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Martial Peak – Chapter 3837, Fire Spirit Land

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They passed several Territory Gates during the journey…  


The so-called Territory Gates were almost identical to the Territory Gates that Yang Kai shuttled through before. It worked to transfer people between two places.


The Outer Universe was too vast, so without these connecting Territory Gates that were scattered all over, it would be extremely difficult to go from one place to another even for those powerful Masters, and the time it would take was absolutely unbearable for anyone.


But it was a different story with these Territory Gates. Although it would still take some time, it greatly improved the efficiency of travelling in general.


Yang Kai, who knew the convenience of Space Arrays, was deeply amazed by this.


The reason a Territory Gate was called a Territory Gate was that the Outer Universe was divided into numerous territories of various sizes. Countless great forces coexisted in these territories.


Although it was a lonesome journey, everyone communicated with each other apart from with the old man, making for a harmonious atmosphere. The young woman, Ah Sun, who was the liveliest of them all, had already gotten close to the dignified woman in just a few days.


It was only a month later when Ah Sun, who was looking around on the bow of the ship, suddenly spotted something and shouted, “Master, there’s something over there!”


They had travelled across this vast void, and although the surrounding scenery was beautiful, they lost their interest towards it after such a long time. A sudden appearance of something unusual immediately attracted Ah Sun’s attention.


Yang Kai and the others, who were leaning on the side of the ship, ran to the front when they heard her shouting. At a glance, there was a large cloud in the void from a distance. It was blurry inside, as if some sort of barrier was isolating it, which hindered them from seeing through even with the cultivation they had.


The old man smiled lightly, “We’re here.”


Ah Sun asked excitedly, “Is that Seven Wonders Land?”


The old man nodded, “En.”


Looks of anticipation filled their faces when they heard the old man, even Yang Kai was no exception. Although he felt that the old man and this Seven Wonders Land were not a righteous power, this was the first great force he came into contact with in the Outer Universe ever since he jumped out of the Star Boundary, so it was natural for him to be a little curious about it. More importantly, according to the old man, Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch, the master of Seven Wonders Land, was an Alchemy Grandmaster.


Perhaps he could count on him to obtain the Open Heaven Pill recipe.


When the old man’s words fell, the two stone lions that were pulling the ship suddenly changed their direction and galloped towards the cloud.


After a few hours, they finally came to the edge of the cloud. The old man stood on the bow of the ship and pointed, his fingertips gleaming with a golden light. The next moment, the dense clouds split to both sides on their own, opening a path forward.


The stone lions did not change their pace, and continued to charge into the path with the ship behind them, the clouds closing behind them.


After penetrating through the vast white world, everyone regained their vision, realizing they were in a new world. Above them was a clear blue sky, and below them were clear waters and lush mountains. It was amazing scenery.


Moreover, the World Energy was exceptionally rich. Compared to the cultivation environment that everyone had experienced in the old man’s Small Universe previously, it was just as good, superior even.


After all, the previous place was just the old man’s Small Universe, halfway between ethereal and corporeal. Nevertheless, this was a complete world, so it was normal to have some differences between them.


Yang Kai sensed the environment quietly. The World Principles were perfect and solid, stronger than the Star Boundary’s. If anyone with adequate aptitude cultivated in such an environment, there would be no problem for him to reach the Emperor Realm.


“Master, what’s over there?” Ah Sun, the one who was most curious, questioned as she pointed in another direction.


The old man answered, “You will know in the future.”


“Oh,” Ah Sun did not ask further. After more than a month of being together, she learnt that the old man would only answer if he was willing to; otherwise, no one could force him to say things that he did not wish to disclose.


Yang Kai glanced casually in the direction she pointed, and found that it was a land of fiery red mountains and fields, like a large orchard. Many fruit trees were planted there, and there were many people busying themselves tending to them.


The orchard was so huge that he could not see its end at a glance. Yang Kai estimated that the orchard occupied one-third of this world.


Curiosity grew in him. He wondered what Spirit Fruits were planted there. Given that so many Spirit Fruits were grown here, the nutrients needed to nurture them would surely not be small in quantity. Where did these nutrients come from though?


In addition to the vast orchard, there were some scattered buildings on the ground below.


In general, this place had beautiful and picturesque scenery.


The ship descended and soon came to a huge palace. There was already a group of people waiting in front of the palace. The group leader was a young man in blue, his eyes glowing with vigour and his brow sharp, giving him an outstanding air.


When the ship landed, the young man immediately shouted, “Welcome back, Venerable!”


A group of people behind them echoed him with high spirit.


In a flash of brilliance, the ship turned back into a door, which then disappeared. Everyone landed on the ground, while the two stone lions pulling the ship flew away and soon settled on the left and right sides of the palace, turning into two motionless lion-like stone mountains.


