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Martial Peak – Chapter 3848, No Comparison

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It was getting late, and just when Yang Kai was about to leave, he heard someone calling his name.


Yang Kai turned around and saw a figure waving at him from a small teahouse in the distance. Yang Kai approached with a smile and called out, “Ah Sun, you’re here too!”


Ah Sun replied cheerfully, “En, I heard that there’s a shopping district here, so I came to have a look. I wanted to invite you to come along, but you weren’t in your house.”


He did not have the intention of inviting Ah Sun along with him earlier, but thinking that Ah Sun actually thought of him, Yang Kai could not help feeling a bit ashamed of himself.


Ah Sun was not alone in the teahouse as the several newcomers who came with the Venerable Protector were there too. It seemed that they came here together.


But what surprised Yang Kai was how these people got the money to have tea here. Although this teahouse looked simple and was also opened by a Worker, there was no way for them to drink tea for free. In other words, they needed to pay Open Heaven Pills in order to sit here and drink.


Yang Kai turned around and had a look at the price list of all kinds of Spirit Tea. The cheapest pot of tea cost 1 Open Heaven Pill, while the most expensive one was 10 Open Heaven Pills.


Everyone was new and poor. Even Yang Kai could only get 1 Open Heaven Pill all thanks to the reward of Ruler of the Dawn Great General, but he was robbed by Old Fang of that earlier. The question was, where did they get the Open Heaven Pill to pay for the tea?


Looking at the way they were seated, the burly fellow from the Black River World was sitting in the main seat, which obviously meant he was treating today.


“All of you are here,” Yang Kai greeted with a smile. Although they were not too close, since they had spent some time together in the Small Universe of the Venerable Protector, they were not strangers to each other either, and they had already exchanged their names and backgrounds.


The dignified woman Su Nian Yi, the Male Monster Shi Hao Cang, and the naive boy Qian Yu got up and greeted Yang Kai in return. Only the burly man Fang Tai remained seated on the main seat, giving just a small nod.


Yang Kai was astonished because Fang Tai was not so arrogant before. What changed him so much in this past month? However, Yang Kai did not have a deep relationship with these people, and Ah Sun was the only one he interacted with slightly more. It was impossible to judge a person’s heart from his face, so without getting along with them for some time, Yang Kai would not know their true nature.


In any case, he did not care too much about it and simply returned the gesture with a smile before asking, “Why are all of you here? Is the Spirit Tea here free?”


Su Nian Yi smiled, “How can it be free? This pot of tea cost one Open Heaven Pill.” She turned to glance at Fang Tai as she continued, “But since Brother Fang insisted on treating us, it would be impolite if we refused him. Brother Yang, would you like to sit down and try it? Although this Spirit Tea is a little expensive, it’s really good.”


 “Since Brother Yang is here too, let’s drink together. We have something to discuss too.” Fang Tai invited.


“Many thanks then,” Yang Kai cupped his fists and sat down.


Ah Sun quickly poured a cup of tea for Yang Kai, who took a sip and tasted it carefully. The tea was exceptionally good and he emptied the cup in just a few sips, leaving him wanting for more.


Nevertheless, there was not much tea left in the pot. The few of them had drunk some of the tea before, so there was only one cup left for Yang Kai.


Yang Kai queried, “What did you want to discuss?”


Fang Tai answered, “After a month of being here, we managed to have a grasp of the general situation. Since Brother Yang could find this shopping district by yourself, you must have gathered some information from others as well. You should know how difficult it is for newcomers like us to gain a foothold here.”


Yang Kai nodded and sighed, “I know indeed!”


Fang Tai smiled faintly, “As such, this Fang thought that we should form an alliance and help each other. Everyone else has already agreed to it. How about you, Brother Yang?”


Hearing the proposal, Yang Kai answered, “Sure, we are all newcomers from the same batch, so if we don’t help each other, no one will.”


Fang Tai’s face turned serious, “That’s what this Fang means. United we stand, divided we fall. Everyone here must have been an overlord in their own Universe Worlds, but although we are a little suppressed in this Outer Universe, we will be able to achieve something in the future if the five of us work together.”


Yang Kai turned to glance at the others and found that they indeed had no objection, so he asked, “I have no problem with this alliance, but how should we go about it specifically? Since we are forming our own group, it can’t be just empty words. Let’s say Sister Ah Sun is bullied…”


Ah Sun pouted, “Why would I be the one being bullied? Do I look easy to bully?”


“It’s just an example…” Yang Kai chuckled.


Fang Tai answered, “Without violating the rules of Seven Wonders Land, we naturally have to seek justice for Sister Ah Sun!”


There’s nothing wrong with this answer, so Yang Kai naturally would not refute it.


Fang Tai added, “For another example, regarding the Jade Fire Silkworm that grows on the Fire Spirit Fruit Trees that we’re taking care of, if we catch them and give them to the Ruler of the Dawn Great General, we might be rewarded with an Open Heaven Pill. In this regard, this Fang can also help everyone. Feel free to call me to help at any time to catch worms for Ruler of the Dawn Great General. If you really get the reward, this Fang will only claim half of the share.”


Yang Kai asked curiously, “Does Brother Fang have worm-catching tools?”


Shi Hao Cang interjected with a buzzing voice, “Brother Yang has no idea. Brother Fang successfully made a contribution as soon as he was assigned a plot in the orchard, and was rewarded with 30 Open Heaven Pills by Manager Zhou.”


