Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3833, Strange Door


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Yang Kai was speeding through the void with a frown on his face. It was difficult to distinguish the passage of time in the Outer Universe, but it should have been half a year ever since he encountered the Myriad Facets Insects.


In the past six months, he had been looking for traces of Zhang Ruo Xi nearby. From time to time, he would try to use his Space Beacon; unfortunately, he found nothing and received no signal from Ruo Xi.


After wandering for half a year, Yang Kai experienced all kinds of dangers in the Outer Universe just as horrifying as the Myriad Facets Insect. There were countless frightening beings in this vast Outer Universe, and he had met several of them in this half year. Nevertheless, none of them were Myriad Facets Insects, but other monsters.


Basically, they were all massive in size, on par with the Myriad Facets Insect; however, although these beings had terrifying auras, they seemed to be lacking in sentience, just like the Myriad Facets Insect. As long as Yang Kai could see them far away and avoid them in time, he would be safe.


He even found a Universe World during this half-year of wandering.


It was a world similar to the Star Boundary, but before he approached, he felt that he was being targeted by several hostile intents.


Clearly, they were the Great Emperors of that world.


Although Yang Kai was also a Great Emperor now, it was extremely unwise to rush into someone else’s World recklessly; therefore, after realizing he was unwelcome, Yang Kai took a detour and left.


Thinking about it, given that Ruo Xi knew more about the Outer Universe than him and her strength was not low, there should not be a problem for her as long as she could escape from the belly of the Myriad Facets Insect.


But Yang Kai was not sure when they would meet again after the parting this time. The Outer Universe was so big that the probability of two people meeting randomly was just too small.


Another month later, Yang Kai had no choice but to accept reality. He gave up searching for Zhang Ruo Xi, identified a direction, and proceeded forward.


Now that he had leapt out of his original World and arrived in the Outer Universe, he should finish his unsettled business and look for clues about the mysterious World Tree.


Perhaps when he found the World Tree and returned to the Star Boundary, Zhang Ruo Xi would already be waiting for him there.


With such hope, Yang Kai forged onwards.


The lonely exploration and the wandering suddenly gave him a long-lost sense of familiarity. Long ago, when he first entered the Starry Sky from Tong Xuan Realm, and then to the Star Boundary from the Star Field, was he not facing the storm alone and eventually overcoming all obstacles spectacularly? Although the Outer Universe was dangerous, as long as he strived forward bravely, he would naturally make his way.


His mood was suddenly lifted, and he could not help looking forward to the path ahead.


One day, Yang Kai, who was speeding along, suddenly looked in a certain direction and his face changed drastically. Unsure if it was an illusion, he seemed to hear a vague call from that direction at the moment.


He immediately focused his mind and listened carefully, but he noticed nothing.


The void was dangerous, so Yang Kai naturally had to be vigilant at all times, and the Soul Warming Lotus was always closely guarding his consciousness against being invaded by foreign interference.


Yang Kai frowned slightly and felt strange about it, but he sensed no abnormalities; thus, he put down his worries and continued to move forward. After he travelled for a while though, the same noise called out to him again.


Yang Kai immediately halted his feet and his face turned solemn. It could be a misconception if it only happened once, but it did not make sense if it occurred again. It was not some figment of his imagination; there was really something out there.


After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai changed his direction and flew towards the source of the voice.


There were no changes in the Soul Warming Lotus, and he did not notice anything wrong either, so Yang Kai deduced that the voice should be harmless. His current knowledge about the Outer Universe was limited to the information Zhang Ruo Xi disclosed to him earlier, so if there really was someone out there, maybe he could learn something from them.


Of course, he had to be wary of danger, but asking for directions was better than him flying around like a headless fly.


There was no resistance travelling through the void, so Yang Kai could travel at his maximum speed easily. However, in order to watch out for some possible dangers, he still maintained a lower pace.


Moreover, Yang Kai had also found that the Outer Universe was remarkably clean over the past few months, unlike the Star Field which was dotted with Asteroid Seas. Now that he thought about it carefully, this phenomenon should have something to do with the Giant Spirit God Clan.


The Giant Spirit Gods had an Innate Divine Ability that allowed them to sniff out dying worlds in advance, which they could then move towards and wait to feed upon. Once the world died, they would devour the World clean.


Since the dead worlds had been eaten by the Giant Spirit Gods, it made sense there were no Asteroid Seas in the Outer Universe. They must have long been swallowed into the stomachs of the Giant Spirit Gods. Thinking about this, it seemed like the Giant Spirit Gods were the cleaners of the universe… 


Yang Kai had no idea how long he had been flying, but the further he travelled, the more obvious the call in the dark became. Yang Kai could feel that he still had some distance from his destination, but it should not be too far now.


