Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3839, Ruler Of The Dawn Great General


Translator: Silavin & Danny

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Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Among these Open Heaven Realm Masters, Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch must be one of them, much like the Venerable Protector who led them here earlier. As for others, Yang Kai had no way to know.


However, to have at least eight Open Heaven Realm Masters assuming command here, although a great force like Seven Wonders Land could not compete with the likes of Cave Heavens and Paradises, it was overall not too bad in the Outer Universe.


When Yang Kai first arrived here, what he saw and heard gave him a rough understanding of Seven Wonders Land’s strength; and now, as a Worker of Seven Wonders Land Fire Spirit Land, he did not know what kind of future awaited him in three days.


After pondering for a while, Yang Kai walked out of his room and towards a house on the left.


Yang Kai recalled that this house was occupied by a young man. Now that he had nothing to do, he decided to use the time to gather information.


He needed to know what exactly a Worker was supposed to do here.


But judging from Zhou Zheng’s attitude today, it was obviously not going to be a difficult task even if it required some hard work.


The houses here were not densely built, with each one being separated from the other by several tens of metres. Yang Kai reached the front of the neighbouring house with just a few strides to see that the barriers were deactivated. The door was closed, so Yang Kai raised his hand and knocked on the door. After waiting for a while, the door opened. The young man who greeted him earlier stood by the door and looked at Yang Kai indifferently “What?”


Yang Kai cupped his fists and started, “This friend, please enlighten this little brother. I’m new here and I don’t know anything about this place, so I thought…”


“Get out!” The young man slammed the door shut without waiting for Yang Kai to finish.


Yang Kai rubbed his nose, speechless. There was nothing he could do if others did not want to disclose any information. He contemplated for a moment and decided to move on to the next house.


The owner of the second house, a warm and hospitable, somewhat short elderly man, welcomed Yang Kai into the house.


Yang Kai repeated the same request he did not manage to finish earlier, and the elderly man looked at him with a smile while examining him up and down, “Where does little friend come from?”


Yang Kai shook his head and said, “My homeland is remote and unknown. I don’t even know what to call it.”


The old man continued to ask him, “Does little friend have a gift for this Old Master?”


Yang Kai blinked, almost thinking he must have heard wrongly, and asked surprisedly, “What did Old Sir say?”


The old man smiled and explained, “Little friend wants information, and this Old Master is willing to give it, but you can’t let this Old Master tell you in vain, can you? Some compensation is due, wouldn’t you say?”


Only then did Yang Kai understand that he was seeking some profit.


He indeed possessed quite a few treasures; the Azure Dragon Spear, Sealed World Bead, and numerous others. Even in the Outer Universe, such things would still be coveted by many people, but it was also impossible to give away these things, and his other possessions were of little value. Moreover, Yang Kai found it difficult to accept that payment was needed for just answering a few general questions.


Without another word, he gave a small smile, got up, and cupped his fists to leave.


The old man did not stop him.


After two failures, Yang Kai discarded any thoughts of asking others. In any case, he would get his answer after three days.


Back at his own residence, Yang Kai took out a Space Beacon and tried to reach out to Zhang Ruo Xi again, but to no avail. Resigning himself, he decided to settle down to adjust his breathing. Now that he had condensed the Wood Element, his next target was the Fire Element. It could be fate, or it could just be a coincidence, but he was incidentally brought to Seven Wonders Land’s Fire Spirit Land.


The catch was, he just did not know if there were suitable resources in Fire Spirit Land.


Unconsciously, a day has passed.


The loud crowing of a rooster announced that it was dawn. Yang Kai opened his eyes with a look of surprise.


He had not heard such a sound for many decades, because the rooster’s morning call was something that could only be heard in some ordinary commoner families. At first, he thought it was an illusion, but when he listened again, he confirmed it was indeed the sound of a rooster crowing.


Confused, Yang Kai walked down from his bedroom on the second floor, deactivated the barriers, pushed the door, and looked out.


It was dark outside, but it was notably lively. The Workers of Fire Spirit Land walked out of their houses, some in groups, some of them alone, and turned into streams of light rushing into the distance, disappearing somewhere unknown.


In the very centre of the village, a golden rooster as tall as a man’s waist hovered in mid-air, radiating golden rays like a small sun as it raised its head to crow again.


The crow came from this golden rooster.


Yang Kai looked at it in amazement.


He could sense that this golden rooster was a Monster Beast of a unique bloodline, and it seemed quite strong. Yang Kai wondered who raised it.


In just three crows, more than half of the village was emptied; at least hundreds of people had left.


Yang Kai found it intriguing, and thought to himself, [Do the Workers here need the rooster to wake them before they go out to work?] As he thought about it, the golden rooster turned to look at him. Although it was just a rooster, it had an arrogant look that made Yang Kai wonder if he should be laughing.


The next moment, the golden rooster flapped its wings and flew straight towards Yang Kai, and landed in front of him.


Yang Kai’s eyes met with its glaring eyes with surprise. He wondered what about himself had attracted this golden rooster.


However, it was his first time meeting this type of beast, so Yang Kai could not help feeling a little curious. He reached out and wanted to touch it, but just as he reached out, the golden rooster extended its neck and pecked with its sharp beak.


