Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3832, Holding The Spear, Looking Around At A Loss


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“The Golden Blade Yuan Spirits in Golden Antelope Paradise are Fifth-Order materials, but if you are lucky enough to find a Spirit Essence there, it will be a pleasant surprise.”


“Spirit Essence? What Order is this material?” Yang Kai did not bother to ask what the Spirit Essence was, because he could guess that the Spirit Essence must be the origin or core of a Golden Blade Yuan Spirit, which was absolutely much higher than the Fifth Order.




Yang Kai could not help whistling. For now, he was not familiar with the ranking system of the material quality to condense the power of Yin, Yang and Five Elements. He also had no clue how high the Order should be to be considered as valuable in the eyes of those Masters in the Outer Universe, but it was undeniable that the Seventh Order was not low. It was definitely a decent material that was worth fighting for.


“Has anyone ever obtained one there?” Yang Kai asked.


Zhang Ruo Xi shook her head, “I have no idea. Maybe my ancestor would know, but I didn’t get any memories related to that.”


Yang Kai nodded gently and came up with another question, “What is the currency in the Outer Universe?”


In different planes and different worlds, the currency was different too. Demon Crystals were the currency in the Demon Realm, while Source Crystals were the currency in the Star Boundary. They were all resources naturally generated that contained the energy of that world, which could be absorbed by the cultivators to enhance their strength.


If he was right, the currency in the Outer Universe should be something that could enhance one’s strength too.


“Open Heaven Pills!”


Yang Kai frowned, “Open Heaven Pills? Why does it sound like a kind of Spirit Pill?”


Zhang Ruo Xi smiled lightly, “They are indeed a type of Spirit Pill, one that is extremely useful for Open Heaven Realm Masters. As I’ve told Sir before, upon reaching the Open Heaven Realm, one’s Order is set, but it’s not impossible to improve it. The resource used to break through higher Orders are Open Heaven Pills. If one consumes enough Open Heaven Pills over a long time, they can generally improve their Order one or two times, and their strength naturally increases.”


Yang Kai was baffled, “If Open Heaven Pills are useful to Open Heaven Realm Masters, are they useless to people like us?”


“Of course, they’re not useless.” Zhang Ruo Xi explained, “In Sir’s realm, Open Heaven Pills as a standard currency allow one to purchase and trade for materials they need.”


A sudden realization dawned on Yang Kai, “Materials to condense the power of Yin, Yang and Five Elements?”


“En!” Zhang Ruo Xi nodded, “These materials are what cultivators at our Realm need most; therefore, everyone will generally exchange for what they need if they have a chance.”


“It seems that if I have a chance in the future, I will have to get a pill recipe for these Open Heaven Pills.” Yang Kai was immersed in thoughts. He was familiar with Alchemy, so if he could obtain the pill recipe for Open Heaven Pills, he might be able to refine them for himself. Of course, that would require appropriate materials as well.


Zhang Ruo Xi beamed, “Sir, there are two kinds of Open Heaven Pills. One type is spontaneously generated, and the other is refined by Alchemists.”


Yang Kai was flabbergasted, “Since it is a Spirit Pill, how can it be generated by the Universe?”


Zhang Ruo Xi shook her head slowly, “The Universe has a will of its own and occasionally, an object called the Universe Furnace will appear. This furnace is not a physical object, but a projection that can absorb the power of the Stars and Universe itself to refine innate Open Heaven Pills.”


Yang Kai replied in amazement, “Such a wonder occurs?” 


At that moment, he suddenly recalled a time when he was taught the Alchemic Dao directly by Heavenly Way. Since the Heavenly Way could pass on an Alchemy Technique to him, why could it not generate Spirit Pills by itself?


“Strictly speaking, it was all due to the Open Heaven Pills generated by the World that the Masters in Outer Universe gradually derived a pill recipe for refining artificial Open Heaven Pills.”


“There should be some differences between the two, right?”


“You are right, Sir. Although both are Open Heaven Pills, there are enormous differences between them, the biggest one being effectiveness. Although consuming the artificially refined Open Heaven Pills can improve one’s Order, it comes with a limit. After promoting one’s Order by two Orders, it is not possible to advance any further using this method. But the Open Heaven Pills generated by the Universe are different. They contain the purest power of the World, and rumour has it that this kind of Open Heaven Pill can raise the strength of an Open Heaven Realm Master without limits, making the Ninth-Order reachable!”


Yang Kai’s blood boiled with excitement as he heard this and he immediately began looking around.


Zhang Ruo Xi asked strangely, “Sir, what are you looking for?”


Yang Kai answered, “I’m looking for the Universe Furnace that you mentioned! Aren’t we going to be rich if we encounter it now?” Although he had condensed his Wood Element directly from the Immortal Tree and his starting point was incredibly high, he was afraid that it would be difficult to find materials of the same Order as the Immortal Tree. Even if there were such good things, he could not compete for them if he was not strong enough.


Therefore, Yang Kai had mentally well-prepared too. He would not reach the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm when he was first promoted to the Open Heaven Realm in the future, even getting to the Eighth-Order would be tough for him. It would be great if he got to the Seventh Order, but it was possible for him to just reach the Sixth Order or even the Fifth Order too.


If he wished to improve his own Order and strength then, these spontaneously generated Open Heaven Pills were necessary.


