Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3850, Overreaching


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After staring at the three seedlings for two hours, Yang Kai found that they had truly grown taller. Although it was not even a finger’s length, it was enough to attract attention.


[Is it because of the Immortal Tree?] Previously, Yang Kai had merged with the Immortal Tree in order to bring him back to life. Then, he condensed its Wood Element into his Dao Seal. In this way, the ability of resurrection was lost; however, his Dao Seal gained a supreme Wood Element, which would be of great help in his future cultivation.


As such, when he surged the Wood Element in his Dao Seal, it was equivalent to triggering the power of the Immortal Tree, so it was possible to promote the growth of the seedlings in just two hours.


This was an amazing feat. According to Old Fang, it took at least two to three hundred years for the Fire Spirit Fruit Tree to grow from a seedling to maturity, and only a fully grown fruit tree could blossom and bear fruit.


The three seedlings have been planted for less than ten years, and only grew slightly every year. However, if someone found out that they suddenly grew a finger’s length overnight, Yang Kai might draw trouble to himself. 


Nevertheless, what was done was done. Yang Kai could not reverse their growth anyway, so he silently decided to pay extra attention to the three seedlings if he was going to do something similar again, so as to prevent them from being affected by his Wood Element.


Moreover, an additional finger’s length should not be noticed unless someone paid particularly close attention to them.


This was his plot of land after all and no one would come to check on them for no reason; therefore, for the time being, his situation should still be safe.


In fact, if it was possible, Yang Kai would like to release the two Wood Spirits, Mu Zhu and Mu Lu, to take care of the orchard. The Wood Spirit Clan was unrivalled when it came to this kind of job. With their care, Yang Kai could act as the arm-flinging shopkeeper he always was.


But it was inconvenient to do so. Not to mention that the orchard was accessible in all directions and people would pass by from time to time, Zhou Zheng would come to inspect occasionally too, as well as the Chief Manager who had yet to appear. If someone saw his two Wood Spirits, Yang Kai was afraid that he could not protect them with his current ability.


As such, it was just a passing thought, along with the thought of moving some Fire Spirit Fruit Trees into his medicine garden so that the two Wood Spirits could take care of them inside.


Squatting in front of the three seedlings, Yang Kai observed carefully for some time to make sure that the finger length height change would not attract anyone’s attention, only then did he feel a little relieved.


Before he could get up, however, he heard the sound of wings flapping, as well as a familiar aura approaching him. Yang Kai turned around, and almost laughed at the sight.


About a hundred metres above the ground, a golden rooster was flying unsteadily, trying notably hard to flap its wings. Not knowing whether it was bad at flying or just because it was too plump, Ruler of the Dawn Great General swayed up and down, and it looked as though it might fall at any time.


However, at this moment, the Ruler of the Dawn Great General was not as big as before. In fact, he even looked smaller than a normal rooster. He obviously used some Secret Technique to shrink himself.


After all, he was not a real chicken. Since he was the pet of the Venerable Protector, Great General must have some abilities of his own. Moreover, according to Yang Kai’s observation, Great General should possess some exotic bloodline and it just so happened that he looked like a rooster. Therefore, it did not really have much to do with the breed of chicken, and it was not surprising for him to have a grasp of some Secret Techniques.


Nevertheless, it was Yang Kai’s first time seeing him flying, and the way he flew was quite amusing.


The others in the orchard certainly noticed Great General too and in an instant, multiple streams of light shot towards him from the ground, causing Ruler of the Dawn Great General to be surrounded in the blink of an eye.


All of them saluted and bowed to him, and some even took the initiative to offer up Jade Fire Silkworms. Unfortunately for them, Great General ignored them and just flew ahead.


Seemingly annoyed by their fencing, Ruler of the Dawn Great General cock-a-doodle-dooed and flapped his two fat wings vigorously, like he was shooing them away.


Yang Kai was hugging his stomach by now, laughing hysterically as he enjoyed the scene above from below.


As if his laughter caused a chain reaction, for some reason, the Ruler of the Dawn Great General, who was flying forward, suddenly stopped, faced downward, and plummeted straight towards the ground. No matter how hard he flapped his wings, he had no way to stop himself.


Exclamations echoed, and everyone’s face changed drastically.


Yang Kai’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot as his smile hung stiffly on his face. Why? Because the damn chicken was falling directly into his plot.


Instantaneously, following a great squawk, Ruler of the Dawn Great General crashed headfirst into the ground ten metres in front of Yang Kai, his plump hips and wings twitching lightly.


Yang Kai was dumbstruck.


Everything happened so fast that he failed to react. He could have moved to stop Ruler of the Dawn Great General, but he was so dumbfounded he just watched him crash face-first into the dirt!


Looking up at the sky, a group of people were staring at him, but in the next moment, as if they had all agreed beforehand, they scattered, turning into streams of light and returning to their respective sites, hiding away. The originally bustling sky suddenly fell silent.


Yang Kai opened his mouth and cursed angrily, then turned around and wanted to leave as well, but this was his plot. The others had places to hide, but where could he go?


[This is bad.] 


Although he did not do anything to the Ruler of the Dawn Great General, if something happened to the stupid chicken in his own territory, Yang Kai could guarantee that he would not see the sun rise tomorrow. It might not just be him as the people who had gathered around Great General earlier would not be able to escape punishment either.


Standing with a gloomy face, Yang Kai watched the stupid chicken twitch its wings while his face twitched too.