Yang Kai’s quick reflexes would not allow himself to be hit so easily, so he instantly withdrew his hand and chuckled, “You’re quite the hot-tempered one!”


“Oh oh oh…” The golden rooster was apparently offended and flapped its wings violently, every golden feather on its body standing on end.


“Stop crowing, there’s nothing to crow about!” Yang Kai glared at it.


The golden rooster was even more aggravated, and continued flapping its wings, which stirred up a violent wind. Its chubby figure jumped up and down in anger.


Yang Kai was flabbergasted, but seeing that the rooster was starting to cause a commotion, he stretched out his hand, grabbed its neck, and threatened with a low voice, “Stop crowing, or I will slaughter you for soup!”


It immediately fell silent, and the golden rooster’s eyes widened in disbelief.


Yang Kai looked at it up and down, and continued maliciously, “I’ve never seen a chicken like you before. The soup you make will surely be tasty.”


“And then you’ll be dead,” A coquettish voice floated towards him.


Yang Kai looked up and saw a graceful figure walking towards him. It was the woman who was talking to Zhou Zheng on the way over yesterday. He did not take a close look yesterday, but now he had the chance, the woman seemed to be in her early twenties and her demeanour was just as indolent as yesterday, her eyes seemingly perpetually sleepy, like she was severely overworked. She yawned as she walked over, but her little red lips were as alluring as ever.


Yang Kai smiled at her, “Is this your chicken?”


The woman covered her mouth and laughed lightly, “Don’t talk nonsense.” The exhausted beauty frowned lightly, “Let go of it now, nothing good will come out of it if someone sees you holding Ruler of the Dawn Great General.”


“Ruler of the Dawn Great General?” Astonished, Yang Kai looked down at the motionless golden rooster whose neck was still in his grip, [This chicken even has such an imposing name!]


The woman pressed on frustratedly, “Ruler of the Dawn is Venerable’s pet!”


“Ah…” Only then did Yang Kai understand that this golden rooster had a serious backer. In this Fire Spirit Land, Venerable was the Heavens and Earth, he held all the authority, so even his pet, which was just a golden rooster that crowed in the morning, should not be provoked.


With an awkward laugh, Yang Kai released his grip and the Ruler of the Dawn Great General immediately rushed and hid behind the woman, but its fat bottom was barely hidden at all. It stuck its head out from behind the woman and crowed at Yang Kai angrily.


Yang Kai naturally did not understand, but he could tell it was probably scolding him.


“It was just a little joke, don’t get so worked up,” Yang Kai shrugged.


Ruler of the Dawn Great General ignored him, and probably because it had someone to protect it now, its crows became increasingly fierce.


“Alright, alright, Great General, calm down, I’ll give you some treats.” The woman chuckled and flipped her little hand, summoning a fiery red, crystal-clear, worm. It looked like it was carved from fire jade, and although it was only about a palm’s length, it exuded a scorching aura.


The long worm was a living creature, but it was unable to move due to the restriction placed on it by the woman.


Ruler of the Dawn, who was angry at Yang Kai, saw the worm and immediately became energetic. It quickly stretched its neck, pecked the worm, and swallowed it with a look of satisfaction on its face.


The woman patted Ruler of the Dawn Great General’s head, and tidied up its golden feathers, chuckling, “The Jade Fire Silkworm is Great General’s favourite food. Bring some back if you ever encounter some.”


“Where can I find them?” Yang Kai asked.


“In the orchard. Although it’s hard to find, there are always some. Oh, I almost forgot, you’re new here so you don’t know anything about it.”


“Please enlighten me, Elder Sister,” It was rare to have such an opportunity, so naturally Yang Kai would not let it go to waste. This woman should be different from the other two people he asked yesterday. She looked notably warm-hearted; otherwise, she would not have warned him about Ruler of the Dawn Great General, “If Elder Sister is alright with it, please come in.”


“You want to talk inside?” The woman looked at Yang Kai teasingly with a meaningful expression on her face.


Yang Kai replied sternly, “I just arrived here and I don’t understand anything, I just want to ask Elder Sister to help clarify my doubts.”


“Okay, I’m bored anyway.” The woman nodded, then turned to the golden rooster, “Great General, go along now, I’ll talk to him.”


Ruler of the Dawn Great General responded by crowing a few times, and the woman covered her mouth as she laughed, “Okay, I’ll tell him.”


She turned to look at Yang Kai and explained, “Great General said he should be reporting you to Venerable for offending him today, so you can be punished severely to serve as a warning, but since you are a newcomer and are not aware of his status, the kind-hearted and generous Great General will not be harsh with you. But it is necessary to give you a small punishment, and the punishment is…”


She looked at Ruler of the Dawn Great General again, that crowed a few times again, and then continued, “To bring him five Jade Fire Silkworms within a month!”


Yang Kai expected it to be something much more difficult, but when he heard it was just to capture five Jade Fire Silkworms, he wanted to burst into laughter badly, but he still cupped his fists with a solemn face, “Many thanks for your magnanimity, Great General. I will definitely come back with five Jade Fire Silkworms for you.”




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