Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3845, Workers’ Shopping District


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However, since Dié You had already spoken, it was unreasonable if he did not return it, so Yang Kai reluctantly returned the box and the remaining half of the incense. Old Fang took it and left happily.


Glancing at Yang Kai, Dié You laughed, “Alright, stop sulking. Although I don’t know what agreement you made with Old Fang, since it is an agreement, it has to be fulfilled. You feel that you are at a loss only because you know too little about this place. You will gain wisdom with every lesson, just be careful in the future.”


Yang Kai nodded and acknowledged. He was actually not really angry. Although Old Fang did hide information from him, he did teach Yang Kai a lot in the past month.


“Many thanks for your assistance, Sister Dié You,” Yang Kai thanked her with cupped fists.


If Dié You had not brought three Jade Fire Silkworms today, who knows what kind of commotion the golden rooster would have caused.


Dié You looked at him with a smile, “So, it’s not Elder Sister anymore?”


Yang Kai wondered, “Since when did I call you that?”


Dié You pursed her lips, “Didn’t you call me Elder Sister here, Elder Sister there back then…”


Yang Kai rolled his eyes and changed the subject, “So, did Sister come here on purpose because you knew that I couldn’t get five Jade Fire Silkworms?”


Dié You nodded, “You’re a newcomer, you don’t even have anything to catch the worms, how could you collect five? I was also there when it happened, and since it was something I knew about, I couldn’t just ignore it. I was even worried that I didn’t bring enough, but good thing that you had already caught two on your own, and just managed to complete your task.”


“No matter what, this Yang will remember the kindness Sister has shown today and will return the favour in the future.”


“You better focus on getting over your current difficulties first,” Dié You frowned.


“What difficulties?”


“There’s something wrong with your plot.” Dié You looked at him, “Didn’t Old Fang tell you?”


“En, he said that three fruit trees have died in the past ten years, and three people have been ‘replaced’, making me the fourth!” Yang Kai rubbed his chin and continued, “But I have also checked carefully, and there is nothing wrong with the land, and I can’t see anything wrong with the fruit trees either for the time being.”


“It doesn’t mean there’s no problem even if you can’t see it. The people before you had also investigated thoroughly, but it only takes one month from the discovery of a problem to the death of the fruit tree. If you really find anything, you must be careful.”


“Understood,” Yang Kai nodded sternly.


“Good, it’s rare to have a chance to rest, do you want to go to the shopping district?” Dié You giggled at him.


“Yes!” Yang Kai suddenly became energetic, “I’m going to buy a set of worm-catching tools.”


“Then come with me,” Dié You beckoned and led the way.


Yang Kai closed the door and followed closely.


The two soared straight into the sky.


Yang Kai wondered, “Isn’t the shopping district in Fire Spirit Land?”


Dié You shook her head and laughed, “The shopping district in Seven Wonders Land is for all Spirit Lands, so there are not only people from Fire Spirit Land there but also people from other Spirit Lands.”


Yang Kai frowned in confusion, “Will it matter if we just left like this? Will someone stop us or something?”


“Although we can go out of Fire Spirit Land, the entire Seven Wonders Land is covered by a Grand Array, and there’s no way to leave without an order and an exit pass, so don’t even think about it.” She suddenly whispered, “Seriously, don’t even mention it, you won’t end well if you get caught escaping.”


Yang Kai gave her a thoughtful look, and replied softly, “I understand.”


As Dié You mentioned, there was no hindrance when they left Fire Spirit Land. Dié You led him out easily, and the two of them zoomed towards a cloud-covered land, using only an hour to arrive right before the cloud.


Dié You sent him a transmission, “Follow me close and don’t get lost!”


And she dived into the clouds, followed closely by Yang Kai.


Everything seemed to be isolated from him as they sped through the clouds, except for the graceful figure in front of him. After a stick of incense, the surrounding cloud and mist dissipated, and what welcomed Yang Kai’s eyes was a world that was dead and still yet lively and noisy.


It was dead and still because there was not a single drop of World Energy or vitality here, and not even the slightest greenery could be seen.


The liveliness, on the other hand, was because of the packed crowds below that streamed back and forth. From a high altitude, buildings with different styles were arranged in a disorganized and unaesthetic way.


The area of the entire shopping district was not large, only about a hundred kilometres in diameter. One could see the end of the district at a glance, which was bordered by clouds and mist that rolled and churned with a sense of vitality.


Dié You explained beside him, “This shopping district is said to be a Universe World Fragment. Heavenly Monarch brought it back from a trip outside and put it here as a place for us Workers to exchange and trade.”


Yang Kai nodded with comprehension, “No wonder it’s so desolate.” Since it was a Universe World Fragment, such a desolate scene did not come as a surprise. If the Star Boundary failed to stop Great Demon God’s plan, it probably would fall apart into fragments just like this and be eaten by Ah Da, leaving nothing behind.


Suddenly curious, Yang Kai queried, “Where do the disciples in Seven Wonders Land do business?”


“They do it at another place, and the things we have as Workers generally would not pique their interests, but some Seven Wonders Land disciples are still needed here to maintain order. You should be careful if you see anyone wearing Seven Coloured Robes. There are of course a few stores owned by Seven Wonders Land that do business with us Workers here as well.”


“Understood.” Yang Kai nodded.


