Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3836, Seven Wonders Land


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The old man did not waste any time after announcing their departure. He beckoned everyone, pointed in front of him, and a door immediately materialized.


Yang Kai looked at it and realized that the door was the one he had seen in the void earlier.


The old man pushed open the door, which squeaked noisily, and all of them rushed into it and came to the place before they entered. The door immediately became distorted and transformed into a big ship. Two ropes of light extended from the bow of the ship and tied themselves around the two stone lions.


The stone lions were the two that were squatting on either side of the door previously, and seeing this, Yang Kai immediately knew that he was right. The two stone lions were really not ordinary things, otherwise, how could there be such a transformation?


At this moment, the two stone lions expanded, their bodies permeating a notably violent aura as they shook their majestic heads.


The newcomers on board the ship were dumbfounded. Not to mention the wondrous transformation of the stone lions, the aura permeated from the two was not inferior to, and possibly even exceeded their own.


In other words, the strength of these two stone lions was more likely to be higher than theirs.


They were each overlords of their own Universe Worlds, Great Emperors who had condensed their Dao Seal; however, now that they came to the Outer Universe, they could not help feeling bitter seeing these two beasts that were used to pull a ship were stronger than them.


The old man looked at the expressions of the people and smiled at their shocked faces.


“Wow, Master, what are these two things? They look so powerful!” Ah Sun stood on the bow of the ship, looking down and exclaimed with an astonished face.


The old man did not deliberately correct the way she addressed him, or maybe he just did not care about it, and instead smiled and answered, “These two little things were originally two stone fetuses of our Seven Wonders Land. They then gained sentience through a certain opportunity. This Old Master found them useful, so he used them as watchers and to pull this ship.”


“Seven Wonders Land?” Yang Kai raised his brow, “May I ask Senior, is the Seven Wonders Land that you mentioned just now the place we are going to?”


For a year in the Small Universe, he did not communicate with the old man, so he had no idea where the old man came from. Now when the old man mentioned this, it naturally piqued his interest.


“En!” The old man nodded.


“Is Seven Wonders Land one of the Seventy-Two Paradises?” The burly man suddenly asked with a fervent face.


“Oh? You know of the Seventy-Two Paradises?” The old man looked at the burly man with a smile.


The burly man replied respectfully, “Junior hails from Black River World. There was a Great Senior Expert who returned once to my world and shared some experiences with this Junior, so this Junior knows that there are Thirty-Six Cave Heavens and Seventy-Two Paradises in the Outer Universe.”


The old man nodded in understanding, “Do you know this Senior well, or which great force he belongs to?”


The burly man shook his head, “I don’t know.”


“Did he leave a Faith Token for you so that you could find him?” The old man questioned again.


The burly man stretched his hand into his pocket, took out something, and handed it over respectfully, “This is the Faith Token left by that Senior.”


Yang Kai had sharp eyes and instantly saw that it was a piece of jade, but it was an unknown type of jade, unlike any he had seen before. There was a small fish swimming around like a living creature inside this jade, and although he had no idea what the fish in the jade was, Yang Kai could vaguely feel that it contained some mysterious Principle Strength. 


Fear surged in Yang Kai’s heart as chills ran up his spine.


Not because of this Faith Token, but because of the burly man’s unreserved manner towards the old man.


He was ambushed by the old man once before and was only safe due to the protection of the Soul Warming Lotus. Yang Kai wondered at the time whether the old man had manipulated the others too.


However, it was still just a speculation, and Yang Kai did not really care about other people’s affairs.


It wasn’t until when Ah Sun was dragged into the Small Universe, attempted to hurt the old man, and was besieged by the burly man and the others that Yang Kai realized that his guess was accurate.


How could these four Great Emperors from different Universe Worlds act like that if they had not been manipulated by the old man? Even if they tried to please the old man, how could they make a move at the exact same time?


By the look of it, this jade was definitely an exceptionally valuable thing for the burly man. With the guidance of the jade, he could certainly find the whereabouts of his Senior from his own world and join him. At that time, he would naturally be well taken care of. Why would he have to plead with others?


The burly man took out such a valuable thing immediately after the old man asked casually, and the problem was, he had not the slightest reservations against the old man.


The several people nearby did not find it strange either; instead, they acted like everything was reasonable… 


After the burly man took out the jade, the old man squinted his eyes slightly. He grabbed the jade and examined it carefully. After a moment, he revealed a smile, “Since it is a reward from your Senior, store it carefully. It could be useful in the future.”


The burly man nodded gently, put away the jade, and turned to glare at the others. He acted like this not because he did not know the value of his jade, but because he was influenced by the old man’s Secret Technique to lower his guard.


For now, Yang Kai could not see how much of an effect this mental suggestion had; however, he was finally able to confirm that those who entered the Small Universe were being influenced by the old man. That said, he wasn’t sure about Ah Sun yet.


