Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3846, Workers’ Way Out


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The young man looked at the Open Heaven Pills on the table and asked, chuckling, “30 Open Heaven Pills is worth 10 years of pay as a Worker. It’s quite a long time. Are you sure?”


Dié You pursed her red lips, “Many thanks for Senior Brother’s concern. I can still afford 30 Open Heaven Pills.”


“Good!” The young man nodded, reaching out with his hand and swiping the Open Heaven Pills into his pocket before he took out a wooden box and two boxes of incense. He then nodded and continued to work on his own business.


Dié You kept the purchases, said goodbye politely, and led Yang Kai away.


“Take your time to think about it when you go back. You can find me here at any time. I will be here every time the shopping district opens.” The young man’s voice came from behind.


Ignoring him, Dié You kept walking, and soon disappeared into the crowd.


Yang Kai, who had been following behind her, could not help looking back at the storefront and sighing lightly. He had been hanging out with Old Fang in the orchard for a month, but he still did not know much about the situation as a Worker here. However, he started to understand now.


He was not a child, and given that the young man was willing to give Dié You items for no reason and promised to give her an Open Heaven Pill every month, Yang Kai knew his motive. A pill a month would mean 12 pills a year. Compared to working hard as a Worker, it was 4 times the income. Dié You could have just nodded and agreed to serve him, and she would not have to suffer anymore. Who knows, she might even stand a chance to get rid of her status as a Worker with the help of this Seven Wonders Land disciple.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai was relieved that the young man did not force her. He wondered if it was due to the regulations of his Sect or other reasons; otherwise, Dié You had no way to resist him at all.


Then again, even if Dié You really agreed to it, Yang Kai would not judge her. Firstly, they were not that familiar with each other, and Yang Kai had no right to tell her what to do. Secondly, if she could find a way out for herself, Yang Kai would be happy for her too.


A Worker’s life would remain unchanged even after a thousand years. How long would it take for her to shake it off through conventional means?


“You just arrived in the Outer Universe, but do you know how the power structure is divided?” Dié You suddenly turned to him and asked.


Yang Kai answered, “The Open Heaven Realm is divided into nine Orders?”


Die You smiled faintly, “Since you already know… There’s no need to waste time on it. There are many materials to condense one’s Yin, Yang and the Five Elements in this shopping district. It can be said that most of the stuff sold in this shopping district is related to that. You can look around more and maybe you can find something useful in the future.”


“Really?” Yang Kai was excited and immediately looked around, soon finding something interesting and hurriedly rushing over towards it.


When Yang Kai came to a stall, the stall owner immediately welcomed him enthusiastically, “Little Brother, are you looking for something? Take a look here, and pick anything you like. My stuff has the best quality and the lowest price. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”


There were not many things on the stall, including several herbs that Yang Kai could not recognize, several weirdly shaped minerals, and a longsword.


What attracted Yang Kai’s attention was a scarlet-coloured fist-sized crystal, which the colour was so pure that it did not have a trace of variegation. Yang Kai felt a scorching Fire Element reverberating from the crystal.


“Little Brother has good eyesight. This Fire Spirit Crystal is the best item here. It took me a lot of effort to get it back in those days. If Little Brother buys it, I’m sure you will be able to condense your Five Elements and be one step closer to the Open Heaven Realm. Heh heh heh, once you reach the Open Heaven Realm, you can get rid of your status as a Worker, and soar to success!” The stall owner spared no effort to promote his wares.


“Why sell such a good thing instead of using it for yourself?” Yang Kai played with the Fire Spirit Crystal in his hand and looked at the stall owner with a smile.


The stall owner put on a long face, “Little Brother, do you know that once you choose one of the Yin, Yang, and Five Elements, the order in which you must condense the rest is set? There will be endless trouble if you deviate from the path. To be honest, what I need now is a Water Element material, so this Fire Spirit Crystal is temporarily useless to me. I just want to sell it first and then use the money to buy the material I need. If not, why would I be willing to sell it? “


After listening to his reasonable explanation, Yang Kai nodded gently, “How much?”


The stall owner drew a number with his hands, “Since Little Brother seems to be a nice person, I won’t quote any false price, and you don’t try to bargain either. 150 Open Heaven Pills. Pay now and you’ll have it, are you interested?”


Yang Kai turned to Dié You, and Dié You returned with a smile, “The price is reasonable.”


The stall owner beamed, “See, even your companion says the price is reasonable. This Liu only engages in clean business and never supports scamming. If you think it’s appropriate, we can make a deal now.”


Yang Kai shook his head slowly and put down the Fire Spirit Crystal in his hand, “Sorry, I’ve only been here for a month and I don’t have any Open Heaven Pill now.”


“Ah…” Instead of being annoyed, the stall owner gave Yang Kai a smile, “It’s alright. We can still be friends even if we can’t make a deal today. It’s not too late for you to save enough Open Heaven Pills to buy it later. Of course, only if my Fire Spirit Crystal has not met its destined owner by then.”