Yang Kai blinked at Fang Tai while the latter continued modestly, “It was just good luck. If it were anyone of you, you could have done the same.”


Yang Kai kept smiling, but inside almost exploded from fury. The plot he was assigned had a history of dead trees and the same problem could happen again at any time; on the other hand, Fang Tai benefited from the plot he was assigned. There was simply no comparison between them.


Given that Fang Tai was rewarded with 30 Open Heaven Pills, he must have made a massive contribution; however, Fang Tai did not disclose much about it, so it was inconvenient for Yang Kai to ask what the contribution he made was.


However, it seemed like besides taking care of the fruit trees and offering Jade Fire Silkworms to the Ruler of the Dawn Great General, there were other ways for Workers to earn Open Heaven Pills.


Only then did he realize why Fang Tai could invite everyone to drink tea. The 30 Open Heaven Pills he had were more than enough to buy a set of worm-catching tools, given that Dié You spent only 30 pills to purchase a wooden box and two boxes of incense previously.


Fang Tai pressed on, “If there was no cost involved, this Fang wouldn’t take a share of your benefits, but the Well-Refined Incenses have to be bought from this shopping district; therefore, if you really are rewarded by the Ruler of the Dawn Great General, it’s not too much for this Fang to share half of it.”


Everyone nodded, including Yang Kai. As Dié You mentioned before, the newcomers usually had no tools, and they had to ask someone for help in order to catch worms. But if so, the Jade Fire Silkworm they collected would belong to the loaner and if there was a reward, the borrower could not keep any of his own share at all. As such, it was a fair deal as Fang Tai just asked for half of the reward; after all, he needed to recoup his costs at least.


Fang Tai looked at Yang Kai and carried on, “If Brother Yang agrees, you can ask me for help by then. As long as this Fang is free, he will not refuse.”


Yang Kai did not reveal that he did not need help, because that would mislead the others to think that he was living off a woman if he told them Dié You had bought him a set of tools. Moreover, Yang Kai also planned to return Dié You the Open Heaven Pills once he earned enough in the future. Therefore, he just smiled and said, “Then this Yang will offer his thanks in advance. If I really need Brother Fang’s assistance in the future, I will inform him. However, my plot of land is very small with only a few fruit trees, so I might not need to catch worms.”


Fang Tai responded, “Just come to me if you ever need to. Let’s share a method of contacting each other later so that it will be easier for us to find each other.”


Although the pot of tea was finished, the waiter in the teahouse did not rush them to leave but allowed them to occupy the table to further discuss the matter of their alliance. Everyone became closer to each other during this chat and they exchanged the information they had collected over the past month, making it a fruitful gathering for everyone.


Yang Kai vaguely felt that Fang Tai was making the call in everything, but he could not blame him for this as he was the most successful one among these few newcomers here. Now that everyone wanted something from him, they had to show him some respect.


Fang Tai also requested the waiter to refill a pot of water for them, but it was free. The few of them continued to drink and chitchat, and did not disperse until half a day later.


Fang Tai and the others wanted to continue strolling in the shopping district, but Yang Kai did not join them and instead soared directly into the sky and rushed towards Fire Spirit Land.


The distance from here to Fire Spirit Land was not too far, so he did not have to worry about getting lost as he still remembered the way.


Now that he was in this Seven Wonders Land, Yang Kai naturally could not waste this opportunity. Yang Kai plotted to spend fifty years here at most to get the Open Heaven Pill recipe. If he failed, he would find a way to leave this place; after all, he still needed to find information about the World Tree to save the Star Boundary, so he could not stay as a Worker in this place and take care of the fruit trees forever.


Yang Kai left the Universe World Fragment where the shopping district was located easily and began flying back to his house.


After flying for a while, a vicious aura suddenly locked onto him, followed by a golden light shooting at him from a distance. Inside the golden light, a burly figure could be seen vaguely.


Before it arrived, a huge axe was swung at Yang Kai’s head, accompanied by a fierce shout, “I was still worrying that you wouldn’t come out. Luckily I didn’t waste my time waiting for you!”


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, wondering who dared to fight him here. Moreover, it was an ambush. Subconsciously, he raised his palms and pushed them forward.


Time Principles flared as the Time Flies Seal shot out!


The golden light dispersed, revealing a figure as burly as a bear, while the power of Yang Kai’s palm strike was also dispelled. The two were repelled a few thousand meters back from the explosion before they could stabilize their figures.


The bear blinked before commenting in amazement, “Not bad, little brat. You’re able to withstand my axe!”


“What are you doing?” Yang Kai’s face darkened, feeling a light headache. He understood why the bear was waiting for him here, but he did not expect that even if he tried not to leave together with Dié You and acted like a stranger to her, this man would still cause him trouble. It was incredibly puerile.


The bear grinned hideously, revealing a mouthful of pristine fangs as he pointed his axe at Yang Kai as he roared, “Little brat, what’s your relationship with Xiao Dié? Be honest, or Father here will kill you!”


[As I thought… ] Yang Kai sighed in his heart, but replied surprisingly, “Do you mean Sister Dié You?”


“Nonsense!” The bear glared, “Who else can it be other than her? Why did you come to the shopping district with her!?”


“My friend, is this perhaps a misunderstanding? I have only known Sister Dié You for less than a month. What relationship could I possibly have with her?”



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