“I know you all have a lot of questions. Let us talk on our trip back.” The old man gently raised his hand while speaking, and the two stone lions tethered to the ship in front immediately raised their heads and charged forward with a roar.


In an instant, the ship began moving at lightning speed.


Yang Kai was shocked. Although the two stone lions looked ordinary, he did not expect them to be so fast. No wonder they would be taken in by the old man as steeds to pull his ship.


After travelling for a while, the old man spoke, “Someone just asked if Seven Wonders Land is one of the Seventy-Two Paradises.” He turned to the burly man, and shook his head, “Seven Wonders Land is not one of the Seventy-Two Paradises.”


“Master, what are the Seventy-Two Paradises?” Ah Sun questioned curiously with her eyes blinking.


Other than her, the dignified woman, the naïve boy, and the male Monster revealed puzzled expressions. They obviously were clueless about it too. Yang Kai followed the crowd and looked at the old man blankly.


Perhaps it was because he was returning to his home, but the old man was clearly in a good mood and started explaining, “There are countless wondrous places in this vast Outer Universe, but they can also be divided into many different grades. The strongest great forces occupy the best territories, and the weak ones occupy lower-level places. Although all of you came from different Universe Worlds, this principle still applies. Among the many territories, the best ones are divided between the Seventy-Two Paradises and Thirty-Six Cave Heavens. They are the top great forces and can shake the entire Outer Universe.”


“Oh!” Ah Sun was enlightened, “Disciple understands now.”


The old man continued, “If our Seven Wonders Land occupied one of the Seventy-Two Paradises, we would not be called Seven Wonders Land anymore, but Seven Wonders Paradise. Do you understand?” The old man explained to the burly man.


The burly man nodded, “Many thanks for dispelling my doubts, Senior.”


“It’s fine, it’s not a secret anyway. You will naturally know this if you stay in Outer Universe for long enough.”


Yang Kai inferred, “According to Senior, does this mean those top great forces all have ‘Cave Heaven’ or ‘Paradise’ behind their names?”


“Basically so, but not all!” The old man shook his head, “For example, Myriad Demons Heaven occupies a Cave Heaven, but instead of calling itself Myriad Demons Cave Heaven, its name is just Myriad Demons Heaven.”


Yang Kai blinked his eyes, [Myriad Demons Heaven… This name sounds like the place where Demons gather. Did Mo Sheng come from that place?] Myriad Demons Heaven must be amazing to be recognized as a Cave Heaven in this vast Outer Universe. If they were told that Mo Sheng died in the Star Boundary, he was unsure whether they would avenge the latter or not.


But on second thought, Mo Sheng’s body was destroyed and he wasted tens of thousands of years scheming to acquire the Auspicious Spirit Essence of the Star Boundary. If the great force behind him knew his situation, how could they ignore it? At once, Yang Kai was relieved. Even if Mo Sheng was born in Myriad Demons Heaven, Myriad Demons Heaven definitely did not know about his case.


The old man pressed on, “However, although our Seven Wonders Land can’t compare with those Cave Heavens and Paradises, it can be considered outstanding in the 3,000 Worlds. The master of our Seven Wonders Land is Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch, who is proficient in the Alchemic Dao. The Spirit Pills that he refines have a good reputation. Even those Cave Heavens and Paradises request Alchemy Services from our Seven Wonders Land from time to time.”


“So powerful!” Ah Sun looked shocked.


The old man smiled lightly, “You will know in the future. This Old Master only disclosed this because you asked.”


Yang Kai immediately wanted to ask about Open Heaven Pills, since it was the currency in the Outer Universe according to Zhang Ruo Xi, equivalent to Source Crystals in the Star Boundary. Since Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch was proficient in Alchemy, he should also be able to refine Open Heaven Pills.


When Zhang Ruo Xi talked about Open Heaven Pills before, Yang Kai was thinking of trying to get the recipe for himself, but he did not expect to have a clue so soon.


However, according to the situation in the Outer Universe, the pill recipe of Open Heaven Pills was definitely one of the top secrets of any great force, certainly not easy to acquire.


Moreover, Yang Kai did not know what kind of great force this Seven Wonders Land was. Judging from this old man’s character and behaviour, Seven Wonders Land was definitely not a decent force, and he suspected all the old man’s previous words were just extravagant boasting.


In the following time, whether it was the dignified woman, the naive boy, or the Monster Race man, all of them asked the questions that they wanted to know. Like Yang Kai, they were led by the old man’s summon after leaping out of their own Universe World and were confused about the things here.


At least Yang Kai had Zhang Ruo Xi to solve his doubts. Although he did not know much, his knowledge about the Outer Universe was at least better than theirs, except for the burly man who had a Senior that left him some information about the Outer Universe.


The journey was long, but the old man answered all their questions, which benefited everyone on the ship greatly.




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