“The shopping district here is only open for three days a month, which are the three days when we get to rest, and it will be closed after that, so you have to come over during these three days if you have anything to buy. Let’s go down first, we’ll get you a set of worm-catching tools,” Dié You beckoned and flew down first.


Yang Kai followed after her, looking around curiously. They were not the only ones as many other Workers flew down from every direction, obviously taking advantage of this free time to do trading in the shopping district.


The pair landed in the crowd and were immediately surrounded by the hustle and bustle from all directions. Yang Kai was thrown into confusion for a while as he felt as if he had gone back in time, suddenly overwhelmed by nostalgia.


The shopping district felt notably familiar to him, though the people around him were very different from before as they had all condensed their own Dao Seal. They were all considered Great Emperor level Masters in the Star Boundary!


In the shopping district, most of the stalls were set up in no particular order, each displaying all sorts of strange goods. While some stall owners sat in the back and rested, some others were busy bargaining with interested buyers; some were even shouting vigorously in an attempt to attract onlookers.


There were also some stores, but they were all built carelessly. They were far from beautiful and only slightly larger than the stalls set up everywhere else.


Only a few storefronts were built in a stately manner, all of which were obviously the Seven Wonders Land storefronts that Dié You mentioned.


Yang Kai was overwhelmed as he shuttled through the crowd. The people who came and went were from different Universe Worlds, and the things they had on them were basically unique to their respective homes, so most of the items placed on the booths were completely unrecognizable to Yang Kai.


However, after walking for a while, Yang Kai found that despite its liveliness, there were not many successful deals made. Even if there were any, they were all barter trades.


He pondered for a while on this subject before he understood. As Workers, it was hard to earn just three Open Heaven Pills every year, so each one was an extremely valuable asset. Naturally, they would not use Open Heaven Pills as a currency for purchasing.


Yang Kai suddenly realized a problem and opened his mouth to ask, “Xiao Dié, what do I need to buy that worm-catching tool? Open Heaven Pills?”


“What did you call me?” Dié You turned to look at him.


Yang Kai snickered, “Dié You?”


Dié You glared at him, nodded, and replied, “That tool is made by Seven Wonders Land, and it can only be purchased with Open Heaven Pills.”


“I don’t have any Open Heaven Pills!” Yang Kai flailed his empty hands.


“I’ll lend you some!” Dié You smiled, since she brought Yang Kai to this place, how could she not have considered this issue?


“There’s no need to be so generous…” Yang Kai rubbed his hands.


“You’ll have to return it with interest!” Dié You smiled slyly.


Yang Kai nodded happily, “Deal. I’ll have to thank you in advance.” Then he frowned, “In this case, how can newcomers buy worm-catching tools? What if the worms on fruit trees needed to be caught?”


Dié You led the way while explaining, “They ask for help from the others, just like how you found Old Fang. No one will refuse such a good thing.”


Yang Kai suddenly understood. If someone else helped to catch the worms, the caught Jade Fire Silkworms would belong to them, and they could give them to the Ruler of the Dawn Great General, who may grant them Open Heaven Pills. Naturally, no one would refuse such a deal. One could even make an agreement with a newcomer just like Old Fang, by letting the newcomer feed the Ruler of the Dawn Great General, and receive the guaranteed Open Heaven Pill as a reward.


Clearly, it was not easy for a newcomer to gain a foothold here at all.


While they were talking, the two had already arrived at the door of a certain storefront. Although this storefront was not built very magnificently, it was somewhat more impressive than average.


Needless to say, this store belonged to Seven Wonders Land.


The staff in the store were Seven Wonders Land disciples, all of whom donned Seven Coloured Robes. There was a stark difference between them and the Workers.


When the pair entered the store, they were not received with any warm greetings. A young man sitting behind the counter with his head down asked casually, “What do you want to buy?”


Dié You stepped forward and smiled, “Senior Brother, I want to buy a Cyan Wood Box and two boxes of Refined Incense.”


Hearing her sweet voice, the young man raised his head and replied with a smile, “Thirty Open Heaven Pills.” His eyes swept up and down as he spoke, stopping on her voluptuous peaks.


Dié You frowned and asked, “Senior Brother, are you mistaken? It was only 25 pills before.”


The young man leaned back on the chair and snickered, “The price has increased.”


“When did that happen? The price hadn’t gone up when I came here three months ago.”


The young man replied, “This month, does Little Sister not have enough Open Heaven Pills? It’s fine, do you want Senior Brother here to give you some? Not only that, I can give you an Open Heaven Pill every month!”


“Senior Brother’s kindness is appreciated but unnecessary,” Dié You shook her head slowly, then waved her hand over the counter, on which 30 Open Heaven Pills were placed.




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    1. Your powers of observation are as always beyond reproach, while grasp of arithmetic trumps that of MoMo’s. Alas such is the reality in feudal society. Or capitalist society when dealing with monopolist.

  1. So usually workers wouldn’t be able to buy those tools until they worked 10 years without using any open heaven pills for anything else, and then they still probably have to regurlary buy new incense? Why do they even bother giving the workers Open Heaven Pills, when they basically use them as slaves anyway, lol.

    1. What do you mean why? Same reason in corporate society wage slaves get paid wages – for the veneer of propriety it casts over the whole blatant exploitation.

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