It would require at least 40 – 50 years to earn 150 Open Heaven Pills. Anything could happen in such a long time.


“Then I wish Brother Liu a prosperous business and bountiful wealth!” Yang Kai cupped his fists.


“I shall take advantage of Little Brother’s auspicious words!” The stall owner grinned.


When they were a good distance away from the stall, Dié You finally spoke, “If you’re not in a hurry, save more Open Heaven Pills first. That Fire Spirit Crystal that you just saw is only a First-Order material. If you use that kind of thing to condense your Fire Element, your future achievements will be very limited.”


“That Fire Spirit Crystal is only First-Order?” Yang Kai was shocked. There were nine Orders in the Open Heaven Realm so the materials that were used to condense the Yin, Yang, and Five Elements were also categorized into nine Orders, First-Order being the lowest while Ninth-Order was the highest. However, that was all Yang Kai knew, and without any reference, he was clueless about how to distinguish the Order of materials.


Still, even if Dié You did not mention it, he would have inquired about it.


“Yes, you can use First-Order materials to condense the required Elements before splitting Heaven and Earth apart within your body, but you will only reach the First-Order of the Open Heaven Realm.”


Yang Kai frowned, “Is anyone going to buy something like that?”


“People with profound backgrounds and origins naturally are not interested in buying such materials, but for Workers like us, we don’t really have a choice. Over the years, I’ve seen many Workers reach the Open Heaven Realm and get rid of their lowly status, but they generally only reach the First or Second-Order. What’s the point of escaping the status of being a Worker if they have to sacrifice their entire future for it.”


“There are Workers who reach the Open Heaven Realm?” Yang Kai was dumbfounded. If so, his previous estimation was wrong. He thought that there were around eight Open Heaven Realm Masters in Seven Wonders Land, but now it seemed that there could be more than eighty of them.


However, the strength that these First-Order and Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters could exert must be limited. Still, it should be superior to any Emperor Realm Master.


“If First-Order materials cost 150 Open Heaven Pills, what about Second-Order materials?” Yang Kai questioned.


“Generally, the value difference of the materials between every Order gap is tenfold!”


“Tenfold!” Yang Kai was startled. According to her, a Second-Order material would be 1500 pills, a Third-Order material would be 15,000 pills, a Fourth-Order material would be 150,000 pills, a Fifth-Order material would be more than a million, and a Sixth-Order material… 


Yang Kai suddenly felt a little dizzy.


“The Open Heaven Realm has nine Orders, and these nine Orders are also categorized into three grades by others, which were the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm, Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm, and Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm. The Seventh, Eighth and Ninth-Order belong to the High-Rank, the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth-Order belong to the Mid-Rank, while the First, Second, Third-Order belong to the Low-Rank. Among these, Fourth-Order and Seventh-Order are the two important dividing lines. If you want to be successful in this Outer Universe, you should at least achieve the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm.”


Yang Kai nodded with a solemn face, “Understood!” Suddenly he whispered, “Do you know what the Open Heaven Realm Orders of Heavenly Monarch and the Venerables are?”


Dié You shook her head slowly, “No idea, but I once heard that Heavenly Monarch is either Fourth-Order or Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm. The Orders of the Venerables are probably a little lower than Heavenly Monarch’s.”


“En…” Yang Kai nodded.


As they walked and talked, Yang Kai would stop in front of the stalls from time to time to view the Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements materials and inquired about the price.


It was exactly as Dié You disclosed, the price gap between every Order or material was tenfold.


Moreover, looking at the whole shopping district, the materials put out in the Workers’ stalls were all just First and Second-Order, with nothing in the Third-Order and above.


Thinking about it, it was not surprising at all. All the Workers of Seven Wonders Land came from different Universe Worlds and were essentially the lowest of labourers in the Outer Universe. Even if they had anything good, they probably had no chance to keep it, for Zhou Zheng and others like him would always be expecting gifts from them. It was exactly because Yang Kai did not give Zhou Zheng anything that he was assigned a plot of land with a history of dead trees.


The Workers were only able to preserve these First-Order and Second-Order materials.


“Have you condensed your Wood Element?” Dié You suddenly asked.


Without denying, Yang Kai nodded, “En.” There was no point denying it. In any case, the Immortal Tree’s power had been completely stored in his Dao Seal, and no one could tell what Order it was now. Furthermore, it was not surprising that Dié You noticed this since he had paid a lot of attention to any Fire Attribute materials along the way.


Dié You continued, “If so, next time when you go to the orchard, you can try using your Wood Element power to nourish the fruit trees.”


“Wood sustains Fire?” Yang Kai raised his brow.


Dié You laughed, “Exactly. But remember to control the power well, even a good thing in excess can be bad.”


“I see. I’ll be careful.”


At that moment, they came to a shop. It could be regarded as the largest building in the entire shopping district. The three-story building stood out among the scattered shops in the shopping district like a crane amongst chickens.


“Let’s go in and open your eyes,” Dié You smiled.




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