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Martial Peak – Chapter 3851, Chicken Coop

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After wrestling back and forth for a long time, the situation turned into a stalemate. As soon as Yang Kai let go, the Ruler of the Dawn Great General would rush towards the fruit tree, as if he was going to peck at the fruits, which irritated Yang Kai to no end.


The chicken was also quite devious. Every time Yang Kai was grabbing him by the neck to negotiate, he would agree and comply, but would go back on his word in a blink of an eye. He had no credibility at all.


Then again, Yang Kai felt a little sad and pathetic for arguing about credibility with a chicken.


Anger swelled up in him, and Yang Kai thought that if not because of the many people witnessing this stupid chicken plummeting into his territory, he would have thrown Great General into the Small Sealed World and eliminated him once and for all.


Since he could not use force, he could only use another approach, so Yang Kai gritted his teeth and declared, “This King admits his punishment is deserved, so why don’t you come up with a solution to resolve this issue? But let me warn you, don’t cross the line, at most we will just die together! If this King must perish, he will make sure you never see another sunrise!”


The Ruler of the Dawn Great General’s eyes quivered, and it crowed twice, indicating that it clearly understood, but unfortunately, he could not speak, so there was no way to communicate with Yang Kai directly.


Yang Kai stared at him for a while, and then slowly released the big hand that was gripping Great General’s neck.


This time, the Ruler of the Dawn Great General did not fling himself to the fruit tree but stood there combing his feathers with its beak a little, spread its wings and shook its head, then glared at Yang Kai with one eye while it circled around him.


Yang Kai’s eyes followed it closely, remaining vigilant.


After circling Yang Kai several times, the Ruler of the Dawn Great General ruffled his wings again before he leapt lightly from the ground. Yang Kai almost thought he was going to go back on their agreement again, but he immediately felt his head sink a little, and his face went as black as the bottom of a pot.


This damn chicken had jumped on his head, turning it into a chicken coop!


How could this be tolerated? Yang Kai reached out to grab at him as he roared, “Get off!”


The Ruler of the Dawn Great General was caught, but his two claws were tightly clasped onto Yang Kai’s hair and would not let go. Yang Kai struggled with him for a while, but did not manage to separate them. Instead, his hair was dishevelled and his scalp hurt.


Yang Kai was speechless… 


Ruler of the Dawn Great General squawked with glee as he swivelled his fat buttocks to find a comfortable position on top of Yang Kai’s head. Not only that, he even gently combed Yang Kai’s tousled hair with his beak.


“Fine! You win!” Yang Kai could not be angrier, but on second thought, apart from the fact that it was unsightly, he had nothing to lose, so he figured he might as well just let things be. As long as the matter today was resolved, this little effort was nothing.


Thinking this way, Yang Kai decided not to continue the argument. He felt quite pathetic thinking about how he and a stupid chicken were fighting with all their wits and courage for such a long time.


Yang Kai then walked over to put away the feathers that fell off from Ruler of the Dawn Great General. They were all criminal evidence, so if Zhou Zheng came over and saw it, he might use it as an excuse to pick on him.


“You may stay there, but don’t you touch any of my fruits, or I’ll beat you up!” Yang Kai warned anxiously, leaning back on a fruit tree.


The Ruler of the Dawn Great General ignored him.


The Human and chicken managed to quiet down for now.


But it did not take long before the Great General began to crow again softly a few times, while its claws clenched slightly.


“What?” Yang Kai asked impatiently, waking up from his meditation.


The Ruler of the Dawn Great General flapped his wings, his claws still clinging tightly to Yang Kai’s hair, pulling him in one direction.


Yang Kai frowned, guessing that Great General wanted him to go somewhere, so he stood up, followed the direction he directed, and stopped in front of a fruit tree before the Ruler of the Dawn Great General released his claws.


Immediately, it gently pecked at a hole in the tree trunk endlessly, like a woodpecker.


Yang Kai immediately laughed, “Are you hungry? You can’t eat it. Although there are Jade Fire Silkworms on that fruit tree, Old Fang said it cannot be taken away.”


Great General immediately became disgruntled and began to crow loudly. The intense workout he had with Yang Kai earlier probably made him hungry.


“I told you, you can’t eat it. It’s useless no matter how you crow,” Yang Kai remained unmoved. He was kind enough to let this chicken sit on his head, so it would be unreasonable to let him eat his worms too.


Great General was silent for a few breaths, then flapped its wings and dragged Yang Kai in another direction.


“Stop grabbing me, I can go by myself. Damn it, don’t you know that it hurts?” Yang Kai scolded and walked in the direction Great General was pulling, curious to see what he was going to do.


After a short walk, they came to the neighbouring plot. There were no strict boundaries in the orchard, but everyone knew which fruit trees belonged to them so no one got confused.


As soon as they arrived, Yang Kai was greeted by a young man with cupped fists, “Brother Yang!”


The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched, and he cupped his fists in return, “Brother Hong…” After working here for a month, Yang Kai did not just make friends with Old Fang. His surrounding neighbours were not located too far away, and they all greeted each other at least once, it was just that Yang Kai was only close to Old Fang.


The person before him, Hong Yu, was one of his neighbours, and Yang Kai could not help feeling a little embarrassed that he was seen with a chicken using his head as a chicken coop.


