Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3847, Open Heaven Temple And The Black Bear


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“What do they sell?” Yang Kai looked up and saw three characters embossed on a plaque right in front of the store.


“Open Heaven Temple!”


Upon entering the store, Yang Kai immediately understood what business Open Heaven Temple did. It was also a place that sold Yin, Yang and the Five Elements materials, but the scale and layout were far better compared to the messy booths outside.


He followed behind Dié You and the two of them walked around the first floor. Yang Kai was dazzled by the display counters, which were filled with Ying, Yang, Five Elements materials. There were multitudes of options; however, the prices were a little higher than the ones placed at the stalls outside.


Even so, from time to time, deals were made with the Seven Wonders Land disciples donned in Seven Coloured Robes.


“Are all these First-Order too?” Yang Kai asked in a low voice. On this shopping trip, he learned to deduce the Order of these materials, and after walking around, he found that the materials on the first floor were all First-Order.


Dié You nodded, “The items on the first floor are all First-Order, items on the second floor are Second-Order, and the third floor, Third-Order!”


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “Are Third-Order materials for sale here?” According to his previous calculations, a Third-Order material required more than 15,000 Open Heaven Pills, which was an impossible number for a Worker.


According to the worker’s wages, it would take at least 5,000 years to save up this much! But who would not spend a single Open Heaven Pill on anything else to eat or drink in such a long time? Not to mention that no Worker would really work here for 5,000 years.


“Want to see?” Dié You smiled at him.


Yang Kai replied, “Since I have come, naturally I want to.”


“Let’s go then,” Dié You beckoned and led Yang Kai up the stairs.


They didn’t stop at the second floor and went directly to the third floor. The area of the third floor was obviously much smaller than that of the first, and there was not nearly as much selection. Seven Wonders Land obviously knew it was extremely difficult for Workers to purchase Third-Order materials, so it was useless to display many of them here. Only some materials were laid out casually as a way to give the Workers some hope, and to motivate them to work harder.


Yang Kai could not help thinking that the items on the third floor to the Workers were just like carrots dangling in front of a donkey… 


“See for yourself,” Dié You laughed, “As long as you don’t touch anything, no one will worry about you.”


Yang Kai nodded and walked around with his hands folded behind his back.


There were also disciples from Seven Wonders Land on the third floor, but as Dié You said, as long as he did not touch anything, they didn’t pay him any mind.


Yang Kai moved from one counter to another, slowly observing and memorizing the characteristics of each and every Third-Order material.


For a person who used the Immortal Tree to condense his Wood Element, Yang Kai was naturally not impressed by the Third-Order materials here. Although he was a newcomer to the Outer Universe, Yang Kai had set his aim high from the very beginning. For the sake of the Immortal Tree, he had to find other materials that matched its Order to advance to the Open Heaven Realm.


Otherwise, his excellent start would be wasted.


He came here mainly just to explore and expand his horizons.


The third floor was not big, so it did not take long for Yang Kai to finish viewing everything, after which he looked up and saw Dié You stopping in front of a counter and walked over.


Following her gaze, he saw a bundle of irregular-shaped objects filled with Metal Element aura placed on the counter. Dié You watched with longing at the objects that continuously twisted and contorted into eccentric shapes.


Yang Kai’s brow twitched and whispered, “Do you want to buy this?”


Dié You turned to look at him and smiled, “Are you done looking at everything?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Done, there is nothing much to see.” As soon as he mentioned this, Yang Kai felt a sharp gaze and when he looked up, a Seven Wonders Land disciple keeping the third floor threw him a sarcastic look, probably because what he said just now sounded a little like shameless boasting! After all, to any Worker, the price for all these objects was sky-high, and there were very few capable buyers. What Yang Kai said sounded ridiculous in this disciple’s eyes.


They didn’t know that for Yang Kai, the items here were really unattractive.


“How many Open Heaven Pills is this?” Yang Kai asked again.


“16,000!” Dié You replied. She obviously had already inquired about the price before, and it was a little higher than what Yang Kai had estimated, but there was little bargaining room as this was the only place a Worker could purchase Third-Order materials in the entire Seven Wonders Land. As the saying goes, what is rare will be more expensive, and the increased price was still within an acceptable range.


“Do you have enough?” Yang Kai tilted his head at her.


Dié You burst out laughing, “How is that possible? I don’t even have thirty percent of that.”


Yang Kai frowned, “But this is only a Third-Order material…”


Dié You tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and smiled, “I know what you want to say. I felt the same way when I first came to the Outer Universe, trying to find better materials to condense my Yin, Yang, and Five Elements. Even if I can’t reach the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm in a single bound, I have to at least achieve the Mid-Rank, but ideas and reality are two different things. It’s actually not too bad if I really reached the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm. Then I can consume Open Heaven Pills to increase my Order. If I’m lucky, I might even be able to reach the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm in this lifetime, and a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Master is already a hegemon in this vast world.”


