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Martial Peak – Chapter 3840, The Work of Workers

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After receiving assurance and a sincere apology from Yang Kai, Ruler of the Dawn Great General departed proudly like a lord.


Yang Kai invited the woman into the house and offered her a seat.


There was nothing for him to serve her, but the woman did not seem to care about such pleasantries. As they introduced themselves, Yang Kai learnt that the woman’s name was Dié You.


After a short chat, Yang Kai went straight to the point, “Sister Dié You, may I know what the Workers in the Worker’s Room do every day?”


Dié You reclined on the chair lazily, her graceful curves outlined by her close-fitting clothes. And laughed lightly before replying, “What else can Workers do? Of course, it’s the work of Workers. To be specific, it’s to take care of the Fire Spirit Fruit Trees.”


“Where are the fruit trees?”


Dié You casually pointed in a direction, “There is an orchard over there. Everyone in the Worker’s Room works there.”


Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, “Is this Fire Spirit Fruit a material for refining Open Heaven Pills?”


Dié You glanced at him with a surprised look, “It seems that you’re not entirely clueless.”


Yang Kai explained, “Venerable mentioned a bit about it when we followed him back here.”


Dié You nodded, “You’re better off than me then. I was totally clueless when I first came here…” As if she was recalling something, a hint of reminisce flitted in her eyes, but she clearly did not want to talk more about it and thus changed the topic, “En. The Fire Spirit Fruit is indeed one of the herbs for refining Open Heaven Pills. In addition, there are six other Spirit Fruits, which are all planted in Seven Wonders Land.”


Yang Kai raised his brow at that, “In other words, the situation of the other six Spirit Lands is not far from that of Fire Spirit Land? They all have their own orchards and a Worker’s Room?”


“Yes!” Dié You nodded, “If not, how can there be so many materials for Heavenly Monarch to refine the Spirit Pills? Open Heaven Pills refined by Heavenly Monarch are the main industry of Seven Wonders Land.”


Yang Kai’s heart was pumping rapidly when he heard this. He did not expect to get in touch with all kinds of things related to Open Heaven Pills just when he arrived in the Outer Universe, and it was absolutely excellent for his plan to get the recipe for the Open Heavens Pill. Initially, he was a little unwilling to be a Worker, but now he was looking forward to it after learning that the work that he had to do was to take care of these Fire Spirit Fruit Trees.


He wondered what the Fire Spirit Fruit Trees looked like.


“If it’s convenient for Sister Dié You, can you tell me the details of taking care of the Fire Spirit Fruit Trees?”


Dié You raised her eyes and looked at him before grinning, “I didn’t think you would be so interested in such things that you would ask about it before you even started working.”


Yang Kai chuckled, “There’s no harm in being informed.”


Dié You grinned, “What’s in it for me?”


That sounded familiar… 


Yang Kai looked at her, “What benefits do you want?” He patted his chest as he continued, “I have nothing but this body. If you are interested in it, how about I spend three days with you?”


Dié You covered her mouth and giggled, “Forget it.” Then she shrugged her shoulders, “But my shoulders have been a bit stiff lately.”


With a flicker, Yang Kai came behind her, put his hands on her shoulders and kneaded gently.


Dié You was extremely elated, “Little brat, you’re quite quick. Not bad, not bad.” While praising, she guided Yang Kai to massage with her preferred pressure.


Yang Kai followed her lead and quietly surged his strength, applying pressure through his fingertips. Dié You’s face immediately melted in pleasure as her eyelids closed slowly, her face looking sleepier and lazier.


After a long time, while her eyes remained closed, Dié You suddenly opened her mouth, “Taking care of Fire Spirit Fruit Trees requires a lot of attention. There are certain restrictions on how often to water, how much to water, how often to fertilize, how much to fertilize, how often to extract the Qi from the Earth Vein, and how to extract. No more, no less. As for the pests, you’ve seen the Jade Fire Silkworm before. Fire Spirit Fruit Trees are most prone to having such pests. However, in appropriate quantities, these pests have certain benefits on the maturation of Fire Spirit Fruits, so they can’t be eliminated completely. We need to keep a certain number to maintain a balance. It’s hard to explain in just a few words, you’ll only master them with more hands-on experience.”


Behind her, Yang Kai nodded furiously and sighed, “I didn’t expect there to be so many things to pay attention to in taking care of these fruit trees. How long has Sister Dié You been here?”


“What do you think?”


“No idea, but it seems that you have been here for some time.”


“A thousand years…” Dié You smiled wryly, “A thousand years ago, I first leapt out of my Universe World and was brought here, and here I’ve stayed for a thousand years.”


“That’s really a long time,” Yang Kai was aware that she had remained in this Worker’s Room for a thousand years. Although he had no idea what Dié You’s cultivation was a thousand years ago, by the look of her now, it seemed that her strength did not increase much.


“So, if you have a chance, you better leave this Worker’s Room, because this place has no future.”


“How does one leave?”


“If you do well and are appreciated by the superiors, you would have a chance to leave, but these opportunities are rare. Furthermore… You don’t need to consider this now, just try to learn the work first.” While talking, she raised her eyelids and glared at Yang Kai with her beautiful eyes.