“Why did Brother Yang come here?” Hong Yu asked, glancing at the Ruler of the Dawn Great General with a guilty conscience as he spoke. He was one of the witnesses who surrounded the Great General earlier.


Yang Kai did not know what to say, but before he could speak, Great General cock-a-doodle-dooed and led Yang Kai away again.


It was not until he reached a fruit tree that Great General lightly pecked Yang Kai’s head again with his beak.


Yang Kai looked at the hole in the fruit tree and immediately understood what he wanted, cursing lightly under his breath. This stupid chicken was ordering him around like a coolie.


But at this point, there was nothing he could do. Turning back to face Hong Yu, he started, “Brother Hong, Great General has worked hard and is a little hungry. You know the situation of my orchard and how there’s nothing to eat there, so we came to you to ask for something.”


Hearing this, Hong Yu’s face turned a little embarrassed, “To be honest, Brother Yang, I caught some worms here just last month, so it will take another ten days at the earliest to catch another. There are really no extra worms for Great General. Perhaps you should take Great General elsewhere.”


Yang Kai’s face sank when he heard the words, “Brother Hong, the reason why Great General is hungry is that he was hurt when he fell from the sky. We don’t know if any of his muscles or bones were injured, but a lot of his glorious feathers have fallen off. Look at how beautiful this feather is, it would be a pity if too many were lost. If Venerable finds out that Great General suffered injuries while inspecting the orchard, and did not get any food when he was hungry, we don’t know how Venerable will respond. This is not something you or I can take on.”


The blood drained from Hong Yu’s face and he did not dare to look at the golden feather in Yang Kai’s hand at all, mainly because he felt guilty. He then hesitated for a while before gritting his teeth, “Brother Yang is right. Great General must be tired from his inspection, and we should be considerate. Brother Yang may do as he pleases. Just take it as this Hong acting to compensate Great General.”




Yang Kai grinned, pointing at his head, “Great General is quite pleased with you.”


Hong Yu squeezed out a smile and reached out to signal Yang Kai to proceed.


There was no need for Yang Kai to be polite after that. He took out a Well-Refined Incense, lit it, and held it in front of the hole, moving it back and forth gently; the movements were smooth and familiar as it was not his first time to do this.


After a while, a fiery red worm wriggled out of the hole.


The Ruler of the Dawn Great General stretched out its neck and caught hold of the Jade Fire Silkworm, swallowing it whole. This time, there was no need for the Ruler of the Dawn Great General to urge him, Yang Kai had already moved toward another Fire Spirit Fruit Tree with a wormhole, and did the same, coaxing out a Jade Fire Silkworm.


Hong Yu watched anxiously from the side. Two Jade Fire Silkworms were not a big deal, though it may affect the growth of the fruit trees slightly, it should not be a big issue. What was a pity was that if he was the one who caught the worms and brought them back to Great General, he would have a chance to obtain an Open Heaven Pill.


Now, it was hopeless to expect any Open Heaven Pills, but Hong Yu was thankful that Great General did not hold a grudge against him.


After harvesting three Jade Fire Silkworms in Hong Yu’s orchard, and seeing the caretaker here turning blue in the face, Yang Kai finally grinned, “Good, we’re done here. Brother Hong, please continue your work, we’re leaving.”


As soon as Yang Kai finished speaking, a strange noise emitted from the top of his head, followed by a bundle of golden light falling in front of him.


The golden light looked familiar, and Yang Kai reached out to catch it. When the golden light dissipated, what appeared on his palm were three perfectly spherical Spirit Pills… 


Yang Kai blinked, a little baffled!


Hong Yu’s eyes also widened, just as astonished!


But this pause only lasted a moment before Yang Kai quickly flipped his hand and put away the three Open Heaven Pills.


Hong Yu exclaimed hurriedly, “Brother Yang, those three Open Heaven Pills…”


Yang Kai looked at him with a sullen face, “What three Open Heaven Pills? How can there be any Open Heaven Pills here?”


Hong Yu did not know whether to laugh or cry, “Brother Yang, how can you sleep talk with your eyes wide open? Great General clearly rewarded three Open Heaven Pills just now. Brother Yang, Brother Yang, Great General’s reward was all thanks to my three worms. Shouldn’t you give me some? This Hong is not greedy, you can take two, I only want one!”


Yang Kai just snickered, “You want a share of the pills? Sure! I’ll report to Manager Zhou that you and a group of people harassed Great General, causing Great General to fall from the sky and lose many feathers and suffer such deep wounds to his body that he couldn’t even walk and could only sit on my head! Then we’ll see what Manager Zhou will reward you all with!”


Hong Yu exclaimed, “That’s so exaggerated! How can you make such irresponsible remarks!”


Yang Kai continued, “Manager Zhou would be able to tell if I made irresponsible remarks or not…”


Hong Yu gaped at him for a while before gritting his teeth and declaring, “This Hong has learned today of Brother Yang’s honourable character!” 


He was also at fault for this matter. Regardless of what happened, he was partly responsible for Great General’s fall, and if Manager Zhou caught hold of this news, he would not have a good end.


Yang Kai asked, “Does Brother Hong still need a Spirit Pill?”


“Leave!” Hong Yu pointed aside.



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