small sun-like eyes on his sad face, looking hungry and unsatisfied.


Goosebumps covered Zhang Ruo Xi. Although she knew that the Giant Spirit Gods were born kind and disliked conflict, she did not have much sense of security in facing such a powerful existence that could easily kill her on a whim.


She obeyed Yang Kai’s orders to wait here, and since then, half a year had passed, yet Yang Kai still had not shown up.


The Giant Spirit God had awakened from his deep sleep, seeming dreadfully hungry. She also knew that the Giant Spirit Gods would always look hungry except when they ate and slept. This was their nature and no one could change it.


But the invisible pressure of being stared at by a starving-looking giant who was constantly rubbing his stomach still made her feel uneasy.


From afar, a figure was seemingly approaching. 


Elated, Zhang Ruo Xi focused her sight there, and a moment later, she exclaimed delightfully, “Sir is coming!”


She was addressing Ah Da, the Giant Spirit God, when she said this; however, Ah Da did not react to her words. He had no idea who this so-called Sir was, and continued to gape at her.


But soon, Ah Da suddenly looked excited and turned in the direction Zhang Ruo Xi was watching. He obviously felt something.


In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai appeared out of thin air not far from the Giant Spirit God. He glanced at Zhang Ruo Xi, nodded lightly, then turned to Ah Da with a smile, “Are you hungry?”


Ah Da nodded vigorously, “Hungry!”


Yang Kai continued, “Open your mouth!”


“Ah!” Ah Da did as he was told, opening his mouth widely. Several refined chess pieces were thrown into his mouth, only then did Ah Da close his mouth and start chewing.


Yang Kai shouted, “Ah Da, I’m going for a long trip, and I don’t know when I’ll be back.”


Ah Da was enjoying his food with his eyes half closed and answered Yang Kai inaudibly.


“We’re friends, aren’t we?” Yang Kai questioned again.


Ah Da did not respond. He swallowed and looked at Yang Kai eagerly, who asked again, “Are we friends!?”


“Friends, friends!” Ah Da nodded.


“Since I’m a friend, you have to take care of my home while I go out, but you can’t eat my home. I’ll be homeless if you eat it.”


Ah Da’s face scrunched up at his words as if he was in pain.


Yang Kai pressed on with a smile, “If you really want to eat, you have to wait until I come back. But you can’t eat when I’m not here.”


Ah Da nodded joyfully, “Ah Da won’t eat until you come back!”


Yang Kai said no more. He casually tossed a few more chess pieces, and the crunching noise sounded again.


Looking back at the half-moon-shaped world, Yang Kai took a deep breath, and beckoned Zhang Ruo Xi, “Let’s go.”


Although he was notably reluctant to leave and wanted to go back to take a look now, he suppressed his desire. If everything went well, he would naturally be home as soon as possible and would be able to save the Star Boundary. If it did not, it would not be too late to think of a solution by then. He always had a chance to see it again in the future.


Although Ah Da was eyeing the Star Boundary, he should not be in a hurry to make a move until it really died, and it would still take at least a thousand years for that to happen.


In such a long time, Yang Kai did not believe he could not find the World Tree.


Moreover, there was another advantage to having Ah Da here. At least, the power of the Giant Spirit God could deter others. Even if a Master inadvertently passed through here, he believed that they would not approach easily with Ah Da present. In other words, Yang Kai did not have to worry about the safety of Star Boundary.


And so, Zhang Ruo Xi and Yang Kai flew away side by side.


Ruo Xi was in a cheerful mood. Although she did not talk much along the way, a smile was hanging on her face the whole time. She recalled when she followed her Sir out of the Zhang Family manor outside Maplewood City, she was almost powerless to face the world and its various dangers. It was Sir who protected her at that time. How would she ever think that she could one day stand side by side with him and help him to solve his problems? Her greatest wish at that time was to somehow be able to help her Sir, and after several decades of retreat inside the Blood Gate, she finally achieved the qualifications to do so.


“Tell me about the Outer Universe.” Yang Kai suddenly asked. He had no idea what to expect from this trip to the Outer Universe; therefore, the more information he gathered, the better.


Zhang Ruo Xi turned solemn and answered, “The memories of my ancestor are incomplete, so what I know is not comprehensive.”


“It’s better than knowing nothing. Just tell me what you know,” Yang Kai smiled.