[Since this golden rooster possesses a special bloodline, he should be strong, and would not have suffered badly from such a fall, right?] Yang Kai comforted himself, went forward, and squatted in front of Ruler of the Dawn Great General, poking him with his finger.


Great General’s wings trembled even more violently, prompting Yang Kai to reach out and yank him out of the ground.


As soon as Great General was extricated from trouble, he flapped his wings violently, his beak transforming into a series of shadows that advanced towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai instinctively slammed his palm forward.


Followed by a sorrowful crow, Great General was sent flying as several of his feathers fell off.


“Are you crazy? Why did you peck me? It wasn’t me who brought you down!” Yang Kai retorted angrily.


Great General’s eyes widened, as if he could not believe what just happened. He did not seem to expect that someone would dare to lay a hand on him in this Fire Spirit Land. Soon after, when he saw the several feathers falling from the sky, Great General was instantly enraged. He leapt a metre high off the ground and his chubby body radiated a dazzling golden light as he shot towards Yang Kai.


Initially, Yang Kai felt a little guilty for hitting him out of instinct earlier, but now that he saw Great General was still acting stubborn, his heart burned with anger and he cared no more. He immediately went forward to face Great General, surging his power in every palm strike, hitting the Ruler of the Dawn Great General until he squawked crazily.


Old Fang, who was not far away, was alarmed by the commotion. He did not know what the situation was, and hurriedly came to investigate, but his face turned pale as soon as he saw the scene and he immediately retreated, not daring to come back again.


In the orchard, two figures, one big and one small, crisscrossed back and forth as golden feathers flew about.


Yang Kai had to admit that, although the Ruler of the Dawn Great General looked silly, he was quite strong, on par with any Pseudo-Great Emperor back in the Star Boundary, and Yang Kai could feel that he had not given his all yet.


It was impossible that the pet of the Venerable Protector only knew the two skills, which were just pecking and scratching. Clearly Great General did not plan on using any Secret Technique in their altercation.


Since Great General held back, Yang Kai responded in kind. He could easily stop the silly chicken from getting close just by using his two fists anyway.


After two hours of fighting, Great General was probably exhausted and the golden feathers all over its body had grown dim. Spreading his wings open, he glared at Yang Kai fiercely, but dared not to approach anymore.


Yang Kai lifted his chin at him defiantly, and announced proudly, “This King has travelled the Heavens and Earth for many years. How dare a trivial chicken challenge this King!? You’re overreaching!”


The Ruler of the Dawn Great General was obviously maddened as he hopped up and down several times.


Yang Kai could feel that his opponent was being humiliated and unwilling to submit in defeat, and he could not help guffawing, “Get out of here now if you’re wise. If you dare to come at me again, don’t blame this King for being ruthless!” While speaking, he waved his big fist in front of the Great General.


Ruler of the Dawn Great General stared at him coldly before suddenly, his eyes flashed and he charged to the side.


Yang Kai frowned slightly as he wondered what this stupid chicken was up to now, but in the next moment, his face changed drastically and he roared, “You dare!?”


With a flicker, he appeared in front of Great General and launched a palm strike; however, Ruler of the Dawn Great General was prepared for this and leapt backwards, landing directly on a fruit tree and extending his neck to peck a scarlet Fire Spirit Fruit.


Yang Kai was infuriated. This damn chicken could not beat him in a fair fight, so he decided to deal with him through underhanded means, showing how vicious he could be.


There were several fruits nearby, and each one was counted and recorded meticulously. If any of these fruits were damaged by Great General, Yang Kai would not be able to explain to Zhou Zheng at all. By that time, instead of this stupid chicken, he was the one who would be punished.


Ignoring the barriers of space, Yang Kai reached out his hand and grabbed Ruler of the Dawn Great General by the neck before drawing him in front of him.


Yang Kai glared at him furiously and said coldly, “Do you want to die?”


The Ruler of the Dawn Great General stared into his eyes fearlessly, his gaze still wandering between Yang Kai and the fruit tree. Its answer was truly obvious, it was daring Yang Kai to kill him, otherwise, he would destroy his fruits.


Yang Kai was speechless… 


Although he had a fight with this stupid chicken, he actually did not really dare to harm him; after all, Great General was the pet of the Venerable Protector. If he killed him, Yang Kai would suffer dire consequences.


But holding onto Great General all the time was not a solution. After pondering for a while, Yang Kai decided to take a step back, “I won’t argue with you about this anymore. It’s none of my business that you fell down, but rather due to your own carelessness. If you want to find someone to blame, you can blame those guys who boxed you in. I’ll let you go now, so please just leave. Let’s just forget this incident and pretend nothing happened just now. If you agree with me, blink once.”


The Ruler of the Dawn Great General blinked… 


Yang Kai nodded, “Don’t try to play tricks with me!”


Yang Kai released his grip slowly, but as soon as the Ruler of the Dawn Great General was out of his grasp, he charged straight to the closest fruit tree.


Yang Kai grabbed it back and chuckled gloomily, “It seems that you really don’t know how to write the word ‘death’!”




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    1. It’s not really a chicken. It’s a chicken shaped monster beast. Still a hilarious sight to behold I’m sure. Haha. Imagine when people find out that his first kinda real fight in the outer universe was against a chicken.

  1. “It seems that you really don’t know how to write the word ‘death’!”
    “I’m a chicken, I can’t write!”

    The manhua often adds such thoughts for characters that can’t speak (Ah Wang, Tai Yue Xiao Xiao, this chicken) : D

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