Zhang Ruo Xi giggled, “How can this kind of treasure be so easy to encounter? Even if the Universe Furnace is really born, it would have nothing to do with us. People from the Thirty-Six Cave Heavens and Seventy-Two Paradises would probably swarm over for it at once, resulting in a furious battle.”


Ignoring her, Yang Kai frowned, “I seem to see something.”


Zhang Ruo Xi pouted, “Sir likes to make jokes.”


Yang Kai shook her arm, and pointed in a certain direction, “There’s really something over there. Did I see it clearly…” Just when he finished, his face changed drastically, “So fast!”


Previously when he looked around, he vaguely saw something coming towards them, but in the blink of an eye, the other party had shortened half the distance between them. The whole process was extremely abrupt, with no trace of movement.


When those words fell, Zhang Ruo Xi also saw the situation and her pretty face immediately paled, “Myriad Facets Insect!”


Yang Kai did not have time to ask what the Myriad Facets Insect was, but seeing Zhang Ruo Xi’s expression, he understood that this insect was not simple. From its look, it was a huge snow-white bug with holes all over its body. The bug’s body stretched over ten kilometres in length and it looked considerably swollen, but it was strangely fast as well.


Just as Zhang Ruo Xi’s voice fell, the Myriad Facets Insect had broken through more than ten thousand kilometres, and immediately arrived in front of the two. Its mouth was so huge and deep that it resembled a black hole, which enveloped the two people from above, swallowing a big piece of the void.


“Run!” Yang Kai grabbed Zhang Ruo Xi’s arm and Space Principles flared as he attempted to flee.


But Yang Kai was startled to find that the local space was completely locked, and they were immediately shrouded in darkness, all light in front of him suddenly lost.


The next moment, the world spun and even Yang Kai, who had now won the throne of a Great Emperor, was left feeling dizzy, as if he was plummeting endlessly.


He was speechless. He had just come out of the Star Boundary with Zhang Ruo Xi, so how could he just run into such a monster? He did not understand the danger of the Outer Universe until now.


Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat when he thought of Zhang Ruo Xi, because his hands were empty. He was still grabbing Zhang Ruo Xi’s arm just a moment ago, but now, he was holding nothing.


[Where’s Ruo Xi!?] While enduring the discomfort in his head, Yang Kai hurriedly released his Divine Sense to examine his surroundings, but he found no trace of Zhang Ruo Xi anywhere. He forced himself to calm down and recalled what just happened. Instinctively, Yang Kai felt that he should have been swallowed by the Myriad Facets Insect, so both Ruo Xi and he should be in the Myriad Facets Insect’s stomach right now.


He was so infuriated. He came out of the Star Boundary full of hopes and ambitions, but how could have anticipated being swallowed by a bug before he could achieve anything? How could he bear this shame?


With a low roar, he used his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique, turning into a 2,000 meters tall Half-Dragon in an instant. The Azure Dragon Spear was summoned to his hand as his aura soared. Inside his body, his Dao Seal radiated brightly, and all his power was gathered in the Azure Dragon Spear before he thrust out wildly.


In the next moment, the world stopped spinning. His vision blurred and he suddenly appeared in the void. He was still in his previous stance in the momentum of stabbing.


Yang Kai felt extremely annoyed. He unleashed his strength but ended up stabbing nothing but empty space. When his power was exhausted and he finally came to a halt, he looked around at a loss.


[Where is this?]


Although he had just entered the Outer Universe and did not know much about it, Yang Kai was sure that he was no longer where he originally was. Everything around him looked completely different from before.


He did not see Zhang Ruo Xi or the Myriad Facets Insect, as if everything that happened just now was an illusion.


Yang Kai hefted his spear and looked around on alert, but it was quiet all around him, with nobody present except himself.


[What the Hell just happened? I have never been so confused like this.]


After confirming that there was no danger around, Yang Kai quickly dispelled his Dragon Transformation, took out a Space Spirit Bead, and tried to contact Zhang Ruo Xi, but he received no response.


Yang Kai grew anxious.


[I’m fine with encountering such weird things inexplicably, at least I’m unharmed, but where did that little girl Ruo Xi go?] He tried to recall carefully and remembered the moment when he attempted to get out of trouble, there seemed to be a subtle Space Principle fluctuation.


In addition to the strange environment in front of him, Yang Kai vaguely felt that he experienced some kind of exceptionally long-distance teleportation. He had no idea how far he was from the Star Boundary, and he was afraid that he could not even figure out where the Star Boundary was now.


Last time when he escaped from Demon Realm, he used the blessing of the World’s Will inside him to locate the Star Boundary in the vast Outer Universe, allowing him to successfully return home.


But at that time, it was because Demon Realm was not too far from the Star Boundary. The two Universe Worlds were close together, relatively speaking, otherwise Great Demon God would not have the idea to lay his hand on the Star Boundary in the first place.


But now the World’s Will would not work as he was too far away, so Yang Kai could not return to the Star Boundary even if he wanted to.


He was swallowed by the Myriad Facets Insect, and after forcefully escaping from it, he found himself in this new place.


[What the Hell was that bug? Where is Zhang Ruo Xi now?]


Yang Kai was totally clueless. He could only choose a random direction and try to find traces of Ruo Xi. He secretly prayed that she had also managed to escape the belly of the Myriad Facets Insect, otherwise he was afraid that even an Open Heaven Realm Master could not escape the fate of being eaten by such a monster.




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