Then, Zhang Ruo Xi disclosed everything she knew without reservation.


The Star Boundary was an independent Universe World. The number of such Universe Worlds in the entire Outer Universe was unknown, but collectively these worlds were the so-called Inner Universes, while everything else composed the Outer Universe.


The Outer Universe was vast and boundless.


There were various great forces in the vast Outer Universe, each occupying either a large or small territory and always competing against each other. Generally, it was chaos, which was not much different from the original situation of the Star Boundary, just that those beings in the Outer Universe had mastered more potent powers. Those who could mingle in the Outer Universe were Masters who had condensed their own Dao Seal. In other words, they all basically had the capability of Great Emperors.


Yang Kai secretly mocked himself, [Am I not the weakest being in the Outer Universe then? If I really encounter an Open Heaven Realm Master, I’m afraid I would be powerless to fight back.]


Although Great Demon God was also an Open Heaven Realm Master at that time, he had just been reborn and the battlefield was the Star Boundary. With the support of the Star Boundary behind them, Yang Kai and the other Great Emperors were able to unleash far more strength than they could elsewhere.


But now, without the support of the Star Boundary, Yang Kai understood that it was impossible to resist an Open Heaven Realm Master with just his own strength. He was still able to recognize his limitations.


In the developed areas of the vast Outer Universe, the top treasure lands had been occupied by various powerful great forces. Accordingly, these treasure lands could be divided into the Seventy-Two Paradises and Thirty-Six Cave Heavens. These great forces that occupied these treasure lands were all extremely indomitable and possessed incredible numbers of Open Heaven Realm Masters.


“Seventy-Two Paradises and Thirty-Six Cave Heavens?” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up hearing it, feeling as if a new door was slowly opened in front of him.


Zhang Ruo Xi nodded, “All these treasure lands are famous and represent the peak power of the Outer Universe and it is best if one can join such a power. In the past, my ancestor seemed to have come from a place called Lang Ya Paradise.”


“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, “So, can you return to your origin if you want?”


Zhang Ruo Xi chuckled, “Ancestor is ancestor, and I am me. I’m not sure if they will recognize me since it’s already been hundreds of thousands of years. Furthermore, I have no idea where Lang Ya Paradise is now. Without a specific map, it will be difficult to find it, unless we have particularly good luck. As for returning to my origins, there is no need to think about it for the time being.” Her face flushed as she stopped and glanced at Yang Kai, “I still want to be with Sir.”


Yang Kai patted her little head, and returned a smile, “If you have a chance, and if the other party is willing to accept you and they are also good people, you should return to your origins. You also mentioned that it’s better to have the backing of a powerful force in the Outer Universe.”


Zhang Ruo Xi pouted, and immediately changed the topic, “But if Sir wants to condense the Metal Element of the Five Elements in the future, perhaps you can go to a place called Golden Antelope Paradise.”


“Why do you say so?” Yang Kai was puzzled.


Zhang Ruo Xi explained, “Sir knows he has to refine the powers of Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements in order to break through to the Open Heaven Realm. Sir chose to refine the Wood Element first, and Wood sustains Fire, so the next element Sir requires is the Fire Element. Fire refines Earth and Earth begets Metal, so after Earth Element would be Metal Element. Given that it’s Sir’s first time entering the Outer Universe, I’m afraid it won’t be easy for you to find a suitable Metal Element material, but the Golden Antelope Paradise has ready-made Golden Blade Yuan Spirits. As long as Sir can afford the price, Sir can enter a certain place to refine his Metal Element.”


Yang Kai was stunned listening to the information, “Does this Golden Antelope Paradise do business? Why do I feel like it’s making it convenient for us?”


Zhang Ruo Xi replied with a smile, “Most of the Seventy-Two Paradises and Thirty-Six Cave Heavens only allow their own people to go in and out of their territory, but Golden Antelope Paradise is an exception. You may think of it as them doing business. Moreover, the quality of Golden Blade Yuan Spirits in the Golden Antelope Paradise is not low. As long as one refines the appropriate power of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements to reach the Open Heaven Realm, the outcome would not be lower than the Fifth Order!”


Yang Kai nodded, “The Fifth Order is indeed not low.”