Yang Kai nodded when he heard her explanation, “Fair enough.” 


There might not be a single Fifth-Order Open Heaven Master in the entire Seven Wonders Land. Even if there was, it would most probably be the Heavenly Monarch only while the Venerable Protectors should not be Fifth-Order.


Yang Kai could not help but sigh, how many people’s ambition and passion had time extinguished? If one’s situation had not changed after a thousand years, could they remain as optimistic as they were before?


Yang Kai did not know… 


“When I’ve earned enough, I’ll buy it for you.” Yang Kai declared.


Dié You covered her mouth and giggled, “Then Elder Sister will thank you in advance.” Obviously, she did not take his words seriously. After staying here for a thousand years, she knew better than anyone how difficult it was for a Worker to earn 16,000 Open Heaven Pills.


By the looks of Dié You’s longing for the Metal Element material, Yang Kai could not help but wonder if she had already condensed her Earth Element; otherwise, why would she act like that?


While the two were talking, a sudden sound of footsteps thundered from the stairs, and an imposing figure burst in from the stairwell, revealing a huge man, whose steps caused the entire Open Heaven Temple to tremble.


His copper-bell-like eyes swept across the floor and suddenly lit up. He walked towards them with a smile on his face, and greeted cheerfully, “Xiao Dié, you really are here!”


Hearing the voice, Dié You’s face darkened all of a sudden and she turned her head aside without giving a response.


Yang Kai looked over, and could not help feeling a little surprised. This tall and mighty figure was well over two metres high and in just two or three strides, he reached right in front of Dié You with a grin on his face.


Dié You, who already had a tall figure for a woman, looked like a child standing in front of him.


Even Yang Kai had to raise his head to look up at this man. The person in front of him resembled a big black bear standing on its hind legs, permeating a strong sense of oppression.


The bear was smiling from ear to ear, but the smile immediately vanished when he saw Yang Kai next to Dié You. He pointed at Yang Kai with a big fan-like palm and demanded, “Xiao Dié, who is this little brat?”


However, before Dié You could reply, the Seven Wonders Land disciple who was tending the third floor barked, “Quiet down or I’ll kick you out!”


The bear’s head immediately shrunk a little at the reprimand, and he swiftly nodded at the Seven Wonders Land disciple, “Senior Brother, please calm yourself. This Little Brother lost control of his emotions just now and was a little loud. Please forgive me.”


The Seven Wonders Land disciple snorted coldly but did not say anything more.


The bear threw Yang Kai a vicious look, then turned to smile at Dié You again, “Xiao Dié, have you come to see this Stainless Golden Dew again? You have been coming here every month just to see it. Let’s just buy it together. You have saved a lot of Open Heaven Pills, and I have some too. If we sell some of our things, we should be able to accumulate enough to buy it. By then you can look at it all you want.”


“No need,” Dié You frowned and beckoned to Yang Kai. “Let’s go, there is nothing else to see here.” After saying that, she took the lead and walked away.


Just as Yang Kai was about to follow, he was shoved aside by the bear. Seeing him chase after Dié You downstairs, Yang Kai scratched his nose and followed them leisurely.


After leaving Open Heaven Temple, Dié You dove into the crowd. The bear continued to follow her like a shadow, and although he was burly, his movements were extremely flexible, managing to squeeze between the crowd, trying to engage in a conversation with his target. It was a pity that Dié You’s response was nonchalant, apparently completely uninterested in speaking to him.


Even a blind man could tell that this bear-like man was interested in Dié You, but it was no surprise. With Dié You’s curvy figure and alluring appearance, it was only natural that she would attract the attention and admiration of some men. Even the Seven Wonders Land disciple from the place where they bought the wooden box and incense took a fancy to her.


But unfortunately, Dié You did not seem to care much about any of these men. The big bear did not mind, however, and just kept laughing with her all the way, talking constantly to engage in a conversation with her while trying his best to be courteous.


Yang Kai saluted him too, for his skin was so thick that it could be compared to the Dragon Scales on his own body… 


All of a sudden, Dié You stopped abruptly, then looked back at Yang Kai and said, “I’m going back first, do you want to stay here a little while longer?”


Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before he understood what Dié You meant and smiled, “En, I’ll stay for a bit. Many thanks, Sister Dié You.”


“No problem!” Dié You smiled, then soared into the sky.


The bear was a little slow to respond as he was still standing where he stopped, rubbing his chin. Stealing a glance at Yang Kai, he then quickly chased after Dié You, shouting, “Xiao Dié, wait for me!”


Watching the two leave, Yang Kai chuckled softly, learning that Dié You was indeed quite thoughtful.


She asked that earlier, not because she was in a hurry to get rid of him, but because she did not want the bear to cause him trouble. Although Yang Kai was not afraid of trouble, it was better to avoid getting into any in this place, and the bear did not seem to be a reasonable individual.


Wandering around alone in this shopping district was an eye-opening experience, but not very rewarding.




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