Behind the old man, Yang Kai and the others looked around curiously.


The young leader came forward, glanced at Yang Kai and the rest, then smiled lightly, “Venerable has found a lot of new blood this time.”


The old man returned with a smile too, “Luck is on our side. You may make arrangements for them.”


The young man responded respectfully.


The old man asked, “Is Heavenly Monarch here?”


The young man answered, “Heavenly Monarch departed after receiving a message from someone six months ago and has not returned yet.”


The old man nodded, “Remember to inform me when Heavenly Monarch returns.”




After issuing the order, the old man turned to Yang Kai and the others, “Follow him and he will make arrangements for you.” Then, he went into the palace.


The young man took the lead, and the group of people saw off the old man respectfully.


“Just who is my Venerable Master?” Ah Sun asked curiously.


“Master?” The young man looked back at Ah Sun.


When Ah Sun pointed in the direction where the old man went, the young man’s face instantly darkened, “Where’s this little girl from? If you dare to talk nonsense again, I’ll cut out your tongue!”


An enormous aura swept in all directions as he bellowed.


Ah Sun’s pretty face changed drastically, and she stepped back staggeringly. Fortunately, Yang Kai reached out his hand and helped her so that she did not fall to the ground, but her face turned extremely ugly.


The faces of Yang Kai and the rest did not look good either. They were not angry about anything, but the young man’s aura was so strong that they could barely withstand it.


[He’s not an Open Heaven Realm!] Yang Kai had the experience of fighting against the Great Demon God, so he could see that the young man had not reached the Open Heaven Realm, but he should be very close to it.


It was probably the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm cultivation that Zhang Ruo Xi once mentioned, which was the existence that condensed the power of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements in his body.


The young man looked at Ah Sun coldly, “Venerable is the Venerable Protector of our Fire Spirit Land. Reckless little girl, where are you from? How dare you speak like this!”


Ah Sun’s face flushed. Under the suppression of this man’s aura, she could not utter a word, and could only respond with tears rolling in her eyes.


The young man snorted coldly, “I’ll forgive you this time as you’re new here and don’t understand the rules. If you dare spout nonsense again, you will be punished harshly, understood!?”


Ah Sun nodded bitterly.


The young man swept his eyes across Yang Kai and the others with both hands folded behind his back, “The same goes for all of you! No matter where you came from or what status or position you had before, since you have come to Fire Spirit Land, you must abide by the rules here! You will have no worries if you follow the rules, but if you don’t, your end will be miserable.”


The Male Monster cupped his fists and asked, “Sir, may I know what the rules of this Fire Spirit Land are?”


The young man announced arrogantly, “The words of this King are the rules.”


The Male Monster nodded, “Understood.”


Seeing that the Male Monster was so sensible, the young man’s expression relaxed, “This King is not sure if Sir Venerable has told you anything before. It doesn’t matter if he hasn’t, because I’m going to tell you now. This place is the Fire Spirit Land of our Seven Wonders Land. Sir Venerable is the Heavens and Earth here, so no disobedience to his words will be tolerated. Do you understand?”


Everyone nodded in acknowledgement.


“Good.” The young man continued, “However, Sir Venerable is busy; therefore, as a Disciple of Fire Spirit Land, this King will supervise you during normal times. My surname is Du while my given name is Ru Feng. If you have any questions in the future, you can inquire from this King. If it is something you should know, this King will tell you; otherwise, you won’t get an answer even if you ask.”


“Since today is your first day in Fire Spirit Land, this King won’t say too much. You will understand everything here given some time. You have three days to rest. After three days, someone will give you your assignments.”


After that, the young man waved his hand, and a cold-looking middle-aged woman immediately came out from behind and beckoned, “Come with me.” 


Then she soared to the sky.


Yang Kai and the others exchanged looks, and could only follow after her.


During the whole conversation, no one dared to ask anything other than the Male Monster. As for what the old man declared at the beginning about those who wanted to stay could stay while those who wanted to leave could leave, it was clearly just empty talk. After leading Yang Kai and the rest here, he went into the palace and did not show up again. Du Ru Feng did not even ask Yang Kai and the others if they were willing to stay; instead, he made all the decisions on his own.


However, although Du Ru Feng did not disclose too much, Yang Kai caught some information. This place was Fire Spirit Land of Seven Wonders Land. In other words, there should be other places besides Fire Spirit Land. Furthermore, the name Seven Wonders Land seemed to be related to Yin, Yang and the Five Elements. Yang Kai could not help guessing whether Seven Wonders Land was composed of seven Spirit Lands. If so, this place would be interesting.



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  1. according to the old man, Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch, the master of Seven Wonders Land, was an Alchemy Grandmaster.”

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    My surname is Du while my given name is Ru Feng. ”
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