Until one day, a bright spot suddenly appeared in a nebula in front of him. Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, realizing that he had finally arrived. He fixed his eyes on it, and could not help being flabbergasted.


It was too far away for him to see clearly, but Yang Kai vaguely felt that… he was seeing something familiar.


He picked up speed, and a few days later, Yang Kai’s expression became strange.


In front of that, a huge oval light barrier stood quietly in the void. Strange lights constantly flashed on top of the light barrier, and from the oval light barrier were extremely clear Space Principle fluctuations.


[Territory Gate?] Yang Kai raised his brow.


He already found it to be familiar when he was far away. Now that he looked closer, it indeed looked familiar.


In the Demon Realm, the world was broken into pieces, and each continent relied on Territory Gates to connect to each other. The oval light barrier in front of him had the exact nature of a Territory Gate.


The only difference between them was their size. There was a world of difference between the size of this gate and the Territory Gates of the Demon Realm. The two were completely incomparable.


This Territory Gate was simply massive!


Yang Kai believed that even with the huge size of the Giant Spirit God and the Myriad Facets Insect, they could easily shuttle through this Territory Gate to the other side, that was how big this gate was.


Yang Kai could not help being fascinated by such a Territory Gate that emerged in the void all of a sudden, especially when the vague voice was calling out from this Territory Gate.


Although he had no idea what the exact name of this Territory Gate in the Outer Universe was, its function was clearly to shuttle between two places.


In a few days, Yang Kai finally arrived in front of the Territory Gate and stood ten thousand kilometres away from it. Feeling the vastness of the object and his own insignificance, Yang Kai sighed. The Outer Universe was truly full of wonders.


He could feel that this Territory Gate was not artificially refined but naturally occurring. The fluctuations of Space Principles were clearly transmitted from it, but they did not seem to be hazardous. Anyone should be able to pass through this gate as long as he possessed sufficient strength.


So the question was, where did this Territory Gate lead to? What was on the other side that kept calling out at him?


It took Yang Kai more than twenty hours to complete a circle around this enormous Territory Gate.


Standing in place, he scratched his head, debating whether or not to enter. It was really a tough decision for Yang Kai to make.


If he chose not to enter, what was the point of arriving here? Furthermore, other than encountering several gigantic and horrifying monsters in this more than half-a-year journey through the void, he only found a single Universe World, and had not experienced a single thing about civilization in the Outer Universe yet.


But if he chose to enter, he had no idea what would be waiting for him on the other side. What if Masters were waiting to ambush him? He could face some unexpected disaster as soon as he passed through the gate.


However, without a long hesitation, Yang Kai made up his mind, he would enter!


Along the way, he had encountered many dangers but escaped narrowly each time. If he became timid just because he was worried about the difficult path ahead, how could he continue to explore the Outer Universe? It was better to return to the Star Boundary and retire in that case. Moreover, his strength was not low now, so it was not like he was powerless to resist even if he really came across any danger.


Once a decision had been made, Yang Kai no longer hesitated.


With a flicker, he plunged into the Territory Gate in front of him.


The Territory Gate barely rippled as if a stone had been thrown into a vast sea. Only a small disturbance appeared at the place where Yang Kai entered, and it instantly recovered after.


Yang Kai, who entered the gate, felt the world spinning around him. The great pressure from the surrounding overwhelmed him, as if an infinite force was squeezing him from all directions.


Shocked, Yang Kai hurriedly circulated his Secret Art.


It was impossible to resist such pressure unless one was on par with a Great Emperor. In other words, only an existence who condensed their Dao Seal was qualified to pass through this Territory Gate.


After what felt like thousands of years, but was probably just an instant, the pressure around Yang Kai suddenly dissipated.


When he regained his senses, he realized he was still in an endless void, and after turning around, was even more at a loss.


[What the Hell?] After shuttling through the Territory Gate, the scene that he came to was just as inexplicable as after being swallowed by the Myriad Facet Insects. If it was not for the giant Territory Gate behind him, Yang Kai would think that he was still in the same place.


But after arriving here, the call in the dark became clearer.


Without hesitation, Yang Kai quickly rushed towards it.


Half a day later, Yang Kai suddenly stopped and stared ahead of him with a look of surprise.


In that void, a door appeared, and the voice that he kept hearing was reverberating from it.


Yang Kai almost could not believe his eyes and rubbed them vigorously before staring again. It was real, there was truly a door there, isolated, looking extremely out of place.


There was nothing extraordinary about the door. There was a door plate and a doorbell on the door, and two stone lions squatting on either side, baring their ferocious-looking fangs.


Usually, Yang Kai would not feel anything if he saw such a door in the Star Boundary, but in this vast empty void of the Outer Universe, how could a lone door like this not be bizarre?




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