Yang Kai chuckled, withdrew his hands slightly, back towards her shoulders, and continued to massage.


Dié You closed her eyelids again, and continued, “You’re new here, so Zhou Zheng will arrange a suitable place for you. Don’t fall for that smiling face he puts on all day, though. The truth is he is a ruthless and greedy man. You’ll understand in the future. Also, you must remember that the Spirit Fruits on each Fire Spirit Fruit Tree are recorded. If one goes bad, you must inform the supervisors immediately. Don’t ever think about stealing it for yourself, otherwise no one can protect you.”


Yang Kai nodded solemnly, “I will remember.” After pondering for a while, he asked, “Are we paid for our work?”




“Really?” Yang Kai was surprised. He had only asked casually, but he did not expect such an answer.


Dié You sneered, “Three Open Heaven Pills every year.”


“Three…” Yang Kai blinked his eyes. He had never seen an Open Heaven Pill before, so he did not know how effective it was or what kind of significance three pills had, but judging from Dié You’s look, it should be a pitifully small number.


Yang Kai quickly asked without really calculating, “Elder Sister Dié You, haven’t you saved 3000 Open Heaven Pills then?”


“Who’s your Elder Sister?” Dié You was a little upset.


“Little Sister Dié You?”


“How old are you?” Dié You hissed.


Yang Kai stayed quiet.


Dié You sneered, “Forget it. Since you called me Elder Sister, this Elder Sister will take care of you in the future. If you have any questions, come and ask me when I’m free.”


“Many thanks, Elder Sister.”


“You’re a sweet talker.” Dié You curled her lip, “As Workers, we depart for work every day when the rooster crows, and we get three days of rest every month. There is a market in the middle of Seven Wonders Land, and there are many good things for sale there. When this Elder Sister is free, I will take you exploring.”


“En, call me at that time,” Yang Kai nodded.


After asking more questions about Seven Wonders Land and Fire Spirit Fruit Trees, only then did Dié You pat the back of Yang Kai’s hand, “Alright, that’s it for today. You are new here, so be careful in everything you do. Don’t get into trouble.”


“Noted,” Yang Kai withdrew his hands.


“I’m off to have a rest. I’m so tired!” Dié You did not even look back. She just waved her hand, pushed the door out, and her slender and lithe body swayed with her footsteps.


Someone came in just after Dié You departed, staring at Dié You’s back with interest.


Yang Kai smiled, “What’s up, Sister Ah Sun?”


“Do you know that person?” Ah Sun was curious.


“We just met.”


Ah Sun revealed a suspicious look, “How can you two talk for so long when you two just met…”


Finding it funny and embarrassing at the same time, Yang Kai questioned, “Young Lady, were you watching me?”


“No, I just found out some information. Since we came here together, I just wanted to inform you about it.”


Yang Kai snapped his fingers, “I happen to know something too.”


Hearing this, Ah Sun’s eyes brightened, “Shall we exchange information?”






Three days flew by, and during these three days, Yang Kai did not stay idle in the house all the time; instead, he went out for a walk. However, there was nothing special in the village where the Workers lived, and nothing great was discovered after wandering around. Initially, he wanted to visit the orchard, but when he arrived at the place, he found that it was enveloped with a barrier, and he could not enter without a token, so he could only give up his plan.


Yang Kai met many people from different Universe Worlds, but he didn’t get close to any of them yet, much less build a close friendships with them.


Every time Ah Sun acquired some information, however, she would come and share it with Yang Kai. She was actually quite kind-hearted. Nevertheless, the other people who came with them shut themselves in their own houses, it was uncertain what they were afraid of.


In the early morning of the third day, as the Golden Rooster announced the break of dawn, Yang Kai pushed his door out.


Numerous figures outside the house turned into all kinds of streams of light, rushing towards the orchard. Yang Kai also hurried to keep up, but before he flew too far, Ah Sun called him from behind.


Yang Kai slowed down a little and kept pace with her when she caught up, chatting along the way. It could be seen that Ah Sun was a little nervous. Perhaps because of going to a new environment, this little girl’s mood was a bit affected.


Yang Kai casually said a few comforting words to her.


In about half an hour, they finally arrived at their destination.


Several figures were waiting outside the light barrier. Other than Zhou Zheng, the Manager of the Worker’s Room, the remaining people were Yang Kai and all the other newcomers who were brought here together by the Venerable.


Seeing that Yang Kai and Ah Sun were late, Zhou Zheng was a little annoyed and warned them, “Be punctual next time.”


Yang Kai and Ah Sun nodded repeatedly.


As soon as Zhou Zheng turned around and waved the token in his hand, the barrier opened up a gap, and the group of people immediately rushed in. As soon as they entered the orchard, a scorching hot aura surged towards their faces. The world was filled with strong Fire Energy, which was so scorching hot that everyone could not help pushing their strength to resist it.


A sudden realization dawned on Yang Kai. Previously, he wondered why an ordinary land like this was called Fire Spirit Land. Now that he stepped into the orchard, he understood that this place was named as such because of the particular environment of the orchard. It was indeed matching the name of Fire Spirit Land.



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