The Open Heaven Realm was not subdivided into First, Second, and Third Order like the Emperor Realm, but rather into a wider range with nine Orders in total. The First-Order was the lowest, while the Ninth-Order was the highest. The power of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements was also divided into nine Orders.


For example, the Immortal Tree that Yang Kai possessed before was a Ninth-Order Wood Element. Its value was high enough to make even the greatest Masters of the Outer Universe covet it.


According to Zhang Ruo Xi, the Golden Blade Yuan Spirits in the Golden Antelope Paradise were all Fifth-Order materials at least.


The materials selected to condense the power of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements were crucial to an Open Heaven Realm cultivator. When a cultivator broke through to the Open Heaven Realm, his Order would be determined according to the Yin, Yang, and Five Elements materials he or she had refined. It was possible to improve one’s Order after the initial breakthrough, but doing so had its own difficulties and restrictions.


Although Golden Antelope Paradise opened its gates wide to the public, it was not without cost to enter it. One could only enter if they could afford the price, and there was also a time limit. Once time was up, they would be thrown out regardless of whether they had succeeded or not.


From their Golden Blade Yuan Spirits alone, the Golden Antelope Paradise was filthy rich.




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  1. Back to the roots with 9 minor realms in each major realm.
    I wonder if readers will also accuse Yang Kai of child grooming like with Wen Zi Shan and Duan Hong Chen if Ruo Xi becomes one of his wives.
    I just remembered, didn’t the first demon Yang Kai sent to the new demon realm and lived with Li Shi Qing for a time ask if he could meet her again? I expected in the past that those two and Yang Kai + Yu Ru Meng would be an example of humans and demons living together, but apparently not

    1. Nah, he turned her down, when she was a minor and tried to give him all she had, then she went into seclusion for thirty years with a strict aunty spirit, then he went into seclusion for fifty years, leaving her to finally get some personal life experience. Now she’s a century old with at least fifty years of unsheltered experience in the world, so hanging “grooming” on him would be nonsense.
      Even Wen Zi Shan, with all his grooming attempts taught his girl to thrash him for any suggestive prank instead, and then it took centuries and a borderline extinction event to turn her around.
      Hong Chen, however, with his comment that he should pick himself a waif to groom into waifu, definitely deserves some finger pointing. Especially if he actually does pick a waif.

      1. Wen Zi Shan’s grooming attempts? Didn’t he generally treat Gao Xue Ting like a little kid until she said she wants to marry him? Perhaps I misunderstand the meaning of grooming, but to me it seems like he wasn’t doing it (since he was doing the same as Yang Kai does with Ruo Xi)

  2. Aight guys it’s been fun but it seems like this is the start of a another enormous arc and frankly I’ve had enough. It’s been a long journey and Missed Plot has way more downsides than upsides, with many forgotten characters or plot points, inconsistent logic/measurements and predictable fights which makes it a frustrating read. I just wanted to finish this demon war arc to get some sort of closure. I probably won’t be reading anymore, and if I do, it probably won’t be unless it’s fully translated.

    I’ll be moving on to Nine Star Hegemon Body, supposedly it’s pretty good.

    If anyone wants any recommendations:
    Lord of the Mysteries
    Reverend Insanity
    Steward Demonic Emperor (On Divine Dao Library as well!)

    The above are my top 3.

    Aaand Against The Gods is somewhat like Martial Peak but it’s more consistent. The mortal realms are a bit frustrating but the Divine Realm is way more interesting, moreso than MP IMO.

    For those who are still reading, I admire your patience. Have fun and good luck.

  3. i always imagine that star boundaries is shape like a bowl.
    an inverted world-bowl halo-like (like in HALO game) to be precise.
    the living are at inner side of the bowl, with the center floating nebulae of star fields. bottom middle of the bowl are seas, north sea, east sea and south sea. west don’t have sea right?and those seas are very vast. and the very center of the bowl is ancestral land/domain that connect with nebulae (star territories) and star boundary by void corridor.

    why i came to this? author mention early on that yang kai and people of star boundary can observe star territory nebulae from any part of star boundary. and people cannot travel from south territory to north directly. they need either go from west or east. ancient wild land are closer to south than north. because baby luan feng easily wander to south.

    i can go on and on. what you guys think?

  4. So is the open heaven realm the highest ream now, or is there an even higher one? From the way they are talking it’s sounding like open heavens realm is the highest.

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